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We bring you 5 stories that will get you up to speed and on with your day. Updates at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm Eastern, every weekday.

We bring you 5 stories that will get you up to speed and on with your day. Updates at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm Eastern, every weekday.


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We bring you 5 stories that will get you up to speed and on with your day. Updates at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm Eastern, every weekday.




5 PM ET: Hurricane Ian intensifies, Edward Snowden, British pound falls & more

Cuba and Florida are bracing for Hurricane Ian. Former US NSA contractor Edward Snowden has been granted Russian citizenship. The British pound hits a record low against the US dollar. Vice President Kamala Harris is visiting Japan and South Korea ahead of the funeral of the assassinated Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. Lastly, Rihanna is headlining the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


12 PM ET: Hurricane's path uncertain, updated boosters for kids, Cuba's progressive change & more

It's not clear exactly where Hurricane Ian will hit land in Florida, but residents are being told to prepare for the worst. The US has announced new funding for Ukrainian law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. Pfizer and Moderna have requested emergency use authorizations for updated booster shots to be given to younger children. Text messages shed some light on the communication between Mark Meadows and a key player who attempted to overturn the 2020 election. Plus, Cuba has voted...


9 AM ET: Florida bracing for Ian, more mass graves, new airline rules & more

People in Florida and Cuba are preparing for Hurricane Ian, as it's expected to intensify tonight. At least 13 people have been killed in a shooting at a school in Russia, 7 of them were children. Ukraine's president says more mass graves have been found in the recently liberated city of Izium. Deadly protests in Iran continue - we'll bring you the latest. Plus, President Joe Biden is expected to announce new rules to stop airlines hiding additional fees. To learn more about how CNN...


6 AM ET: Russian school shooting, Hurricane Ian, baby island & more

There are reports of child casualties after an attacker opened fire in a school in Russia. People in Florida are being told to prepare for Hurricane Ian which has recently been upgraded from a tropical storm. Meanwhile, clean up attempts continue in the Philippines and Canada after two other powerful storms. The far-right has made sweeping gains in Italy's general elections - we'll bring you the details. Plus, a new, baby island. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit...


One Thing: Why Republican Governors are Putting Migrants on the Move

For months, Republican governors have been accused of using migrants as political pawns by sending them north in protest of President Joe Biden’s border policies. In recent weeks, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has escalated the situation by sending two planeloads of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard without warning. We examine why a Texas sheriff is investigating those flights, what’s next for the asylum seekers caught in the middle, and what’s fueling the rise in migrant encounters along the...

3PM ET: Storm scraps Artemis launch, Russia mobilization protests, Italy election preview & more

Tropical storm Ian is already causing headaches for NASA as Florida prepares for what could be a major hurricane. Senate candidates are out on the trail just 45 days ahead of the midterm elections. Over 1,500 people have been detained in anti-mobilization protests in Russia. Italians go to the polls as far-right parties gain ground. And Roger Federer plays in his last competitive tennis match. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

10 AM ET: Fiona hits Canada, AZ abortion ban, Pujols hits 700 & more

Post-tropical cyclone Fiona makes landfall in eastern Canada, bringing high winds and torrential rain. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Ian is strengthening in the Caribbean and could threaten Florida next week. A judge in Arizona rules that an abortion ban dating back to 1901 can be enforced. Protests over the death of an Iranian women are spreading around the world. And Albert Pujols becomes just the fourth major leaguer to hit 700 home runs. To learn more about how CNN protects listener...

10 PM ET: Dow plunges, Ukraine referenda, Hilary Mantel & more

The Dow had its worst day since 2020, falling almost 500 points. Hurricane Fiona is barreling toward Canada, with Canadian forecasters predicting impact on the level of Hurricane Sandy. Four Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine began voting on whether to join Russia today - we'll tell you what President Joe Biden and other leaders are saying. A newly-redacted document reveals dozens of alleged sexual assaults and incidents of harassment at Goldman Sachs between 2000 and 2011. Lastly, acclaimed...

5 PM ET: Trump’s secret court battle, DOJ vs Gaetz, oil prices fall & more

This evening, we start with a CNN exclusive: former President Donald Trump’s attorneys are waging a secret court battle over what they claim is privileged information. Oil prices have plunged - but that might a red flag for the economy. Justice Department prosecutors have recommended against charging GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz in a sex-trafficking investigation. Parts of Iran are seeing their internet access restricted or shut down amid protests - we'll tell you how the US is responding....

12 PM ET: US’ nuclear warning, drug overdose epidemic, Boeing settles & more

As “sham” referendums get underway in four Russian occupied areas of Ukraine, the US warns Moscow not to use nuclear weapons. President Joe Biden has announced new funding to tackle the opioid crisis - we’ll bring you the details. Hurricane Fiona is heading to Canada and residents have been told to prepare for the worst. Boeing has agreed to settle charges claiming the company misled the public over safety. Plus, retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer sits down with CNN’s Chris...


9 AM ET: Farce referendums, execution delayed, schools giving anti-overdose drugs & more

The West has called referendums in Russian-occupied areas in Ukraine a farce, but they are underway. Hong Kong says foreign travelers won’t have to quarantine anymore. An execution in Alabama was called off at the last minute - we’ll tell you why. Schools in LA are giving out a drug which reverses the effect of opioid overdoses. Plus, some good news from a mass whale stranding in Australia. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

6 AM ET: Ukraine 'referendums' begin, Celtics coach suspended, Iran's deadly protests & more

Voting has begun in Russian occupied areas of Ukraine on whether to join Russia, but the so-called referendums aren't considered legitimate. Hurricane Fiona is heading to Bermuda and Canada, as people in Nova Scotia are being warned to prepare for potentially the worst storm the country has ever seen. The Boston Celtics have suspended their head coach - we'll tell you why. Deadly protests in Iran have left 17 people dead according to reports. Plus, why Iranian dress codes meant CNN's...

10 PM ET: Ukraine referendums, UN General Assembly, Japan reopens & more

House Democrats score a key win ahead of the midterms - passing a slate of policing and public safety bills. NATO condemns referendums planned in the Russian-occupied parts Ukraine. The US Department of Labor updates its estimates of pandemic unemployment benefit fraud. Leaders build bridges and lock horns at the UN General Assembly. Lastly, Japan reopens fully to tourists. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


5 PM ET: Security Council talks Russia, US sanctions morality police, Fiona heads north & more

We start this evening with a few choice words US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had for Russian President Vladimir Putin during a UN Security Council meeting today. The US says it's sanctioning Iran's morality police following the death of a woman in custody who allegedly violated the country's modesty laws. An abortion ban in Indiana that went into effect last week has been blocked until a legal challenge to the law plays out in court. Hurricane Fiona is making its way north towards...


12 PM ET: Russian forces divided, Trump's gold delivery, Tesla recall & more

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is facing some major set backs, both on the front lines and at home. Donald Trump once had a wheelbarrow of gold delivered to him - we’ll tell you about that and other revelations from a new book on the former President. Deadly protests in Iran have intensified after a woman died in police custody. A former police officer charged in George Floyd’s death has been sentenced. Plus, why Tesla has spotted a problem with more than a million cars. To learn more about...


9 AM ET: Russians fleeing, DeSantis migrants lawsuit, Tom Hardy's gold medal & more

Many people are trying to leave Russia after the country's president announced a partial mobilization of citizens. A state lawmaker is expected to file a lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over migrants sent to Martha's Vineyard. People in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, as Bermuda braces for the storm. Ginni Thomas says she'll speak to the January 6 House Select Committee. Plus, we'll tell you why actor Tom Hardy won a...


6 AM ET: Protests in Russia, Trump's bad day, 'Fat Leonard' caught & more

Russian police have been cracking down on anti-war protests, with reports some demonstrators have been drafted into the army. Former President Donald Trump had a pretty bad day yesterday - we'll bring you the details. Meanwhile, the Fed raised interest rates again in a history making move. The mastermind behind the largest corruption scandal in US Navy history has been caught again. Plus, a sad ending for whales stranded in Australia. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy,...


10 PM ET: DOJ’s appeal granted, election bill, Russian prisoner swap & more

The Justice Department can continue its criminal investigation into classified documents the FBI seized during a search at former President Donald Trump’s home last month. The US House of Representatives passed a bill that would make it harder to overturn future certified presidential elections. We’ll break down some of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s key points about Russia’s war in Ukraine during his speech to United Nations General Assembly. Two American veterans captured by...


5 PM ET: Classified documents dispute, Russian-backed referendums, pandemic program bust & more

Dozens of classified documents seized during a search at former President Donald Trump’s Florida home are at the center of the Justice Department’s appeal. Hurricane Fiona has intensified as it travels across the Caribbean leaving a trail of destruction behind. As Republican governors continue to send migrants from the southern border to northern states, a Texas sheriff is investigating a plane of migrants sent to Massachusetts last week. Russian-backed separatist leaders in occupied regions...


12 PM ET: Biden’s UN speech, Russia calls reservists, migrant lawsuit & more

President Joe Biden spoke before the United Nations General Assembly and his focus was squarely on Russia. The timing is important: earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted at potentially using nuclear weapons - a threat that comes as the country prepares to mobilize hundreds of thousands of citizens in its reserve forces to fight in Ukraine. A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Venezuelan migrants sent from Texas to Massachusetts by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis - we’ll tell...