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CNN Talk with Max Foster tackles the major news stories and talking points of the day. A panel of regular contributors debate, discuss and argue about the major stories affecting your world. Available live on CNNI daily at 7a ET.

CNN Talk with Max Foster tackles the major news stories and talking points of the day. A panel of regular contributors debate, discuss and argue about the major stories affecting your world. Available live on CNNI daily at 7a ET.
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CNN Talk with Max Foster tackles the major news stories and talking points of the day. A panel of regular contributors debate, discuss and argue about the major stories affecting your world. Available live on CNNI daily at 7a ET.





Iran is rejecting allegations from Washington that it attacked two tankers in the Gulf of Oman. A foreign ministry spokesman said the accusation is a "sad and suspicious act." The Trump Administration is flatly accusing Iran of attacking the vessels-- in broad daylight -- as they sailed through the Gulf. It's the second time in a month that commercial vessels have been targeted in the strategic waterway. So, our working question is: "GULF TANKERS ATTACKED: WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS?". Max...


Conservative MPs voting for new leader: Would Boris Johnson be best for Britain?

It's a big day in the race to become the next British Prime Minister. Tory lawmakers are voting in another round to determine who moves ahead in the contest. One thing that's certain at this stage - Former Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London Boris Johnson is the clear frontrunner. But is he the best candidate to lead the country, both at home and around the world? Max Foster anchors a conversation with Greg Swenson, Bonnie Greer and Iain Dale. via Knit


Controversial bill: Is democracy dying in Hong Kong?

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong today, facing down lines of riot police and running from tear gas. The dramatic scenes outside the territory's legislative building caused lawmakers to delay their debate over a controversial new extradition law. The legislation would make it easier to extradite suspects to China - a move many in Hong Kong see as a way of rounding up political dissidents. So where does this protest movement go from here? And will Beijing back down on...


What should we do with returning ISIS fighters?

In the vast expanses of eastern Syria, tens of thousands of people sit in camps, their fate unknown and undetermined. Many of them are citizens of western countries who were captured in the last days of the ISIS caliphate. Some were fighters, others are wives of fighters, and some are innocent children born inside ISIS territory. So what should be done with them? Should they face justice inside Syria, or their home nations? Or are the wives and children victims in all this, deserving of...


British PM campaign: Do voters care about a candidate's moral compass?

Does it matter to you if a political candidate has used drugs? Would you vote for them if they had an affair? What about an elected official who treated women disrespectfully? These are the kinds of issues voters are grappling with around the world - and particularly in the race to be the next UK prime minister. One of the frontrunners, Environment Secretary Michael Gove, has admitted to cocaine use in the past, and now some are calling for him to quit the race for Number 10. But is that...


Theresa May quits: Where is British politics heading?

Today marks Theresa May's last day at Conservative Party leader and although she'll remain as British Prime Minister for now, the race for number 10 Downing Street is well and truly on. After a historic state visit by U.S. President Donald Trump this week, some of the leading candidates are ramping up their campaigns. But who is best placed to take over? And who can lead the country through the quagmire that is Brexit? Max Foster anchors a conversation with Andrew MacDougall, Ayesha Hazarika...


D-Day remembered: can its allies still rely on the US under Trump?

A new decisive point in Donald Trump's trip, as Europe marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. The operation in many ways represents the pinnacle of what the Allies could achieve and laid the foundation for future partnerships, not only in the military but finance as well. But the President has been very vocal about what is it costing the US. So what will happen next? On our panel are Liam Halligan - Columnist at The Sunday Telegraph, Ayesha Hazarika, Political Commentator and...


Trump in the UK: Is the "special relationship" at risk?

It's day two of U.S. President Donald Trump's state visit to the UK. Yesterday, he was welcomed by the royal family with full pomp and ceremony. But today, the focus shifts to politics. Trump is spending the bulk of the day with outgoing UK PM Theresa May. Headlines suggest she may take a tough line with him over issues like China and climate, but of course the UK also will be keen to forge a trade deal with the U.S. in a post-Brexit world. Can May lay the groundwork for that today? Is Trump...


Do Trump's tariffs ever achieve their goals?

President Donald Trump threatened to impose new tariffs on Mexico if the country does not step up its enforcement actions. He said in a White House statement that the first round of tariffs would begin on June 10 at 5% "on all goods imported from Mexico." Trump has threatened Mexico with tariffs in the past as he has grown frustrated with the flow of Central American migrants to the southern US border. But will it work? On our panel: Greg Swenson - Partner at Brigg Macadam, Ayesha Hazarika -...


Mueller speaks: should Trump face impeachment?

One day after Robert Mueller's statement -- it seems everyone is taking what they want to out of it. For those calling for impeachment of the President, you didn't need to read between the lines very far, for clues as to what the special counsel is suggesting. The discussion of whether to impeach Trump has been building over the past few days, and this is only going to stoke that fire more. For President Trump and his supporters, he remains vindicated. But that's in direct contradiction to...


Elephants vs economics: what matters more?

Botswana is rejecting criticism of its decision to end a ban on hunting elephants. The restrictions have been in place since 2014. But the government says hunting is necessary to ease problems like elephants raiding crops and killing livestock -- as well as to raise money for conservation efforts. Is that true, or is the move motivated purely by commercial interests? On our panel are Zoe Williams - Columnist at The Guardian, Ayesha Hazarika - Political Commentator and Comedian and Iain Dale...


Mount Everest thrill seekers: fearless or foolhardy?

This year's climbing season on Mount Everest has been especially tragic. At least 11 people have died. There is now concern that the world's highest peak is overcrowded -- with too many adventurers ill-prepared for the rigors of reaching the summit. A record 807 reached the top last year. So why is it still such a draw when conquering it is so common? Because it's there? On our panel: Rachel Shabi - Journalist and Author, Andrew MacDougall, Former Comms Director for Canadian PM Harper and...


European Elections: Who are the winners and the losers?

The votes are in, in the biggest multi-country election in the world. More than a hundred million people from 28 European countries have chosen representatives to the European parliament. Europe's centrist parties have lost ground, and nationalists made strong gains in some countries. So what does this tells us about the mood of the voters in the EU? On our panel are Liam Halligan - Columnist at The Sunday Telegraph, Ayesha Hazarika - Political Commentator and Comedian and Iain Dale - Radio...


UK PM Theresa May resigns: Your reaction

"I have done my best." With those words, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she will resign in the coming weeks - a bombshell development from a leader who seemed determined to remain in office despite criticism from all sides. May fought hard to deliver a Brexit deal that the UK parliament could pass, but ultimately failed in that quest. Now, the question is who will succeed her, and can they do what she could not: get the country through Brexit? CNN's Bianca Nobilo anchors a...


Is vaping dangerous for teenagers?

They've become a common sight on city streets everywhere: e-cigarettes. The industry has boomed in recent years, with a huge uptake in users around the world. But one of the groups taking up vaping faster than any other are teenagers. In the United States, lawmakers are trying to crack down on sales to teens, citing health concerns over nicotine addiction. So is vaping a better option than traditional cigarettes? Or have the health risks been downplayed? And are these companies targeting...


Should the UK hold a second Brexit referendum?

Theresa May is making a last-ditch effort to find consensus around her Brexit plan. She unveiled a series of new measures, and even floated the possibility of a second referendum, in a bid to get her deal across the line. But the British press - and even Tory politicians - were quick to say it was all too little, too late. That negativity hasn't stopped May from fighting her corner. So, can the British Prime Minister get her deal over the line? Or will she be unseated by her own allies? Max...


Niki Lauda dies: How has motorsport changed?

He was one of F1's biggest stars: Niki Lauda survived a fiery crash during a race in the 1970's to become an iconic figure in Formula 1 racing. While he was a champion who advocated on behalf of driver safety, he also helped lift the sport into the modern day. CNN's Max Foster takes a look back at the Austrian's legendary career, and a look forward at where F1 is going next, with World Sport's Amanda Davies, and panelists Linda Yueh, Bonnie Greer and Iain Martin. via Knit


Will Trump's Middle East plan work?

There's been a flurry of activity over the weekend all to do with the Middle East. As part of Donald Trump's "Deal of the Century", the White House announced Sunday afternoon the first part of its Middle East peace proposal. Meanwhile, President Trump ratcheted up his rhetoric toward Iran, warning that a fight with the United States would "be the official end of Iran." "If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran," Trump said in a tweet. "Never threaten the United States...


Sports star "sacked over religious beliefs": Your reaction

Where do we draw the line between freedom of religion and hate speech? That's the thorny ground Australian rugby authorities had to navigate in the case of Israel Folau. He's one of the sport's biggest stars, but he's been fired over homophobic social media posts. Folau, a devout Christian, says he's just exercising his freedom of religion by sharing Biblical quotes and teachings. So, where do you stand? Max Foster explores the issue with Nina Schick, Liam Halligan and Ayesha Hazarika. via...



U.S. President Donald Trump overnight signed an executive order escalating his administration's campaign against Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. It's the latest salvo in his dispute with China and again puts pressure on U.S. allies as countries race to put 5G infrastructure in place. We ask: "IS TRUMP RIGHT TO DECLARE A NATIONAL EMERGENCY OVER HUAWEI?" Our Max Foster talks to Iain Dale, Zoe Williams, Andrew MacDougall and CNN Business Tech Correspondent Samuel Burke. via Knit