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CNN Talk with Max Foster tackles the major news stories and talking points of the day. A panel of regular contributors debate, discuss and argue about the major stories affecting your world. Available live on CNNI daily at 7a ET.

CNN Talk with Max Foster tackles the major news stories and talking points of the day. A panel of regular contributors debate, discuss and argue about the major stories affecting your world. Available live on CNNI daily at 7a ET.
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CNN Talk with Max Foster tackles the major news stories and talking points of the day. A panel of regular contributors debate, discuss and argue about the major stories affecting your world. Available live on CNNI daily at 7a ET.




Yellow vest protests: Is France at risk of serious unrest?

France is bracing for a weekend of anger and violence. Tens of thousands of extra security officers will be on streets across the country, and multiple major Paris landmarks will close, as the "yellow vests" are expected to demonstrate once again. Paris has already seen weeks of anger over a fuel tax, but also over rising inequality in the country and the perception that President Emmanuel Macron is out of touch. So what can we expect? Max Foster looks ahead to this weekend's events with...


What is the biggest threat to global stability?

The headlines over the past week have been dominated by multiple geopolitical events - from the U.S. - China trade war, to Saudi Arabia's role in Yemen, to Brexit, to Russia's standoff with Ukraine. All have the potential to shake up the world order, but which poses the greatest threat to geopolitical stability? Max Foster anchors a conversation with Andrew MacDougall, Rachel Shabi and Bonnie Greer. via Knit


Debating May's deal: Is it too late for Britain to pull out of Brexit?

It's an angsty time in British politics. Theresa May has less than a week to sell lawmakers on her controversial Brexit deal. She suffered three defeats in the House of Commons last night, and faces a major uphill battle to get the deal through Parliament. So what happens if the deal doesn't pass? All bets are off - we could see another vote on the deal, more talks with Brussels, a general election or even a second referendum. Max Foster talks through all the potential fallout with Iain...


France Crisis: Is Macron Out Of Touch?

French President Emmanuel Macron is working hard to defuse tensions that erupted into violent protests over the weekend. On Tuesday, France suspended fuel price hikes in a major concession by President Macron's government. None-the-less, the rising cost of gasoline and diesel fuel sparked protests that have since evolved into broader demonstrations against Macron's government, exposing tensions between the metropolitan elite and rural poor. President Macron's critics says he is as a...


What is the legacy of the first President Bush?

Tributes are being paid and memorial services planned for former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, who died on Friday at the age of 94. And he's not just being remembered within the United States, but also around the world. Bush had an almost unparalleled experience in foreign policy among modern presidents - holding ambassadorships, running the CIA, overseeing the fall of the Berlin Wall, and launching the first Gulf War. So, how will the world remember him? Max Foster anchors a conversation...


Is it right to create designer babies?

Scientists are still stunned by the jarring news of the birth of genetically altered twins. The chinese researcher responsible for the unorthodox experiments on human embryos is sparking an international outcry about medical ethics -- and the need for a global code of conduct in such procedures. On our panel: Iain Dale - Radio Host at LBC, Bonnie Greer - Playwright and Columnist at The New European and Nina Schick, Political Commentator. via Knit


CNN poll: 40% of Europeans believe Jews are at risk of racist violence. Your reaction?

CNN's exclusive polling into anti-Semitism across Europe confirms that prejudices against Jews are still alive and well - and perhaps even growing - on the continent today. The poll asked thousands of people in 7 different European countries for their views on Jews, and the results are striking. Many feel that Jews are at risk of racist violence, hold negative stereotypes about Jews and, in many cases, know little or nothing about the Holocaust. CNN's Max Foster hosts a discussion on this...


How should the world respond to Russia-Ukraine standoff?

Ukraine isn't backing down after Russia seized three of its navy ships on Sunday. Its parliament voted to impose martial law in areas bordering Russia. It's also condemning Moscow, as are NATO and many European countries. US President Donald Trump appears hesitant to do the same. On our panel: Iain Martin - Times Columnist and Reaction Editor, Rachel Shabi - Journalist & Author and Brian Klaas from University College London. via Knit


EU leaders back Brexit deal: should UK politicians approve it?

There were mixed emotions on Sunday as the leaders of the 27 remaining EU countries signed off on the Brexit agreement. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's described it as "a very sad day." But Prime Minister Theresa May promised friendship after the divorce. The PM has a hard road ahead, trying to sell the deal to the parliament. On our panel are: Liam Halligan - Columnist at The Sunday Telegraph, Ayesha Hazarika, Political Commentator and Comedian and Iain Dale - Radio Host...


Black Friday: Are holidays becoming too materialistic?

It's Black Friday, which means shoppers in the United States and around the world will be out looking for the latest bargains. But it's a tough time for bricks-and-mortar retailers. They're facing major competition from online outlets, which offer customers good prices and unparalleled convenience. So, can the shopping mall and the high street survive in a world of Amazons? And should all our holidays be so focused on shopping anyway, or are they becoming far too materialistic? Max Foster...


Briton jailed in the UAE: How should the west respond?

Political pressure is mounting on the UAE, after a British academic was given a life sentence for spying. 31-year-old Matthew Hedges was jailed for life after a hearing that lasted just 5 minutes, during which he didn't have legal representation. He claims he was in the UAE to conduct research into civil-military relations and the Arab Spring. But the UAE government claims he was spying. So how should the west respond in these kinds of cases? And are regimes like this more emboldened to act...


Trump sides with Saudi Arabia: What does it mean for the world?

After weeks of waiting to see how U.S. President Donald Trump would react to the killing by Saudi Arabia of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, we now have the answer. Trump released an extraordinary statement in which he acknowledged that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman may have known about the journalist's gruesome murder, but argued that the huge deals with Saudi Arabia would take precedence. It's the clearest, starkest statement yet of Trump's "America First" principles. But what does it mean...


Child bride auctioned on Facebook: Can the social media giant police itself?

It's a shocking story: A teenage girl in South Sudan auctioned off as a child bride to the highest bidder, by her own family. The platform used for the auction? None other than social media giant Facebook. The company has come under fire for failing to remove the post before the auction was complete and the girl married off. And while Facebook says they don't tolerate content of this nature, this case does raise questions about whether they are doing enough to fight it. Can they be trusted...


Trump's combative weekend: Why is he lashing out now?

It was an active weekend for U.S. President Donald Trump, to say the least. He lashed out on a wide variety of topics, both in interviews and through his favorite social media platform, Twitter. He raised fears about the migrant caravan, praised Saudi Arabia, suggested that poor forest management was behind the devastating wildfires in California, and even questioned why it took the U.S. military so long to kill Osama bin Laden. So why now? What's prompted Trump to lash out on these diverse...


What's best for Britain: May's deal, no deal, or no Brexit?

We're facing a crucial weekend in British politics. Theresa May has done all she can to sell her draft Brexit deal. But her party and Parliament seem unconvinced. There are rumblings that the Conservatives may launch a leadership challenge, aimed at toppling May and installing what they see as a more committed Brexiteer leader. But there is no guarantee that will work, or that a new leader will be able to get a better deal out of Brussels. Max Foster speaks one-on-one with UK International...


Controversial Brexit draft deal: Can Theresa May survive as PM?

She's sold her draft deal to cabinet - now, British Prime Minister Theresa May starts trying to sell her deal to Parliament. May took questions on the floor of the House of Commons for more than two and a half hours today, answering MP's concerns about the draft deal struck with Brussels. But is it enough to save May's premiership? Or will the Tory party start looking for ways to topple her? Max Foster anchors a special one-hour edition of CNN Talk live from Westminster - with Iain Dale,...


Brexit crunch point: Should Britain back the deal?

It's do-or-die for British Prime Minister Theresa May today, as she faces her toughest challenge yet: selling a draft Brexit deal to her cabinet. The deal with Brussels is the result of years of negotiations. But multiple cabinet members have signalled they can't support a deal that they say leaves the European Union in control of the United Kingdom. Max Foster anchors a lively debate from outside the Houses of Parliament in London, with Ayesha Hazarika, Liam Halligan and Iain Dale. via Knit


Brexit deadline: Is no deal better than a bad deal?

It's coming down to the wire on Brexit this week. There are late-night talks in Brussels, as the UK and EU scramble to make a deal before a key Wednesday deadline. British Prime Minister Theresa May is working hard to sell that deal to her own cabinet - a mighty challenge, as numerous MPs from her own party say they won't support it. And, both the UK and the EU are on the brink of preps for the dreaded "no deal" scenario. Hannah Vaughan Jones anchors a passionate debate, with Bonnie Greer,...


What are the dangers of the rise of nationalism?

As world leaders gathered in Paris to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1, the French President used the moment to warn of the dangers of nationalism. Sitting a few meters away was U.S. President Donald Trump - a man who has proudly self-identified as a nationalist. So, was Macron right to denounce nationalism, and promote patriotism? Is nationalism really a bad thing? And what's the difference between nationalism and patriotism anyway? Max Foster anchors a discussion with Kate...


Remembering World War I: What lessons have we learned?

It's been nearly 100 years since World War 1 came to an end. The conflict left more than 8,500,000 troops and many more civilians dead. It also changed the way society viewed war, as mechanization became a deadly factor in conflict for the first time. Today on CNN Talk, we look back at the Great War and ask what lessons we've learned that still apply today. Bianca Nobilo anchors a discussion with Charlie Wolf, Ayesha Hazarika and Iain Dale. via Knit