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CNN Tonight brings you in-depth coverage, one-on-one interviews, and analysis of the latest breaking news. Weekdays, 9 PM ET.

CNN Tonight brings you in-depth coverage, one-on-one interviews, and analysis of the latest breaking news. Weekdays, 9 PM ET.


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CNN Tonight brings you in-depth coverage, one-on-one interviews, and analysis of the latest breaking news. Weekdays, 9 PM ET.




CNN Tonight Update For January 17, 2022

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House GOP Leader McCarthy’s Insurrection Amnesia

Kevin McCarthy claims he cannot remember key phone calls between himself and Trump during and after the insurrection, but the timeline of his previous public remarks about the former president admitting he bore some blame for the Capitol attack tell a different story. Also tonight, the GOP lawmakers who refuse to testify: what are McCarthy, Perry and Jordan hiding about January 6, and will they be subpoenaed? Plus, Oath Keepers leader pleads not guilty to seditious conspiracy in the January...


Oath Keepers Indicted Over Capitol Attack

The DOJ indicts Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and 10 others for "seditious conspiracy" relating to the January 6 insurrection. With the House Select Committee investigating January 6 now wanting to speak with the founder of the far-right militia group, Rhodes’ attorney joins to give his perspective on the details of this rare legal action and what his client’s defense might be. The Supreme Court blocks the Biden Administration's vaccine rule for large businesses, but allows the mandate...


House GOP Leader Refuses To Cooperate With January 6 Investigation

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy refuses to cooperate with the January 6 investigation, saying he won’t participate with the “abuse of power”. That, as two other Representatives, Jim Jordan and Scott Perry also decline to appear before the House Select Committee. What are they hiding? Plus, GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn is under fire for her controversial comments criticizing the “rap sheet” of a black judicial nominee, Why Omicron is scary for E.R. doctors and tennis star Novak Djokovic...


Biden Pushes For Voting Rights In Battleground Georgia

President Biden delivers his voting rights speech in Georgia, pushing for the Senate to change filibuster rules to pass the ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ and the ‘John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act’, saying, “I’m tired of being quiet”. But has Biden already lost the African American community within a year by not delivering on his promise to eliminate discriminatory voting practices, and what does it mean for voter turnout in the years to come? As Republicans push for more voting restrictions...


CNN Tonight Update for January 3, 2022

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Should There Be A Vaccine Mandate For Airline Passengers?

As some health experts raise concerns about the CDC’s failure to urge negative tests at the end of the new 5-day isolation period, Dr. Anthony Fauci joins to discuss the CDC’s decision. After, Dr Zeke Emmanuel joins to give his perspective on the growing debate on Covid vaccine mandates for airline passengers. Plus, Legendary NFL coach and broadcaster John Madden dies at 85. CNN contributor Bob Costas joins to remember the icon’s career. And, as businesses push back return to work dates,...


CDC Shortens Recommended Covid-19 Isolation Time

The CDC shortens their recommended Covid isolation period for the asymptomatic from ten days to five. Dr. Ashish Jha, Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, joins to discuss why he thinks the new CDC guidelines are what our country needs and why. Plus, the GOP pushes to expand jobless benefits for workers who quit over vaccine mandates, the Association of Flight Attendants President Sara Nelson joins to call out the new CDC isolation guidelines, how Covid could reshape...


Biden Briefed In October On Need To Ramp Up Rapid Testing

With the Omicron variant rapidly spreading and not nearly enough testing to meet the massive demand, a new report from "Vanity Fair" suggests the Biden administration dismissed a plan from experts to ramp up rapid testing months ago. But is that what really happened? Dr Michael Mina, who attended White House meeting where the proposal was made, joins to give his perspective. Also tonight: former police officer Kim Potter is found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Daunte Wright,...


First Pill To Treat Covid Authorized

A potentially game-changing Covid antiviral pill developed by Pfizer has been authorized by the FDA. Paxlovid, which is proven to significantly reduce Covid hospitalizations and death, will be available in January and has also been green-lighted for children aged 12 and older. Also tonight: school closures across the U.S. mount amid the Omicron surge, Biden reiterates his plans to run in 2024 saying a Trump rematch would "increase the prospect", when does tough on crime go too far? A truck...


Biden’s Omicron Battle Plan Announced

President Biden lays out his Omicron battle plan, announcing an additional 10,000 testing sites beyond the 20,000 the White House points to nationwide, deploying 1,000 more military members to help hospitals if they become overburdened again and mailing half a billion free Covid home testing kits to Americans next month. Plus: NYC offers $100 to get boosted by New Year’s, Trump looks to the anniversary of January 6 to push election lies, Joe Manchin is in talks with fellow Democrats after...


Omicron Now 75% Of New Infections

The rapidly spreading Omicron variant now accounts for 75% of new Covid cases. With only 61% of the country fully vaccinated and 18% boosted as people gather for Christmas, President Biden gives a new speech about the steps we can all be taking now, and issues some dire warnings for the unvaccinated. Plus, Democrats face an uncertain path as Joe Manchin rejects ‘Build Back Better, the Pentagon issues rules to fight extremism in the military as a retired U.S. general warns of a 2024...


No Evidence Omicron Variant Less Severe Than Delta

Covid cases rise by more than 50% from last week in Texas, Connecticut and Hawaii and a UK study finds no evidence the Omicron variant is any less severe than Delta. NYC’s incoming MayorEric Adams joins to discuss the Covid crisis, and whether the federal government should follow New York and other states in sending out at-home tests to people. Also tonight: the defense rests after ex-officer Kim Potter breaks down on the stand as she recalls her fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, following...


Covid Cases & Hospitalizations Soar As Omicron Rages

The CDC predicts a new Covid wave as the Omicron variant takes hold, disrupting normal life. As the Covid positivity rate doubles in New York over just three days, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio joins to discuss the potential impact of vaccine mandates in reducing the severity of the spread. Will we all get Covid eventually and do we need to change the definition of fully vaccinated? Former member of Biden’s Covid-19 Advisory Board, Dr. Zeke Emanuel joins to give his perspective. Plus, Fox News...


Tracking The Battle To Spread Election Denialism And Chaos

The Associated Press reports there was far too little fraud to have changed the outcome of the 2020 Election, but January 6 key figures are still working to threaten our democracy. Former state and federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski joins to discuss how the anti-democratic movement are now targeting local school boards, city and county commissions and supervisors of local elections. Also tonight: the Government releases previously classified JFK assassination documents, Democrats quietly...


The Day After The Bombshells: Full House Vote on Meadows’ Contempt Charge

BREAKING NEWS: a full House vote is expected this evening on Mark Meadows’ criminal contempt referral to the DOJ. No former White House Chief of Staff has faced criminal charges since H.R. Haldeman’s role in the Watergate scandal. Also tonight: in key swing states, the anti-democratic movement has already changed laws and ousted Election officials with the aim of overturning future results. David Leonhardt of the New York Times joins give his insight into the big picture on this growing...


Trump's Chief Of Staff In Contempt of Congress

The January 6 House Committee votes to hold Mark Meadows in contempt of Congress as the investigation releases texts from several Fox News hosts, GOP members and Trump’s son, to Meadows, urging the then President and his team to calm tensions as the Capitol riot exploded. Plus, Chris Wallace leaves Fox News after 18 years to join CNN+ in a surprise move which may have been influenced by his objection to Fox’s conspiracy theory content ‘Patriot Purge’, the Philadelphia D.A. apologizes for...


Soaring Inflation Poses New Threat To Biden Agenda

With key inflation measures at their highest level in almost 40 years and a revised Congressional Budget Office score of $3 trillion, is Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda on life support? Former World Bank Chief Economist and Treasury Secretary under President Clinton, Larry Summers, joins to give his perspective. The Supreme Court allows the Texas abortion law that bans the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy, to remain in effect, but ruled that abortion providers may sue some state...


One-On-One With Garry Kasparov

As President Biden kicks off the first ‘Summit for Democracy’ at the White House, former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov, now Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation joins to discuss the worldwide rise in authoritarian leaders, the left/right divide in politics and why he thinks our generation will either renew democracy or lose it forever. With Philadelphia’s homicide rate increasing 57% from just two years ago, former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter joins to discuss the comments made...


The Kids Aren’t Alright Online

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri testifies before the Senate Commerce Consumer Protection Sub-Committee, which says it “wants to hear about why the app uses algorithms that push poisonous content to children driving them down rabbit holes to dark places, and what the company will do to make the platform safe”. Did his answers satisfy? Jean Twenge, Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University joins to discuss. As House progressives move to strip the GOP’s Lauren Boebert of committee...