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CNN Tonight brings you in-depth coverage, one-on-one interviews, and analysis of the latest breaking news. Weekdays, 9 PM ET.

CNN Tonight brings you in-depth coverage, one-on-one interviews, and analysis of the latest breaking news. Weekdays, 9 PM ET.


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CNN Tonight brings you in-depth coverage, one-on-one interviews, and analysis of the latest breaking news. Weekdays, 9 PM ET.




Pence: Trump “should apologize” for dinner with white nationalist

Pence says Trump was “wrong” for hosting white nationalist Nick Fuentes and Kanye West and says the former president “should apologize”, as a growing number of top Republicans condemn the former president. The Buffalo mass shooter pleads guilty to a domestic act of terrorism motivated by hate and 10 counts of first-degree murder in a racist attack. But, families of the victims are expressing their frustration at the hearings. Mystery surrounds the death of 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson...


CNN Tonight Update For November 24, 2022

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DOJ seeks Mike Pence’s testimony in January 6 criminal probe

CNN Tonight continues with the panel discussing Mike Pence indicating he’s open to providing some testimony in the DOJ ‘s criminal probe into January 6, Trump’s week of legal setbacks, and the 600+ mass shootings in the US so far this year. And, as the nation reels from a second mass shooting in as many days, Nicole Hockley, M.D. of the Sandy Hook promise, joins to talk about the steps she thinks should be taken immediately to curb rising gun violence in America. Plus, police say “no...


6 dead after Virginia Walmart manager opens fire in store

5 employees and a 16-year-old boy have been killed inside a Virginia Walmart after an overnight manager of the store opened fire on his colleagues in a break room. Lorenzo Gamble, Brian Pendleton, Kellie Pyle, Randall Blevins, and Tyneka Johnson have all been identified as victims by so far by officials. Walmart employee Jessie Wilczewski gives her harrowing account of the ordeal, and how she miraculously survived. The DOJ is seeking Mike Pence’s testimony in the January 6 criminal probe....


Special counsel begins work on Trump investigations

BREAKING NEWS: multiple fatalities and injuries have been reported in a shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia. CNN Tonight continues with the panel discussing the special counsel in the Mar-a-Lago and January 6 investigations beginning work with no signs the probes will slow down, the D.A. weighing hate crime charges against the club Q shooting suspect as the defendant’s lawyers say their client identifies as non-binary, World Cup host Qatar facing continued criticism over human...


Kevin McCarthy's path to speakership unclear

Rep. David Joyce is the Chair of the Republican Governance Group. He joins to discuss how GOP defections are complicating Kevin McCarthy’s path to the House speakership, and the multiple investigations House Republicans plan to launch into the Biden administration. The panel discusses the power plays of the five Congressmen signaling “no” votes to Kevin McCarthy’s speakership, McCarthy demanding DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ resignation over border issues, the Supreme Court clearing the way for...


Interview with Colorado shooting hero

Officials hail Richard Fierro as a hero after he disarmed the alleged gunman in a deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado. The US army veteran tells CNN “Everybody in that building experienced combat that night”, and that he was “defending his family”. Colorado Democratic Sen. John Hickenlooper joins to discuss the horrific shooting at club Q, and legislators in State Houses across the country passing 25 anti-LGTBQ bills this session. Presidential Historian Jon Meacham talks about the history...


Colorado LGBTQ shooting, GOP Trump alternatives, Qatar controversy

A mass shooting at an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs leaves 5 dead and another 25 injured. Two heroes took down the gunman, saving so many lives. Thomas James and Richard Fierro, a US Army veteran, who says he went into “combat mode”, as bullets were flying. The panel discusses if the rise in hate crime against the LGBTQ community relates to hateful rhetoric online, GOP elites weighing possible alternatives to Trump as his 2024 rivals tell top Republican donors it’s time to move on from the...


Attorney General appoints special counsel in Trump investigations

Attorney General Merrick Garland appoints a special counsel to oversee the federal investigations into Trump’s role in the insurrection, and the classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago residence. The panel discusses why this is a shrewd move by Garland, and if it makes indicting the former president more likely. With World Cup fever growing, the controversies are also heating up. Qatar's abysmal record on human rights is no secret. And now, World Cup organizers are apologizing after...


Pelosi steps down, Twitter walks out, Idaho coroner's report

Nancy Pelosi announces she is stepping down from the House leadership after 20 years, saying the hour has come for a new generation to lead the Democratic caucus. A “Mass exodus” appears to be underway at Twitter as employees reject Musk’s “Extremely hardcore” ultimatum. CNN Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy tells Laura Coates why he thinks this is Twitter’s last gasp. A coroner confirms the four University of Idaho students found dead in off campus housing had been stabbed to death. CNN...


Interview with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen reacts to the former president’s 2024 announcement, and discusses the New York Post mocking Trump for running again as GOP donors and allies ditch him. CNN Law Enforcement Analyst Michael Fanone joins to discuss the shocking killings of four University of Idaho students in off-campus housing, as the victim’s relatives call out the police department for lack of information. The panel discusses Mike Pence’s reaction to the January 6 rioters calling for his...


Town Hall with former Vice President Mike Pence

Jake Tapper moderates a CNN Town Hall with Mike Pence. The former Vice President answers questions including: will he will support Trump’s 2024 presidential bid, does he wish he had done more to prevent false information about the 2020 election, and why has he previously endorsed election denying candidates? Pence also responds to the January 6 Committee saying it’s “disappointing” he is “misrepresenting” the nature of its investigation, and reacts to video footage of rioters calling for his...


Trump announces 2024 presidential run

Donald Trump announces he is running for president in 2024. The twice-impeached former president, who is currently facing a swirl of lawsuits and investigations, has thrown the GOP into turmoil after midterm losses by many of the candidate he endorsed, with prominent Republicans openly discussing a future that does not include him. The panel discusses what Trump’s 2024 bid means for other potential candidates, and how Biden will hold up against him. President Biden holds an emergency round...


Growing number of Republicans publicly blame Trump for losses

The blame game begins as the GOP grapples with its poor midterm showing. CNN predicts Democrat Katie Hobbs will win the Arizona Governor’s race against Republican election denier Kari Lake. Democrat Wes Moore joins to discuss his historic midterm win to become the first black Governor of Maryland, and Joe Tate joins to discuss becoming the first black Speaker of Michigan State House, after the state goes Democrat for the first time in almost four decades. Trump’s 2024 bid gets harsh...


CNN Tonight update for November 11, 2022

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Final campaign pitches, Trump teases announcement, Nancy Pelosi interview

CNN Tonight continues with the Panel discussing Fetterman and Oz making their final closing arguments in their pivotal Pennsylvania race, Mandela Barnes being targeted by a barrage of ads trying to tie him to crime in the Wisconsin Senate race, and the key legal battles playing out that could impact which votes get counted. CNN Presidential Historian John Meacham joins to discuss Trump telling a rally crowd he’ll have an “important announcement” at Mar-a-Lago on November 15, and how the...


Election eve

On election eve, Jake Tapper discusses how early election results may be misleading depending on the election rules in each state, and how the phenomenon of the ‘Red Mirage’ was used by Trump to push false election fraud claims in 2020. With control of Congress up for grabs, CNN Political Director David Chalian joins to break down some of the key races you should be watching. Former Senior Homeland Security Official Christopher Krebs was fired in 2020 for contradicting Trump’s election fraud...


Democrats face tough races to hold onto Senate majority

In what may be the most consequential midterms of our lifetimes, we examine the dynamics that may change the outcome of the election. We speak to analysts about the close races in the Senate and House. Plus, with 40+ million ballots already cast, we look at poll data as candidates make their final push with Election Day just two days away. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Elon Musk lays off half of Twitter’s workforce

CNN Tonight continues with the panel discussing Elon Musk laying off half of Twitter’s staff and blaming the move on a drop in revenue due to activists pressuring advertisers, the Democrats spending millions on amplifying the views of MAGA candidates and if it will backfire next week, the January 6 Committee giving Trump more time to turn over subpoenaed documents, and recreational marijuana legalization being on the ballot in five states. CNN Contributor Bob Costas joins to talk about...


Make America Great Again, again?

As sources tell CNN top aides to former President Trump are gearing up for a possible 2024 campaign launch, Jake Tapper opens CNN Tonight talking about election security concerns, the economy, and also gives updates on key midterm races. Gabriel Sterling is the Chief Operating Officer of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. He joins to talk about Georgia voters shattering midterm early voting records, and responds to criticisms of the State's voting laws. Rep. Elaine Luria is in the...