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Luke Watson on Brexit Negotiations, Chequers, and Planning for 'No Deal'

Luke Watson, a Research Executive at Get Britain Out, was the guest on today’s show. We wanted to discuss the current state of the Brexit negotiations with someone inside the Brexit campaign and Luke certainly gave us an excellent insight. We are aware that sometimes we tend to interview people who have a similar worldview to us without considering talking to those on the other side and it has taken us quite a while to get hold of a true Brexiteer. We may not agree on much but we had a...


Matt Hope and Chloe Farland on the Climate Denial Lobby and a Hard Brexit

Matt and Chloe Farland from DeSmog Uk were our guests on today’s show. They have been doing some incredible reporting on the links between the US climate denial lobby and the web of pro-Brexit think tanks like the IEA and the Tax Payers Alliance. We had a really interesting chat about the reporting they have been doing, the implications of these think tanks holding influence with the UK government, as well as the political and economic issue of dealing with climate change. Resources...


Andrew Lewin on Making the Case For Labour to Support a People's Vote

Andrew Lewin, the head of Labour Remain, was our guest on today's show. He has been campaigning to ensure that there will be a meaningful debate on the Labour Party Brexit policy at this summer's Labour Party conference. We had a great conversation about the possibility that there could be a 'People's Vote' on the Brexit Deal, whether a majority does or can exist in parliament in support of another referendum, and the current Labour party policy on the issue. Resources...


Elaine Crory on #WeDeserveBetter and Alliance For Choice

Elaine Crory from Alliance for Choice was our guest on today's show. She was asked by Progressive Politics Northern Ireland to be a speaker at the Belfast 'We Deserve Better' rally, but was asked to pull out amidst controversy surrounding what was described as 'divisive issues'. We wanted to talk to Elaine to get her perspective on exactly what happened, why she felt it happened, and what the future holds for Northern Ireland and devolution. Resources


Jackson Rawlings on How We Could Reform The UK Political System

Jackson Rawlings, editor at The Politicalists, was our guest on today's show. Today's chat is a little more abstract than many of the discussions that we have been having of late, we got into a number of different discussions about the current state of British politics, the left right divide, political polarisation, the alt-right, and how we could improve the British political system as a whole. Resources


Barney Scholes on Why Britain Deserves a People's Vote on the Brexit Deal

Barney Scholes from the People's Vote campaign was our guest on today's show. Barney is the first of a series of interviews that we conducted in London surrounding Brexit, the People's Vote, and a 'No Deal' scenario. We chatted all about the different justifications and arguments surrounding a vote on the final Brexit deal, as well as post-Brexit disaster planning and the lack of responsibility in politics today. Resources


Christine Jardine on Being the Party of Remain and the Future of the Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West, Christine Jardine, was our guest on today's show. We had a fantastic conversation about the current state of the Liberal Democrats, the party's role in the Brexit process in Parliament (including the absence of Vince Cable and Tim Farron from votes on the latest round of amendments proposed by the ERG), and the plans for a new centrist party. Resources Music by Just Jim – If you...


Steven Agnew on Growing the Green Party and the Irish Border Issue

Steven Agnew, the leader of the Green Party Northern Ireland was our guest on this show. He had plenty to say on the breakdown of government at Stormont, the Brexit negotiations, as well as the success and future of the Greens in Northern Ireland and the UK. We also got into some weedsy electoral system talk and his thoughts on a European energy grid and a carbon tax. Resources


Sorcha Eastwood on Alliance, Northern Ireland, and a 'No Deal' Brexit

Sorcha Eastwood, Brexit advisor for the Alliance Party, was our guest on today's show. We've been doing a number of interviews with politicians and staff at Stormont over the last few weeks to try and get a better grip of what is going on at Stormont and how much influence the Northern Irish parties are able to have in Brexit negotiations. We chatted about our perpetually absent government, the DUP and the Irish border, the possibilities of a 'no deal' Brexit, and the dark money scandal....


Greg Fish on Whether We Are Giving Cambridge Analytica Too Much Credit

Greg Fish is our guest on today's show, he is a journalist at Rantt and covers a wide range of topics related to data science, psyops, partisanship, and politics. I first came across his work on Medium and have since been fascinated by his insights on the ever growing Cambridge Analytica data scandal. He has some pretty interesting thoughts on the claims being made by Cambridge Analytica and whether it is actually possible to do what they are claiming they can do with your personal data....


Karl Niklass on The Future Of Car Design

It is great to be back! For our first episode of our second run of shows we spoke to a good friend of mine, Karl Niklass. We call him Charlie, he is a professor of vehicle dynamics, a ski instructor, and amongst other things, he is a dreamer with a head brimming with fascinating visions for the future of car design and manufacturing. Resources Music by Just Jim - If you...


Professor Colin Harvey on Brexit, The Good Friday Agreement, and a Citizens Assembly

Professor Colin Harvey of Queen's University Belfast was our guest on today's show. He has been doing a lot of work on how human rights guaranteed in the Good Friday Agreement will translate in a post-Brexit Northern Ireland. We also spoke about the potential for a citizens assembly in Northern Ireland and the implications of the latest agreement between the UK and the EU. Music by Just Jim - If you enjoyed what you read here you can follow us on Facebook,...


Jamie Pow on Northern Slant and a Citizens Assembly For Northern Ireland

Jamie Pow, editor of Northern Slant, was our guest on today's show. Jamie works as a researcher at Queen's University Belfast and has been looking at ways in which Northern Ireland could use a Citizens' Assembly to move forward with political issues that politicians seem unable to solve. We talked all about the way in which a Citizens' Assembly would work in Northern Ireland, as well as the Irish Border issue and Brexit. Resources


Tatton Spiller On Brexit, The Motivations of Politicians, and Simple Politics

Tatton Spiller of Simple Politics was our guest on today's show. Tatton is a former teacher, who also spent time working in Parliament, and he founded Simple Politics to help people who were interested in politics (but maybe didn't understand what was going on) to get a grounding on the issues of the day. We talked all about Brexit, whether facts matter anymore, the Irish Border, and the true motivations of politicians. Resources


Daz on Skank FM and How Technology Has Changed The Music Industry

Daz from Skank FM was our guest on Today's show. Skank FM was the first independent underground radio station to pop up in Belfast a few years ago, before Belfast Underground Radio, and Daz has been running it since the very beginning. We chatted all about how the music industry has developed through his life as a DJ and producer and how Skank FM grew from a West Belfast garage to their own studio! Resources


Matthew Rice on The General Data Protection Regulation and Online Censorship

Matthew Rice, Scotland Director for the Open Rights Group, was our guest on today's show. The Open Rights Group are the UK's only digital campaigning organisation working to protect the rights to privacy and free speech online. We spoke all about the General Data Protection Regulation, what it means for businesses and for consumers rights over their personal data, as well as about online censorship and net neutrality. Resources


Callum Curry On Sussd and Life As An Entrepreneur In Northern Ireland

Callum Curry was the guest on today's show ahead of the launch of his new polling company, Sussd. Sussd is a locally driven community polling platform that will allow people to give opinions on how local issues are being dealt with and give them the chance to impact real change in their community. We talked all about his app, his experience as an entrepreneur in Northern Ireland, the idea of Universal Basic Income, and the future of work. Sponsor...


Bret Weinstein On The Evolutionary Implications Of Technology And Modern Society

Today's guest is Bret Weinstein. Bret is a former Evergreen State College Professor at the centre of a massive lawsuit (which he has just won) surrounding a day of absence at the University, which you can read more about below. We got into numerous fascinating discussions about the nature and problems with the extreme left-right divide, the evolutionary implications of technology and modern society, the evolutionary reasons for both racism and multi-culturalism, and how we solve the...


Patricia McKeown On The Stealth Privatisation Of The Health Service and The Importance Of Trade Unions

Patricia McKeown of UNISON was our guest on the show today. Ever since we became politically aware and involved we have been horrified and terrified by the gradual privatisation of the health service in the UK that has gone largely under the radar to the general public. She took the time to lay out the decades-long battle that has gone on to keep the health service public against a concerted campaign for privatisation that began in the Thatcher era - one that they are fighting against the...


Joe Scott on Simulation Theory, The Double Slit Experiment, and Becoming A YouTuber

Joe Scott is on today's show to talk about his experience starting his YouTube channel, Answers With Joe and a whole load of interesting bits of science and physics that he has covered on his channel including the Double Slit Experiment, the Fermi Paradox, the Global Consciousness Project, and Simulation Theory. You can now find us on iTunes so you can give us a rating and review if you enjoy the show! Resources The Fermi Paradox