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Five days a week, we share our snackable round-up of daily news directly from China. You'll hear it here first – before it gets translated into English and shared across the globe. We cover technology, business, people and cultures.

Five days a week, we share our snackable round-up of daily news directly from China. You'll hear it here first – before it gets translated into English and shared across the globe. We cover technology, business, people and cultures.


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Five days a week, we share our snackable round-up of daily news directly from China. You'll hear it here first – before it gets translated into English and shared across the globe. We cover technology, business, people and cultures.




News - WeChat officially launched WeChat stores

🛍 WeChat officially launched WeChat stores 🎞TikTok committed to buying more than $800 million worth of cloud services from Google in 2019, accounting for more than 2% of Google’s annual revenue 🎮 The revenue of the eSports market in China is expected to exceed 160 billion RMB in 2021 5️⃣ Huawei is leading 5G mobile shipments in Q1 having shipped 15 million units of 5G mobile phones in Q1, taking the lead by surpassing Samsung.


News - New types of occupations because of the rise of livestreaming and e-commerce

👔 China's unemployment rate in city areas improved by 0.2% month on month to 5.7% in June 👓There are many new types of occupations in 2020 because of the rise of livestreaming and e-commerce thanks to COVID-19 📈 iResearch, China’s leading consulting company, released the 2020 China Post-Epidemic Insight Report on Retail Consumption 💄 Popular Chinese beauty brand Perfect Diary is preparing to IPO! 🤓 Some interesting facts about China’s beauty industry 🎞Shanghai International Film...


News - Alibaba is (again) heavily investing in building out China’s live-streaming economy

🎥 Alibaba is (again) heavily investing in building out China’s live-streaming economy ❌ Hot in the news yesterday was the UK’s announcement to ban the purchase of all 5G equipment 📱 ByteDance may spin off TikTok as US company because of US sanctions 🎞 Netflix has just bought the rights to "Double World," 征途, a fantasy adventure film adapted from one of China's popular online games. 🍢 China's “night economy” is expected to reach 30 trillion RMB this year!


News – People’s Bank of China works with Didi to test digital currency

🌐 Digital procurement spending among Chinese enterprises expected to exceed 1 trillion RMB in 2020 💰 People’s Bank of China tests new digital currency which could transform B2B transactions 🏡 Housing agency Haiya Group sells 600 houses via 4 hour livestream on Pinduoduo 🔨 63-year-old Chinese carpenter becomes sensation on YouTube 🚘 Strong recovery for China’s automobile industry in June


News – Douyin users go crazy for car content

🌏 Pinduoduo holds livestreams with international embassies to promote foreign products 🚗 Surge in demand for car-based content on Douyin: 576% increase in time spent watching car livestreams 🚖 Didi will launch in 20 more Australian cities as it attempts to increase its share of the car-hailing market 🌐 Zhejiang province launches 1 trillion RMB “new infrastructure” project 👵 Over 40% of Chinese people are anxious about aging, especially 30-34 year olds


News – Alibaba hits 5 year target of 1 trillion yuan GMV

💵 Alibaba reaches important 1trn RMB milestone and plans for 10trn RMB in next 5 years 🌐 Alibaba Vice-CEO: 70% of electronic products in China will be smart or intelligent devices by 2025 📲 Tencent’s PUBG MOBILE and Peacekeeper Elite reach total revenue of $3 billion 🤳 Weibo launches new "Video Channel Project" to boost video content 🚗Tesla China sees 35% increase in Model 3 cars in June despite fall in total car sales


News – Chinese consumers opt for short, domestic travel in 2020

📲Bilibili launches platform to help brands and agencies connect with content creators ✈️ Chinese tourists use Xiaohongshu and Douyin to research where to travel 📲 Hainan starts recognising health codes issued in other provinces 🌇 Beijing makes a debut into top 10 most liveable Chinese cities 🚘 Engineering team sent to China as Tesla Autopilot close to completion


New – TikTok amasses $90.7 million revenue in June

🤳TikTok emerges as top grossing non-game app globally in June with over $90.7 million in user spending 👨‍💻 9 new professions in public health sector and emerging industries given official recognition 🎥 Shanghai government will offer 18 million RMB subsidies to cinemas 🌐 Huawei further develops its global partnerships: ➡️Partnering with Telekom to provide equipment for Germany’s 5G infrastructure ➡️ Collaborating with African telecommunications network provider MTN to launch 5G in...


News – Procter & Gamble x JD launch sustainable delivery option

✈️ China’s Gen Z turn to domestic travel due to virus concerns ♻️ Procter & Gamble and JD launch new sustainability program with Green Stream Initiative Day 📝 10.7m students begin their delayed gaokao examinations today - special measures are in place to prevent virus spread ❌Liaoning province introduces AI into exam rooms to ensure no cheating takes place 📱Oppo helps deploy the UK’s first 5G standalone network in the UK at Coventry University


News – China’s economy bounces back to positive growth

📈 China's GDP expected to return to positive growth in Q2 with more than 6% growth in Q3 and Q4 📕 Xiaohongshu aims to attract merchants with reduction in commission rate from 20% to 5% 💰4.3 million Hong Kong citizens opt in to receive 10,000 HKD consumption-boosting payout 📲 WeChat launches hashtag feature 🌐 UK expected to phase Huawei out from 5G development due to concerns over new US sanctions


News – Alibaba reveals huge potential for digital night market economy

💻 Alibaba report finds that 200 million Chinese consumers are active online from 8pm- 6am daily 💄 China’s domestic cosmetics brands are seeing strong growth in 2020 ➡️ 37 of the top 100 brands are Chinese ➡️ China’s cosmetics industry grew 12.9% YoY in May ✈️ Taiwanese airport offers travel experience without take-off 🍢 Barbeque is the top takeaway pick among 11 Chinese cities


News – Beijing bolsters blockchain technology

🍬Green Arrow chewing gum seeks to expand sales through collaboration with digital catering provider 🌶 Tensions between chilli sauce Laoganma and Tencent escalate 📱Indian Prime Minister Modi withdraws from Weibo 🌐Beijing to become an international centre for blockchain development by 2022 🤖 Pudu Robotics completes $15 million “Series B” smart delivery products


News – US-China tensions escalate as HK law comes into force

🥳 Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 99th birthday with celebrations throughout the country 🇭🇰 Hong Kong’s new 'anti-protest' law comes into action today 📱 US bans telecom companies from using federal funds to purchase Huawei ZTE equipment 🎭 3 Chinese professionals join the Oscar’s judging panel 🍔Plant-based food company Beyond Meat will expand to Alibaba’s supermarkets


News – India bans 59 Chinese apps

❌ India has banned 59 Chinese apps due to escalating border tensions 🐷 New strain of flu that can pass from pigs to humans detected in China 💵 Alipay will offer 10bn RMB shopping vouchers for 17 days to help small businesses 🌶 Laoganma faces 160m RMB assets freeze as they fail to pay Tencent advertising fees 🚗 Didi launches self-driving cars in certain areas of Shanghai


News – Virus v football – which will return first?

📦 Courier industry see 48% YoY increase in deliveries during Dragon Boat Festival ✈️ Tourism recovers in Hubei province with 2.69bn RMB revenue during 3 day holiday 🌇 Shanghai receives 3.73 million visitors as tourist sites launch online and offline activities 🦠 COVID-19 updates 1️⃣ Beijing tests 7.68m residents as of Sunday 2️⃣18 new cases and lockdown in county south of Beijing ⚽ Chinese football clubs preparing to restart play with Super League at end of July


News – Huawei set to open UK research centre

🌐 Huawei plans to build $1.25 billion UK research facility amid government security review 👖 Superdry closes all offline and online stores in China due to COVID-19 impact 👛 Virtual Canton Fair showcases China’s manufacturing ability with 26,000 domestic and foreign enterprises taking part 💊 Growing concerns in Shanghai over drug smuggling by mail 🦠 Only 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases announced following Beijing’s second outbreak


News – Sales for contactless travel rocket for Dragon Boat Festival

🛶Today is Dragon Boat Festival – celebrated with Dragon Boat racing and eating zongzi ⛲ Over 10,000 A-level scenic spots across China have now reopened to the public 🏨 Increased efficiency with 30 sec contactless check-in at Hangzhou’s self-service hotels 🛍 Sales on imported goods platform JD Worldwide increase 110% YoY 🎥 Tencent expands into southeast Asian streaming market with iflix purchase


News – Pinduoduo founder Huang Zheng surpasses wealth of Jack Ma

📦 Didi trials Didi Freight service in Chengdu and Hangzhou 💵 China has 5 of the top 10 entrepeneurs with the fastest growing wealth 📱 Huawei's largest flagship store in the world at 5,000 sq m opens in Shanghai 👩‍🔬 Forbes honours Chinese women’s contribution to science & tech


News – Tencent pushes Alibaba off top spot on HK Stock Exchange

📈 Tencent becomes the highest valued company on HKSE with a market value of HK$4.71 trillion 🎥 Weibo will launch a video channel for high-quality content in July 📚 Taobao plans to expand into China’s online education market with 100m students in 3 years 🚗 Gaode launch driverless taxis in Guangzhou 🥤Survey about China’s favourite drinks reveals health-conscious choices 🦔 China’s Forestry Authority will strengthen recent wildlife consumption ban


News – China Eastern offers unlimited domestic travel for $470

✈️ China Eastern Airlines launches flight pass with unlimited domestic travel to boost flight demand 💵 Shanghai ranks top in Chinese business environment report 🐜 Ant Financial changes name to Ant Group 🦷 Review into toothpaste brand Darlie amid racism debates 🌍 Baidu releases private network for government and enterprise units