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Between 1975 and 1979, citizen Ronald Reagan hosted a 3-5 minute daily radio broadcast. This will be an examination of those broadcasts: the history, the "current" events and the political policies.

Between 1975 and 1979, citizen Ronald Reagan hosted a 3-5 minute daily radio broadcast. This will be an examination of those broadcasts: the history, the "current" events and the political policies.


United States


Between 1975 and 1979, citizen Ronald Reagan hosted a 3-5 minute daily radio broadcast. This will be an examination of those broadcasts: the history, the "current" events and the political policies.




Central Planning You Right Out of Your Freedoms

The choice between the Free Market and Centralized Planning was a major topic throughout Reagan's broadcasts, with Reagan obviously supporting the Free Market. We look at several attempts by individuals or groups, both inside and outside of the United States, to put into place schemes for central planning (taking your freedom of choice). Transcript and Research


Herman Kahn vs the Club of Rome

In the 1970s, it was (or it seemed) popular to be fearful of the future. The Cold War, the environment (and its related population bomb concerns), crime, drugs, the poor, stagflation, and more. One such group helping to sow that fear was the Club of Rome through their book The Limits to Growth. Futurist and physicist Herman Kahn believes they are wrong. Now, almost 50 years later, who was right? Transcript and Research


The Tyranny of Soft Energy Production

When Reagan was composing his episodes, he was constrained by a 3-5 minute time window. Podcasts have no such limitation. Today, we're going to take an expanded look at an 18-page pamphlet Reagan talked about in August 1979 about electrical power generation. Transcript and Research



When disaster strikes a community or area of the country, to whom should we turn? If you've been listening for awhile, you know my answer would not be the Federal government. Transcript and Research


American Enthusiasm

Do we need a reminder, perhaps, of how great it is here in the United States of America? Might I suggest speaking to someone who was not born here. Reagan reads from a letter from a Polish immigrant (which I found in its entirety) and from a July 5, 1976 London Daily Mail editorial from Ferdinand Mount (which I have not found). Transcript and Research


Hands Up, Don't Nuke

The issue of gun control goes in and out of the news. The latest hot button event is President Biden's statement that at the time of the writing of the Constitution, there were already arms control laws in place. He also seemed to suggest that nukes were necessary to fight the government. Transcript and Research



When a government creates a "program" and creates a budget for it, how much of that money actually goes to the program and how much ends up in administrative costs or on completely unnecessary spending? Transcript and Research


Barnyard Economics Teachers

In 1975, Reagan shared the story of the Modern Little Red Hen, but 8 years earlier, another fowl made a first appearance in theaters with a 20-minute lesson on money and economics. Transcript and Research


The next Chinese target??

What is the history of Taiwan after the Chinese war between the Communists and Nationalists? Are there two countries (People's Republic of China and Republic of China on Taiwan) or one? Depends on who's talking. Reagan talked about Taiwan several times, mostly because Jimmy Carter is the president who ultimately severed ties with Taiwan in favor of the PRC. Transcript and Research


The Unspoken Reagan

Reagan may have written the majority of his scripts, but did her perform every script? No, actually he didn't. Two scripts included in the book Reagan's Path to Victory never made it to the air, until now. I record one of these scripts and, as always, add some context and history. Transcript and Research


Spirit Animal of the Environmentally Woke

It seems to be viewed as a savior of the Earth, the electric car is going to reduce the pollution in our world and halt global warming/cooling/change (depending on when it was being written about). But, how good for the environment are they, really? Meanwhile, Reagan talks about the threat to the automobile (generally speaking) back in the 1970s. Transcript and Research


What Now?

We've heard about the free market capitalism we never had, what makes it special, what happens when government fails to protect it and what society could look like if we embraced it. If you like what you see in it, the fundamental final question is, "What Now?" How do we go about making the change? Transcript and Research


The Principles Applied—Alternatives to Political Force

So, if government isn't following the Principles of Capitalism, what would have to happen for the United States (or any country) to get back to them? What are some of the solutions? It is in this section that I feel the greatest turn towards anarcho-capitalism, suggesting alternatives to local government and the military. Transcript and Research


The Principles Ignored—How Political Force Disrupts Our Lives

Half way though our series on The Incredible Bread Machine, with our third episode on the book. Last time, we outlined the principles of capitalism, but what happens when those principles are not followed, particularly at the government level? We're going to examine hyperregulation, taxes, rent control, big labor, the war on drugs, environmentalism and more. Transcript and Research


The Three Principles of Capitalism and the Free Society

Second in the series. After part 1's history lesson, we are getting a look at what makes capitalism what it is... Three principles: Individualism, the Institution of Private Property and the Market Economy. Transcript and Research


The Laissez Faire Capitalism That Never Was

You may have heard the poem The Incredible Bread Machine, but have you read any of the books (1966, 1974 or 1999 editions)? If you've enjoyed the podcast, they might be worth your time. First episode of a series. Transcript and Research


The Best Basketball Story You've Never Heard

Reagan goes in to his broadcast to share with us the news of a movie release, but for those of us that were born after the broadcast was made, we may have never heard of not just the movie, but the real life NBA player who inspired it. Transcript and Research


Where's the Beef?

There was a kerfuffle recently over Earth Day, Presidential Climate Policy and American consumption of red meat brought on by a graphic appearing on Fox News Channel. This isn't the first time the cattle industry has been under scrutiny. Reagan had a few words during one such time in the 1970s. Transcript and Research


Considering the Minimum Wage

Reagan didn't oppose the minimum wage, but he had his concerns about its unintended consequences. Let's take a look at what he said, history of the minimum wage and my own thoughts on a minimum/living wage. Transcript and Research


Is That All Folks??

"Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico??" I can go no further with this podcast without subscribing. I'd like your feedback to help me decide whether to continue or not. Oh, there is a Reagan broadcast and history in here too. Transcript and Research