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A daily round up of the latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world, with reports from effected areas and details of the latest medical information, and what the global effects are on health, business, sport, travel, and more.”

A daily round up of the latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world, with reports from effected areas and details of the latest medical information, and what the global effects are on health, business, sport, travel, and more.”


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A daily round up of the latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world, with reports from effected areas and details of the latest medical information, and what the global effects are on health, business, sport, travel, and more.”




Infections in India drop below 50,000

The number of daily infections in India drops below 50,000 for the first time in 3 months. Also: The WHO says a large number of poorer countries don't have enough doses under the Covax scheme; And Thailand is to reopen its main resort islands, as it relaunches its tourism industry.


Japanese spectators will be allowed at Tokyo Olympics

There will be a fifty per cent limit on venue capacity. Also: India's central government takes control of the nation's vaccine campaign; and hundreds of people ignore official advice by attending the summer solstice at Stonehenge.


Brazil records more than 500,000 deaths

Health experts say vaccination programme in Brazil must rapidly expand. Also: US donates millions of vaccines to Taiwan; and for the first time an Olympic athlete tests positive in Tokyo.


Palestinians cancel a vaccine swap with Israel

Palestinians cancel a vaccine swap with Israel; a second record day of cases in Moscow and trials for a nasal spray vaccine in Australia.


Will spectators be allowed at the Toyko Olympics?

Japan wrestles with prospect of thousands of Olympic spectators coming to the country; there are fears in India about coronavirus breaches and another major festival becomes a victim to the pandemic.


Japan eases state of emergency

Relaxed measures in Tokyo and other regions ahead of Olympics. Also: New restrictions come into force in the Russian city of St Petersburg, one of the venues for the delayed Euro 2020 football tournament, and the 5 metre long face-mask for a giant statue of a Buddhist Goddess.


Vaccinations compulsory for many Moscow workers

Authorities have ordered 60% of service workers to get the jab, as cases surge. Also: India reopens the Taj Mahal, and New York and California ease restrictions.


New Zealand works on ways to re-use PPE

Researchers begin final stage of a study to see if masks and gowns can be decontaminated. Also: Russia says it's worried about low vaccine take-up and US airlines report thousands of cases of passengers exhibiting bad behaviour on flights - many refusing to wear a face mask during the pandemic.


G7 makes global vaccine promise

Leaders pledge one billion doses for poorer countries. Italy eases restrictions as infection rates continue to fall across Europe, and the Argentinian football star Lionel Messi says he's concerned about contracting the virus at the Copa America in Brazil


South Africa stops use of contaminated vaccines

Millions of doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccines made in Baltimore are affected. Also: Saudi Arabia restricts this year's Hajj to its own citizens; and a new wave of infections in the Democratic Republic of Congo delays the return of the only remains of Patrice Lumumba.


G7 to adopt new pandemic plan

The Carbis Bay declaration promises measures to prevent a repeat of the Covid-19 crisis. Also: politicians in Pakistan have threatened to block the mobile phones or withhold the salaries of people who refuse to be vaccinated; and 16,000 mask-wearing fans have been at the world's biggest international sporting event since the outbreak of the pandemic.


One billion vaccines expected to be donated by G7 leaders

Grand gestures of Covid vaccines from the leaders of the G7, the world's richest nations, at the summit in Cornwall, but critics warn they won't be sufficient. Also: Chile's back in lockdown despite high vaccination rates and there's to be more freedom of movement for the vaccinated in much of Europe


Pandemic hits global campaign to end child labour

The United Nations is warning that nine million additional children are at risk of exploitation as a result of Covid-19. Also: a new study finds that vegans and vegetarians are less likely to become severely ill from the virus than meat-eaters; and we hear how the pandemic has affected global plastic production.


US accuses Russia and China of vaccine intimidation

The US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, says Russia and China had twisted arms and demanded concessions in order to deliver coronavirus vaccines. Also, France is further easing coronavirus restrictions, and Brazil's Supreme Court will consider whether to allow the Copa America football competition because of coronavirus restrictions.


Call to stagger global vaccine donations

Unicef warns wealthy nations not to overwhelm poorer countries with leftover vaccines that may then go to waste. Also: hospitals in Kenya prepare for an expected surge in infections; and why some Americans are about to be told it's "high" time they got a jab.


Thailand begins mass vaccination campaign

Thailand starts a mass vaccination campaign to curb a third wave of infections. Also: Taiwan extends lockdown measures amid increasing case numbers, and vaccine stickers come to dating apps in the UK.


US donates vaccines to Taiwan

Washington pledges 750,000 doses, as Taiwan struggles with a surge in Covid-19 infections. Also, the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, is expected to urge wealthy countries to commit to a global vaccination programme. And we look at the precautions being taken for the Tokyo Olympics, as athletes arrive in Japan.


Easing of lockdown in Indian capital

The authorities in Delhi announce a partial lifting of Covid restrictions -- just weeks after the city suffered a devastating second wave of the virus. Also: Beijing accuses Taiwan of playing politics with the pandemic, and the G7 rich nations say they'll only share vaccines with poorer countries when they've protected their own people.


Nepalese PM says Britain has a duty to help his nation

Prime minister KP Sharma Oli says the two countries share close ties, Also: Taiwan gets more than a million vaccine doses from Japan, and a cautious welcome to Biden vaccine offer.


Olympics 100% on says Tokyo 2020 president

But she warns they could be held without local fans if there is a coronavirus outbreak. Also: India's Supreme Court has strongly criticised the government's Covid-19 vaccination programme, and the dogs filling a visitor void for prisoners during the pandemic.