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A daily round up of the latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world, with reports from effected areas and details of the latest medical information, and what the global effects are on health, business, sport, travel, and more.”

A daily round up of the latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world, with reports from effected areas and details of the latest medical information, and what the global effects are on health, business, sport, travel, and more.”


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A daily round up of the latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world, with reports from effected areas and details of the latest medical information, and what the global effects are on health, business, sport, travel, and more.”




US pledges another 500 million vaccine doses to poorer countries

US will donate more than one billion vaccines, how the brain of a Covid survivor could help treatments. Australia tells British cricketers that they won't get special treatment.


The US pledges to vaccinate 70% of the world

President Biden is hosting a global Covid-19 summit, the UK says it will recognise India's main vaccine and why llamas could help in the fight against coronavirus.


US eases travel restrictions

White House announces plans to relax restrictions for fully vaccinated foreign nationals. Also: India plans to restart exports of vaccines, a bishop from the Greek-Catholic Church in Slovakia, who met Pope Francis last week, has tested positive for COVID-19, and people in Melbourne protest against the shutdown of construction sites in the city.


WHO head in Afghanistan

Dr Tedros will discuss the pressure on hospitals amid a funding crisis. Also: lockdown restrictions are relaxed in New Zealand's biggest city; and the Chelsea Flower Show gets underway in the autumn for the first time.


Italy vaccine demand spikes

Demand for coronavirus vaccines in Italy has risen by forty percent after it extended its Green Pass requirement to all public and private workplaces. Also; more than a million people in England will be invited for a booster jab this week, and a huge illegal drinking party by students in Madrid has been condemned.


Hundreds arrested in Australian anti-lockdown protests

Protesters clashed with police officers at rallies in Sydney and Melbourne. Also; booster jabs of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine are recommended for people 65 and over in the US, and can we say when the pandemic will end?


Austrian Government sued

Austrian Government sued over Europe's first Covid outbreak, England to change its travel rules, and Italy introduces a compulsory Covid ‘Green Pass’


France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers

The country has made vaccination mandatory for all healthcare and care home workers. Also: a leading British immunologist calls for more research into the link between Covid jabs and menstrual problems, and why the singer Nicki Minaj has sparked a global backlash over vaccine sceptical tweets.


EU warns of 'pandemic of the unvaccinated'

It pledges an additional 200 million vaccine doses to speed up global immunisation. Also: the governments of France and Zimbabwe introduce punitive measures against workers who aren't vaccinated; and the German company BioNTech sets its sights on Africa to produce the world's first mRNA vaccines against malaria and tuberculosis.


President Putin will go into self-isolation after cases of coronavirus were detected in his entourage

The president's spokesman said Mr Putin had tested negative for Covid-19 and was absolutely healthy. Also, the UK government gives more details about a vaccination programme in England for teenagers aged between 12 and 15 and Broadway theatres re-open to audiences.


UK recommends vaccines for younger teenagers

Chief medical officers say 12-15 year olds should be given 1 dose of Pfizer vaccine, South Africa says it will introduce vaccines passports, and Sydney slightly relaxes lockdown rules.


Plans ditched for vaccine passports in England

The health minister, Sajid Javid, says passports are not needed. Also: 13 gorillas test positive at an American zoo, and the motorcycle Grand Prix in Argentina is cancelled.


Former French health minister under formal investigation

Agnès Buzyn faces a potential charge of 'endangering lives.' Also: An Australian official says some people are dying at home from Covid without seeking help, and why dogs are losing their pandemic appeal in the UK.


Biden widens vaccine mandate

President Biden announces new measures to boost vaccination. Also: UK economic recovery falters; Denmark lifts restrictions; and the England v India cricket match is called off.


Dr Anthony Fauci encourages third Pfizer dose

The senior US adviser for Covid-19 says booster jabs should not be delayed. Also, Italian police carry out raids after anti-vaccine activists allegedly planned violent attacks. And 14 patients are dead after a fire at a treatment facility in North Macedonia.


China vaccinates almost a billion people

Beijing says two thirds of the country’s population have now had two doses of a vaccine. Also: flooding kills Covid patients in Mexico. And could the pandemic mean poor countries' voices won't be heard at November's big climate change conference?


Vietnamese man jailed for spreading Covid

He was sentenced to five years in prison for breaking quarantine rules. Also: Brazil's president has issued a decree aimed at restricting social media - after Facebook and Twitter blocked misleading comments about Covid-19. And Australia's prime minister has been criticised for travelling to see his family during a lockdown.


Brazil's World Cup qualifier against Argentina abandoned minutes into the game

A group of Argentine players were accused of breaking coronavirus rules, also: New Zealand eases restrictions, except for Auckland, and Vietnam carries out testing blitz in Hanoi.


Paralympics end - 'still overshadowed by Covid'

Tokyo hospitals continue to be under severe strain – with thousands unable to find beds. Also: the former UK prime minister, Gordon Brown, condemns rich countries for stockpiling vaccines, and Americans are warned not to take a drug for de-worming horses to treat Covid.


Decision on jabs for UK children due in days

The government says there is a 'strong case' for vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds. Also: the fierce debate in Australia over reopening borders; the pandemic: a recipe for weight gain; and mapping the sounds of the world in lockdown.