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News on Covid-19 and its impact on health, business and travel worldwide. When there are developments, we will bring you the latest updates. From the Global News Podcast team.

News on Covid-19 and its impact on health, business and travel worldwide. When there are developments, we will bring you the latest updates. From the Global News Podcast team.


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News on Covid-19 and its impact on health, business and travel worldwide. When there are developments, we will bring you the latest updates. From the Global News Podcast team.




Britain approves dual-strain Covid vaccine

The UK becomes the first country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine which targets both the original and Omicron variants of the virus. Also: Covid infection numbers surge in the Marshall Islands, Moderna announces its first vaccine facility in the Southern Hemisphere, and a date is set for schools to re-open in Shanghai.


Millions of people in Beijing to be tested after outbreak

Queues form outside hundreds of testing centres in the city's Chaoyang district. Also: the Peruvian government is urged to help poorer families affected by Covid, and the Indian politician Sonia Gandhi is being treated for Covid-19 in hospital.


Canadian PM warns protesting truckers

Justin Trudeau has said he's not ruling anything out in order to clear border crossing. Also: Police in New Zealand deploy a noisy secret weapon to disperse protesters.


China has given approval for Pfizer's Covid-19 drug

China has for the first time given conditional approval for a foreign-made drug to treat Covid-19, an injunction comes into force in Canada to end Truckers' protests, and a study finds the pandemic caused some Australian health workers to consider suicide


New Zealand police turn the sprinklers on

Protestors against vaccine mandates get soaked. Also: US officials urge Canadian Government to end blockade, and President Macron refuses Russian PCR test.


Protests in Canada continue at a key bridge which crosses the US border

The three-day closure of the Ambassador bridge has badly hit the automobile industry. Also, vaccine supplies assigned to North Korea have been reallocated and the heir to the British throne tests positive again for covid-19.


WHO asks for billions to help solve pandemic

The global initiative launched by WHO and partners wants 16 billion dollars, it funds Covid testing, treatments and vaccines around the world. Also: Spanish tourism takes a hit because of its child vaccine policy, and Sweden aims to start 'living with Covid'.


Canadian PM demands end to truckers’ protest over Covid restrictions

Justin Trudeau held an emergency debate on demonstrations which have paralysed Ottawa for twelve days. Also, Chinese scientists say they have developed a new quick and accurate method of coronavirus testing and Hong Kong announces further restrictions to control the virus.


AstraZeneca vaccine: Oxford professor criticises EU decision makers

Sir John Bell says reputation of the vaccine was damaged and lives were lost as a result. Also, Australia opens its borders to tourists and protests by lorry drivers continue in Canada.


Thousands protest across Canada against Covid measures

Thousands of people across Canada have been protesting against the government's Covid measures, China detects ten new cases among Olympic Games-related personnel, and Copenhagen is holding Europe's largest lights festival following the repeal of restrictions


Mandatory Covid vaccinations in Austria

A law comes into force requiring the vast majority of adults to be vaccinated. Also: The number of Covid deaths in the United States surpasses 900,000, and the African Union's annual summit hears calls for a fair distribution of vaccines.


South Africa makes its own version of Moderna vaccine

South African copy of the Moderna vaccine could be a breakthrough for poorer countries. Also, trials on experimental nasal vaccine show promise, and the number of dead with coronavirus in India passes half a million.


New Zealand plans to reopen borders

New Zealand announces plans to reopen its borders in five stages as it starts to ease some of the world's toughest Covid restrictions. Also, scientists discover why some people have remained untouched by the virus, and Novak Djokovic speaks in public for the first time since being deported from Australia.


Cases rise at Beijing Olympics

Cases are rising in Beijing - though the authorities aren't too worried. Also: Tonga goes into covid lockdown; and the WHO says the new subvariant of omicron is more transmissible - but not more serious.


Concern over pandemic waste

The WHO says tonnes of medical waste have been created responding to covid – including used masks, syringes and test kits. Also: Pakistan aims to administer 35 million vaccine shots in two weeks; and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, condemns three-days of protests against pandemic restrictions.


The British PM receives a report into parties during lockdown

The inquiry is into alleged Covid-nineteen lockdown violations at his office and residence. Also: Spotify announces plans to take action against Covid disinformation, and a woman aged one-hundred-and-one receives more than 30-thousand birthday cards.


Portugal votes as coronavirus hits economy

Fears some people may struggle to cast votes. Also: Canadian truckers take their objections to Covid-19 measure to the country's capital; and a pregnant New Zealand journalist turns to the Taliban for help...


Beijing Olympics organizers optimistic despite rising coronavirus numbers

Winter Olympics' medical chief says the measures work well. Also:10 billion Covid jabs administered worldwide, and Austria to lift some restrictions.


British scientists urge to do more to help poorer countries manufacture their own vaccines

Scientists in the UK urge the government to do more to help poorer countries manufacture their own vaccines, Doubts have emerged over the timing of the positive Covid test Novak Djokovic used to enter Australia and Pakistan records its highest daily number of coronavirus cases


A new record for cases in the Americas.

More than eight million people have tested positive in the past week. Also: Kanya plans to vaccinate 19 million adults and in England, Covid restrictions in care homes are to be relaxed.