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Politics from all around The Cowboy State. Liberty, Rights and Constitutional reverence is what we do. We tackle all issues and take them apart with a perspective that only comes from the nation's Cowboy State.

Politics from all around The Cowboy State. Liberty, Rights and Constitutional reverence is what we do. We tackle all issues and take them apart with a perspective that only comes from the nation's Cowboy State.


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Politics from all around The Cowboy State. Liberty, Rights and Constitutional reverence is what we do. We tackle all issues and take them apart with a perspective that only comes from the nation's Cowboy State.




Primary Election Wrap-Up

The Wyoming Primary Election is in the bag. Some thoughts on the outcome and a quick wrap-up.


Morning Reload - Follow the Money 8/15

In politics, most of the time, all you have to do is follow the money. In this case, the incumbents that Wyoming Hope PAC gave money to are the same people that Western Conservatives are campaigning for. They're all Redcoated liberal Republicans. Not a coincidence.


Weekend Update - A Conversation with Rod Miller

Rod Miller and I don't agree on very much. In fact, there are only a few things. In March, we decided to have a debate right before the Primary Election and here it is. Also, a brief discussion of the recent polling by UW and the dumb campaign mailing of Crickets Cheney.


2022 Park Co GOP Gubernatorial Debate

2022 Park County Republican Party Gubernatorial Debate between Governor Mark Gordon and Colonel Brent Bien. Rex Rammell was a no-show for the event.


Fun With Campaign Finance/Tamara Trujillo HD44

Campaign finance reports are in! Of particular note are the HD29 and HD40 races--mega spending and some donors that Wyoming Citizens should be aware of. Also a discussion with Tamara Trujillo who is running in WY House District 44.


Morning Reload - Keith for Mayor 8/8

Dayton, WY stripped their mayor of most responsibilities last year. The details of which are still a little fuzzy. Keith Reichert is running for that office this election season. He has a plan to save the town millions and he knows how to do it. We had a fascinating discussion.

Weekend Update - Petty Personal Politics

There was some pre-debate and post-debate drama that happened at the Bighorn Mountains Governor Candidate Debate. Also, apparently, there is nothing that is off limits in politics this cycle, and there ought to be.


Bonus - Bighorn Mountains Governor Candidate Debate

A debate, in classic style, between Colonel Brent Bien and Rex Rammell for the office of Wyoming Governor. It was moderated by the Buffalo High School Chapter of Turning Point USA.


Fast and Fortner with the Facts/Sarah Penn in HD33

Rep Bill Fortner had some interesting things to say about the Second Amendment Protection Act on July 30 in Gillette. Most of it wasn't even close to accurate. Also, a discussion with Sarah Penn who is running for the WY House in District 33.


Morning Reload - Roger Connett in SD1

Roger Connett is running for the Wyoming Senate in District 1 against Rep Bill Fortner and Sen Ogden Driskill. I visited with him a few days ago. Also there was an event July 30th featuring his opponent. He had some interesting things to say.


Weekend Update - Debates, Definitions and Don Odom in HD61

The administration thinks that it can define away the recession we are all living through. My thoughts on the few memorable moments from the debate along with post-debate reaction from Brent Bien. Also, I visit with Don Odom who is running for WY House District 61.


Outrage in the Street/Mike Schmid HD20

The Red Star is at it again. This time, they are trying to spin the results of their own devastatingly bad poll for Crickets Cheney. A great discussion with Mike Schmid who is running for the WY House in District 20. His opponent is the Majority Floor Leader Albert Sommers.


Morning Reload - Dumb School Districts and Wacky Weed 7/25

The Laramie County School District has a new policy for parents who are concerned about the books their kids are reading. You'll find this hard to believe but it lets them continue to indoctrinate kids. Also, yet another lesson in the internet is forever in HD61.


Weekend Update - Liz’s Long List Replay 7/23

Liz Cheney has a long list of leftists that support her--some truly spooky people. In this episode I expose them for you.


Grammar, Guns and Daniel Singh in HD61

The lawsuit against the Uinta County GOP is over; and it was all over grammar. Not kidding. Buffalo Wyoming still has an 1887 gun control ordinance on the books. Also, a conversation with Daniel Singh who is running for Wyoming House District 61 in Laramie County.


Morning Reload -The Rules for Bill

Johnson County Commission Chairman Bill Novotny gave an interesting interview to 307NetRadio in which he made some pretty extraordinary statements.


Weekend Update - UW’s Website and Debates About Guns 7/16

UW's 'Shop Wyoming' website has finally allowed Wyoming gun manufacturers and retailers to participate. I talked to Rep John Bear this morning about how all of this happened. We also talked about the recent debate challenge that was issued by Sen Anthony Bouchard concerning the Second Amendment Protection Act.


Why It’s Called Pravda/Lars Lone in HD 10--7/13

There's a reason the Casper Star is called the Pravda and their front page is a prime example. Converse County Rep Aaron Clausen stepped in it at a barbeque last weekend. Also a great interview with Former Wyoming Representative Lars Lone who is running in House District 10.


Morning Reload - Always Choose the Rifle 7/11

Steven Willeford is the good guy with the gun who stopped the Southerland Springs church shooting in Texas. In his bare feet with an AR15 he saved the lives of numerous people. Here is his keynote address from the GOA Banquet July 10 in Casper.


Weekend Update - Biological facts and fiction/HD 7 Rick Coppinger

The National Education Association wants to replace the word "mother" with birthing parent. The Wyoming Education Association is training teachers to be activists--and it's on their website! Also a great interview with Rick Coppinger who is running against Bob Nicholas in House District 7.