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Conservative politics from Wyoming and the nation. The media doesn’t report the truth and they are always playing for the left. Politicians lie and it’s my job to prove it. The only way that we set our country back to Constitutional principles is by exposing those who are trying to destroy it.


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Conservative politics from Wyoming and the nation. The media doesn’t report the truth and they are always playing for the left. Politicians lie and it’s my job to prove it. The only way that we set our country back to Constitutional principles is by exposing those who are trying to destroy it.




Teaser - Dr. Naomi Wolf

On Weekend Update Dr. Namoi Wolf joins me to talk about her election integrity bill she's asking state legislatures to pass.


Breaking: Wyoming Caucus Caught "Red" Handed 2/21

The Wyoming Caucus and their paid political operatives have been breaking Wyoming Law. They have allowed a lobbyist, PAC Official and paid political consultant to set up shop in the Speaker Pro-Tempore's office--a clear violation of Wyoming law. It's called, "Misuse of Office."


Breaking: Where Does Bob Live? 2/20

Rep Bob Nicholas may not live in the district he was elected to represent. An article from Wyoming Truth, an interview with his wife, says that he lives in Lander--272 miles away from his district.


Morning Reload - Chairman Frank on the Session 2/19

Wyoming GOP Chairman Frank Eathorne and Joey Correnti join me to talk about the session and the recent GOP State Central Committee meeting in Lovell.


Weekend Update - Try It in the Budget 2/16

Once again, Bob Nicholas is trying to use the budget to take away the Secretary of State's power. The appropriations committee tries this gag with every other elected official, why not Chuck Gray? Fortunately, the conservatives caught exactly what they are doing!


CO2 is Plant Food - CO2 Coalition Oversight Hearing 2/13/2024

The Senate Ag Committee held an oversight hearing on the "effects" of CO2. This is an AMAZING presentation!


Not as Funny as They Think 2/14

Happy Valentines Day! There are lots of things that happen on the House floor that you don't ever see. To some of them it's funny when they can hide their votes. HB22 was a tax on streaming services. It was killed by conservatives. But, it's what happened after everyone had voted that you need to pay attention to. It's funny to them. So much for transparency.


Morning Reload - The Gov's Bad Math 2/12

Prudent and fiscally conservative is the last thing the Governor's budget is. Accurate is the last thing the Cow Pie's article about it is. The Department of Revenue has responded to reports of the DOR training lobbyists. It's as laughable as the article about it.


Weekend Update - Northrup's Mirror 2/10

Rep David Northrup claims that he's a "Reagan Era Republican." He claims that HB19 is a fantastic piece of legislation while calling Rep Jennings a hypocrite. If he's looking for hypocrisy, he need only look in the mirror.


Replay Live Broadcast Feb 8, 2024

Replay of Cowboy State Politics Live Feb 8, 2024


Nancy's Back!!! 2/7

It wouldn't be a legislative session without Nancy Case trying medicaid expansion one more time. He has failed so many times in the past, why not give it another go? The Cow Pie has an article about it that is littered with inaccuracies.


Paid For By Politicians 2/5

There's a big difference between advertising and a partnership. One media outlet in Wyoming is partnering with a very interesting group.


Weekend Update - The Voter Fraud Fraud 2/3

The 600th episode of Cowboy State Politics!! Everyone in the media claims that there is no voter fraud in Wyoming. The Red Star's Saturday paper claims there have only been 3 cases in the recent past. Really, we just don't prosecute it.


Replay Live Broadcast Feb 2, 2023

Replay of Cowboy State Politics Live Feb 2, 2023


Evening Edition - They're Working Against You 1/31

Breaking: Cowboy State Politics has obtained documents proving that the Wyoming Department of Revenue is already spending your money to train county assessors on House Bill 45--a bill that hasn't even been heard for a vote yet. The best part is, the training was given to a lobbying organization.


Teaser - They're Working Against You 1/31

It's not just the federal government that has it in for you. Tonight, I'm going to tell you about a Wyoming government agency that is spending your money on something that hasn't even been introduced in the legislature yet.


Morning Reload - Jeremy in Sheridan 1/29

The Wyoming Freedom Caucus held an event in Sheridan over the weekend. Rep Jeremy Haroldson delivered a fantastic keynote address. Also, AOC and Rep Crago have two new op-eds. They really aren't worth your time.


Weekend Update - For Once, It's Not the Climate 1/27

An exclusive interview with United States Senator Cynthia Lummis about her vote on the Prove It Act--a bill that some in Wyoming have called a gateway to a carbon tax. Campbell County Rep and WYFC Chairman joins me to discuss why he believes it is a terrible bill. Also, Governor Gordon is rewriting history again at the 2024 Shot Show.


Teaser - For Once, It's Not the Climate 1/27

On the next Weekend Update, an exclusive interview with U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis. Also, I'll have reaction from the very people I'm criticizing. Shocking, I know!


Replay - Live Broadcast January 25

Replay of the Cowboy State Politics Live January 25