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Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells! Theme Music: Audio Network


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Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells! Theme Music: Audio Network




'Drunk' TV Star CRASHES, Curses EMTs Over $$ Blouse

“General Hospital” star Haley Pullos has been charged after a wrong-way crash. Pullos is now facing driving under the influence charges after her car flew over the dividing barrier, and into oncoming traffic. She careened off one car and collided head-on with another car, that was going about 60 mph. Police reportedly recovered marijuana edibles and alcohol from the actress’ car. Firefighters had to use "the jaws of life" to free Pullos from her car. That's when the "General Hospital" actress lashed out at the responders shouting, “This is a $400 f**king shirt!” TMZ also reports Pullos was aggressive with hospital staff and had to be sedated. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Dr. Shari SchwartzRobert CrispinSheryl McCollumJoseph TremblayDr. Tim Gallagher Jen; See for privacy information.


New Investigation into Disappearance of Mom, 26, Mayo Clinic Researcher

Madeline Kingsbury is a mom of two and a professional. For the last three years, she has been working at the Mayo Clinic as "Clinical Research Coordinator for Public Health, Infectious Disease, and Occupational Medicine Research. On the day Kingsbury vanished, she dropped her children off at daycare and then had a text exchange with her sister; one centered around a funny picture. There were other text messages sent to Kingsbury during the course of the day but no reply. Later that day, Kingsbury didn't pick up her children. Turns out, she also didn't go to work that day. Where is Madeline Kingsbury? As the investigation continues a highly respected prosecutor has been pulled out of retirement to help. Prosecutor Phil Prokopowicz will consult in the ongoing search for Kingsbury. Joining Nancy Grace Today: MurphyDr. Angela ArnoldTracy Campbellwww.nsik9ta.orgJohn LauritsenSee for privacy information.


Crime Alert 05.26.23

Man sentenced to life in prison for brutal sex assault on college students. 'Ruby slippers' thief finally brought to justice. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.


BONUS! Don't Miss "Parallels of Evil: The Bundy and Idaho Killings"

In this bonus episode of "Crime Stories", Nancy Grace previews her new Fox Nation investigative special "Parallels of Evil: The Bundy and Idaho Killings." In this special investigation, Nancy Grace and survivors of Ted Bundy analyze the parallels between these gruesome attacks. And Nancy travels to Moscow, Idaho to investigate the eerie similarities from the scene of the crime. Don't miss Parallels of Evil: The Bundy and Idaho Killings, streaming now exclusively on Fox Nation. WATCH: See for privacy information.



Bryan Kohberger's parents have been subpoenaed by a Pennsylvania grand jury to testify in connection with the May 2022 disappearance of a woman missing nearly a year. Dana Smithers was last seen leaving a friend's house in Monroe County late in the evening. Almost a year later, her remains were recovered in Stroudsburg, about a 30-minute drive from the Kohberger family home in Albrightsville. Michael Kohberger is expected to testify in court today. Maryann Kohberger has already testified. Joining Nancy Grace today: Tara MalekDr. Angela ArnoldSheryl McCollumChris McDonoughJoseph Scott MorganSee for privacy information.


Crime Alert 05.25.23

U-Haul kidnapper busted after hit and run. North Carolina police department considering new animal sidekicks. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.


The Only Witness: A History of the Shroud of Turin

For many years the debate has raged, is the Shroud of Turin really the burial cloth of Christ or is it a hoax? Nancy Grace sits down with dear friend and author, Guy Powell, to discuss his new book "The Only Witness: A History of the Shroud of Turin." The book is historical fiction, a depiction of how the Shroud made its way to its current resting place in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy. Powell gives a brief overview of the testing and research done on this treasured Christian relic to determine its authenticity and lets us inside his motivation behind writing the compelling historical fiction. See for privacy information.


Bride Dies in Wedding Dress: Perp Whines Over TV Remote & Meatballs

Jamie Komoroski, the driver who killed a bride on the way from her wedding, is caught bemoaning her condition behind bars. The 25-year-old's video chats and phone calls, recorded by the jail, were released to the Charleston Post and Courier through a freedom of information request. In the communications, Komoroski talks about the crash with her friends. “It was just like a freak accident … obviously, I didn’t mean it to happen. I just feel like a terrible person, like, I didn’t mean for any of that to happen," she said. Two days after the wreck, Komoroski spoke to her parents from the North Charleston Jail where she is being held without bail. Quotes from the calls include Jamie Komoroski, sobbing, “I can’t believe this is my life …and my whole life is going to be over,” and “Oh my God. I just can’t believe this happened to me. … Why me? … I’m going to be here for years and years and years and years.” Joining Nancy Grace Today: Dr. Shari SchwartzSheryl McCollumPercy PitzerDr. Tim GallagherSee for privacy information.


Crime Alert 05.24.23

Tensions between motorcycle clubs leads to deadly shootout. Hard-headed perps have to be physically separated to end a fight. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.



Bryan Kohberger "stood silent" as an Idaho judge asked the accused killer to enter his plea. When Kohberger chose to not answer, the judge entered not-guilty pleas for Kohberger on all counts. The only time Kohberger did answer was to say yes that he understood the charges against him and his potential punishment. Prosecutors have 60 days to say whether they will pursue the death penalty. A trial date is scheduled for October 2. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Tara MalekCaryn StarkChris McDonoughTraci BrownSee for privacy information.


Crime Alert 05.23.23

Angry woman drives truck through store trying to run down her boyfriend. Man uses fake baby to shoplift. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.


Slay Suspect Bryan Kohberger Spies on Female Colleague Thru Digicam?

Today’s arraignment for Bryan Kohberger will be the first time the accused killer has been in court since his initial appearance after his arrest. Kohberger was indicted last week as a grand jury found there was sufficient evidence to move forward with formal charges. That evidence will not be revealed at this hearing. Kohberger will be required to enter a plea on the 5 charges against him, four counts of first-degree murder and one count of burglary. During the arraignment, the judge will reiterate Kohberger’s rights and read the charges against him, asking for a plea on each charge. In Idaho, there are only two pleas, guilty or not guilty, and a date for trial will be set. If Kohberger refuses to enter a plea or fails to appear, the court will enter a not-guilty plea on his behalf. Kohberger’s attorney has repeatedly said his client looks forward to clearing his name. New information has been uncovered in the days before the arraignment. Bryan Kohberger was involved in another crime that happened before the student murders. This incident reportedly involved a female co-worker at Washington State University, according to a Dateline Report. Someone allegedly broke into the woman's apartment and moved things around. Instead of calling police, the co-worker called Kohberger, who suggested and helped her, install security cameras. The report says Kohberger was behind that break-in and used those cameras to spy on her. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Tara MalekDr. Joni JohnstonChris McDonoughSee for privacy information.


Crime Alert 05.22.23

Carjacking victim who shot 12-year-old thief will not face charges. Nudist assaults reporter on the beach. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.


Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan: A Mother's Betrayal: The Chilling Forensics of the Daybell Children's Deaths

In this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack explore the harrowing case of J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan. They reveal the disturbing details of J.J.'s death, the challenges faced by forensic pathologists in examining J.J.'s remains, the presence of GHB in his system, the crucial role of preserving evidence, and the potential for uncovering latent or plastic prints on surfaces involved in the case. The look at tragic and unsettling death of 17-year-old Tylee Ryan discusses her tumultuous family life, her struggle with pancreatitis, the discovery of her remains, the challenges forensic experts faced in determining the cause of death, and they provide insight into the methods and findings of the forensic anthropologist and pathologist. Subscribe to Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan : Apple Podcasts Spotify iHeart See for privacy information.


Unraveling Alex Murdaugh's Changing Story From Behind Bars

Join Nancy Grace and high-profile attorney Dale Carson as they delve into the ongoing legal saga of Alex Murdaugh. Explore Murdaugh's claims of innocence in the double murders of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, and question whether it's a strategic move to strengthen his appeal. Discover the latest developments, including Murdaugh's retraction of his account regarding the tragic death of housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, leading to an insurance company's lawsuit for $4.3 million. Gain insight into Murdaugh's motivations and Dale's expert analysis in this gripping discussion. See for privacy information.



A 5-year-old Georgia boy, Cairo Ammar Jordan, found dead in a suitcase in Indiana laid to rest. His mother, Dejuane Ludie accused in his death, but she is still at large. Indiana police say another suspect, 40-year-old Dawn Elaine Coleman of Shreveport, Louisiana, is in custody. Investigators say the little boy died from an electrolyte imbalance. The medical examiner says that the imbalance was most likely due to a “viral gastroenteritis” caused by excessive vomiting or diarrhea. Toxicology tests came back negative and the boy had no severe injuries. Police do not believe the boy was alive when he was placed inside the suitcase. A mushroom hunter found the hardshell suitcase, which features the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. The boy's mother posted online recently saying she believed the child was really a 100-year-old demon. TIPLINE: Indiana State Police (888) 437-6432 (within Indiana) or Detective Matt Busick, Indiana State Police in Sellersburg (812) 248-4374 or (800) 872-6743 Joining Nancy Grace Today: @MaxLewisTV, FSee for privacy information.


Mom Fakes Terminal Cancer for YEARS, Scams OVER 100 GRAND

Amanda Riley shares with the social world her battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph system. Over a seven-year period, her physical battles including losing her hair, and endless hospital visits are the focus of repeated posts. Thousands of dollars in donations start coming in, and people in her community step up to help. Then, journalist Nancy Moscatiello gets an anonymous tip. Riley is lying and the investigation is on. 'Scamanda' a new podcast by Lionsgate Sound, can be found at the link below. Follow the episodes as they detail what led to Riley’s unraveling. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Caryn StarkCharlie WebsterSee for privacy information.


Killer Wife? Mom Writes Grief Book After Hubby’s Death, Now Charged With Murder!

Nancy Grace sits down with Forensics professor and host of “Body Bags” Joseph Scott Morgan, to break down what would have happened to Eric Richins after drinking the fentanyl laced ‘Moscow Mule’ his wife Kouri Richins poured for him. Is an opioid overdose a peaceful death? Can first responders determine if Richins performed CPR on her husband? Join us to hear Joseph Scott Morgan’s thoughts. Be sure to check out Body Bags on Apple Podcasts: See for privacy information.


Crime Alert 05.19.23

Middle school teacher lets student borrow her vape pen. Man dances naked in the street, prompting several 911 calls. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.


Gorgeous Texas Bartender, 21, VANISHES: WHERE IS MADELINE?

After a night out with friends, Madeline Pantoja returned home, then stopped responding to texts and phone calls. One of Pantoja’s friends and a sibling went to her apartment, but the door was locked and no one answered. Midland police were called. Officers broke in and found Pantoja’s phone, keys and her dog inside. Her car was also still in the parking lot. Information began filtering in from neighbors who heard arguing from both inside and outside the apartment and screaming around 1 a.m. Surveillance cameras caught a pickup truck speeding away from the home. Pantoja’s father says they are searching everywhere. People are using their drones to cover land and empty lots quickly, and sending the family videos and pictures of the footage. The family has also had offers of horses for searchers. Madeline Pantoja is approximately 5-feet 4-inches tall and 130 pounds with long dark hair. She has two butterfly tattoos behind her right ear and a tattoo of a snake on her right arm. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Dr. Carla ManlyDorian BondRachel HallamSee for privacy information.