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Critical thinking in American society

Critical thinking in American society
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Critical thinking in American society






Paul Greenberg on cultural diversity in media and seeking multiple news sources

This is a continuation of an interview with Paul Greenberg conducted on August 22, 2018 Paul Greenberg's partial transcript. "If you turn on your TV at night and you go to a cable station, you’re probably going to see somebody who is white more than you’ll see somebody who is black, or Latino, or Hispanic, or Asian, or whatever. We have a lot of different types of people in America, yet the people that are putting forth the information to all the people are generally white males. I see...


Paul Greenberg on ethics and bias in the media

Here is a sample of the transcript from Paul Greenberg's interview about ethics and bias in the media. "Starting about 1980, that's when CNN went on the air, we had a 24-hour news cycle. When you have a 24-hour news cycle—if you can sort of fast-forward all these years later and you have all these different platforms in which the information can reach the audience—you have to fill up those 24 hours. So therein lies the reason that several years ago, the lines between entertainment and...


Colonel Ann Wright on dissent in America

Retired Colonel, Ann Wright, is one of three persons in the U.S. State Department to resign in protest against the Iraq War. At the time, opposing the invasion of Iraq was considered to be anti-American. Today, experts widely recognize that the 2003 Iraq invasion contributed to the instability in the Middle East and fueled the rise of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS). Regarding political dissent, many people make the argument that we should simply listen to our leaders, without...


TEASER: Trump, Russia and Active Measures

The American people are very resilient, and strong people. We got kicked, but we weren't knocked down. We were woken up. And I’ll tell you right now. If you don’t understand the difference between politics and national security, you’re going to be Putin’s best customer. Pull yourself out of your Republican mindset, pull yourself out of the Democratic mindset, that independent mindset, and put yourself in the American mindset. We are all in this together. If we can’t extract ourselves from...


ENTIRE: Trump, Russia and Active Measures

What President Putin is doing right now is administering a very effective Active Measure. An Active Measure basically is a dirty trick used by the intelligence community. And the Active Measure is based upon mistruths and misrepresentation designed to fracture the societal community of the United States and it’s working. Why is it called active measure? Because once you set an active measure in motion, it remains active and the person who initiated loses control. Right now President Putin...