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Your Daily Detroit shares what to know and where to go in Metro Detroit. This all local news & entertainment show pushes Detroit's conversation forward. We cover development happenings, city and suburb news, policy, where to go eat and drink, events around town, the tech and entrepreneurial scene, and more depending on the day's news. All brought to you by the smart and engaging team at Daily Detroit.

Your Daily Detroit shares what to know and where to go in Metro Detroit. This all local news & entertainment show pushes Detroit's conversation forward. We cover development happenings, city and suburb news, policy, where to go eat and drink, events around town, the tech and entrepreneurial scene, and more depending on the day's news. All brought to you by the smart and engaging team at Daily Detroit.
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Your Daily Detroit shares what to know and where to go in Metro Detroit. This all local news & entertainment show pushes Detroit's conversation forward. We cover development happenings, city and suburb news, policy, where to go eat and drink, events around town, the tech and entrepreneurial scene, and more depending on the day's news. All brought to you by the smart and engaging team at Daily Detroit.




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Mortgages Are On The Rise In Detroit, But They’re Increasingly Going To White People As Black People Buy In The Burbs

Bridge Magazine has a fascinating new story out that finds that while mortgage activity in Detroit is steadily increasing after bottoming out during the Great Recession, the recovery isn’t mirroring Detroit’s population demographics. What’s more, there are still vast tracts of the city where mortgage activity is virtually nonexistent. Despite making up just 10% of the city’s overall population, white people got almost half of all mortgages in Detroit in 2017, while black people, who...


Macomb County May Seek Tax For New Jail Plus 7 Things To Know

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel wants to build a new jail, because the current one is a squalid death trap. On June 19, he plans to ask a special meeting of the county board of commissioners’ Records and Public Safety panel for approval of the $375 million project, plus the OK of ballot language for a tax to pay for the bonds that would pay for it. It’s not clear how much the tax millage would be or whether this would constitute a tax increase for residents. But for a generally...


Meet The Vice President Of Parking Who Is For More Mass Transit

The Motor City is synonymous with the car. It’s called, after all, the Motor City. But will the next chapter of Detroit be so car-focused? And how will those changes happen? Today’s episode of Daily Detroit is a conversation with Kevin Bopp, the Vice President of Parking and Mobility for Bedrock. That’s the real estate arm of Dan Gilbert’s family of companies. Each day, they need to get many thousands of people in and out of their properties, whether they’re employees, tenants, visitors or...


A Garden By A World-Class Designer Is Coming To Belle Isle

Over on Belle Isle today, boosters broke ground on the Piet Oudolf garden, the unofficial name for the landscape installation planned for 2.5 acres at the Nancy Brown Peace Carillon. Oudolf is a legendary Dutch garden designer and author who’s perhaps best known for his work on New York City’s High Line, a linear park on a former elevated rail track, and the Lurie Garden in Chicago’s Millennium Park. You can watch a PBS NewsHour segment with him below; in it, he talks specifically about the...


Imaginative Detroit Square Project Would Transform Midtown’s Cultural Center

Midtown Detroit, Inc. and the Detroit Institute of Arts have announced the winner of its DIA Plaza | Midtown Cultural Connections international design competition, first launched in 2017. Detroit Square is a proposal from an international consortium led by Paris-based Agence Ter and including Detroit-based Akoaki, rootoftwo, and Harley Etienne. The proposal reimagines the 83-acre Cultural Center in Midtown and its 12 educational and cultural institutions, highlighted by the DIA, the Detroit...


A New Leaf For Oak Park As A Bikeable, Urbanist Suburb

Oak Park is a diverse inner-ring suburb of more than 29,000 people nestled between Ferndale, Detroit, Berkley and Southfield. It’s in a great location, minutes from a variety of job centers. It’s seeing a lot more action as nearby cities like Ferndale grow (yes, there are lofts going for $5,000 a month in downtown Ferndale now and housing prices are racing up). And the added cost of living in nearby Detroit is burdensome for many families. Recent changes — including allowing restaurants...


Axle Brewing Falls Prey To Daunting Craft Beer Economics, Plus 7 Things To Know

Welcome to a bonus Friday edition of your Daily Detroit. Today, we discuss the sad news that Axle Brewing will shutter its Livernois Taproom June 30th, barely two years after it first opened. Dave Phillips, one-half of Podcast Detroit and the IT in the D podcast, and himself a former partner in a failed craft brewery, joins us to discuss how difficult it is to succeed in an uber-competitive sector, where even established brands have to fight for shelf space, and drinkers like me fret about...


Fiat Chrysler Scuttles Renault Merger, Mexico Tariffs Loom Large For The Auto Industry

Welcome to a very Motor City-centric edition of your Daily Detroit. Today, we’re running down a pair of big stories from the auto industry, speaking with Kristin Dziczek, vice president of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor. First up: Fiat Chrysler has withdrawn its $35 billion proposal to merge with French automaker Renault just 10 days after FCA first announced the proposal. It comes after the Renault board on Wednesday failed to reach a decision on the proposal, citing the...


Tax Incentives And The Future Industries Of Detroit With DEGC President Kevin Johnson

Are tax incentives as a tool to lure large-scale corporate investment and jobs here to stay? That’s the question at the heart of this interview today with Kevin Johnson, the president and CEO of the Detroit Economic Development Corp. It’s particularly timely in the midst of Chrysler’s planned $2.5 billion investment to create nearly 5,000 new jobs on Detroit’s east side, where workers will build the next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee and an all-new three-row full-size Jeep SUV. The deal...


What To Expect At The 2019 Arts, Beats & Eats Festival

Welcome to an al fresco edition of your Daily Detroit, recorded au natural in a park near downtown Royal Oak. We were there to cover a press event to discuss some of the things in store for Arts, Beats & Eats, which returns for its 22nd edition with a new sponsor Aug. 30-Sept. 2. We also cover the details of the newest historic building rehab in Detroit. It’s called the Assembly, a mixed-use office and retail building in Corktown with 32 apartments from Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock real estate...


Parking Ticket Discounts For City Residents Plus 6 Things To Know Around Detroit

Happy Monday, and welcome to a new week of your Daily Detroit. Today, Jer talks about an eventful past week spent at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island, filling us in on some of the things he came away with beyond just the headlines about no-fault auto insurance reform. Specifically, it’s becoming clear that Detroit’s comeback needs a lot more juice (read: money — and residents) just to come up to par with the competition. He also does the math on the so-called 7.2, the...


The Soul Of Eastern Market With Dan Carmody

Eastern Market is going through a lot of change. Shops are closing or moving. New land owners are moving in. Companies who have been in the market a long time need to expand. And at the center of it all is the Eastern Market Corporation (now the Eastern Market Partnership. Their CEO, Dan Carmody, saw these changes coming and has a plan. We talk about the changing neighborhood, the future vision, and how he defines the soul and authenticity of Eastern Market they’re looking to protect. It’s...


Everyone Wants To ‘Fix The Damn Roads' But We Don’t Really Want To Pay For It

Just in time for the Mackinac Policy Conference, the Center for Michigan and its Bridge Magazine have a new report out all about Michigan’s abysmal roads. It’s titled Fixing Michigan’s Road Mess: The Unclear Path Ahead. The report is the result of convening more than 3,200 residents across the state to talk about the state of our roads. It found broad agreement, unsurprisingly, that our roads are in terrible shape. But it found no consensus whatsoever on the issue of how to pay for...


Your Springtime Detroit Bar And Restaurant Roundup

Spring is here! It’s the time of year where more people start to get out and about. Because of that, bar and restaurant concepts are starting to get into swing and get some attention. For today’s episode, our man about town Devon O’Reilly stops by the studio to talk about what’s hot around Detroit. Whether it’s a new bar on Bagley, a Mexican place named Peso, or winery that uses Detroit-grown grapes called Detroit Vineyards (or a variety of other stops), we get into what’s worth going out...


Should The Grand Prix Be On Belle Isle? This Group Says No

The Detroit Grand Prix is an annual event that brings nearly a hundred thousand people to the island, national television coverage and some charity dollars through their Grand Prixmere fundraiser. But there's a group of concerned citizens and park goers who say that the price paid in damage to the park and restricted access is too high. Today on the show, we talk about this with three members of Belle Isle Concern - Angela Lugo-Thomas, Sandra Novacek and Michael Betzold. What do you...


Jefferson Chalmers Gets $5M From Penske, Scoop Comes To Detroit And More

Welcome to the Hump Day edition of your Daily Detroit, in which we run down the news that businessman Roger Penske is pouring $5 million into the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood on Detroit’s east side. It’s part of the city’s Strategic Neighborhood Fund. Jer also has a conversation today with Rob Sadow, the co-founder and head of Scoop Technologies. It’s a carpooling app that connects drivers, riders and designs routes. They’ve teamed up with the Bedrock family of companies to help...


Behind The Effort To Save Legendary Detroit Jazz Hot Spot The Blue Bird Inn

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge and, more recently, the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe in Grosse Pointe Farms are famed venues for jazz in Detroit. But another venue played a huge role in that scene for decades: the Blue Bird Inn. Located at 5021 Tireman on the city’s west side, the Blue Bird Inn was a major nexus of Detroit’s swinging post-war, pre-Motown jazz scene, a black-owned business that hosted the likes of Charlie Parker, Donald Byrd, John Coltrane and Miles Davis and playing a role in developing...


Could Dan Gilbert Be The One Who Reforms No-Fault Auto Insurance in Michigan?

Welcome to a Car-a-Palooza edition of your Daily Detroit. Today, we dive into the news that Dan “Dantroit” Gilbert is lining up a petition drive effort to force the issue of reforming Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system. If successful, it could allow Republican lawmakers, who already have passed essentially the same proposal, to approve it with simple majority votes. Will this ratchet up pressure on Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and lawmakers to cut a deal? Staying with cars,...


Previewing "Detroit: Engine Of America" With Author R.J. King

Detroit’s had a long journey since it was founded as a frontier outpost by the French. There’s been a lot of books about more recent Detroit history. Think 1900 forward. But not so many that look at the first years of Detroit, ones that were formative to the city we know today. R.J. King — an award-winning journalist, author and editor of dBusiness — joined me in the studio today to talk about his new book, “Detroit: Engine of America.” From the description: As the populace sputtered and...


This Abandoned House Is Transforming Into A Model Of Affordable Green Sustainability

On today’s episode, we speak with Casper van Alfen and Joanna van der Leun of the Motown Movement. That’s the organization founded by architecture students from the Netherlands that bought an abandoned home in Detroit for $1,000 and have been fixing it up with the help of local nonprofits and with the goal of making it into a model of accessible and affordable environmental sustainability. Van Alfen and Van der Leun are students at Delft University of Technology in Delft, which is about...