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Episode 232 -- Debates 1&2 wrap-up

We recorded this before the hate-filled white nationalist attacks this weekend in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. We're not sure we can even add to the conversation on that. We analyze debates 1&2, and what we learned as well as the strategy folks coming out of 'em. We talk Hick potentially jumping in the U.S. Senate and about TX Republicans.


Episode 231 -- South Cackalacky & Debate Night!

What happens when you get 21 Democratic candidates, thousands of pounds of fish, South Carolina's heat in summer and Jim Clyburn? The real start to primary season! What happens when you get 20 (!) Democrats to qualify for a debate? We have no idea but we preview it in depth. With 25 candidates in total it's going to be bedlam. We talk South Carolina's Democratic Party Convention, Planned Parenthood's forum and the infamous Fish Fry, what not to write on wedding guest books in the first...


Episode 230 -- 5,280 signs Colorado has lost it

It's finally happened. We go in deep into Colorado, a state that's acting as weird as its weather. Of note: One of the worst run campaigns for a major mayor's race in the country, a Senate primary with 12 candidates, and both the Democratic Governor and Senator running for President by targeting the same people. We promise you'll laugh, and even if we disappoint it's still less than half as long as the series finale of Game of Thrones. (One of us is still bitter, and it's not Will.)


Episode 229 -- 23 Townhalls back to back

Somewhere a CNN executive is holding out hope for one candidate to announce so they can just run a whole day of programming. We'll talk about whether these town halls are a good idea and whether going on FOX is a good life choice for candidates. But first we fear for women after AL, GA, OH (and later MO) pass antichoice-laws to govern their bodies and we fear for humanity as we adopt war footing towards Iran.


Episode 228 -- It's 2019?

A little Presidential primary talk (yeah 18 months ish out!) along with pondering the deadline for incrementalist policies to actually work has passed, but can big policies pass the Congress? A catch-22 for a long overdue podcast.


Episode 227 -- Dems have a good night

IT'S OK YOU CAN LEAVE THE FETAL POSITION NOW. Fact Check Dave keeps Will in line as they discuss Democrats winning back the House, the navigation of a tough Senate map, gubernatorial races and more.

Episode 226 -- A House in the balance

It's here. Early vote has begun. You know how we said it'd be a good year for Democrats but maybe not a great year? Facts. So panic stations everyone. (Aka sign up for a canvass shift!) We talk key races we're watching across the country, can we trust in the Midwest and how we're staying (relatively) sane.


Episode 225 -- Mile Highs, Grand contests in AZ & FL #BringsItHome

Franco finally gave in and we talk some Colorado politics -- more than you want to know about the state senate, the Gubernatorial Election, and what happens when #WinterIsComing. We also talk about the Arizona and Florida primaries, John McCain's passing, Ted Cruz being a reptile and more.


Episode 224 -- Netroots, State legislatures, and primaries

After covering things at Netroots Nation in New Orleans, Ryan and Franco discuss the premier progressive convention in depth. (Shout outs to Kaili Lambe for helping us cover events & Mary Rickles Conley for allowing us to attend again.) At 9:45 we pivot to MN politics -- it's not a flyover state! They just had an exciting primary election. After that we cover the NY State Legislature at 17:25 and WA state legislature at 21:38. Ryan then brought up Florida's state legislature at 23:32 and...


Episode 223- Dems need a battalion in the Senate

World Cup Fever hits the pod, as do various soccer ailments but it's ok because we're #InOurPrime. We talk US Senate landscape, NY-14 where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (yes Will, there's an i in her name...) shocks Joe Crowley and we cross talk about soccer and how it shows the need for liberal communitarian nationalism. If those words didn't make sense, it's ok. They soon will.


Episode 222 -- A budget passes, Stormy speaks, IL predicts.

Will's back on the podcast so we had to get weird. Here's what's up with today's show: 4:45 : IL-03 and what we can learn from Illinois 13:00 Stormy Daniels 21:10 New Budget Deal 25:00 Quick conversation around March for Our Lives and banning bump stocks. Don't forget to tweet us at to #WelcomeBackWill!


Episode 221 -- Dems flip a seat as a new generation steps up

We start by talking about Parkland between two South Florida natives, then move on talking about Donald Trump's administration and Betsy DeVos (11:05) then talk a little about PA-18 (17:45) and wrap up by making an endorsement (21:10).


Episode 220 -- DACA, Russia & the 2018 wave.

For those loyal folks out there: We're back! We talk about the shitdown (or shutdown, depending on your keyboard) and how Se. Schumer screwed things up, then we pivot to Russia like a desperate Republican campaign and we finish by talking about this years elections.


Episode 219 -- Victory! Jail, the NFL and Roger Rabbit.

We talk about the recent victories on health care and in Florida around an important State Senate election -- congrats to Annette Taddeo. We chat about movies, concerts, learning languages and we teach you how to avoid going to jail while recommending some folks go to jail. Lock them up! Plus a fun chat on whether Trump is a rationale actor in general. I think you can guess what we think after his taking on the NFL.


Episode 218 -- Charlottesville

The pod tries to make sense of a political situation where the President lacks a moral compass and where the Republican party comes to grip with the racist undertones they've fanned for decades. We also talk about how the Democratic Party should deal with candidates who are anti-choice and Netroots Nation 17.


Episode 217-- The Mooch is Peak Trump

We celebrate another [probably temporary] victory, this one more dramatic than the last thanks to Sens. Collins, Murkowski & McCain. Franco teaches Ryan how to say "Reince" while the Mooch is brought on to give America the worst visual we've seen in years. We discuss what a change in Chief of Staff could mean in the day to day of this White House.


Episode 216 -- Zombie! Zombie! (while NC and CA leave us scratching our heads)

Before playing this podcast, please give this Cranberries tune a whirl. Sunday night it seemed as though Trumpcare was dead. Then repeal seemed dead on Tuesday. By Wednesday, Senators were meeting around Trumpcare again. We finally recorded knowing that we know nothing a la Jon Snow. But we can't imagine a bill with 32 million uninsured is going to be more popular. We learn that Nevada is that friend that shows up to your 7 PM party at 11 PM and California is your friend who goes to the...


Episode 215 -- Dems and Republicans scramble over health care

We wrap up on the GA-06 race from last week. We beat down bad ideas around Nancy Pelosi and then move on to Trumpcare. It's a comprehensive pod!


Episode 214 -- A "special" special election with New Georgia Project

Let's talk about the sixth, baby. Georgia's sixth congressional district is a heavily Republican leaning district. Yet, it's now the most expensive race in the history of our country and being presented as a make or break for the Democratic Party in the aftermath of the Trumpocalypse. We talk with Nse Ufot, the wonderful Executive Director of the New Georgia Project who has been working day and night to turn key groups out and remake the electorate. She teaches us why this district is a...


Episode 213 -- The Spectre of Comey

As Comey prepares to testify and comes out of his quantum of solace. We discuss the potential damage and results from his testimony. Or will it be non-explosive a turn out to give Trump the opportunity to die another day.