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Domecast No. 160: Hurricane recovery, Kavanaugh connections and subpoenas

This week we talk about Hurricane Florence and what the government is doing to help the recovery efforts. We also discuss how North Carolina fits into the debate over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and talk about a federal investigation into a major political donor.


Domecast No. 159: Election is set, and ICE demands voting records

After days of upheaval in the courts, races and constitutional amendments are set for the November elections. And federal authorities subpoenaed voting records from North Carolina.


Domecast No. 158: Silent Sam falls

After 105 years, Silent Sam is toppled. After judges block two constitutional amendments, a special session is about to begin.


Domecast No. 138: Uproar over a pipeline, and Mickey Michaux reflects on his career

Gov. Roy Cooper announced his intentions on a class size bill that also would seize the fund he negotiated with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The legislature leaves town without GenX action. A lawmaker calls for armed teachers in schools. Our reporter panel talks about all that and more, and we hear from Rep. Mickey Michaux about politics and his friendship with Martin Luther King Jr. Jordan Schrader hosts, with Colin Campbell, Danielle Chemtob, Will Doran, Lauren Horsch and Andy Specht.


Domecast No. 137: A mega bill puts Democrats in a bind

This week, a compromise emerged in the long-running fight over class size, but it also included provisions that reshaped election boards and seized control of a fund negotiated by Gov. Roy Cooper with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Our reporter panel breaks it down and we hear from Sen. Erica Smith about Democrats' reaction to the deal and more. Jordan Schrader hosts, with Lauren Horsch, Will Doran, Andy Specht and Danielle Chemtob.


Domecast No. 136: Mega donor funds GOP; pipeline fund questioned

This week, we learned more about GOP donor Greg Lindberg and how his campaign contributions might help Lt. Gov. Dan Forest. Critics lined up against an environmental fund controlled by Gov. Roy Cooper and tied to the approval of a permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline through North Carolina. The reporter panel talks about all that plus a GenX lawsuit, taxes for tractors and a "No Gay No Way" campaign to pressure Amazon to reconsider Raleigh as a destination for its second headquarters....


Domecast No. 135: Cooper and Forest's campaign disclosures

This week, Gov. Roy Cooper and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest revealed their latest campaign fundraising and spending. The panel talks about what we learned in their filings - and discusses an earmark in last year's budget that benefits a campaign donor's business. And in honor of the N.C. Insider's 25th anniversary, Headliner of the Week is a little different this week. Jordan Schrader hosts, with Colin Campbell, Lauren Horsch, Will Doran, Danielle Chemtob and Dan Kane.


Domecast No. 134: Lawmakers return, but no laws made yet

Judges struck down North Carolina's congressional maps, and now we wait for the Supreme Court. Legislators resumed session and considered a measure to deal with GenX water pollution, but Senate inaction doomed it for now.


Domecast No. 133: Digging out of the snow and headed for session

North Carolina state government made it through the winter storm and is getting ready for state lawmakers to return to town. Our reporter panel talks about what to expect next week on judicial reform, water pollution, redistricting and constitutional amendments. And we tackle the important issues, like what governors wear during emergencies.


Domecast No. 132: Why a candidate moved into a funeral home

This week, we talk about budget predictions, a possible election do-over, and a candidate moving to a new district by living in a funeral home. Gov. Roy Cooper says looming tax cuts pose a threat to North Carolina's budget, and there are wedding bells in the future for a lawmaker. Jordan Schrader hosts with Colin Campbell, Will Doran and Lauren Horsch.


Domecast No. 131: A Cooper snub prompts a walkout

The same week the Democrats notched an improbable victory in Alabama, a slew of North Carolina Democrats hoping for similar success here announced campaigns for the legislature. Also this week, N.C. Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis helped derail President Trump's nominee for an EPA job. And the legislature continues to talk about changes to how judges are elected. Find out why Democratic lawmakers walked out of a hearing on the topic this week. Our reporter panel talks about all of that...


Domecast No. 130: Al Franken, Roy Moore draw NC reaction

This week, some North Carolina Republicans and Democrats took sides on what should happen to politicians at the national level who are accused of sexual harassment. Candidates for the legislature announced their bids this week, while a group of incumbent lawmakers got a chance to ride cars with self-driving technology. We talk about all of that, plus whether a new crime lab is likely to help fix backlogs in testing of rape kits and other criminal evidence. And as always, we pick a Headliner...


Domecast No. 129: Get to know the Woodhouse family

Dallas Woodhouse is the boisterous political operative who frequently speaks for North Carolina Republicans. News & Observer correspondent Bryan Anderson is our guest to tell us what makes Woodhouse tick and what a Thanksgiving with his politically divided family is like. Our reporter panel also discusses new political maps, water pollution and federal tax reform. And as always, we choose a Headliner of the Week. Colin Campbell of the N.C. Insider hosts along with Lauren Horsch of the...


Domecast No. 128: A campaign starts, but will there be an election?

This week, Democrat Anita Earls announced she would run for the seat on the state Supreme Court held by Republican Justice Barbara Jackson. But will there be an election in 2018 at all? There's a different question surrounding legislative elections in 2018: which incumbents will be forced to share districts? New proposed district lines are out, drawn by an independent mapmaker, but that's not the final word. Our panel talks about the elections as well as a visit to UNC from former Trump aide...


Domecast No. 127: Local elections and sexual harassment

Domecast, The News & Observer’s weekly podcast on government and politics in North Carolina, is ready for the weekend of Nov. 11-12. This week, towns and cities across North Carolina held elections, and Democrats won big in major cities. We'll talk about what it means for 2018. We'll also look at this week's court loss for Gov. Roy Cooper, how state government handles sexual harassment complaints, and construction delays at a psychiatric hospital that was supposed to open years ago. As...


Domecast No. 126: The ‘special master’ who will redraw NC districts

Domecast, The News & Observer’s weekly podcast on government and politics in North Carolina, is ready for the weekend of Nov. 4 and 5, 2017. We welcome reporter Taylor Knopf of N.C. Health News, who explains the connection between North Carolina’s foster care system and the opioid epidemic. This week, judges refused to let state lawmakers make a third attempt to draw the districts that elect them. Instead, they named Nathaniel Persily, a Stanford law professor, to review state House and...


Domecast No. 125: A ghost story at the governor's mansion

Domecast, The News & Observer’s weekly podcast on government and politics in North Carolina, is ready for Halloween. The bed at the center of a decades-old ghost story has returned to the North Carolina governor's mansion under Gov. Roy Cooper. Colin Campbell tells the spooky tale. Plus: our reporter panel talks about a lawmaker who switched political parties, a loss in court for Cooper, and what former Gov. Pat McCrory has to say about Cooper’s proposed deal on transgender bathroom access....


Domecast No. 124: Lawmakers cancel a 10th veto

Domecast, The News & Observer’s weekly podcast on government and politics in North Carolina, is ready for the weekend of Oct. 21-22 -- and our last chance to visit the N.C. State Fair in 2017. Stay tuned until Headliner of the Week for a report on the fair. But first, our reporter panel talks about yet another session and yet another override of a Roy Cooper veto. Plus, Gov. Cooper has reached an agreement with challengers of the law he signed replacing HB2. And our fact checker takes a look...


Domecast No. 123: Who are your "fantasy politics" picks for 2020?

Domecast, The News & Observer’s weekly podcast on government and politics in North Carolina, is ready for the weekend of Oct. 7-8. North Carolina lawmakers returned for a two-day session this week. They voted to cancel judicial primary elections in 2018, potentially paving the way for changes to the way judges are chosen. And they found a workaround for Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill dealing with legal notices in newspapers – passing a new bill on a nailbiter of a House vote. Our panel of...


Domecast No. 122: NC members of Congress in national spotlight

Domecast, The News & Observer’s weekly podcast on government and politics in North Carolina, is ready for the weekend of Sept. 30-Oct. 1. Lawmakers are coming back to Raleigh next week with an agenda that includes judicial redistricting, grants for the film industry and reversing some more of Gov. Roy Cooper's vetoes. In Washington, Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina made a couple of comments that drew national headlines and criticism. And Sen. Thom Tillis is heavily involved in legislation...