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Fighting back against the left's non-stop attacks against liberty, freedom, and America.

Fighting back against the left's non-stop attacks against liberty, freedom, and America.


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Fighting back against the left's non-stop attacks against liberty, freedom, and America.






What Hospitals Really Are (HINT-STAY OUT OF THE HOSPITAL)

How many of these tragedies do we have to report on before something is done? Scott Schara recently lost his 19-year-old daughter, Grace (who had Down syndrome) to the genocide occurring in hospitals. Grace was given 3 contraindicated meds and a doctor wrote his own illegal DNR on her. Scott is attempting to warn others about the very real dangers of hospitals and protocols that are killing innocent people all over the country. Having freedom should also mean having the right to choose...


Restoring America - Fourth of July Special with Sheriff Richard Mack

Happy Independence Day! As we try to celebrate our "freedom" or what's left of it, Sheriff Richard Mack is doing something to restore America. Join us today as we have conversation about the state of affairs and how to fix it locally. Sheriff Mack has been fighting to protect the Constitution for more than 30 years and he is responsible for the second amendment still being in tact today. Don't miss how to get involved, show up, and support the CSPOA and Sheriff Mack in this incredibly...


Hope for America May Start in Oklahoma

I've had enough of Rino "Republicans". Haven't you? America is in trouble and we need some leaders. Just like George Washington, people have to step forward when needed. In Oklahoma we may just have such a man. Dr. Mark Sherwood is a retired 24 year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department, a former professional body builder and baseball player, and now a Naturopathic Doctor with a successful practice helping people avoid big pharma. Mark is a Constitutionalist and has some great ideas on how...


There is More Than One Healthcare Option

We've talked to him before. You've seen him around. He's leading the way in the fight against 5G in Arizona. But did you know that he had an auto immune disorder? Even more surprising is the fact that he was able to reverse it naturally and ON HIS OWN. Dr. Benjamin Benulis is back with his new book, Create Health: Reverse Autoimmune Disease with drugs or their side effects. Guest Bio: Dr. Benjamin Benulis: Twelve years ago I was struggling with a health condition that at the time I didn’t...


Here's Your Prescription: The Truth and How to Prepare. Now Take your Medicine.

The truth is hard to come by these days, especially in medicine. Dr. Sayed Haider was working in the hospitals in New York when things went bad. He soon realized that things were not as they were being portrayed. Eventually, he found himself out of work. With no hospital jobs available he started doing Telemedicine and now has his own site where people like you and me can get real help and an honest doctor. Dr. Haider has TONS of great information to share so DO NOT MISS THIS! Guest...


The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth with Powerhouse Attorney Thomas Renz

Government corruption, fraud, deceit and lies to the American people? A global conspiracy against the human race? Everything we've been told is a lie and there is evidence to back it up. You've seen so much over the last two years but did you know that not only was there a coordinated propaganda assault on the public but an even larger propaganda campaign against the courts? Do you know who Yuval Nori Harari is? How about Vanguard and Blackrock? What do investment firms have to do with all...


Let's Get Real About Solutions

Join us today as we talk with the National Director of the CSPOA and syndicated talks show host Sam Bushman about fakers and shakers in the liberty movement. Sam and I discuss what works, what won't, and what it's going to take to keep our liberty. It's time to get real. Guest Bio: Sam is a nationally syndicated talk show host with almost 25 years On-Air, sharing his God given gift of gab on a wide range of topics. His radio programs have been syndicated on several networks. He currently...


I Told You So!

About 8 months ago we spoke with Jim Stroud from Conservative Television America about a range of issues. Let's see how many of our predictions have come to pass as Jim returns to discuss vax mandates, election integrity, racism, Trump, and more. Can I say I told you so? Follow and Subscribe on Gab and Rumble Jim Stroud on the web Conservative TV America My Patriot Supply The original Patriot survival company. My Patriot Supply was founded by people with a passion for se Disclaimer:...


The American Sheriff Returns!

Today we welcome back the American Sheriff to the program. Sheriff Mark Lamb returns to talk Biden's border chaos, election integrity, vax mandates, and much more about the left's quest to destroy America. Who can protect your rights? Your Sheriff can. Question: Do you know if he will? HINT: Get to know your Sheriff. Guest Bio: Sheriff Mark Lamb Mark Lamb was elected as the 24th Sheriff of Pinal County on January 1st, 2017. Sheriff Lamb oversees a county the size of Connecticut and...


Don't Censor Me Bro!

We all know big tech censorship is out of control. But do we really know why. Are the founders of Fakebook and Shitter just into world domination and ultra liberal or is there something else at play? Has the government essentially swallowed them up? Today we talk to the CEO and founder of the alternative social site Retalk, Peter Zaborszky. Retalk is the "fastest growing non-woke social site" and strives to provide free speech to the right side of the aisle. Before Retalk Peter founded a...


The Spirit of Freedom IS the spirit of God.......What happened to the church?

When C@vid started many churches were shut down alongside businesses and the majority remained silent. When they re-opened many required or encouraged masks or even remained with online only services out of fear. Now many are encouraging the v@ccine, or in the case of the Mormon and Catholic churches, even calling on everyone to take it. As our society continues to split and the government goes full speed ahead creating a second class citizenry, the modern day church is mostly silent. Why?...


How to Survive the Healthcare System....(if you must be in it)

As everyone knows, I been saying for over a year to stay out the hospitals. If you want to know why, just go listen to our show a few weeks ago with Dr. Bryan Ardis. But today, our guest is currently still working in healthcare. Dr. David Wilcox is a nursing professional and hospital administrator. He is so disturbed about things going on in healthcare that he wrote a book about it: How To Avoid Being a Victim of the American Healthcare System: A Patient's Handbook for Survival It sounds...


Biden Shrugged - Inflation, wage, and price controls coming fast. What to do and how to win.

Today we are joined by the host of the survival financial network and former attorney Kerry Lutz. Kerry is financial expert and we dive deep into today's economy, what the government is doing, and what's ahead for you and your money. Wage and price controls? Inflation or hyper inflation? Ever read Ayn Rand? We might as well write a new version: Biden Shrugged. Noteworthy: A dollar today is worth .03 cents of what a dollar was worth in 1913 -- the year that the Federal Reserve was chartered....


Who Can You Trust? HINT: NOT Republicans

SPECIAL BROADCAST Are Republicans supporting election integrity? How about medical freedom? What about protecting your rights? Not only are they not supporting these things, they are actually standing in the way of protecting your rights and the legitimacy of the vote. Former US Senate candidate and political activist "Demand" Daniel McCarthy returns to bring us up to speed. He's on the ground at the Capital and things don't look good. Notes from the show and Homework: Why did Donald...


Hope for Washington? A Good Sheriff is a Good Start

With the election season starting to heat up, we will be interviewing several candidates for office. Starting today we talk to someone that has his work cut out for him. He's running for Sheriff in Washington State (obviously a leftist stronghold). Can he hold his ground? Can he win? Everyone in this country should be asking their Sheriff a question: Will you protect my rights? With almost 30 years in law enforcement, David Shook is running for Sheriff. We don't agree on everything but he...


5G: Your Health, Your Privacy, Your Freedom

5G, the next revolution in wireless technology. It's terrible for your health. It's terrible for your privacy. Most of all, it's terrible for your freedom. What is the latest with 5G and how it's being used against you? Dr. Benjamin Benulis from Arizonan's for Safe Tech returns for an update. Don't miss this. AZ for Safe Tech: Children's Health Defense Arizona: NIH posted research on correlations between 5G and and...


Doctor's Orders with Dr. Bryan Ardis: Stay out of the hospitals!

Join us today as we talk to Dr. Bryan Ardis (The Dr. Ardis Show) about the hospital protocols that he thinks are killing people, what's in the shots, and how to stay healthy and recover. There's a ton of info this week -- DO NOT MISS THIS! Guest Profile: Dr. Bryan Ardis, D.C. - In early 2020 I lost my Father-in-law because of ill-advised hospital protocols. Since that time, I have been on a mission to help educate the public about the dangers to Americans, in many of our "institutes of...


Live.......and Let Live

Remember the saying Live and Let Live? Ever wonder if we could get back to that in America? Just live your life and let others live their lives -- however they want. Today Let's have conversation about live and let live with freedom minded attorney Marc Victor. Marc is the managing partner of the Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm and he's running for US Senate in Arizona. He's also PRO FREEDOM. We like that. Now what does Marc have to say about the state of the country, mandates, gun rights,...


The Sheriff Lays Down the Law

Don't miss this program where we welcome back Sheriff Richard Mack, from the to talk Covid, mandates, the Supreme Court, election integrity, and how to stop it all locally and peacefully. The Sheriff lays down the law and he has your back. Make sure to back him up at I'm going to purchase like 50 of Sheriff Mack's books and I'll be giving them out to everyone that will listen -- especially Sheriffs. Be part of the solution - join the posse -...


Bidenomics - The Class You Never Took

Today we are focusing on the economy, with the increase in inflation, unemployment, gas prices, and so much more we need to prepare....NOW. Larry Faulkner, now a retired police officer, is a self made millionaire and certified financial education instructor. Larry is a best selling financial author and now spends his days helping people get a handle on their finances. Believe me, having been a police officer I can say that if Larry can become a millionaire on his salary, so can you! Guest...