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Ep 50: The Big 5-0

SEASON FOUR PREMIERE! We’re back with an extra long, double stuffed episode covering all the major pop culture moments that occurred over our four month absence. For this extra special milestone episode we had to bring back no one else but our first guest ever Patricia Rogers to help us spill all the tea. ... Continue Reading →

Ep 49: A Few of Our Favorite Things of 2018

This is it! We’ve made it to the end of another season and another year. We recount the recent drama involving Cardi B and Offset (This was recorded before he ambushed her on stage), Jacquees and the whole king of R&B debacle (sorry J Holiday you ain’t one either), and the video of Oprah and... Continue Reading →


Ep 48: Ramblings and Buzzfeed Quizzes

We are back for a lowkey episode with us just talking about random stuff and doing Buzzfeed quizzes while drinking of course! We have one more episode before our season is over! http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/542434476-user-773139664-dwb-ep-48-ramblings-and-buzzfeed-quizzes.mp3 Follow Us at: Twitter: @DrinkingWBlerds Facebook: Drinking With Blerds Blog: drinkingwithblerds.com Shannon Sorhaindo: @PrettiiRandom Khemani Gibson: @JamaicanScholar Use...


Ep 44: Do You have a Minute to Talk about Your Beliefs?

This episode was originally recorded three weeks ago but we did not like how it turned out so we re-recorded it and we are really pleased with how this version turned out. In this episode our hosts unpack their relationships with religion and their different opinions and experiences with it growing up and currently. We... Continue Reading →


Ep 47: It’s Thanksgiving!

We have a really easy-going episode for you all today as you all prepare your food and your bodies for Thanksgiving! Our host discuss what Thanksgiving was like for them growing up and what it’s like now. Happy Thanksgiving to all our listeners we are very thankful for all your support! http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/533219583-user-773139664-dwb-ep-47-its-thanksgiving.mp3 Follow Us at:... Continue Reading →


Ep 46: So The Elections Happened Now What?

Today we have one of our first guest back on the show, Rashawn Davis, to talk about the aftermath of the 2018 midterm elections. We of course catch up on all the great things he’s been up to in the past year. Guest: Rashawn Davis @Rashawn_A_Davis http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/528442488-user-773139664-dwb-ep-46-so-the-election-happened-now-what.mp3 Follow Us at: Twitter: @DrinkingWBlerds Facebook: Drinking... Continue Reading →


Ep 45: Y’all Need To Go Vote On Nov 6th!

In a special early released episode we are at Rutgers University’s Paul Robeson Campus Center in Newark to discuss the importance of the black millenial vote in the Nov 6th midterm elections. We are joined by Councilwoman for the City of Orange Donna Williams, actor Eric Payne (Malcolm X, School Daze, ER, etc.), and a... Continue Reading →


Ep 43: So We Don’t Really Have A Topic Exactly

Sooooo we really didn’t have much to discuss but we do unpack the latest in Kanye foolishness, Ella Mai’s amazing album, Jacquees at Livingston Mall, and a few other unrelated hilarious stories! http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/514481367-user-773139664-dwb-ep-43-so-we-dont-really-have-a-topic-exactly.mp3 Follow Us at: Twitter: @DrinkingWBlerds Facebook: Drinking With Blerds Blog: drinkingwithblerds.com Shannon Sorhaindo: @PrettiiRandom Khemani Gibson:...


Ep 42: Exploring Non-Monogamy Among Black Millennial Couples

On this episode we have two special guests in the office for a very exciting topic! Keyanah and Darien Nurse (The Nurses) were in the building with us and they helped us unpack everything from the past week from the sham FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh prior to his confirmation to the Insecure Season 3... Continue Reading →


Ep 41: The A and B Sided Episode

This episode is a little experimental because Khemani was tired from being in the City all day Friday and began to fall asleep so we had to re-record and blended both episodes together to form one so excuse any duplicate things you hear! TRIGGER WARNING FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT AND RAPE: In this two sided episode... Continue Reading →


Ep 40: Black Lives Matter Four Years Later

This is definitely our longest episode ever and it’s for good reason because we had our high school friend Shirley in the office for a very important discussion. For today’s topic we unpack the legacy of the Movement for Black Lives in light of the murder of Botham Shem Jean in Dallas and compare how... Continue Reading →


Ep 39: All The Stuff That Happened While We Were Gone

Thank you all for being patient during our absence but we’re back and we’re discussing all the drama that ensued while we were gone. We tackle everything from the treatment Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka received in the US Open final, Mac Miller’s death, Botham Shem Jean’s murder in Dallas, Kaepernick’s Nike deal and racists... Continue Reading →


Ep 38: The Messiest Week of Summer 2018

This week’s episode is literally us just talking about all mess that happened this past week from Issa vs a former co-star, to Lauryn Hill stealing songs and firing bands, to Omarosa being the same Omarosa she’s been on reality tv for 15 years, to Nicki vs the world (but especially Safaree). http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/488013450-user-773139664-dwb-ep-38-the-messiest-week-of-summer-2018.mp3 Follow... Continue Reading →


Ep 37: Shades of Representation

In this week’s episode we provide our review of Nicki Minaj’s fourth studio album Queen and unpack who she dissed and our favorite songs. Shannon lists her critiques about singing Nicki and the monopoly of the fake-Jamaican accent artists of Caribbean descent use. Khemani then describes his recent work trip to Philly where he had... Continue Reading →


Ep 36: Be A Man

It was a slow news week but we discuss the recents stories of how a man defraud McDonalds, Duane Martin’s claim for spousal support, and the continued collusion against Colin Kaepernick. We then look at how we as a society define masculinity and how toxic masculinity hurts men too. http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/481759218-user-773139664-dwb-ep-36-be-a-man.mp3 Follow Us... Continue Reading →


Ep 35: When You’re Black and Not From America but Live in America

On this episode in our weekly roundup Shannon returns with an update, we recount the ever growing list of our problematic faves (and those that are just problematic) and their misdeeds, and we respond to the racist white nerds who targeted Anna Diop for playing Starfire in the upcoming DC Titans tv show. Our main... Continue Reading →


Ep 34: The Neverending Interracial Dating Debate

In the weekly roundup we discuss Faith Evans’ marriage to Stevie J as well as her comments about her relationship with Biggie, The New Day’s comments on Hulk Hogan’s racist comments and his return to the WWE hall of Fame, and the recent internet controversy concerning Michael B Jordan on a boat in Italy. We... Continue Reading →


Ep 33: Loving Your Body

In this episode we recount the hectic week in news and Khemani tells of his recent dating woes and encounter with an internet troll. The episode then delves into the topic of body shaming and how it affects people of varying body types in different ways. Our host discuss everything from how masculinity affects body... Continue Reading →


Ep 32: Buying Black

In this episode we recount the week looking at 45’s denaturalization task force and the impending trade war with China. We then move on to some light-hearted fun with our hosts listing their favorite summer songs of all time. Lastly, we end the episode by discussing supporting black businesses and the problems and benefits of... Continue Reading →


Ep 31: The World’s On Fire

We’re back for the summer and not only is it hot outside but we’re here with all the hot news in all things relating to pop culture, politics, and the petty. In this episode we just recount all the things that happened during our hiatus ranging from trying to buying a house and rap beefs... Continue Reading →