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E92 - Always wear long pants when riding a camel

Joseph is back and he describes his east coast adventure. Why did one guy steal an ambulance from the hospital? Where is a horrible place to find bed bugs? On the city bus. Good discussion about the shaving on the train man between what he did and the feeling to not publicly shame him. Sax on the highway and how you can be a part of the $50,000 annual world travel championship. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson:...


E91 - You might want to zip up a hazmat suit for your next flight

Special guest host today, Nicole Brady is sitting in for Joseph. The kiki challenge outside of cars has now turned into the baby shark do,do challenge involving kids. How can one driver get 42 speeding tickets. Airports are very dirty, especially around the security area. Is it time to get a subscription car? And we answer a question from the mail bag about turning left on red. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson:...


90 - Live each day without knowing where the slowdowns are on my traffic map

When you commute, especially on public transit, and check emails or do other work, should that time be counted as work by your employer? Should it be a law that headlights be on all the time? Calling all cars, be on the lookout for “YRMOM”. Traffic circles are taking over big cities. Pay at the pump is supposed to be easier now as you can pay with your car. Owning a car is apparently less expensive than ridesharing. One man can’t see the green and red on the traffic map. And Joseph has a new...


E89 - What goes up must come down, preferably not on my hood

Rideshare companies may be helping out people in lower income neighborhoods more than anyone else. Bloomberg’s Riley Griffin will join us to talk about I-95. The interstate is almost complete, almost 60 years after it started. California thinks they can sell ads on their overhead highway signs and earn big money. A company wants to provide a private jet for all. And the worst place to do push ups in the world. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact:...


E88 - Don’t drive with the flop flop

The government produces a ton of paperwork, so much in fact that it delayed a flight. If you want to fly to Area 51, I have the perfect job for you. Joseph describes his experience of renting a dockless scooter. StreetsBlog is at it again, blaming a driver for hitting a person who ran out in front of him. Why would anyone want to jump off a ship? Flip flops are a real hazard when it comes to the foot pedals. Ride sharing companies are actually helping mobilize lower income neighborhoods....


E87 - So much for bringing my emotional support rhino on a cruise

The tale of the most clean, thoroughbred, white girl in the south. The time has come to stop the madness of odd emotional support animals on planes and boats. The world is a lot less funny after a comedic tragic crash. It’s back to school time and that means confusion at the drop off and pick up lines. Puddle splashing can get you fired and fined. And what should you not try to smuggle into Canada. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact:...


E86 - Don’t use crews and I want some sailing news

It is too extreme to have the death penalty if you kill someone while driving a car? Road rage is not just dangerous for drivers but also for passengers. Denver7 news anchor tells her story of her road raging husband. The easiest way to prevent your car from being stolen is by driving a stick shift. Who gets the speeding ticket in a driverless car? One city is making a ruling on that problem. What car are you most likely to die in and the best little honk in Texas. All that and more on the...


E85 - Everyone dreams of an all new Chevrolet Cruze don’t they?

Did one person take the gender identity question the wrong way just to save money on his car insurance? Which are the worst states to speed in? Boston raised fines for parking and surprise, they are writing more tickets. We helped Seth Rogen become the voice of Vancouver Transit (not really). You really shouldn’t drive on August 2nd. More warnings about dancing to Drake and my, that’s a might large bottle of maple syrup. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact:...


E84 - It’s not vomit fraud, it just an uncool driver

The guys talk all about the Uber/Lyft driver who was caught recording and live streaming his rides without the permission of the riders. And piggybacking off that, the Denver7 morning anchor Molly lumped herself in with the Uber vomit scam when she was charged a cleaning fee after leaving trash in the car. Has the “In My Feelings” challenge gone too far? The do gooder at the train station being nosy where he shouldn’t be nosy. The problem with smaller and smaller parking spaces. And the guy...


E83 - I didn’t create the car, I’m just trying to get where I’m trying to go

Panama Jackson, the senior editor of Very Smart Brothas joins us to talk about his post reflecting on some of the most smug people in traffic. We talk about several drunk people who made the extra special police blotter this week. Should bikes be allowed to just roll through stop signs and stop lights? Vaping is clouding your windshield. Ford is going all electric. Is that the death knell for the company? And one guy got kicked out of the airport lounge for life. All that and more on the...


E82 - It’s about time we keep armadillos off these planes

Is the popularity of SUV’s and large trucks leading to a greater number of pedestrians to be killed on the roads? We talk to Eric Lawrence, reporter with the Detroit Free Press about his story. All the airlines are fed up with the rediculousness that is emotional support animals on planes. Could a drone be flying down your street to fix the potholes? One animal you don’t want to see when driving is a bull and who left the dog doo at DIA? All that and more on the Driving You Crazy...


E81 - Let the burrito guy eat his burrito

Driving drunk to pick up someone else who was arrested for DUI is no way to go through life. One man in Michigan has his own special way to try to get speeders to slow down. Who leaves a rabbit in the airport? Who is going to far, the guy eating on the BART train or the guy complaining to the police that there is a guy eating on the train? We talk to the founder of the Blinker app that lets you buy and sell a car right from your smartphone for free. And where you can ride in a cab and pay...


E80 - It’s ride to work day not ride home from work day!

The mile high club is alive and well in the friendly skies. Bye bye wooden bear. The myth and truth of the poop map. How to deal with reckless drivers. Hello police, will you pull over my boyfriend? What is the worst hour to leave for and from work and the traffic jam hero we all need. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson: twitter.com/Denver7Traffic or www.facebook.com/JaysonLuberTrafficGuy [...]


E79 - I was like, “Hey, my head could probably fit in that.”

There are people who are trying to get free vacations just for posting their trip on Instagram. What if you were not allowed to catch a nap at an airport during a layover? The troopers slow left lane driver tweet that went viral. A baby born in a Paris train gets 25 years of free rides. Only 25 years? Why would you put your head in a tailpipe? The woman with the makeup pencil that stabbed her eye and no advertising on the bus? All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. (P.S. sorry...


E78 - Better on a horse than in a car

Tesla is laying off some workers so what does this mean to the company? There are many things you can’t drive while drinking including horses. The tale of a constant cruise complainer. Who is going to be the new voice of the Vancouver transit system. It’s been so hot in Mexico the traffic lights are melting. The rise of the vending machine dealerships and some of the odd things people ask if they can take through security. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact:...


E77 - A cold suppah is bettah than a hot ticket

The big story is the circumstances behind the shooting of a passenger by his Uber driver. Many cities are having problems with scooters left out in places they shouldn’t be. Several stories of flights that had to be diverted by really bad passengers. There are no stops and then there are 19 hour non stops. Maine has some funny overhead message boards for your driving pleasure. Digital license plates and why you should think twice about eating cereal while driving in Australia. All that and...


E76 - My concern was for the person hit and the driver of the inanimate object

Jayson explains his position to the zealots about a crash caused by a person who was jaywalking. To toll or not to toll in the Bay Area, that is the discussion. Will painting roads while make cities cooler? Lots of jobs are popping up on the railroad and would you ride in the overhead bin to save 75% on a plane ticket? All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson: twitter.com/Denver7Traffic or www.facebook.co [...]


E75 - Who punches a service dog and deaf pregnant woman on an airplane?

Who is the worst traveler in the world? The man who punched a deaf pregnant woman in the stomach and her service dog. Maybe it is time to have gondolas over traffic. Super commuting is a thing as housing prices keep going up in big cities. It is time to do away with the train? What cars can you buy that you will still be driving in 15 years and the tan traffic jam. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson:...


E74 - It’s a party in a pothole

Lets add this to reasons to be careful on the subway, crabs on the seats. Commuting can be more stress reducing than yoga. How do you get your town to fill the potholes? Barbies. Don’t throw water on pedestrians before coming to a complete stop. The place where golf carts cost more than a lamborghini and traffic tips from Batman. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson: twitter.com/Denver7Traffic or


E73 - Enjoy boats buddy

The investigation in to the Uber car fatal crash continues in Arizona and some preliminary finding have leaked out. Real estate could be flip flopped on its head when we get self driving cars. One lady experienced some extreme pain at the pump. One passenger wasn’t satisfied with the air vent on the plane and wanted some fresh air. Sleeping pods could be coming to your next overnight flight. Expedia’s hotel and travel study is here and the eucalyptus road flare.All that and more on the...