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E127 - I could have washed my car naked

Another road trip and thoughts along the way. Kids don’t care who you are, keep your stinky bare feet off my seat. What kind of music makes you drive better? Taylor Swift was surprisingly helpful. The world’s largest cruise ship could be coming to an ocean near you. There is only a few reasons I can think of why you need to wash your car while in your neighborhood completely naked. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson:...


E126 - I hope you yell weeee when you ride like that

Welcome back to the show Joseph. He’s back after a couple weeks off to move and get his driver’s license. We speak with Dr Wes Marshall, assistant professor in the college of engineering, design and computing at the University of Colorado Denver and the co-author of a study that found cycling lanes, not cyclists, lower road fatalities. We also have the story of a wanted man found in the trunk of an auto auction. E scooters are ruining Hoboken, New Jersey. All that and more on the Driving...


E125 - Now that my friends is a true daily double

Have you wanted to go camping but, like me, you don’t want to sleep on the ground? You will be interested in what Jon Moran, creator of NativeCamperVans has to say. Jon takes us through the camper van lifestyle and what they are all about. Distracted driving is a problem obviously, but who checks their phone while they are driving to see if they have a match on Tinder? Conor Day with Root insurance joins m,e to talk about their latest distracted driving survey and how distractions can be...


E124 - In my day we drove our own cars... and we liked it!

Should we change the way we grade crash tests? The Auto Professor, Dr Norma Hubele says yes. I talk to Dr Hubele all about her auto grades and what cars are the safest when it comes to being in a crash. There are things you aren’t supposed to do like you aren’t supposed to tug on Superman’s cape,you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull off the mask of the Lone Ranger and don’t joke around with a flight attendant. And I want to share a Bud with Lloyd Boyd. All that and more on the...


E123 - Yea, because he's a road rage crazeball

Today I welcome guest co-host Nicole Brady to the show to talk transportation. There are some stiff fines for some common offenses in Wales, UK. The Tampa airport is now allowing you to visit their shops and restaurants behind the secure area but there may be a hidden bonus some may take advantage of. I speak with the connected vehicle company Geotab about their latest survey looking at the commute times between vehicle drivers and transit riders. The findings are quite surprising. And we...


E122 - She reached into her yoga pants and pulled out a small alligator

Buying a used car has changed dramatically over the past few years. One new company, Carvana, is changing the process even more. I speak with Jenni Stanford esq. All about Carvana and the changes in the business of used car sales. If you are too busy to pay attention to the in flight safety video then just get out now. How did that man survive stowing away in the wheel well of that plane? And are you excited to see me or is that a one-foot alligator in your yoga pants? All that and more on...


E121 - She is the Peyton Manning of parking tickets

Could you give up your car and only ride a scooter? Should you just rent one or lay down a few more bucks and buy one? We speak with Josh Frisby, the owner of the website Electric Scooter Insider (https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/) to talk all things scooter. Parking officers chalking your tire to see how long you’ve been parking is now a violation of the constitution. How could that be? I’ll explain. Morning meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo joins me to talk about her nickname for me that...


E120 - Think about what the city would like with 25 percent fewer cars

I spend the show today with the editor and executive director of Streetsblog Denver Andy Bosselman. We talk about transit vs single car commuting and all things around transportation options in and around cities. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Link to the Denver Post opinion piece by Andy: Denver Post Story Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson: twitter.com/Denver7Traffic or www.facebook.com/JaysonLuberTrafficGuy Andy Bosselman: twitter.com/andybosselman...


E119 - Is it time to make transportation a utility?

We spend the show talking managed toll lanes, creating a transportation utility and the future of transportation with the co-founder and current Director of Transportation Policy for the Reason Foundation. Bob is also author of the book published last year called, Rethinking America’s Highways: A 21st-century vision for better infrastructure. (https://www.amazon.com/Rethinking-Americas-Highways-21st-Century-Infrastructure/dp/022655757X) All that and more on the Driving You Crazy...


E118 - The zipper merge is just a feel good theory for the guy not waiting his turn

Guest host today is Skyler McKinley, Director of Public Relations and Government Affairs for AAA Colorado. Jayson and Skyler talk about the changes in the way AAA helps out stranded drivers, distracted driving, self driving car technology, the zipper merge, gas prices, car insurance and european headlights vs american headlights. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson: twitter.com/Denver7Traffic or...


E117 - At least you filled the hole

Guest host Nicole Brady joins the show today to talk about a story of an elderly couple who hasn’t driven their car for three years because they can’t get an airbag replacement. Jayson has some thoughts about the 2019 Denver Auto show. Potholes are horrible this time of year and one man in Texas was so fed up with his city not fixing them he did it himself. Congestion pricing is coming to New York City. Would you pay $230 a month to drive into the city? What town is next? Also from New...


E116 - This is not a James Bond movie

Would you let someone borrow your car while you are away on a trip? There is a new app called Drift that does just that, paying you to lend your car to other travelers. We speak with General Manager of Drift Alex David all about this new service. How did Colorado’s DOT handle all the avalanches that shut down Colorado’s mountains for a few weeks? Jayson says not good. Most passengers get on a plane with all their clothes on, most passengers. It is good luck to toss a coin in a fountain,...


E115 - You're going off this plane in handcuffs and you can decide if it's in Des Moines or Chicago

How close are we to a strike by flight attendants who work for Frontier Airlines? We talk with Sara Nelson, President of the Association of Flight Attendants - CWA about where negotiations stand right now, the potential for a worker rally in Denver next week and should tipping be allowed on airplanes. When you are the leading expert in impaired driving you probably don’t need to do any field study about it. Why fill the potholes when you can slow down and drive around them? And a little...


E114 - Does a car company have the right to tell us how fast we can or cannot go?

Should car companies have the right or obligation to tell its users how fast they can drive? Volvo will cap the top speed on all cars and is looking at using geofencing to make the car automatically slow down in certain parts of your town. The slippery slope this move will lead to. Life in the very, very fast lane in California. Don’t drive drunk if you are in a car with a sign warning of the dangers of drunk driving. No more cow tipping at the OKC airport. And why is there a flaming dead...


E113 - What's wrong with taking your pants off on an airplane?

What is hidden city ticketing? It is something that travelers love but airlines hate. We invited Tracy Stewart, content editor at the famous travel deal site, AirfareWatchdog.com to explain what it is, why the airlines hate it and if it is right for you. Stow your cutlery, the juice is loose in Colorado. Who steals a Pepsi truck to see their girlfriend? Ever heard of a layaway plan at the gas station? No? Neither did the gas station. Dead on Arrivo but that doesn’t stop the station down...


E112 - Let the Assman have his plates

Dave Assman personalized license plates request was rejected but it seems he has the last laugh. The soundtrack of NYC sirens could be changing. How do gas prices affect your daily life? Patrick DeHann from GasBuddy talks all about how gasoline and how it even affects our mood. AAA wants car makers to stop naming the same technology 40 different ways. And staring down the driver as you cross the street for a good but probably useless reason. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy...


E111 - Wait a minute, this test is flawed

Do you live in a state that has a hard or easy drivers tests? We talk to an expert about what states have the easiest and hardest tests to pass. Should Google stop letting us report police checkpoints? Why are there so many people trying to bring guns through airport security? SFO has a new outdoor deck that you can enjoy during your layover to Hawaii. And why was did the octopus cross the road? All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. For more information about the driving test...


E110 - No, not green yellow red.... red yellow green

Would you like to see a traffic light change from red to yellow before turning green? That was a proposal from Representative Hugh McKean of Colorado. Rep McKean explains his bill and why it would help drivers and pedestrians, The residents of one German town refuses to name their streets. Another driving hazard in the UK, dragons. Luxembourg is making all of their transit free. Good or bad? The LA Times thinks it is time for congestion pricing in downtown Los Angeles. Not just to save the...


E109 - All at the underwhelming speed of 12 to 15 mph

Let me tell you a little tale of two airlines. What is it like on the world’s largest cruise ship? Teaching your kids in the worst way how to not drink and drive. The tequila coat. The first driverless shuttle in the country doesn’t impress us yet. Changing the traffic lights from red to yellow to green and let’s heat the roads!! All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson: twitter.com/Denver7Traffic or...


E108 - The bird decided, what am I doing the flying for

Guest co-host Nicole Brady sits in this week. Imagine getting on your plane and there isn’t a seat where you are supposed to sit down. How the airline explains this fiasco. It is a bad thing to drive past a police chief at 140 mph. How did a bird get on this plane? And why not drink wine from a Pringles can? All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast. Contact: DrivingYouCrazyPodcast@Gmail.com Jayson: twitter.com/Denver7Traffic or www.facebook.com/JaysonLuberTrafficGuy Joseph:...