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Episode 38 - Story Time with the Dudes

It’s Monday, start your week with the Dudes! Nick Vicious is back! But now he has all these demands and apparently has a contract? Nick and Rob share some stories about what’s been going on and where they’ve been. Weezer and Toto cover each other, and we let you into what we’re talking about. A radio DJ finds himself out of a job after being a douchebag on social media. We like funny, and we like being able to speak your mind freely, but we don’t like rapey posts that make even us...


Episode 37 - For Those About To Rock The Sandbox

Rob Rotten flies solo today as Nick Vicious is out with a condition known as working. The NFL now has male cheerleaders, because we all want to see men in tight outfits doing the splits. KFC has a new Colonel, and he'll make you feel nostalgic. Snapchat Dysmorphia is a thing now. Alex Jones is getting banned everywhere for his nutty behavior. Be sure to visit our sponsors, get free and discounted stuff: go to gameflyoffer.com/dudesfromdallas and get a free 30-day trial subscription to...


Episode 36 - Saving Money Claiming to be a Woman

It’s Monday, start your week with the Dudes! Nick Vicious is out today, which means you have to put up with Rob Rotten and whatever it is he decides to talk about. We have a special guest host for you this episode, Nikki Tsuredure joins to discuss today’s hot topics. CBS announces a new Star Trek series featuring the best captain in Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard. A Canadian man changes his gender to save money on car insurance. A would-be bank robber tells police it’s a woman’s prerogative...


Episode 35 - Kiki-ing to the Weekend

We’re doing the Kiki Challenge for this Friday, and we invite you to come along for the ride. We share a little bit of sad news, an Orca whale continues to carry her dead calf. Anybody who says whales don’t have feelings much akin to humans, they would be dead wrong. We share the information and offer condolences for the baby calf who died shortly after birth. Rob Rotten is not a fan of the DC Comics movies, and Warner Bros.’ refusal to get it right enrages him more. The upcoming Batgirl...


Episode 34 - Smells Like Conspiracy

It’s the middle of the week, and the Dudes are back with some laughs and some commentary to carry your load through Friday. What do you get when you combine one of the most iconic bands of the grunge era with the lead vocalist of the most mocked band in modern history? If your answer is anything but a train wreck, you would be wrong. Truth be told, someone has started a Facebook campaign aimed at getting the surviving members of Nirvana to reunite in January with Nickelback singer Chad...


Episode 33 - No Time to be Offended

Time to start a new week, and the Dudes want to help you get through Monday with some knowledge and some laughs. The New York Daily News publishes a cover featuring President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on the back of a horse, and members of the LGBT community are outraged. The Dudes tackle people being professionally offended and the outrage people are looking for on purpose. Ricky Gervais is back at it, and this time he’s being called out for telling jokes about...


Episode 32 - Be You And Own It

It’s Friday! You made it through another week, and you deserve a reward, and the Dudes are more than happy to provide. The Dudes give the latest in the fall of Elon Musk … and to boil it down to the bare minimum, he’s a fraud. Let’s face it, railing against Elon Musk is always a good time. Trump, as always, is in the crosshairs and the Dudes take a look at the substance of what the arguments against him are when it comes to being in love with Russia. Does his business background play a...


Episode 31 - Playing Just The Tip

Humpday is upon us, we’re halfway through the week and the Dudes are back with a packed show. We try to push you out of your comfort zone, playing just the tip, just for a second to see how it feels. Nick triggers Rob by introducing a teaser clip of Disney’s next live-action adaptation film, “Christopher Robin.” Rob is not amused, but the movie stars Hayley Atwell from “Agent Carter” and Marvel Cinematic Universe fame, so that makes him happy. Otherwise, Rob Rotten is not a Disney fan,...


Episode 30 - All About The Funny

It’s Monday, the start of a new work week, and time for another Dudes From Dallas episode. Monday’s watercooler talk focuses on the funny, or lack thereof on college campuses around the country. VICE News on HBO ran a segment about the growing number of comedians who will not play college campuses because students, or professional student employees can’t take a joke. “The kids that I’m programming for are not cis-het dudes. And we intentionally program towards that,” Kat Michael, the...


Episode 29 - Murder and Sex Bots

Happy Friday Duders and Duderettes #SettledLaw. Papa John is in huge trouble, and after resigning his post as Chairman, the hits just keep coming. Sports teams and leagues are distancing themselves from the company. Life imitates art thanks to Family Guy. The Dudes have the perfect solution, stop making bad pizza. What conversation about Papa John’s would be complete without talking about their sponsorship of the NFL? The NFL Player’s Association files a grievance against the league’s...


Episode 28 - D*ckish Employer Behavior

Humpday means it’s Dudes day for you. Today the Dudes are talking about a new proposed Hyperloop system that could make travel times much shorter and more convenient. A system should be up and running within seven years, Michael Morris, director of transportation for the North Central Texas Council of Governments, told the Dallas Business Journal in an interview. The Dudes are all for it, so long at the NTTA stays the hell away from it. Nick Vicious struggles and checks his moral compass...


Episode 27 - Elon Musk Gets Punked

It’s Monday, and hopefully you’re not suffering from a case of the “Mun-days.” The Dudes want to thank everyone who has been listening and downloading the show, as well as sharing the show. We really love and appreciate all of you. Elon Musk gets raked over the coals for trying to get involved in saving a soccer team from Taiwan trapped in a cave. Rob Rotten determines that he saved as many of those kids as Elon. Nick and Rob break down bias in the media and offer some insight to what...


Episode 26 - Penis Lives Matter

Welcome to Friday … Dudes Style. New episodes drop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Nick can’t find his sponsor reads, after failing with organizing his emails. Much to his chagrin, he also can’t find work invoices and other needed messages. How much money is he leaving on the table? An Odessa, Texas hunter is pushing back against her critics, after photos of her next to a giraffe she killed in South Africa triggered outrage. The Dudes come up with a way to earn the right to hunt big...


Episode 25 - Boogity Boogity Boogity

Welcome to Humpday … Dudes Style. New episodes drop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Dudes would like to take a moment to open the show with a prayer, but don’t let the thought of a prayer scare you off … it’s NOT that type of prayer. It’s the second show from the new Forney Extension, and it’s been an adventure. Nick is still uncomfortable in his Ed McMahon chair. Mrs. Rotten has taken part of the show’s imaging as a new catchphrase. President Trump announced his pick for the...


Episode 24 - The Dudes Are Back!

Welcome to a fresh new week … Dudes Style. New episodes drop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Dudes are taking their new studio for a test drive, and Nick Vicious is feeling a tad like Ed McMahon from The Tonight Show. Nick and Rob allow their dogs to meet at long last, and the result will have you laughing. Steve Irwin crosses Mrs. Rotten and she nails his ass to the wall. President Trump is going to announce his latest Supreme Court Justice, and the Dudes take a look at who’s on...


Nostalgia and Xennials

‘90s Musical Acts Return in Unexpected Ways: There is a saying: what was once old is new again. And there is nothing that gets people worked up more than a pair of ‘90s musical acts coming out with something new. The Spice Girls have been teasing their fans for years about a possible reunion. Justin Timberlake is transitioning into country music, using a one-of-a-kind music video with Chris Stapleton as the launch pad. Justin, as you may recall, was active with the boy band N’Sync from...


Today We Celebrate Our Independence Day

It's Independence Day in America, and the Dudes celebrate it with a special flashback interview with Terry Osterhout and Liz LaPoint. Nothing says 'Merica like the ability to create art that is uncompromising and intense, and that's exactly what Terry and Liz do. Sadly, there are people around them who would like nothing more than to derail their first amendment rights and have their work censored or straight removed. So, we're celebrate the freedoms that make our country great. To follow...


Special Episode - Scott Barber

It's a special flashback episode of the Dudes From Dallas. Nickelodeon is bringing back Double Dare this summer and the Dudes want to compete. Filmmaker Scott Barber joins the show to talk about a Nickelodeon documentary he's making that explores the network's golden era. What was your favorite Nick show? Be sure to visit our sponsors, get free and discounted stuff: go to gameflyoffer.com/dudesfromdallas and get a free 30-day trial subscription to play video games on any console and...


Season 2018, Episode 23

Welcome to Friday … Dudes Style. New episodes drop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Space Force is coming! The Dudes have exclusive audio of the president announcing the formation of a new branch of the military. That’s right boys and girls, there’s a space force coming to America. Josh Brolin, the actor who portrays Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War”, goes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and reads Trump tweets as Thanos. Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Captain Jean-Luc...


Season 2018, Episode 22

Welcome to Wednesday … Dudes Style. New episodes drop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There’s a lot of fake outrage out there, and actual outrage to go along with it. Have you tried to express opinions on social media only to be shouted down by those on your friends list? We talk about the discourse and the inability for people to talk to one another in respectful ways, especially when they disagree with each other. Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets kicked out of a...