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Episode 53 - After a Hiatus, Bill Maher is a Dick, RIP Stan Lee

The Dudes mourn the loss of Stan Lee and call out the douchebag known as Bill Maher. Moviegoers are trying to ruin the last perfect thing in the world by wanting to see another chapter of a beloved movie franchise. Finally, should we build a dorm for congress so they can enjoy their $174,000 a year salary.


Episode 52 - Voting is Sexy and Triggering

Sorry for the extended break, life sometimes gets in the way, even when it’s a passion project. The Hogg-Free zone rule gets broken and Rob Rotten is triggered. Chadwick Boseman, Zoe Kravitz, Chris Evans Team Up for March for Our Lives Voting PSA and try to make voting sexy by throwing in as many double entendres as possible. Double entendres are fun, but when you’re trying to ruin the lives of people, it’s probably not the best way to convey your message. High School is hard, so hard … in...


Episode 51 - Experimentation and MeToo Satire

The Dudes are experimenting with a new system that will allow us to become a daily show. Nick Vicious gets railed on Facebook when talking about the #MeToo movement and we talk about the alienation of allies in the cause.


Episode 50 - Nerdgasms, Weed and Sexual Perversions

It's our 50th episode! Thank you to all of you who listen to us, support us and allow us to do what we do on the show. As a special treat, we have an extended episode for you. In the near future, you may be able to hear us live (while still able to download the podcast) and have great stuff to purchase. Start your weekend right with Nick Vicious and Rob Rotten, who are the Dudes From Dallas … giving you all the news and funny you need to get your weekend going. We start with a collective...


Episode 49 - Only a Stoner Would Revise History and Fail at Design

It’s Humpday, and the Dudes are back with more goodness for your ears. Willie Nelson has pissed off conservatives in Texas, but not for what you would think. He has decided to play a show for Senate candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke. Rob Rotten is not a fan of the candidate, but could care less about who Willie performs for. The Senate race in Texas is going to be a dogfight between O’Rourke and Ted Cruz. Revisionist history is becoming a problem in Texas, with people wanting to remove...


Episode 48 - Bad Boys! Whatcha Gonna Do?

It’s Monday, and Nick Vicious is back on the show! That’s right boys and girls, Nick Vicious is back and the Dudes are reunited. Nick contemplates $650 tickets to see Lindsey Buckingham play, and Rob thinks that’s a waste without the rest of Fleetwood Mac … and Rob Rotten is not a fan of The Rocket Summer. It’s an otherwise heavy day with the Dudes, as they break down the latest in the saga of the Dallas police officer who shot and killed her neighbor while off duty, claiming he was...


Episode 47 - Takin it Off in Strange Places

Humpday shenanigans are happening with the Dudes From Dallas. Nobody thinks about what strippers are forced to do outside of the club, but we share some stories on the more unusual places they get paid to take it off … some of them you may not see coming. Speaking of strippers, a Chinese principal is out of a job after a most inappropriate welcoming ceremony for a group of kindergarten students. Hint: If you’re on the flag pole, make sure the flag isn’t flying. A Georgia charter school is...


Episode 46 - Toxic Masculinity and the NFL

Welcome to a new week with the Dudes From Dallas. Nick Vicious is having technical problems, so Rob Rotten is flying solo again today … but fear not, there’s a lot to talk about. What does masculinity look like? What does it feel like? Are you afraid of #MeToo? Well, men can pay $895 at 'Male Feminism Camp' to cope with their own toxicity. A West Virginia weather girl attacked the station’s TV news anchor — cracking her skull in a wild brawl — because the anchor accused her of hitting on...


Episode 45 - Learn How To Act Right

It’s Friday, and the Dudes have some very important lessons for you heading into the weekend. One event we all will have to attend at some point in our lives is a funeral. It sucks, but it’s how life is. It has come to our attention that people don’t know how to behave themselves at funerals anymore. It’s almost like Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell ruined funeral etiquette in the movie Wedding Crashers. Bill Clinton eye f-cks Ariana Grande while a pastor feels her up at Aretha...


Episode 44 - Pardon Our Absence

We apologize for our extended absence, we promise it won’t happen again … for a while at least. It’s a Texas-Centered episode from the Dudes From Dallas today, but fret not, what we share with you will resonate no matter where you live. A pair of neighbors get into an argument over trash in an alley way, and the lesson “Never bring trash to a gun fight” is learned. Eric Grubbs from the Dallas Observer joins the Dudes to talk about Senate candidate, Democrat “Beto” O’Rourke, and his...


Episode 43 - Tacos, Mexican or American?

Head into the weekend with the Dudes From Dallas! Tucker Carlson loses his mind over Tacos and we take the time to mock him relentlessly. Fox News host Tucker Carlson went on a rant about who tacos really belong to during an interview with Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo. Carlson and Acevedo were discussing the recent controversy over the owner of Houston restaurant El Tiempo Cantina posting a photo with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had dined at the restaurant. Disgraced actor...


Episode 42 - Religion Inc. Files Chapter 11

It’s Humpday with the Dudes From Dallas … and in that spirit, we’re going to be talking a lot about humping. Sadly, it’s not the good kind … But don’t let that discourage you, because you’re gonna like what we say about the aforementioned humping. It’s a bad week for religion, Uganda police arrested an American man, who claimed to be in the country doing missionary work, after reviewing a video that showed him striking out at hotel workers and using racial slurs. He blames an illness, but...


Episode 41 - Dudes Go Sports

The Dudes From Dallas pride themselves on being a well-rounded show, where you can get the news, opinions and some funny stuff along the way. We also are sports guys, and today we talk some happenings in the sports world. Auto racing is a dangerous sport, and that was on display this last weekend at Pocono Raceway where the Verizon IndyCar series was in action. Driver Robert Wickens has a scary crash that left us wondering if he had survived. A few weeks earlier at the same track, a NASCAR...


Episode 40 - Monopoly Was Rigged From The Start

It’s Friday and the Dudes are gonna tell you all about how a man’s life got flipped turned upside down. And we'd like to take a minute, just sit right there … we’ll tell you how Rob Rotten became the offender of L.A. Ben Affleck is attached to direct and Matt Damon to star in a true-crime story. We’re wondering if this is the safe pic, the art pic or the payback pic because a friend told them they owed him a favor. (Points if you get the reference) The story was written by Jeff Maysh and...


Episode 39 - Voodoo Donut Manipulations

Rob Rotten tries his hand to become the next Billy Mays, only the radio version and the Dudes break down what their NPR broadcaster names would be. We get a chance to mock some of our favorite targets, this week’s targets are Elon Musk and Alex Jones. Since Nick Vicious was out last week, we get his take on Alex Jones being banned from various platforms. Musk is being sued for being a fraud and trying to sell his company to Saudi Arabia. We are all being manipulated by the most powerful...


Episode 38 - Story Time with the Dudes

It’s Monday, start your week with the Dudes! Nick Vicious is back! But now he has all these demands and apparently has a contract? Nick and Rob share some stories about what’s been going on and where they’ve been. Weezer and Toto cover each other, and we let you into what we’re talking about. A radio DJ finds himself out of a job after being a douchebag on social media. We like funny, and we like being able to speak your mind freely, but we don’t like rapey posts that make even us...


Episode 37 - For Those About To Rock The Sandbox

Rob Rotten flies solo today as Nick Vicious is out with a condition known as working. The NFL now has male cheerleaders, because we all want to see men in tight outfits doing the splits. KFC has a new Colonel, and he'll make you feel nostalgic. Snapchat Dysmorphia is a thing now. Alex Jones is getting banned everywhere for his nutty behavior. Be sure to visit our sponsors, get free and discounted stuff: go to gameflyoffer.com/dudesfromdallas and get a free 30-day trial subscription to...


Episode 36 - Saving Money Claiming to be a Woman

It’s Monday, start your week with the Dudes! Nick Vicious is out today, which means you have to put up with Rob Rotten and whatever it is he decides to talk about. We have a special guest host for you this episode, Nikki Tsuredure joins to discuss today’s hot topics. CBS announces a new Star Trek series featuring the best captain in Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard. A Canadian man changes his gender to save money on car insurance. A would-be bank robber tells police it’s a woman’s prerogative...


Episode 35 - Kiki-ing to the Weekend

We’re doing the Kiki Challenge for this Friday, and we invite you to come along for the ride. We share a little bit of sad news, an Orca whale continues to carry her dead calf. Anybody who says whales don’t have feelings much akin to humans, they would be dead wrong. We share the information and offer condolences for the baby calf who died shortly after birth. Rob Rotten is not a fan of the DC Comics movies, and Warner Bros.’ refusal to get it right enrages him more. The upcoming Batgirl...


Episode 34 - Smells Like Conspiracy

It’s the middle of the week, and the Dudes are back with some laughs and some commentary to carry your load through Friday. What do you get when you combine one of the most iconic bands of the grunge era with the lead vocalist of the most mocked band in modern history? If your answer is anything but a train wreck, you would be wrong. Truth be told, someone has started a Facebook campaign aimed at getting the surviving members of Nirvana to reunite in January with Nickelback singer Chad...