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Season 1, Episode 6

The dudes are back and the show is bigger and better ... well, sorta. For the first time the dudes are in video, HD video at that. Nick Vicious is dealing with a dog problem, while Rob Rotten confesses to feeding his cat Chinese food. The Simpsons find themselves embroiled in controversy, and the dudes tell you where they stand. Media companies are changing the way they do business and it could directly impact the dudes' home area of Dallas. Mississippi has some laws on their books that can...


Season 1, Episode 5

This week Rob is enraged by the latest chapter in the David Hogg saga and imposes a "Hogg-Free" zone for the Dudes. Nick Vicious is looking for friends to play Fortnite with him. Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda announces a new solo album after the passing of Chester Bennington which leads the Dudes to a discussion on coping and how the arts are being cannibalized in schools. Hackers attack the city of Atlanta, demanding a strange amount of ransom money. Roseanne is back, and the Dudes break the...


Season 1, Episode 4

Protests and marches around the country take center stage, or do they? The dudes take a trip down nostalgic lane, as the Spice Girls could become superheros. Justin Timberlake does something cool. We find out who on the crew is a twice-ordained minister. Photographer and artist Terry Osterhout and model Liz Lapoint join to discuss their work, upcoming projects, free speech and how some people in their area are trying to silence them. Do you have a boss that contacts you after work...


Season 1, Episode 3

The Dudes are back with an action packed show this week. Florida student “activist” David Hogg makes an ass of himself in a new video, and the reactions are strong. Geoffrey the Giraffe and Stephen Hawking get the Dude memorial treatment. Are your progressive friends being overly dickish to you? There’s a reason for it. The Dudes dive into the complaint box and examine just what Rotten’s mom is complaining about this week. A website is letting people learn to speak Klingon and it’s...


Season 1, Episode 2

This week the dudes are back with an all new show and new format (thanks damn lawyer). This week the dudes reveal what happened to Nancy Grace and where you can now find her, and it's a shocker. Take a stroll through history and learn how businesses gained rights through deceiving the U,S, Supreme Court. Conservatives are whining about not getting laid while "Pharma Bro" cries like a bitch after getting sentenced to seven years in prison. MIT spends a lot of money to study how quickly news...


001 Dudes from Dallas

Do you feel non smokers are getting a raw deal at work? Some do...and they're demanding extra time off as compensation. What about parents versus non parents? Should NON parents get extra time off too? Kevin Smith? Not Dead (after a heart attack). Seriously, who would have thought Mewes would almost outlive Silent Bob? The conversation devolves into bad impressions from Clerks II. Prepare for it to get...weird... What in the hell is a XENNIAL? The Dudes explain, and link the whole thing...


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