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Midterm Madness: A Reflection on the Election [Episode 94]

Tom takes the night off after our long election night live stream, so Austin does a little recap of the Midterms and some of the craziness that followed. Also, hear why trump supporters wanted to vote.


#VOTE2SAVETOM [Episode 093]

In this week's episode we talk about the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. We discuss how hate has taken over this country and what we can do about it. We then discuss stable genius Trump and his plan to end birthright citizenship which even Paul Ryan says he cannot do. We then talk about good old Kanye West who now backtracks all he has been saying and doing as he feels he is being used. Next on the list is Claire McCaskill and the tale of the Fake Democrat. We find out why that is so and...


News Of The World 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales... [Episode 92]

In this week's episode we discuss the recent bomb threats that targeted several Democratic leaders. We talk about why it's happening and who is doing it. We talk about the voting woes in Arkansas and by that we mean a Democrat was left off of the ballot. That is one way to stop the Democrats from winning on November 6th. We then discuss the very racist robocall that went out against Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Warning… it is awful. We then have Steven on to tell us what...


Twitter Time Strikes Back [Episode 91]

In this week's episode we talk about Trump's most recent sexist comments as he called the prostitute that he slept with, “horseface.” We then talk about the terrifying story about the journalist who went missing 2 weeks ago and is now expected to be dead. We discuss why this is more important than people think and why it matters that it is Saudi Arabia who is behind this. We talk about a member of the GOP who accidently ran an ad that had a swastika in it. Not much of a shock there. We also...


Past the Point of No Return [Episode 90: Part 2]

In this week’s episode we talk about exactly what he knew was going to happen as we cover Brett Kavanaugh’s official SCOTUS confirmation despite more investigations looming. We also talk about the final process of that “investigation”. Next, we go over a new Climate Change report that is absolutely frightening. We talk about that and what it means for us and the future of the world. And finally, we try to figure out what exactly happened to Nikki Haley and what caused her to randomly resign...


Opinion Contributor [Episode 90: Part 1]

This week because of some poor planning by both of us, we were without Tom's audio, but half the podcast is better than no podcast so here goes nothing! Austin takes this one alone and covers a few Trump and Senate stories, before responding to the Trump Op-Ed about medicare for all. Then we listen to what some Trump supporters from Pennsylvania have to say about the #MeToo movement and the bombshell NYT piece on Trump's wealth and his taxes.


Devil's (Progressive) Triangle [Episode 089]

In this week’s episode we talk go over the new updates on the Kavanaugh hearings/FBI investigation/fucking of America. We discuss what we think will happen and what will probably happen. We then go over the amazing news brought to us by Amazon, who with the pressure from Bernie Sanders, has raised their minimum wage rate up to $15 per hour! We then discuss the new NAFTA deal which is essentially the same deal but with Trump written on it… We then talk to Joy Marie Mann who is an activist,...


News of the World 4: A New Hope(lessness) [Episode 088]

In this week’s episode we talk about Brett Kavanaugh's sexual abuse allegations and how they got that much worse over the week as 2 additional women have accused him! We then discuss the news surrounding Rod Rosenstein and what that could mean for the future of the Trump Investigation. We then get a look at what the world truly thinks about Trump as he is quite literally laughed at on the world stage… Finally, we get our Not America Report update from our friend and Not America/World/UK...


Tremendously Big and Tremendously Dumb [Episode 087]

In this week’s episode we talk about Hurricane Florence and its destruction/aftermath. However, we also talk about Trump’s media blunder as well as his Hurricane Maria claim. We then discuss Brett Kavanaugh’s rape allegation and the result of that. We go over what this means going forward and why this is very important. Next, we talk about the Paul Manafort flip as he accepts a plea deal from Mueller. We go over the specifics and discuss why this matters. Finally, we go over the spending...


Corporate Welfare [Episode 086]

This week we go over some more Trump nonsense, we bring back the Bigly Topic, and Scary Religious Nuts Jobs! Check us out on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dumb-all-over/id1200040157?mt=2 and Spreaker at https://www.spreaker.com/show/dumb-all-over Check out our website at www.dumballoverpod.com To follow our everyday shenanigans follow us on the social medias. Twitter - https://twitter.com/DumbAllOverPod Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DumbAllOverPod Instagram -...


Instant Karma [Episode 085]

In this week’s episode we had more audio problems but still found time to get together and do an abbreviated episode, which worked out amazingly because oh boy did we have some news! First, Kavanaugh is having a terrible week. Cory Booker has released potentially damning emails that were being kept by the GOP. We discuss this! We then discuss Alex Jones and his new ban, this time on Twitter, one of the few outlets yet to ban him. What does this mean for Alex Jones? Hopefully the end of his...


News of the World 3: This Time it's Personal [Episode 084]

This week, we are joined in studio by our friend Joe Steo as we go over stories about John McCain's death, another shooting, and more news about the catholic church. We are then joined by our Not America correspondent Steven! Check us out on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dumb-all-over/id1200040157?mt=2 and Spreaker at https://www.spreaker.com/show/dumb-all-over Check out our website at www.dumballoverpod.com To follow our everyday shenanigans follow us on the social medias....


Truth isn't Truth Edition [Episode 083]

In this week’s episode we cover the bombshell news involving Trump’s former personal Lawyer Michael Cohen and his former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and the not so amazing day they had and what it means for Trump and for the USA going forward! We then discuss Elizabeth Warren’s new bill aimed at taking a chunk out of the corruption in Washington D.C. We find out what was in Pope Francis’s “angry” letter regarding the most recent abuse reports that came out of Pennsylvania, and we listen...


Sarah Smith 2018!!!! [Episode 082]

In this week's episode we cover an array of topics but we start off quite differently! We interview Sarah Smith who defied all odds and made it to the top 2 in her district in Washington State which means she will be on the November ballot! We discuss her campaign and her opponent with her! We then cover the weekly news starting with Omarosa and the “N-Word” tape possibility, Rudy Giuliani being Rudy Giuliani and confusing the hell out of all of us, one of the biggest Catholic Priest abuse...


Space Force: Ground Control, No Major Tom [Episode 081]

This week, we have something a little different again...but I already used that title, so I had to think of something else. Because of some technical issues, we had to scrap the originally recorded episode and Austin goes solo. Stories covered: Ben Shapiro bugs AOC for attention, ICE cant reunite families, Sarah Smith update, and some words from the dumbest people on earth: Trump supporters. Plus, I crack up over the idea of the Space Force. I then bring back “Scary Religious Nutjobs” as we...


Something a Little Different [Ep. 080]

In this week’s episode we trim down the normal format of the show because Austin is on vacation and Tom is busy dealing with snobby rich people! We talk about Trump's very demanding tweets to AG Jeff Sessions to end the Mueller investigation, we discuss the fact that North Korea is still making missiles despite promising us they wouldn’t, we talk about CBS CEO Les Moonves and his sexual harassment allegations as well as Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and his attempt at hiding a domestic...


News Of The World 2: Eclectic Boogaloo [Episode 079]

In this week’s episode we discuss Trumps ALL CAPS ANGRY TWEET ABOUT IRAN and what it could mean for the future but also what it makes him look like. We then talk about the 12 billion dollar bailout that Trump will be issuing farmers that are being affected by the trade war… that was started by Trump. We discuss the newest development involving Michael Cohen and the tapes that he secretly recorded while speaking to Trump. We then talk about the almost satire like article written by a...


#TreasonSummit [Episode 078]

This week we talk about Trump and his little trip abroad...which has had big impli-ma-cations here at home and around the world. We also talk about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the tears of the centrists. We are lucky to once again have Kevin from the Nerdy Things Podcast on the show to catch us up on pop culture and he presents his own Bigly Nerdy Topic. Check out Kevin on the Nerdy Things Podcast: http://nerdythingspod.com/ Check out our stuff here: https://www.dumballoverpod.com/ Check...


The Fairness Doctrine (feat. Miles & Crawford) [Episode 077]

In this week's episode we discuss Trump's new Supreme Court pick whose name is Brett Kavanaugh. We find out who he is and how he could impact the rest of our lives. We talk about former EPA Chief Scott Pruitt and his resignation but also his replacement who may actually be worse than him. We cover the Thai soccer team situation and end it by talking about how England is trying to prep the Trump visit by making Green Day’s American Idiot number 1 on their music charts! Austin then tells us...


4th Of July Special! [Episode 076]

In this week’s episode we discuss the first Michael Cohen interview since his office was raided by the FBI and what it could mean for Trump. We then cover the growing amount of support for the destruction of ICE lead by Progressives in office such as Bernie Sanders. We find out what to do when you post a racist photo and post on Twitter courtesy of Ron Paul. We also find out how long Archbishops go to prison for covering up decades of child abuse in Australia. Finally, an old segment makes...