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#TreasonSummit [Episode 078]

This week we talk about Trump and his little trip abroad...which has had big impli-ma-cations here at home and around the world. We also talk about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the tears of the centrists. We are lucky to once again have Kevin from the Nerdy Things Podcast on the show to catch us up on pop culture and he presents his own Bigly Nerdy Topic. Check out Kevin on the Nerdy Things Podcast: http://nerdythingspod.com/ Check out our stuff here: https://www.dumballoverpod.com/ Check...


The Fairness Doctrine (feat. Miles & Crawford) [Episode 077]

In this week's episode we discuss Trump's new Supreme Court pick whose name is Brett Kavanaugh. We find out who he is and how he could impact the rest of our lives. We talk about former EPA Chief Scott Pruitt and his resignation but also his replacement who may actually be worse than him. We cover the Thai soccer team situation and end it by talking about how England is trying to prep the Trump visit by making Green Day’s American Idiot number 1 on their music charts! Austin then tells us...


4th Of July Special! [Episode 076]

In this week’s episode we discuss the first Michael Cohen interview since his office was raided by the FBI and what it could mean for Trump. We then cover the growing amount of support for the destruction of ICE lead by Progressives in office such as Bernie Sanders. We find out what to do when you post a racist photo and post on Twitter courtesy of Ron Paul. We also find out how long Archbishops go to prison for covering up decades of child abuse in Australia. Finally, an old segment makes...


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez FTW! & Glass-Steagall [Episode 075]

In this week’s episode we have the unfortunate task of talking about Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy’s retirement which paves the way for Trump to nominate a far right conservative judge who could impact many years to come. We then stay on the topic of the SCOTUS as we talk about a 5-4 ruling that takes aim at Labor Unions. We do have some good news as we go over the results from the very busy Tuesday night Primaries which took place in 7 states. Progressive, and former guest of the...


This is America [Episode 074]

In this week’s extra dark and sadder than usual episode we discuss the horror that is going on at the border as children are stripped away from their families. We talk about how Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidate Lou Barletta is literally PA’s version of Trump and how he actually finds nothing wrong with the separation of children and finally we talk about some good news as Paul Manafort is jailed and the World Health Organization (WHO), has finally said that transgender people are not...


Crisis Pregnancy Centers (A Dumb All Over/Secular Soup Production) [Episode 073]

This week we have a special treat, this episode is a crossover episode with the amazing Amy and Ami of the Secular Soup Podcast. We join forces to bring you the news of the week (kind of)! Amy then educates us about Crisis Pregnancy Centers, this week's Bigly Topic. We want to thank Amy and Ami once again for coming up with this cool idea and putting up with us for over an hour... They will also be releasing this episode on their feed, which you can find here:...


News Of the World [Episode 072]

This week we talk about the recent SCOUTS ruling about gay cakes (or lack thereof), the pardon of Dinesh D'Souza, and whats happening in Trumpland... We then hear about all the news in Not America with our Not America Correspondent: Steven! Tom also gets a visit from an Alt-Right friend of his... Our Beer this week: DuClaw Dirty Little Freak, Saucony Creek Imperial Coffee Stout, Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale.


Food Deserts [Episode 071]

This week we talk about what happened to the Rosanne show, some of Trump's new legal problems, and his new Twitter blame game for a policy that his administration implemented. Our Bigly Topic this week is: Food Deserts. We also have to honor of speaking to Democratic nominee in Texas' 14th District, Adrienne Bell. Thanks for coming on the show! You can find more information on Adrienne Bell's campaign here: https://bell2018.com/ Help support the show by becoming a patron at...


Andrew Torrez of Opening Arguments! [Episode 70]

This week we once again have to address a mass shooting, this time in a school in Santa Fe, Texas. It's the same nightmare over and over, and there is not much else we could say, but here we are again. We also talk about Bernie saying he is going to run for re-election to the Senate. There is no Bigly Topic this week, because we have a Bigly Interview with one of our podcasting heroes, Andrew Torrez! He tells us about the Mueller investigation, Trump's instability, and Michael Cohen's...


Prison Labor [Episode 069]

This week we go through the aftermath of the PA primary elections, which was actually some really good news, then we talk about more Trump news...which was not so great. We cover the deal Trump is making with China, and the horrible killings of unarmed Palestinians during the opening of the new embassy in Jerusalem. Our Bigly Topic this week is: Prison Labor. After that, Kevin from the Nerdy Things Podcast comes on for the Not Politics Report to tell is about what is going on in the world...


Worker Co-ops (feat. Skeptical Chap Dan and Kent Spade) [Episode 068]

This week we talk about Donald Trump pulling out, and unfortunately the thing he is pulling out of is the Iran Nuclear Deal... We then discuss two sexual abuse cases in New York and PA state politics. Then we cover our Bigly Topic of the week: Worker Co-ops! Speaking of Co-ops, our good not american friend Dan (half of the 2 Skeptical Chaps podcast) joined us for the first segment and up and coming author Kent Spade tells us about his new book: Red, White, Blue, and Colors Check out 2...


Political Consultants [Episode 067]

This week we talk about a possible peace deal between North and South Korea, how much credit Trump should get. Robert Mueller also has some questions for Trump, and now we know what some of them are... We then read about a GOP representative who thinks black people can't handle marijuana because of genetics...so Sam Harris will probably have him on for a buddy buddy interview soon... Our Bigly Topic for this week is: Political Consultants. Steven also stops by to give us an update on Not...


Biofuel [Episode 066]

This week talk about another shooting and a van attack in Toronto. We also discuss the new Marijuana decriminalization bill in the Senate and we make some jokes at the expense of Peter Daou... Our Bigly Topic this week is: Biofuel, a brownish green revolution! Kevin from the Nerdy Things Podcast comes on the show to update us about the Not Politics happenings, and we listen to Jim Bakker tell us why cancer hasn't been cured yet. Check out our website at dumballoverpod.com Become a patron...


Ayn Rand [Episode 065]

This week we cover some Trump nonsense, the terrible crimes of a couple anti-gay pastors/priests, and the Syria strikes. Our Bigly Topic this week is the original Russian troll, Ayn Rand. Then we break down Alex Jones' video of himself...breaking down. check out our website: dumballoverpod.com Support the show by becoming a Patron at http://www.patreon.com/dumballoverpod


Paul Ryan (feat. Nils Palsson) [Episode 064]

This week we are back together and ready to bring you the news of the week. We cover stories about Michael Cohen, Louisiana animal sex laws, Pope Francis, and of course Donald Trumpsfeld. Our Bigly Topic this week is: Paul Ryan. Yep, that's right, we are going to rip that shit-head a new asshole in our most scathing Bigly Topic yet! We also had the great pleasure of speaking to Nils Palsson, a progressive candidate running for congress in California's 5th District. He was a great guest and...


Job Guarantee Program [Episode 063]

This week we talk about Trump making some changes to the leadership at the VA, what Nestle is trying to do with the water in Michigan, and other Trump administration nonsense. Our Bigly Topic this week is: Job Guarantee Program. We then take a moment to listen to what Alex Jones has to say about...something...not really sure what he was even rambling about, but it is hilarious. Despite having a difficult week trying to put this week's episode together, it is here and it is done! Check out...


Rank Choice Voting [Episode 062]

This week we cover some Trump stories, such as the Omnibus spending bill, John Bolton's appointment as National Security Advisor, and some other nonsense. Our Bigly Topic this week is: Rank Choice Voting! The decision to cover this topic was inspired by an iTunes comment from a listener...so keep on reviewing our show and you might actually help us decide what to cover too! We also have Steven on for our "Not America Report" where he tells us some news about Kim Jong Un, China, torture,...


Universal Basic Income [Episode 060]

This week we cover a busy week in Trumpland, we talk about personnel changes in the WH, a secretary of state fired via Twitter, and a war criminal being put up for the dead of the CIA while the current head of the CIA is tapped to take the Secretary of State post. We then cover our Bigly Topic: Universal Basic Income, where we go over what it is, the criticism, and the state of UBI around the world. After that we listen to one nut job christian protester and a couple nutjob Mormons have a...


Citizens United [Episode 059]

This week we battle an annoying winter storm and the fragility of the Pennsylvania power grid to bring you this week's episode. We talk about some Trump news, including Kelly Ann Conway and the case of the broken law and other stories. Then we move on to our Bigly Topic: Citizens United, the court case, the organization, and the aftermath. We also take a listen to Lori Bakker face emoji her way through a nonsensical and incoherent monologue. Thanks again everyone for the kind words while...


Modern Monetary Theory [Episode 057]

This week we talk about the school shooting in Parkland, FL. Another shooting here in America, but it seems likes the students who survived might actually make the change that the generations that preceded them could not. We also cover a couple Trump stories and we debut our Big Topic segment: this week we take a look at Modern Monetary Theory or MMT. Then we have Kevin from the Nerdy Things Podcast on to talk about some pop culture. Tom was a little under the weather, so this week's...