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In this brand new podcast, filmmaker Alex McCarron speaks to thinkers, writers and broadcasters about the Coronavirus lockdown, how it will affect our lives and what the world might look like afterwards.

In this brand new podcast, filmmaker Alex McCarron speaks to thinkers, writers and broadcasters about the Coronavirus lockdown, how it will affect our lives and what the world might look like afterwards.


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In this brand new podcast, filmmaker Alex McCarron speaks to thinkers, writers and broadcasters about the Coronavirus lockdown, how it will affect our lives and what the world might look like afterwards.




Episode 31 - Dr Mark Changizi

Alex talks to theoretical cognitive scientist Dr Mark Changizi about why governments around the world has pursued a policy as destructive as lockdown with such determination and alacrity. In this wide-ranging interview, they discuss lockdown as a psychological phenomenon and compare is to other mass-hysterias that have taken public consciousness hostage. Dr Mark Changizi is a multi-disciplinary theorist who has worked in a number of different fields in a fascinating and career including...


Episode 30 - Oliver Smith

Alex talks to the Telegraph's Oliver Smith about what travel will look like in the age of Covid, whether we will be able to go on holiday ever again or will the threat of new variants keep us locked up in HMP Great Britain. Oliver Smith is the Digital Travel Editor for the Telegraph.


Episode 29 - Ronan Maher

Alex talks to writer Ronan Maher, ostensibly about whether lockdowns have become an integral part of leftist political thought. As Alex polishes off a bottle of wine beers, it degenerates into a wide-ranging conversation about the state of the world today.


Episode 28 - Stacey Rudin

Alex talks to writer and activist Stacey Rudin about the state of lockdown in the USA, China's role in bringing it about and her experience helping the Great Barrington Declaration cone into being. Stacey Rudin is a freelance writer, activist, community leader, volunteer, and former litigator. Her work appears in a number of outlets, including for the AIER and RealClearPolitics. You can read some of her work on her brilliant Medium page here


Episode 27 - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Kathryn Flett

Alex talks to writer, broadcast, critic and professional Grumpy Old Woman Kathryn Flett about what promises to be the worst Christmas since the war, and the of the state of play in our neverending lockdown. Kathryn Flett begin her career writing for magazines like I-D and the Face, before being appointed editor of Arena. After a many years at The Observer, she is now restaurant critic for the Telegraph. She has made numerous TV appearances, including as one of the BBC's Grumpy Old Women and...


Episode 26 - Tania Edwards

Alex talks to comedian Tania Edwards as they paint a terrifying picture of a biofascist state that could emerge in a dystopian near future as a result of the current lockdown induced terror.


Episode 25 - Sebastian Rushworth

Alex talks to Swedish doctor and blogger Sebastian Rushworth about his experiences treating Covid patients in non-locked down Sweden


Episode 24 - Dr Clare Craig

Alex talks to Dr Clare Craig about data driving the pandemic response, why it no longer makes any sense, the phenomenon of false positives and how the disease which spread across the world in spring is largely over. Dr Craig is a pathologist and tweets at @ClareCraigPath


Episode 23 - Bob Moran

Alex talks to the cartoonist and firebreathing lockdown sceptic Bob about the disaster of lockdown, and what drives him to make art. Along the way, Bob talks movingly about his family, how he constructs his cartoons and the questions lockdown raises about morality. To buy Bob's original artwork, visit


Episode 22 - Annabel Fenwick-Elliott

Alex talks to the Senior Travel Content Editor for The Telegraph, Annabel Fenwick-Elliott about travel in the age of Lockdown, what countries we can go to, the decimation of the global tourism industry and what travel will look like in the post-Lockdown future. Annabel recently wrote movingly about how she won't be able to see her father for at least two years due to Australia's quarantine policies, you can read the piece here.


Episode 21 - Dr Mike Yeadon

Alex talks to Dr Mike Yeadon about the thinking which guides SAGE, the government's scientific advisory body, and how it is fundamentally at odds with reality, resulting in more and more absurd diktats that will have zero effect on overall Covid morbidity, yet will hamstring society of years to come. Dr Mike Yeadon is the former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd. He has appeared in various news outlets and has most...


Episode 20 - Michael P. Senger

Alex talks to lawyer and researcher Michael P. Senger about social media warfare, particularly, the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda campaign to ensure other states bring in nationwide lockdowns in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Michael reveals why governments so eagerly embraced lockdowns, in part due to huge pro-lockdown social media campaigns, and how the policy itself was modelled on Xi Jinping's Fangkong health and security philosophy. He explains the Chinese government's Belt...


Episode 19 - Aaron Ginn

Alex talks to the brilliant Aaron Ginn about lockdown scepticism throughout the world, the thinking behind the world's lockdown response, silicon valley and the state of America today. Aaron Ginn is an early adopter of lockdown scepticism. His viral (pun intended) Medium article, Covid-19, Evidence over Hysteria, was one of the first to question the extreme governmental response to Covid-19, before it was censored by Medium and removed from the platform. Having been the only Silicon Valley...


Episode 18 - Patrick Fagan

Alex talks to behavioural scientist, author, lecturer and practitioner Patrick Fagan about the psychology of masks, lockdown and managing populations. Patrick was previously Lead Psychologist at Cambridge Analytica, and is now the co-founder of Capuchin Behavioural Science. He has written several thought-provoking pieces for The Critic, including Face Masks Make You Stupid and The Lockdown Lobotomy.


Episode 17 - Professor Karl Wennberg

Alex talks to Professor Karl Wennberg from the Institute of Analytical Sociology, Linköping University, Sweden. Professer Wennberg's main focus is entrepreneurship, organisational change, and their macro-level implications, however he recently published a fascinating paper looking at how OECD countries simply copied their neighbours when bringing in measures in response to the novel Coronavirus. Alex and Karl discuss how democratic nations panicked in response to the Pandemic, and what...


Episode 16 - Hugh Osmond

Alex talks to restauranteur and businessman Hugh Osmond about how the Lockdown has affected business, how decision-making in a crisis can break down and how the government campaign of fear has hamstrung the nation. Hugh Osmond read Medicine at Oxford before moving into the bar and club scene, and is most well known for his 1993 flotation of Pizza Express with Luke Johnson. Since then, he has founded and invested in businesses in different industries, and has written for, and given...


Episode 15 - Clare Wills

Alex talks to lawyer and campaigner Clare Wills about the horrific treatment of the elderly and vulnerable during lockdown. Clare's stories of neglect and lack of care leading to death are staggering, and may go some way towards explaining England's high rate of excess deaths, particularly among the elderly. Clare Wills is lawyer specialising in probate and end of life affairs.


Episode 14 - Liam Halligan

Alex talks to journalist and broadcaster Liam Halligan about the coming economic catastrophe, the opiate of quantitative easing, the decline in the journalistic standards of "the lobby" and what limited options governments might have to save their economies. Liam Halligan is the former economics editor of Channel 4 News, occasional reporter for Channel 4's Dispatches, telegraph columnist and contributor to numerous other publications.


Episode 13 - Dr Hugh Willbourn

Alex talks to psychotherapist, hypnotist and long time Paul McKenna collaborator, Dr Hugh Willbourn about the outbreak of mass psychosis that has enveloped the world. Dr Willbourn postulates that the Covid-19 Lockdown, anti-Brexit hysteria and climate-change panic are all manifestations of millenarian cult-like thinking, where evidence of failed prophesy merely serves to intensify zealotry, rather than diffuse it. Along the way the talk about to woke politics as religion, why you should...


Episode 12 - Hector Drummond

Alex talks with writer, researcher and Lockdown Legend Hector Drummond about lockdown, statues and how everything, from science to art is becoming political. Hector was previously an academic and is now a full time writer. You can find his writings on his multi-author blog at and buy his book, The Biscuit Factory, Vol 1, Days of Wine and Cheese at