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Factal Forecast takes a look at the biggest news stories coming in the next week and why they matter. From the editors at Factal, we publish our forward-looking podcast each Thursday to help you get a jump-start on the week ahead.

Factal Forecast takes a look at the biggest news stories coming in the next week and why they matter. From the editors at Factal, we publish our forward-looking podcast each Thursday to help you get a jump-start on the week ahead.


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Factal Forecast takes a look at the biggest news stories coming in the next week and why they matter. From the editors at Factal, we publish our forward-looking podcast each Thursday to help you get a jump-start on the week ahead.






Iran presidential election, NYC mayoral primary, first Hong Kong national security law trial, Gibraltar abortion referendum, Western US drought

Iran will hold presidential elections to elect a successor to outgoing President Hassan Rouhani who has served in the position since 2013. Democrats and Republicans will choose their candidates in the New York City mayoral race to lead the biggest city in the United States. The first person charged under Hong Kong’s draconian National Security Law will stand trial on terrorism and secession charges. Gibraltar, one of the countries in Europe with the strictest abortion laws, will hold a...


Israel confidence vote, NATO summit, California eases COVID restrictions, Biden-Putin summit, Burkina Faso violence

Israel’s incoming government faces its first test with a vote of confidence in the country’s parliament. NATO is scheduled to meet in Belgium as U.S. President Biden makes his first trip overseas since entering office. California Gov. Gavin Newsom has promised a "full reopening" of the Golden State economy. Biden will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin face-to-face in Geneva, Switzerland. And an interview with Alex Moore on the recent violence in Burkina Faso. These stories and...


Tiananmen Square anniversary, Mexico elections, Thailand vaccine drive, Sheikh Jarrah hearing, Europe travel

For the second year in a row, Hong Kong officials have banned an annual candlelight vigil commemorating the Tiananmen Square massacre, citing concerns over coronavirus. Voters in Mexico will elect hundreds of politicians to local positions as well as 500 deputies to the lower house of its legislature, which could dramatically change the direction of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s tenure. Thailand will launch the first mass coronavirus vaccination program for its 66 million residents...


Biden budget, New Delhi eases restrictions, Taiwan water limits, Israeli government deadline, Mali coup

President Joe Biden will unveil his first detailed budget proposal as president. More than a month after going into lockdown, New Delhi could begin rolling back coronavirus restrictions. Taiwan is set to enact even tougher water restrictions on its population to keep its multibillion-dollar semiconductor industry running. Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid is racing to put together a cabinet of unlikely allies, looking to end Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 11 years in office. And an...


Iran nuclear talks deadline, George Floyd death anniversary, Syrian president election, Mexico City protests, Belarus crackdown

U.S. and European negotiators are rushing to conclude negotiations with Iran to revive the 2015 agreement that curbed its uranium enrichment by a Friday deadline. Tuesday marks one year since George Floyd was killed by now-former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin. A decade after the Syrian civil war began, President Bashar al-Assad looks certain to tighten his grip on power in Wednesday’s presidential election. Loved ones of the 43 students who went missing in Mexico nearly seven years ago...


Greece tourism, Puerto Rico election, China's Mars rover, Somalia leaders meet, Israel-Palestine conflict

The Greek government will officially open up for tourists in a bid to boost the tourism sector upon which the country relies economically. Puerto Ricans will vote in an election to send two special delegates to the U.S. Senate and four to the House of Representatives, with plans to become the 51st state. China’s six-wheeled, solar-powered Mars rover is scheduled to land on the Red Planet. Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Roble will meet with federal state leaders to discuss how to hold a...


Scottish elections, Amazon union fight, Eid restrictions, Myanmar leader hearing, Colombia protests

Scottish citizens will vote for a new government following months of public inquiries into some of the country’s most prominent politicians. The National Labor Relations Board will hold a hearing to consider objections to last month’s Amazon union election in Alabama. Multiple countries across the Middle East are tightening restrictions ahead of the Eid al-Fitr holiday. Myanmar’s deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi is expected to appear before a court as she remains under house arrest. And an...


Olympics COVID roundtable, Madrid elections, Suez Canal ship case, Colombia disappearances, India vaccinations

The Tokyo Olympics organizing committee has scheduled a roundtable with medical experts to discuss measures against coronavirus. Voters head to the polls in Madrid. An Egyptian court is set to hear an appeal from the owner of the containership that ran aground in the Suez Canal. A UN committee is expected to deliver a report evaluating the situation of forced disappearances in Colombia. And an interview with Factal editor Imana Gunawan on India's efforts to vaccinate all adults. These...


Leaders Summit on Climate, CDC panel meets to discuss J&J vaccine, ASEAN Summit on Myanmar, Italy eases COVID restrictions, Chad unrest

President Joe Biden will begin meeting with 40 world leaders on actions to stave off climate change. The CDC’s advisory committee on vaccines will meet to review evidence and provide a recommendation on the use of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine. Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will be meeting in Jakarta to discuss the Myanmar coup. Italy will begin easing its coronavirus restrictions. And an interview with Senior Factal Editor Sophie Perryer on the recent...


Castro steps down, Cape Verde elections, Texas special election, Chauvin trial, Iran nuclear sabotage

Raul Castro is expected to step down as leader of the country’s communist party. Cape Verde will hold its seventh general elections since it achieved independence from Portugal in 1975. The first day of in-person early voting starts in the Texas special election. The trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is expected to move into closing arguments. And an interview with Factal editor Alex Moore on the explosion that rocked Iran's Natanz uranium enrichment site and led to...