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A weekly podcast taking a closer look at the groundbreaking news stories coming out of our nation's capital. Including interviews with lawmakers, newsmakers, and political insiders.

A weekly podcast taking a closer look at the groundbreaking news stories coming out of our nation's capital. Including interviews with lawmakers, newsmakers, and political insiders.


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A weekly podcast taking a closer look at the groundbreaking news stories coming out of our nation's capital. Including interviews with lawmakers, newsmakers, and political insiders.




Protecting the Capitol

This Week: The most recent attack at the U.S. Capitol where a Capitol Police officer died as a result from the car attack has brought back the debate on whether fencing around the building should be made permanent. FOX News Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland spoke with retired Lieutenant General Russel Honore, who led a security review after the January 6th Capitol riots, about what recommendations should be made to keep the building secure. Washington is taking infrastructure...


CDC Fears "Impending Doom," Despite Growing Vaccinations

In the past week the U.S. has averaged 3-million coronavirus vaccines a day. Despite the growing optimism about more and more Americans getting vaccinated, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky earlier this week expressed fears of "impending doom" after an uptick of COVID-19 cases. Jared spoke with Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institute of Health regarding his take on the CDC Director's warning and if he shares the same fear. Plus, what he thinks success looks like at the end...


President Biden And The Press Corps

This Week: President Biden gave his first news conference since taking office in January. The President faced questions from reporters on various topics including immigration, filibuster reform, voting rights and the U.S/China relationship. FOX News Correspondent Jessica Rosenthal speaks with former White House Press Secretary and FOX News Contributor Kayleigh McEnany and co-host of “The Five” and Democratic Strategist Juan Williams about the big takeaways and how the President performed....


The Biden Administration’s Big Challenges

This Week: In recent weeks, increased vaccinations of American adults has signaled a possible end to the pandemic and social distancing restrictions. Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Marty Makary discusses what Americans need to know about the vaccines available to them, the change to the '6 ft. rule,' by the CDC, and the data behind the pause of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe. This week, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified that the United States is "on pace to...


One Year of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Where Are We Now?

This Week: Earlier this week, FOX News Radio Correspondent Jessica Rosenthal toured a FEMA supported vaccination site ahead of the opening, located in Greensboro North Carolina, inside the Four Seasons Town Centre Mall in an empty Dillards location. She spoke with Executive Director for North Carolina Division of Emergency Management, Michael Sprayberry to discuss how Greenboro was selected to become one of the vaccination sites, the cost to run it and how the process has been. On Thursday,...


Divided Congress Poised To Pass $1.9 Trillion In COVID Stimulus

This Week: On Friday, the United States Senate considered President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus package, with eight Democratic Senators voting against an amendment for a $15 federal minimum wage. Fox News Congressional Correspondent, Chad Pergram, speaks to Jared about what's in the latest version of the bill, the role budget reconciliation has played in its passing, and what will happen when the American Rescue Plan Act heads back to the House. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...


Airstrikes In Syria, A COVID Bill In Waiting

This Week: With the help of budget reconciliation, Democrats hoped President Biden's $1.9 billion dollar COVID relief bill wouldn't receive any headwinds on the way to the president's desk. But on Thursday, Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough put an end to a key provision in the bill: a $15 minimum wage. Fox Business Correspondent, Edward Lawrence, speaks to FOX News Radio's Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland about where the parliamentarian's actions leave lawmakers. For...


Post-Impeachment Washington

This Week: The Biden Administration had their wires crossed as the President and his Press Secretary made conflicting statements regarding the management of COVID-19. FOX's Lisa Brady speaks with Fox News Sunday host, Chris Wallace, about the responsibility of the press during a continued pandemic, and what we can expect as the media adjusts to a new White House. On Monday, lawmakers on Capitol Hill will begin to consider President Biden's proposed $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan. Jared and...


Second Impeachment of Donald Trump

This Week: Americans watched as the second impeachment trial for former President Donald J. Trump unfolded on Capitol Hill. Jared and FOX News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram discuss the week's events, the arguments from the impeachment managers, and the response the former President's attorneys will lay out in the days to come. As the Coronavirus pandemic approaches its year anniversary, virus guidelines continue to pour out of the nation's capital. Fox News Medical Contributor Dr....


Republicans Or No Republicans, Democrats Move Forward With $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill

This Week: President Joe Biden defended his administration's $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus plan and made it clear on Friday he is adamant to get it done with or without Republicans support. Jared and FOX News National Correspondent Mark Meredith discuss the bill. The Biden Administration is making a big push for at-home coronavirus rapid tests. The administration announcing this week it's partnering with Australian company Ellume which provides test results to your smartphones in...


President Biden's Tidal Wave Of Executive Actions

This Week: President Joe Biden has wasted no time since entering the office, signing more than three dozen executive actions on issues including, healthcare, climate and more. Jared and FOX News White House Correspondent Kristin Fisher discuss some of the executive actions signed this week, what we can expect next week and what he hopes to accomplish with all of them. One of the key items on President Joe Biden's agenda is passing his COVID relief bill, but Republicans are balking at the...


Insurrection, Impeachment, Inauguration

This week: On Wednesday, Joseph R. Biden Jr. was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. As tens of thousands of National Guard troops stood by, President Biden made his first remarks from the west front of the United States Capitol, the same place where violence erupted just two weeks prior. FOX News Radio's Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar discusses the events of Inauguration Day, the themes from President Biden's first address and how the phrase "peaceful transfer of...


A Peaceful Transition?

This Week: On Wednesday the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump for incitement of insurrection, making him the first President in American history to be impeached twice. Jared and FOX News Chief Congressional Correspondent Mike Emanuel discuss the fast impeachment process, what happens next for the outgoing President and the ten Republicans who voted yes on the impeachment question. President Trump has finished his last full week in office. FOX News Washington...


Shock, Sadness And Outrage On Capitol Hill

This Week: Pro-Trump protestors stormed the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday while Congress was certifying the Electoral College for President-elect Joe Biden. Jared and Fox News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram were both at the Capitol that day and discuss the aftermath of the violence and Congress certifying the election in hours following the chaos. There are growing calls from Democrats to remove President Trump from office before Inauguration Day following Wednesday's...


2020: The Year In Review

This Week: In a year mainly defined by a global pandemic there was also civil unrest, impeachment proceedings and the 2020 General Election. FOX News Radio's Political Analyst, Josh Kraushaar, breaks down some of the turning point moments from the 2020 election season, including President-Elect Joe Biden's path to the nomination and what's ahead for President Trump. In January, Congress began with impeachment proceedings against President Trump. From there, legislators on the Hill faced...


Coronavirus Relief For Christmas?

This Week: This week, officials in the U.K. announced that a mutated Coronavirus strain has spread throughout Britain. HHS Deputy Secretary Eric D. Hargan is on the board of Operation Warp Speed and joins FOX News Washington Correspondent, Rachel Sutherland, to discuss this mutation and the latest in the race to vaccinate the country. Last week, lawmakers were close to a stimulus bill and this week they got one step closer to providing relief to Americans. FOX News Congressional...


In Progress: A Vaccine And A COVID Bill

This Week: On Monday, nurse Sandra Lindsey of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center made history as she received the first Coronavirus vaccine in the United States. Then, on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence received the vaccine, calling it "a medical miracle." To discuss the latest on the vaccine front, Dr. Marc Seigel, Professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, and author of Covid: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science joins Fox News Washington Correspondent, Rachel Sutherland. As...


Another Attempt At COVID Relief

This Week: As coronavirus cases are surging across the country and hospitals get closer to hitting their capacity, access to a vaccine may be available by the end of the year. FOX News Washington-based Correspondent Mark Meredith has been reporting from the FDA headquarters this week, and explains the Trump administrations plans for a vaccine roll out. Congress is attempting to pass a bipartisan COVID relief bill by the December 26th deadline, when the federal enhancements of state...


A Runoff Unlike Any Other Runoff

This Week: Overall more than 275 thousand deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus, according Centers for Disease Control, but good news could be coming soon. A COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer won approval in the United Kingdom and is putting pressure on the FDA to sign off on an emergency use authorization requests from the drug maker. Operation Warp Speed scientific head Dr. Moncef Slaoui tells Jared how the vaccine will be distributed, who will receive the first batch, how long it will...


Foreign Policy Choices

This Week: On Tuesday, President-Elect Joe Biden announced nominees and appointees for several foreign policy and national security positions. This announcement came following the General Services Administration's decision to begin the formal transition process with the Biden team. FOX News National Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich, who is covering the Biden transition team, discusses the familiarity of the President-Elect's foreign policy selections, the impact of the GSA's announcement, and...