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Killing the “Good Guy with a Gun” (Episode 89)

We’re snowed in here in Durham! Join us as we talk about the flurry of sentencing memos in the Trump-Russia investigation, an 8th Circuit decision to incentivize police dishonesty, and a “Good Guy with a Gun” getting shot by police in Alabama and California and Louisiana! #Law140 will return eventually! Until then, make sure to … Continue reading "Killing the “Good Guy with a Gun” (Episode 89)" The post Killing the “Good Guy with a Gun” (Episode 89) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Different Day, Same Sh*t (Episode 88)

We’re back (again)! Join us this week for an unusually-good-news-filled episode, as dirty cops in Florida and New Jersey are sentenced to federal prison while several more have been indicted in California, Maryland, and Texas! Plus quite a bit more! #Law140 will return eventually! Until then, make sure to check out our page on Patreon … Continue reading "Different Day, Same Sh*t (Episode 88)" The post Different Day, Same Sh*t (Episode 88) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


#Law140: Evidence Basics, Part 2 (Episode 87)

Join us this week on the second in our multi-part series on the Rules of Evidence, with a focus this time on the concept of “hearsay” and its crazy number of exceptions! Join the conversation by following @fsckemall on Twitter, and tweet us your comments and questions using the hashtag #fsck! *THANK YOU* to this … Continue reading "#Law140: Evidence Basics, Part 2 (Episode 87)" The post #Law140: Evidence Basics, Part 2 (Episode 87) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Vote Early, Vote Often (Episode 86)

Early voting in the 2018 midterms has begun! Join us this week as T. Greg talks about the items on the North Carolina ballot, an audit showing hundreds of Customs & Border Patrol officers being arrested in just two years, a California gang officer pleading guilty to accepting bribes, and teens being beaten on video … Continue reading "Vote Early, Vote Often (Episode 86)" The post Vote Early, Vote Often (Episode 86) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Everything is Awful (Episode 85)

October has already been the longest month in awhile, and we’re only a week in! Join us as our favorite corrupt Alabama sheriff is back in the news, a Maryland police sergeant is arrested at a strip club and then promptly beaten, and a Texas police department confiscating an activist’s political sign out of her … Continue reading "Everything is Awful (Episode 85)" The post Everything is Awful (Episode 85) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


#Law140: Evidence Basics, Part 1 (Episode 83)

The regular assortment of criminal justice f*ckery had to be delayed a few days to accommodate life. Until then, we’ve got the first of a several-part series on the Rules of Evidence and how they play out in the discussion of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court! Join the conversation by following @fsckemall on … Continue reading "#Law140: Evidence Basics, Part 1 (Episode 83)" The post #Law140: Evidence Basics, Part 1 (Episode 83) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Baby Steps (Episode 82)

We’re back on regular rotation! This week we have *5* different appellate decisions on qualified immunity, child molesters on the police forces in California and Florida, and a killer cop in Texas with a story that makes no sense. This week’s #Law140 was a Patreon exclusive on Roy Moore’s lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen – … Continue reading "Baby Steps (Episode 82)" The post Baby Steps (Episode 82) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


MiniPod: We’re Still Here! (Episode 80)

The episode title says it all: we’re still here! Join us in this mini-pod as T. Greg explains where the podcast has been for the past month, and provides updates on what’s coming next! Make sure to check out our page on Patreon for exclusive patron-only content! Join the conversation by following @fsckemall on Twitter, and … Continue reading "MiniPod: We’re Still Here! (Episode 80)" The post MiniPod: We’re Still Here! (Episode 80) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


A Culture of Corruption (Episode 79)

Join us this week as we talk about the culture of corruption permeating the Trumpkin GOP. In our criminal justice news, an off-duty Ohio officer tases an 11-year-old girl, a Florida boy is arrested at a youth basketball league for bouncing a basketball, and ICE crashes a van in Texas then denies an accident even … Continue reading "A Culture of Corruption (Episode 79)" The post A Culture of Corruption (Episode 79) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Confessions (Episode 78)

It’s an abbreviated Fsck this week but we still cover quite a bit! In political news, the President admits his campaign colluded with Russians while Geraldo admits The Wall is a joke. Plus, a homeowner is summarily executed by police in Colorado, a Michigan officer is on video savagely beating a naked woman in a … Continue reading "Confessions (Episode 78)" The post Confessions (Episode 78) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Euphemistically Speaking (Episode 77)

July is almost over! Join us this week as we talk about the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein, don’t-call-them-gangs in California, “hackers” in Idaho prisons, and a Maryland man shot for “wielding a comb.” Then, in our #Law140 segment, we talk about the law of prior restraints and CNN broadcasting the audio of Michael Cohen and … Continue reading "Euphemistically Speaking (Episode 77)" The post Euphemistically Speaking (Episode 77) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Traitors, Part 2 (Episode 76)

It’s a jam-packed Fsck! Join us this week as we talk about Republicans becoming a threat to national security, the Department of Justice admitting ICE has accidentally detained American citizens as young as 5 years old, Pennsylvania police crushing a man to death with a bulldozer over weed, and a Texas deputy who is still … Continue reading "Traitors, Part 2 (Episode 76)" The post Traitors, Part 2 (Episode 76) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Traitors, Part 1 (Episode 74)

We had so much criminal justice f*ckery we had to split it into two episodes! Join us this week for the latest Mueller indictments in the Russia probe, the NSA still illegally collecting your phone calls, a Florida police officer terrorizing a local restaurant over seasoning, and a truly impressive fraud scheme by a cop … Continue reading "Traitors, Part 1 (Episode 74)" The post Traitors, Part 1 (Episode 74) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


WTFsck? Volume 7 (Episode 73)

T. Greg’s been out of town for Independence Day, so that means we turn the show over to YOU! In this Supreme Court-heavy WTFsck, we give you answers to questions like: Are “close” Supreme Court opinions less powerful than other ones? Can you appeal a Supreme Court decision? And why does it matter who appoints … Continue reading "WTFsck? Volume 7 (Episode 73)" The post WTFsck? Volume 7 (Episode 73) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


A Jurisprudential Earthquake (Episode 72)

Half the year is already over! Join us this week as we talk about the ghouls running the Republican Party, police framing innocent people in Florida and Illinois, an ICE prosecutor being sentenced for identity theft in Washington, and killer cops at Portland State University. Then, in this week’s #Law140 segment, we talk about the … Continue reading "A Jurisprudential Earthquake (Episode 72)" The post A Jurisprudential Earthquake (Episode 72) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Shot in the Back (Episode 71)

The criminal justice f*ckery is back! Join us this week for child-molesting police in California, Georgia, Montana, and Texas, a Native American on video being run over by Customers & Border “Protection” in Arizona, and three people shot in the back by police — including the extrajudicial summary execution without due process of unarmed black … Continue reading "Shot in the Back (Episode 71)" The post Shot in the Back (Episode 71) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


#Law140: The Unindictable President (Episode 70)

It’s a #Law140-only episode this week, as T. Greg preps for a Wednesday trial. Join us as we talk about our beloved Papaya POTUS Donald Trump, and go over the reasons why he can’t be indicted by Robert Mueller while Trump’s still in office — including the Constitutional text, three of the Federalist papers, two … Continue reading "#Law140: The Unindictable President (Episode 70)" The post #Law140: The Unindictable President (Episode 70) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Bad Hombres (Episode 69)

Each of the first 4 Rules of Fsck make an appearance this week! Join us as we talk about police beating unarmed men on camera in Arizona and Oregon, a fired Georgia cop getting hired as a deputy days later, and a Maryland man dying in a Baltimore holding cell for a traffic ticket. Then, … Continue reading "Bad Hombres (Episode 69)" The post Bad Hombres (Episode 69) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Back to “Normal” (Episode 68)

After 3 straight weeks of unusual episodes, we’re back on our regular rotation: a little politics, a lot of criminal justice f*ckery, and a little legal lesson! Join us this week as we talk about new tariffs, research showing Republican judges give unusually harsh sentences to black defendants, a police officer in Florida arrested for … Continue reading "Back to “Normal” (Episode 68)" The post Back to “Normal” (Episode 68) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Exoneration Extravaganza (Episode 66)

An innocent man exonerated in Louisiana. Two innocent men exonerated in Pennsylvania. An innocent man exonerated in Wisconsin. Plus literal-dozens of other stories of criminal justice f*ckery. #Law140 will return next week! Until then, remember to check out our Patreon page for exclusive patron-only content, including a special #Law140 on conflicts of interest! Join the … Continue reading "Exoneration Extravaganza (Episode 66)" The post Exoneration Extravaganza (Episode 66) appeared first...