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“Official Oppression” Everywhere (Episode 59)

Join us this week as we talk about how screwed Donald Trump’s lawyer is, a California sheriff on video arguing it’s best to kill suspects, a Pennsylvania prosecutor resigning over repeated sex crimes, and several cases across the country of federal law enforcement endangering people’s lives — or killing them outright. Then, in our weekly … Continue reading "“Official Oppression” Everywhere (Episode 59)" The post “Official Oppression” Everywhere (Episode 59) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Judge Dredd Was A Documentary (Episode 58)

We’re back! Join us this week as we cover EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s assorted ways of wasting your tax money, along with full-length coverage of killer cops in New York, Oregon, and Texas, wrongly convicted black men being released in California and Michigan, and assorted other criminal justice f*ckery across the country! Then, in a … Continue reading "Judge Dredd Was A Documentary (Episode 58)" The post Judge Dredd Was A Documentary (Episode 58) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Happy Birthday to Me! (Episode 57)

T. Greg celebrates turning 37 with a full episode of criminal justice f*ckery! Join us as we go over “testi-lying” in New York, California deputies stealing from a woman with dementia and then shipping her to a foreign country (and killing an unarmed black man in his own backyard), a Maryland officer who spent his … Continue reading "Happy Birthday to Me! (Episode 57)" The post Happy Birthday to Me! (Episode 57) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


#Law140: Federalism Overview (Episode 56)

T. Greg is under the weather, so it’s an abbreviated episode covering the US Department of Justice lawsuit against California – and how that lawsuit will test the boundaries of federalism envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Join us for a tour of Supreme Court precedent on federal powers versus states’ rights! Regular programming will (hopefully) … Continue reading "#Law140: Federalism Overview (Episode 56)" The post #Law140: Federalism Overview (Episode 56) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Consequence-Free Policing (Episode 55)

It’s been a busy week! Join us to discover the real reason why Democrat Congresscritter Joe Kennedy III opposes marijuana reform, then in criminal justice news learn about what police can get away with while totally avoiding punishment: killing someone in California and Oklahoma, abusing 10-year-olds in Maryland, trying to kill a puppy for sport … Continue reading "Consequence-Free Policing (Episode 55)" The post Consequence-Free Policing (Episode 55) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Carmageddon, Police Edition (Episode 54)

Greetings from Atlanta! Join us this week for a smaller episode that’s part criminal justice f*ckery, and part mini-WTFsck Volume VI. We talk about cops killing people by car in Michigan and Louisiana, hitting a third in New York (before framing the driver for DWI), and a pair of entries from our “Ain’t no systemic … Continue reading "Carmageddon, Police Edition (Episode 54)" The post Carmageddon, Police Edition (Episode 54) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Politicians Behaving Badly (Episode 53)

We skip the political discussion this week, because so many politicians ended up in the criminal justice news! A Republican governor is indicted for invasion of privacy, a married Democratic mayor pays her police bodyguard overtime so they could have sex in a cemetery, a Republican senator extorted a page for sex, a Democratic Sheriff … Continue reading "Politicians Behaving Badly (Episode 53)" The post Politicians Behaving Badly (Episode 53) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Aмерикa первая (Episode 52)

It’s an abridged Fsck this Monday, as T. Greg spends the episode talking politics: the gun control debate following the school shooting in Parkland FL, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller unveiling a 37-page indictment confirming the Russians bought the American Presidency (for cheap!). Plus: Robert Gates agrees to plead guilty in order to help the … Continue reading "Aмерикa первая (Episode 52)" The post Aмерикa первая (Episode 52) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


“Never help anyone. Ever. Or Get Shot.” (Episode 51)

Join us this week as two separate wife-beaters resign from the Trump White House, judges in Kentucky and Texas face indictment, two deputies in Durham NC face DWI charges, and police in Georgia and Missouri flip the Parable of the Good Samaritan on its head by arresting one and shooting the other. Then in our … Continue reading "“Never help anyone. Ever. Or Get Shot.” (Episode 51)" The post “Never help anyone. Ever. Or Get Shot.” (Episode 51) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


“Would You Like Some Drugs With That?” (Episode 50)

It’s a shorter-than-normal Fsck this week because T. Greg had the flu, but we still fit in stories about the Nunes meh-mo, totally bonkers testimony about Maryland’s corrupt Gun Trace Task Force, more ICE stupidity, and the wide variety of police getting charged with dealing drugs. Episode 49, a #Law140 on how the First Amendment … Continue reading "“Would You Like Some Drugs With That?” (Episode 50)" The post “Would You Like Some Drugs With That?” (Episode 50) appeared first on #FSCK...


“Ihre Papiere, bitte!” (Episode 48)

Happy Shutdown Day! Join us this week as we talk about California police running a drug trafficking ring, an Ohio deputy killing an unarmed 16-year-old in the courthouse, and New York police being upset they’re not getting as many “get out of jail free” cards as they used to. Then in our #Law140 segment we … Continue reading "“Ihre Papiere, bitte!” (Episode 48)" The post “Ihre Papiere, bitte!” (Episode 48) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Bradying the Bundys (Episode 47)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day — just make sure to read some of Dr. King’s other writings while you celebrate! Join us this week as we talk about our Parody President and porn stars, a teacher getting arrested (on video) for questioning a superintendent’s pay increase, and an “I told you so!” moment here … Continue reading "Bradying the Bundys (Episode 47)" The post Bradying the Bundys (Episode 47) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


“Beatdowns & Summary Executions, Winter Edition” (Episode 46)

It’s been 3 weeks since our last update on criminal justice f*ckery around the nation, and it shows. Join us for an extra-long, f*ckery-only episode where we talk about the drop in crime nationwide, killer cops in Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, and Texas, child predators in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and a funny story about … Continue reading "“Beatdowns & Summary Executions, Winter Edition” (Episode 46)" The post “Beatdowns & Summary Executions, Winter Edition” (Episode 46) appeared...


BONUS EPISODE: “BlackManLockedInHisBasement.com” (Episode 45)

In this special bonus episode, join us for an hourlong conversation with my good friends James Hankins and Dave Foxx on topics including affirmative action in higher education, the future of the Republican Party, and an unplanned segue into Star Wars lore. Then in our #Law140 segment we talk about the Dormant Commerce Clause and … Continue reading "BONUS EPISODE: “BlackManLockedInHisBasement.com” (Episode 45)" The post BONUS EPISODE: “BlackManLockedInHisBasement.com” (Episode 45)...


Minipod: Happy New Year! (Episode 44)

Happy New Year everybody! We’re still not-quite-ready with new episodes for 2018, so this minipod gives you an update on what to expect over the next week — and also includes a (brief) rant on the devastation in Puerto Rico and how it’s now affecting the continental United States. Make sure to check out our … Continue reading "Minipod: Happy New Year! (Episode 44)" The post Minipod: Happy New Year! (Episode 44) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


WTFsck? Volume 5 (Episode 43)

Merry Christmas! Greg and Mike are both on vacation, so we turn the show over to you and answer your questions! How common are “revenge prosecutions”? Can the Papaya POTUS be prosecuted after his term ends? And what’s Greg’s favorite beer? Find out the answer to these questions and several more! Make sure to check … Continue reading "WTFsck? Volume 5 (Episode 43)" The post WTFsck? Volume 5 (Episode 43) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


“Time is a Flat Circle” (Episode 42)

In an unexpectedly-long episode this week, we talk about a Trump judicial nominee getting embarrassed by a Republican Senator, several cases with bodycam and security footage confirming the First Rule of Fsck, and two unusual stories about fake police officers – both with ties to North Carolina. We also talk with special guest Kahran Myers … Continue reading "“Time is a Flat Circle” (Episode 42)" The post “Time is a Flat Circle” (Episode 42) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (Episode 41)

It’s another long episode packed with criminal justice f*ckery! Join us as we talk about black police in California and New Mexico being abused by their colleagues, Pennsylvania spending $4,300 to save $60, and some accountability for police brutality in both Georgia and South Carolina! #Law140 will return next week! Make sure to check out … Continue reading "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (Episode 41)" The post Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (Episode 41) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em...


#Law140: Lesser Included Offenses (Episode 38)

T. Greg has been stuck preparing for a trial and hasn’t had a chance to write up an outline of all the craziness that happened last week, so we’re doing a short #Law140-only episode until he can get back in the studio! Join us as we talk about the Jose Zarate verdict in the killing … Continue reading "#Law140: Lesser Included Offenses (Episode 38)" The post #Law140: Lesser Included Offenses (Episode 38) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


How to “Spy the Lie” (Episode 37)

Have you ever wondered if someone was lying to you, but you didn’t know how to tell? For our #Law140 segment this week we talk with someone who gives you tips on how you can “spy the lie”! We also review the politics of Net Neutrality, and in criminal justice news a Chicago officer is … Continue reading "How to “Spy the Lie” (Episode 37)" The post How to “Spy the Lie” (Episode 37) appeared first on #FSCK 'Em All!.


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