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A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at

A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at
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A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at






Game Bytes :: October 17, 2018 :: Bots in the Slots

LeGrande and Jeremy bring a bounteous autumn harvest of video game impressions to satisfy your hunger for games for the middle of the week! We lead in by revisiting our very positive impressions of Arena of Valor and hit the brakes on unequivocal praise with a few questions and concerns about the popular MOBA. Jeremy got a deal on digital adaptation of Sentinels of the Multiverse, and details the rules of the complex solitaire/multiplayer hero battler. LeGrande has been playing the...


Game Bytes :: October 14, 2018 :: Blacksite Up Front, Sengoku in the Back

Kick your week off with a mullet-like combination of serious video game business and doofy video game hijinx! We update you on the fix to a major Windows bug, and warn you about a major PS4 bug. Microsoft launches an Xbox cloud gaming service, Star Citizen looks pretty good but will never come out. Steam Link updates, Fortnite updates, Destiny 2 gets bundled, and... Gooigi. We discuss new releases and freebies, and we talk about open world promises that reeled us in! Intro: "Psychedelic" -...


Game Bytes :: October 10, 2018 :: MalakaMalaka

We've only played two games this week, but they're both good ones. Dale, Jeremy, and LeGrande have all spent a bunch of time in our newest MOBA addiction, Arena of Valor. We've played on Switch and on mobile, and we compare and contrast the different versions and discuss what makes AoV different from others in the genre. Then, Jeremy talks about his experience on Google's "Project Stream" and his time playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey on the worst available laptop in his house... and it's...


Game Bytes :: October 7, 2018 :: I'm Always Space Angry

Jeremy, Dale, and LeGrande are back for the top-of-the-week episode to keep you informed and in the know about the goings-on in video games. We get good news about Clementine, a bunch of people are playing Marvel's Spider-Man, the rumor mill is grinding about games, a high-level departure at Blizzard, and a live-action video game movie adaptation is confirmed. Plus, new releases and freebies, and we make OUR picks for game-to-movie conversions. Intro: "Super Fighting Robot (Megaman)" - The...


Game Bytes :: October 3, 2018 :: SUPER Proportioned

Dale, LeGrande, and Jeremy have done the heavy lifting for you: we played the video games this week so you don't have to! Jeremy gives his breakdown of Nintendo Switch Online service... has he changed his tune? He also spent some time with the Nintendo-partnered mobile game Dragalia Lost. Dale hones his skills and takes on Olmec in Spelunky and appreciates the majesty of Red Dead Redemption's landscapes. LeGrande digs into the 2nd-top-rated game of 2018, Forza Horizon 4. Intro: "BANG! (vocal...


Game Bytes :: September 30, 2018 :: No Fortnite for Old Men

Dale and Jeremy are holding down the news this week, and there's a load of it! We're still going to hit that 30-minute GameBytes Show sweet spot though, so hang on! We discuss the final outcome of Vivendi x Ubisoft, Sony makes a big reversal which may affect the broader medium of video games, events are canceled, IPs renewed, trademarks registered, and everybody is thirsty. Plus, we lay out the beginning of "the season" with new releases, and we clutch our pearls at scandals we have known in...


Game Bytes :: September 26, 2018 :: The Final Boss is Hubris

Jeremy, LeGrande, and Dale form this week's power trio to discuss the video games that they've played! After some trenchant discussion about closed captions, Jeremy begins with My Brother Rabbit from Artifex Mundi. Continuing with the desktop streaming service Parsec, he also played Guacamelee! 2, Cuphead, and Destiny 2 to test things out. LeGrande gets his elemental-damage multiplier on in Dead Cells, and accidentally buys Nier Automata. Dale puts a cap on FF14 for now, and then dons his...


Game Bytes :: September 23, 2018 :: Quality of Life is BACK

Jeremy, Dale, and LeGrande hold the weekly GameBytes Show convocation to discuss the ills of the world, technical problems be darned to heck! Although our news segment is abbreviated due to technology, we still bring you a full GameBytes Show episode (30 minutes!) full of information and discussion you NEED for the week to come! After covering big sellers, regulatory issues, and illness, we talk about new releases and we discuss the shortcomings of the business side of video games and we...


Game Bytes :: September 20, 2018 :: Made of MMO Parts

Dale, LeGrande, and Jeremy reunite to cover the games they've played during the past week (or more!) and we want YOU to join us. LeGrande squashes the big bugs of rogue-like Hollow Knight and continues directly to Dead Cells for wizard grenades! Jeremy tries out surprisingly robust Oregon-trail-like Tayles of Illyria, as well as spending an hour or two with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Dale digs into XCOM-like XCOM 2, and completes the main campaign of Final Fantasy 14. Also,...


Game Bytes :: September 16, 2018 :: Gaming Gates: Less-Than-Alpha Timeline

Dale and Jeremy dive deeply into the news of video games, putting rumors to rest and covering the most important announcements and developments that YOU need to know. Nintendo's Direct was good but had disturbing moments, Spider-Man sells out, Destiny 2's new raid, and a slew of announcements, plus Marvel and Sony break some records! We hit the news and new releases, and we discuss the idea of artificial "gating" in games to keep us from the things we WANT. Intro: "Main Theme" - Marvel's...


Game Bytes :: September 13, 2018 :: Just a Dude, Not Very Doomy

Jerod and Jeremy are bringing it, a little late, but just in time to kick your weekend in the buns! Video games have been played. Which ones? We tried out the new Call of Duty battle royale mode "Blackout" (beta test), shot large-as-life demons in DOOM VFR, and quickly decided we're interested in the unlikely Victor Vran. Rock on. Intro: "Damnation" - DOOM, by Mick Gordon Outro: "End of Time" - Motorhead Check out our Discord community at


Game Bytes :: September 9, 2018 :: Fart is in the Title

LeGrande, Dale, and Jeremy are not the heroes you deserve, but with great power something something. It's the top of the week so we're dishing out justice and video game news! Steam clarifies their new curation policies. Nintendo postpones a Direct, but game announcements come out anyway! Some of Jeremy's favorite series are getting new sequels, Fortnite gets Nerfed, and Mega Man 11 is fundamentally broken. Plus, we cover new releases and we discuss our memories of superhero games through...


Game Bytes :: September 5, 2018 :: Lord of the Manor: Forsaken Wardrobe

Jerod and Jeremy are on a hunt for vengeance! And by "vengeance" we mean "video games", but also "talking to you about the games they played"... Words are so complex sometimes! This week, Jeremy has been playing the new Forsaken DLC for Destiny 2, and talks about the campaign and the new "gambit" multiplayer mode. He's also playing Another World (aka Out of This World) on the PS Vita and PS4, and talks about the idea of learning-by-failing and the game's historical context. Jerod seeks...


Game Bytes :: September 3, 2018 :: Save the Last Official One for Me

LeGrande and Dale hold down the show for the US Labor Day holiday! Instead of jet-skis and barbecues, they're jockeying segways and slinging game news! This week we cover Sony's latest cross-play excuses, Spider-Man PS4 downgrades, Valve planning on games, Shovel Knight and Battlefront 2, Eminem <3 Kingdom Hearts, and the last official secret of DOOM2 has been found! Plus, new releases and we discuss games/franchises/studios we have supported with the hope to save them! Intro: "The Battle...


Game Bytes :: August 29, 2018 :: Flare-Up

Dale and Jeremy team up for a review of the games they played this week. The old is new again with Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition, the red planet gets woke with Waking Mars, we have flare-ups with Spelunky, No Man's Sky, and more! We promise it's just a rash. Intro: "Goliath and Carrion (Boss 1 & 2)" - A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, by Hyperduck Soundworks Outro: "Into the Red" - Waking Mars, by Scott Barber JOIN US FOR OUR AUGUST GAME CLUB: KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM! Check out our Discord...


Game Bytes :: August 26, 2018 :: All Oddjob Slappers Only!

At the top of the week we have some important news for you. Serious events in Jacksonville. The International moves to China. Shigeru Miyamoto and From Software tell us what we don't want to hear. Games are coming! And games are not coming. We finally get a ruling on GoldenEye practices, and a poo update from Epic Games. We cover the news and new releases, and we discuss the present and future of congregations of gamers. Intro: "Character Select" - Soul Calibur 6, by Bandai Namco Games...


Game Bytes :: August 22, 2018 :: The Ungamey Valley

Midweek video gaaaames! In our newest 30-minutes-or-less podcast, our byte of games is brought to you by Dale, Jeremy, and LeGrande! This week we've been playing Final Fantasy 14, No Man's Sky, Towerfall Ascension, Street Fighter 5, and Hollow Knight! Our Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey references are dubious. Intro: "Bloodline (King's Court)" - Towerfall Ascension, by Alec Holowka Outro: "New York Theme #2" - Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, by Zac Zinger JOIN US FOR OUR AUGUST GAME CLUB:...


Game Bytes :: August 19, 2018 :: Real-Time Tanking

We understand that gaming news is big. There's a lot going on and the sheer energy could rip any one of us apart. But like a superhero trio, LeGrande, Dale, and Jeremy are here to help. We'll focus the game news for you into a succinct game "byte" (30 minutes or less) and keep you informed about the goings on in games. This week, PS4 cross-platform,, Dishonored is sleepy, a canceled game returns, and a dramatic reading of Destiny 2! We cover the new releases, and talk about...


Game Bytes :: August 15, 2018 :: More Bang for Your Fight Monies

LeGrande, Jerod, and Jeremy join forces for a triple-tag-team-combo of electronicallyyy-entertaining beatdowns! We tag in LeGrande who brings the fight money to Street Fighter V Arcade. We discuss combos and his future plans as an EVO contender with a new fight stick. Jeremy hits the mat with some Final Fantasy XV Episodes (minor spoilers), as well as the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes event. Finally, Jerod does a power intro and hits the ice with Super Blood Hockey and rattles some cages with...


Game Bytes :: August 12, 2018 :: Australian Emu Paradise

LeGrande and Jeremy swoop in like ninjas on hang-gliders to make sure YOU have the knowledge you need about this week in video games! Game regulation changes in Germany are afoot, along with more casualties in the Emu Wars of 2018. Monster Hunter World takes a bone greatsword to a couple of records on PC. Discord selling games? Chinese Zelda knockoffs? Bethesda suing private sellers? And which well-loved video game character gave up the ghost this week? Then we tackle new releases and...