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A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at www.twitch.tv/gamebytesshow

A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at www.twitch.tv/gamebytesshow
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A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at www.twitch.tv/gamebytesshow






Game Bytes :: May 24, 2018 :: Googly Eyes, Abs, and Tail

Dale and Jeremy are here at the mid-week for a very-Dale and very-Jeremy discussion of games we've been playing! Dale has been catching up with his past with Magic the Gathering: Online, and his past catches up with him as he's sucked into Vana'diel for the annual free period. Jeremy does a VERY Jeremy series of games through the Steam Link app and Remote Play, including Battletech, Overwatch, Tales of Monkey Island, and Tooth & Tail. Intro: "Club 41" - Tales of Monkey Island Ch 1, by...


Game Bytes :: May 20, 2018 :: Anime Noooooodles

It's the top of the week, and we are using our newly-implemented tagging system to warn you about bad jokes, gambling, lukewarm takes, bad upcoming movies, and adult-ish situations. Our weekly gaming news coverage contains everything you need to navigate any situation, no matter how risque! Following the important current events such as the smell of the Smash Bros competitive tournament scene, we get into the new releases, sales and discounts (or the odd Amazon-branded discount controller)...


Game Bytes :: May 16, 2018 :: Hot Hot Hackers

Another week, another interminable trudge to the weekend. But never fear! The GameBytes Show is here! Reliably like clockwork (more or less) it's time to refresh and rejuvenate you with video games! Jeremy gets us started with the PC version of Destiny 2. Does the "office equipment" version of the game blow his mind like a headshot to a Fallen Dreg? He continues with a discussion of brand-new first person puzzle exploration game Lake Ridden. Where does it fall on the continuum (or...


Game Bytes :: May 13, 2018 :: Blockbusters of Video Games

Jerod and Jeremy kick off our top-of-the-week show with... well, Transformers, BUT THEN we move it along to the news, new releases, and game-themed discussion! We cover E3 leaks, fancy new Steam streaming apps and (!) Dale arrives just in time to weigh in on a few new game-themed movies for another GameBytes Rotten Tomatoes challenge! Which wholesome virginal video game character will smash your face with a trash can? Then, we cover the new releases for the week, and we discuss our...


Game Bytes :: May 9, 2018 :: Machete, Saber, Cutlass

In this week’s midweek show, we’re giving you MORE! MORE Tolkien than LeGrande wants! MORE pirates than Dale wants! And MORE GameBytes Show than our mission statement can bear! This week, our tiny chewable game bytes include VR rhythm-swording game Beat Saber, punishing platformer Celeste, Tales of Monkey Island, Pixeljunk Monsters 2 (demo), and Skullgirls Mobile. Intro: “Escape (ft. Summer Haze)” – Beat Saber, by Jaroslav Beck Outro: “Resurrections” – Celeste, by Lena Raine Check out our...


Game Bytes :: May 6, 2018 :: All-Neck Young Guns

LeGrande returns to the show just in time for the rumorin'-est PlayStation news this side of E3! Nintendo America's new president is ready to move up from the kids' table! European privacy regulations are causing some games to fold. Blizzard is making big (lore) changes to Heroes of the Storm. New releases! Game deals! And, we discuss our habits when it comes to watching video game exhibitions and streams! Intro: "Battle in the Warrens" - Darkest Dungeon, by Stuart Chatwood Outro:...


Game Bytes :: May 3, 2018 :: Roll up the Moon of Endor

Dale and Jeremy save the world! Well, maybe make the world just a little bit better... with video games! This week Dale has been rolling stuff up into the mainstream cult classic Katamari Damacy, grinding loot in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, and grinding jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics. Meanwhile, Jeremy has been fighting off the feral anklebiters in Battlefront 2's "Ewok Hunt" mode, plays the new Bandai Namco game Pac-Man Stories for Amazon Echo (??), and throws a zombie parkour party in Dying...


Game Bytes :: April 29, 2018 :: Comet Take Me Away

It's the beginning of the new week, and while superheroes are dominating pop culture right now, don't forget that video game news is forever! We cover the premature death and possible resurrection of Steam Spy, meteors in Fortnite, Amazon Prime, Sega hardware, Sony financial data, and that 1 copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Game Gear that appeared on the NPDs. We also cover the new releases, this month's PS+, Xbox, and Twitch subscription offerings, and we talk about memorable...


Game Bytes :: April 26, 2018 :: Marcel Marceau: Le Biggest Badass

In this midweek show we discuss the games we've been playing, and hit all the important gaming genres: chickens, mimes, mechs, and battle royale! Dale and Jeremy discuss Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, Final Fantasy Tactics, Battletech, and The Darwin Project! We take a call from Major Nelson* the first podcaster**, and did Jeremy actually do all those things with his PSP? Intro: "Once I was Lost (Rocketbirds Theme)" - Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, by New World Revolution Outro:...


Game Bytes :: April 23, 2018 :: 100 Hitlers Drop from a Plane

It's (sliiightly after) the top of the week! And you know what that means (mostly)! It's time for Jerod, LeGrande, and Jeremy to fill you in on the newsiest happenings of the week in video games! We discuss the eminent and eventual end of the Vita, Valve's new studio acquisition, the role the HTC Vive played in Ready Player One, and the BATTLE ROYALE ROCK BLOCK... until technical difficulties RIP OUR SHOW APART. Will we survive? tune in as we also discuss new releases and in honor of...


Game Bytes :: April 18, 2018 :: Into the Sleepy Sadlands

Our midweek trio is successful this week as LeGrande, Jerod and Jeremy discuss the games they've been playing. LeGrande has played Mighty No. 9, but how well does it hold his interest? What kind of anime is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, anyway?? Jerod blubbers about whale hunting sim Nantucket, sneaks around in Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun, and tag-teams the high seas with Jeremy in Blackwake. We cover the Overwatch Archives event "Retribution" and discuss a little Into the Badlands Blade...


Game Bytes :: April 15, 2018 :: Yakuza 6: The Walk of Life

The power duo this week is made up of LeGrande and Jeremy, who brave the weekend and U.S. tax day to bring you up to date on the video game news of the past week, the new releases of the coming week, and discussion of video game themed topics that are evergreen! This week we discuss more game awards winners, services ending, records abolished, the biggest money making product of all time, as well as some new announcements and a fairly ill-advised marketing campaign. We continue with the...


Game Bytes :: April 11, 2018 :: The Slowest 84 Hours of Your Life

Dale, Jerod, and Jeremy have arrived on your device, overcoming time and space and probability to tell YOU about the video games that we've been playing. Jerod kicks us off with outerspace city builder Surviving Mars, and RPG desktop simulator Kingsway. Dale COMPLETES Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, transitions immediately into Final Fantasy Tactics (hax edition) and gets mad at Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor. Jeremy kicks balls in Captain Tsubasa, reminisces about anime of the 80s,...


Game Bytes :: April 8, 2018 :: Bombs Linger

We were up before dawn making you this freshly baked podcast. Please eat it with your ears and grow strong, it will make us so proud! All of that nutritious news will do you good, and it's flavored with a pinch of new releases and add-ons. Wash it down with a bit of discussion about games we've played but aren't obtainable anymore, and it's a veritable breakfast of champions! Please enjoy! Intro: "Colossus" - Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage!, by Stewart Copeland Outro: "Millennium Fair" - Chrono...


Game Bytes :: April 5, 2018 :: Frobbables

Dale and Jeremy (Casper and Lucky) hold the fort down for the mid-week in a dynamic duo of game-playing and game-talking-abouting! Dale opens up his Hearthstone deck once more, but does it deal him in? He's also admits to playing a little more Fortnite, and dipping his gjallarhorn back into Destiny 2. Finally, he creeps to within striking distance of finishing Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Jeremy joins the fray with the recently-final Pit People by The Behemoth, and hikes around an...


Game Bytes :: April 1, 2018 :: Lohan's Sky

LeGrande, Dale, and Jeremy are back to start your week off with the Video Game News U Need, along with new releases, discounts and freebies, and special discussion! Far Cry 5 and Fortnite are breaking records, lawsuits are filed and dismissed, someone's new movie gets a "7... out of 100" on our rotten tomatoes challenge, and who can pry the secrets from Todd Howard? Then, we cover the newest PS+ and Games with Gold titles, as well as Twitch Prime. Finally, we discuss some of the best April...


Game Bytes :: March 29, 2018 :: My Son, the PSTV

Dale and Jeremy bring the game talk back for another episode! Jeremy kicks us off with a rundown of the multiplayer prison-break game by Josef Fares, A Way Out. Dale gets to the end of Deus Ex Human Revolution, inches nearer to completing Tactics Ogre, skids around in Quake: Scourge of Armagon, and finally joines the Fortnite Battle Royale Fray. What does he think? You'll have to listen and learn! Intro: "Music #3" - Quake: Scourge of Armagon, by Jeehun Hwang Outro: "Lockdown" - Deus Ex...


Game Bytes :: March 25, 2018 :: WWW Dot Wiiware Wallet Dot Wong

We're here to invert game controls and do video game news! ... and we're all out of inverted game controls. This time we cover the news of GDC, and the Game Developers' Choice Awards. Nintendo's "Nindie" independent games showcase for the Switch. CD Projekt Red, Will Wright, and EA all have new projects in the works. Sea of Thieves could be No Man's Sea? We highlight the alt.ctrl exhibits at GDC, and an unconvenitonal new fighter appears for Tekken 7. Hashtag Crazy Train. We cover new...


Game Bytes :: March 21, 2018 :: Vermin2de - Pan2loon Man Returns

Heck YEAH we used the same podcast title joke twice in a row! Welcome back! On this midweek episode LeGrande and Jeremy are hitting the new hotness AND a little of the old hotness in video games. We open with Warhammer Vermintide 2 and some of the improvements and updates Fat Shark have made to the L4D formula. Jeremy has been playing Streets of Rage 3, an opportunity to reminisce about the 90s and offer admonition regarding yoked kangaroos. Lastly, we've played some PUBG mobile. But is...


Game Bytes :: March 18, 2018 :: 2Fast 2mb Raider

The new week opens with the news of the old week! And so the cycle continues. And presiding over this transition, as ever, are your humble GameBytes Show hosts. We open with some severe spoilers to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. After about 7 minutes of that, we continue to the news of the week! BAFTA noms, TRU closings, Twitch records broken, and Little Luigi. We cover the new releases, and we discuss games that we have not played (but want to) and have avoided spoilers thus far. Intro:...


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