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A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at

A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at
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A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at






Game Bytes :: August 14, 2019 :: Undignified Space Scans

Dale and Jerod and Jeremy have a theme going this week. Outer space and Norse mythology! Makes sense. In the games we played this week, Jeremy gives his final impressions on God of War 2018, and its slow burn and big payoffs. Dale and Jerod (who actually HAVE a theme) get into the newest updates from Elite Dangerous and the newly-released Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. There's a bit to compare and contrast here, and we'd hate for you to get your Dad of Boy mixed up with your Elite Galaxy Dangerous...


Game Bytes :: August 11, 2019 :: Fun-Duh-Mental

It's time for that weekly dose of "catching you up" with the moving and shaking in the world of video games. Jeremy, Dale, and LeGrande get away from that summertime grill (or microwave) to usher in the week of current events you gotta have. Video games are under the microscope again in the wake of gambling and violence. Fortnite beats Apex Legends to the punch. No Man's Sky gets another big update! A new portable Switch dock option is funded. What is a "dad build"?? Then, we cover the new...


Game Bytes :: August 7, 2019 :: Night of the Diamond Showdown

It is games time, and we know you just LOVE games, right? On today's show Dale, LeGrande, and Jeremy jaw about the newest in early access, new release, and deluxe DLC that they've been playing. LeGrande kicks us off with a revisit to Crytek's PVPVE swamp stomp, Hunt: Shodown. How has the game progressed since its early alpha? Dale continues with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the Igavania game we've all been waiting for. Does it knock his socks off and take away his abilities until he...


Game Bytes :: July 31, 2019 :: Cadence of the Wilds

This week's games lineup is short but oh so sweet! LeGrande has been rocking through Hyrule with Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda! Yes, that's the entire title. Jeremy deals with gravity, physics, space travel and banjo music in Outer Wildes. Two great tastes that taste great together! Intro: "Gerudo Desert" - Cadence of Hyrule, by Danny Baranowsky Outro: "Main Menu" - Outer Wilds, Andrew Prahlow Check out our Discord community at...


Game Bytes :: July 29, 2019 :: Hats and Money

Beat the summer heat with the GameBytes Show! The wildest and wooliest video game news will keep you cool and refreshed for fun in the sun and other cliches! Also you will be covered in wool. This week we recap the Fortnite World Championships, catch up on Nintendo's looming legal woes, the return of an unlikely hat-based game, and what you should NOT let your cat do while you're livestreaming. Plus, we cover new releases, and we get a third chair at the last minute to discuss what it means...


Game Bytes :: July 24, 2019 :: Peach Trees and Tomato Heads

In a very special episode of the GameBytes Show podcast, Dale returns from his asiatic wanderings just in time to TALK ABOUT VIDEO GAMES. Jeremy joins him and they fusion dance their way into a discussion of a mutual favorite: Final Fantasy 12. The Zodiac Age edition of the game brings some new features to the old Matsuno chestnut. We then proceed into something completely different with Housemarque's twin-stick shooter, Nex Machina. The game borrows from some of the studio's past titles and...


Game Bytes :: July 22, 2019 :: Best Since Bonk

News time! We see you pursing your lips. It's good for you! Here comes the airplane! Reeeeorrrwww! YUM! That isn't so bad is it? This week Jerod, LeGrande, and Jeremy distract you while actually feeding you the video game nutrition that you need. Nintendo is cruising for a joy-con bruisin'. China co-opts western developers to implement a nanny protocol. Uplay+ news and trial. A TurboGrafx 16 mini is announced. A new Plants vs Zombies game. And you'll never guess the top headliner at EVO2019....


Game Bytes :: July 18, 2019 :: Baba is the Chosen One

Jeremy and LeGrande take the greatest buddy-cop adventure of their lives in this latest episode! Or, alternately, we just sit down and talk about some games we've been playing. Take your pick. This week, LeGrande has been getting back on that Final Fantasy 14 train, and appreciates, of all things, the story? We talk a little about the job system and the relative progress the game has made in public opinion recently. Jeremy gets into grammar and programming and puzzles and googly-eyed bunnies...


Game Bytes :: July 14, 2019 :: Fatality Buffet

It's time once again to catch up on the video game news of the week! LeGrande, Jerod, and Jeremy knuckle up with the most important current events and barroom-brawl it into submission! This week the Nintendo Switch Lite is announced. Cuphead, Mortal Kombat and Persona 5 get new transmedia properties. Games are delayed. Games are retired. More! We cover new releases and freebies. Plus, we look back at the first half of 2019 for our favorites and want-to-play games. Intro: "Tokyo Daylight" -...


Game Bytes :: July 11, 2019 :: Moonlighting as Dr John Gaiden

The GBS gang has got games on the brain, and we're spreading the disease to you! This week, Jerod played old-timey Zelda-esque roguelike Moonlighter. Jeremy was prescribed Dr Mario World, but were the side effects too much to bear? LeGrande played The Messenger to completion, and dishes on the two-genre, two-era side scroller. Intro: "The Frozen Light (Glacial Peak)" - The Messenger, by rainbowdragoneyes Outro: "World Map" - Dr Mario World Check out our Discord community at...


Game Bytes :: July 7, 2019 :: Parappa the Dapper

In this week's video game news, Jeremy and LeGrande dig deep to get you the most relevant and useful news you need for those important watercooler conversations. Sony is looking to acquire. Release dates leaked. Konami is surprised by PS+ changes. Brexit heats up game dev competition. Xbox Scarlett gets a streaming SKU. Nintendo is ready to repel corporate raiders, but won't spoil its Switch surprises! Plus, new releases and freebies. And we talk about the kings-of-the-hill in video game...


Game Bytes :: July 4, 2019 :: Bros or Bros.

Closing out Freedom Week 2019, the guys get together to talk about the video games they have been free to play! Jerod talks about the July game club game, Dauntless, and we compare and contrast the value of something like Dauntless in a World of Monster Hunter. Jeremy has been dishing up good times with Diner Bros., and compares it to the lineage of cooking games. LeGrande has been sucking Vampyr dry, and we get a little more into the social systems he described in the last episode! Intro:...


Game Bytes :: June 30, 2019 :: Freedom Week

The week of news has come to pass, and our motto is "no news left behind"! We think it's something to strive for, anyway. This week, we'll update you on SGDQ 2019's final numbers, GoG's attempt to unify all game launchers, the console platform holders come together to make a statement, controversies surrounding the Steam summer sale and also Pokemon, along with a live-action series based on a game you might not have predicted. Plus, we update you on the subscription freebies and new...


Game Bytes :: June 26, 2019 :: With a Y

The GameBytes Show crew is nothing if not mostly consistent, and this week we are bringing it back to our usual habits with a rundown of the games we played this week! And this week, "most" of the guys are here to talk about games they've played! Jeremy dove into the Monster Hunter Iceborne beta and gives us a rundown of the changes, improvements, and overall fun factor of the new expansion to Monster Hunter World. LeGrande grows a pair (of fangs) and stalks the streets of last-century...


Game Bytes :: June 23, 2019 :: Make Surprise Mechanics Great Again

It's time to get back into the swing of things with the video game news of the week! LeGrande, Dale, and Jeremy are back on track and we're going to drag you (kicking and screaming) with us! This week, we discuss the emergence of a new game genre, EA's response to the loot box controversy, SGDQ, Stacraft Remastered gets cartoony, and a new infringy Super Mario Royale game! We cover the new releases, and we also discuss what WE are looking for in the next generation of game consoles! Intro:...


Game Bytes :: June 19, 2019 :: Das Grüvboot

This week, the guys have been playing a ton of games, and it turns out they're all vaguely E3-related! We open this show with a discussion about our impressions on the Microsoft Games Pass Ultimate (and PC) has affected our fortuntes, and what we see in store for the service. We get back on track with the GAMES before long! LeGrande dishes on Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Dale has been rebuilding civilization in Fallout 76. Jeremy gets his groove on with Wargroove (no relation). Intro:...


Game Bytes :: June 12, 2019 :: E3 2019 Part 2

You thought we'd wait until next Sunday to cover the back half of E3's many press conferences?? Foolish! Now you shall pay for your lack of vision... with another GameBytes Show Podcast! Dale, Jeremy, and LeGrande pick out all the most important stuff from the PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, Square-Enix, Limited Run Games, and Nintendo! We weigh in on the hots and the nots of the major press conferences and make it feel like you watched them too when you were busy doing normal dumb stuff. Check it...


Game Bytes :: June 9, 2019 :: E3 2019 Part 1

The annual rat race of E3 has kicked off, and the gang is here to help give you a boost so you can see it from the cheap. In the first half of the E3 pressers, we look at Google Stadia, EA Play, Microsoft, Bethesda, and the Devolver Direct events, picking out our favorite moments and noteworthy announcements! Intro: Bleeding Edge E3 trailer Outro: "Jump in the Line" - Harry Belafonte, Fall Guys E3 trailer Check out our Discord community at


Game Bytes :: June 5, 2019 :: Mechs and the City

We have an abundance of video game impressions for you this week! We define abundance as "3-or-so, in 30 minutes", which is convenient! This week, Jeremy played the new Urban Warfare DLC for GameBytes "totally official game of the year 2018" Battletech, and discusses the new biomes and mechs and how they change the game. Dale dissects the "connecting tissue" between Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn and the Heavensward expansion. LeGrande has been plugged into his new Oculus Quest, but does it...


Game Bytes :: June 2, 2019 :: The Big Rip

Your GameBytes Show cast is at FULL STRENGTH this week for a pre-E3 reckoning of 30-minute proportions! This week Microsoft announces changes to the Windows store and rolls out Game Pass on PC. Death Strandings gets a date. DOOM gets new content from John Romero. Pokemon gets sleepy, and Elon Musk installs a new killer app on the Tesla. Plus, new releases and good sales, as well as our predictions and hopes for E3 2019! Intro: "Apocalyptica" - Death Stranding E3 2019 trailer, Outro:...