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Change thru conversation. This is a long form conversational podcast that promotes unity, problem solving, and change thru understanding of issues and critical thinking.

Change thru conversation. This is a long form conversational podcast that promotes unity, problem solving, and change thru understanding of issues and critical thinking.
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Change thru conversation. This is a long form conversational podcast that promotes unity, problem solving, and change thru understanding of issues and critical thinking.






S2 E31 The Boys will be boys

This week we’re talking about the hot new Amazon original series “The Boys”, and I’m joined by Kennedy “The Storm Tribble” of Black Tribbles fame (Links below). The Boys is a graphic novel created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson that centers around a group of vigilantes attempting to take on the corrupt Super Heroes and the corporate masters that back them. We also talk about Comedy and get into some of the in’s and out’s of how we deal with one another as human beings....


S2 E30 Humanity 2.0?

This week we are joined by Kennedy Allen aka The Storm Tribble of Black Tribbles Fame, as we look at the topic of trans-humanism and the idea of being able to evolve past the bodies that we were born with. Is this the future of humanity, the melding of machine and flesh, or will we force our evolution into something altogether different?


S2 E29 House of M (ouse)

This week we talk about the Sony versus Marvel fiasco. We also get into some new announcements as far as phase 4 of the MCU and the the reign of the streaming services. All while joined by guest from the Nerdtino squad and Puchi Saru of The First 117(Links below)


Season 2 Episode #28 Current Events

On this episode we focus on the current events that have made national headlines as well as affected us locally . We talk about the multiple shootings this summer, the controversy with the thirty meter telescope (T.M.T) in Hawaii, the revolution brewing in Hong Kong, and an update on the Democratic race for the Presidential candidate.


Season 2 Episode #27 Marvel Phase 4

We finally have a proper conversation about marvel phase 4. We also hate on Scarlett Johansson and talk about what were most excited for in the continuation of the MCU. All hail the House of Mouse!!! Thanks to Adriana of the Nerdtino crew and Bria of Jawnism.


Season 2 Episode #26 NJ Gamer Con 2019

This was our coverage of New Jersey Gamer Con 2019. Kelcium Chloride: @Kelciumchloride all the things MishiCat Luu from Derpy Con: Richie Knucklez: @RichieKnucklez at all the things Philo Barnhart: Bill with Groove Catcher: @groovecatchervr...


Season 2 Episode #25 #RickyRenuncia

This week we talk about the aftermath of the revolution brewing in Puerto Rico, what lead up to it, and what's next. We also look into what made the protest in Puerto Rico so successful and how it has reminded the world that people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of its people. We are joined by Tom and Adriana of Nerdtino fame, as well as Javi Ocasio (Links below).


Season 2 Episode #24 GET OUT

This week we talk about the comments made by President Trump towards “The Squad”. The Squad is a diverse group of freshmen House of Representative made up of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Illahn Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. What does the American dream mean when you have Americans telling other American to go home? We also talk about the 50 year anniversary of the Moon landing and the latest announcements from Marvel phase 4.


Season 2 Episode #22 Blerd Con 2019

This is a selection of our coverage of Blerd Con 2019. First we check in with our friends at Nerdtino and chat up Tom Delphi. We then follow up with a fanboy conversation with the writer and creator of Is'nana The Were-Spider, Greg Anderson-Elysee (Link to the kickstarter below). Then we go into an in depth conversation about sex with monsters or DTFM with Simone of @harumscarumcosplay , ... and Nick got picked up and ever so gently put back down by our guest.


S2 E22 Chernobyl and Nuclear Energy

While talking about HBO's new miniseries "Chernobyl" with our guest Nick Valenza of Valenza Wood (link below), we get into a bigger discussion about nuclear energy, it's safety, and it's possible role as a transitional form of energy. We also talk about underwear bandits, the Kardashev scale, and humanity's potential to do good in the face of disaster.


S2 E21 Ethics and morale's

This week a conversation about ethics in the modern age. Or at least that's what it started out as and then, like most conversations, it evolved into trying to understand what ethics means and how it can be tied in with a persons morale code. We also go thru a few examples of ethical dilemmas, and try to understand that ethics is not a black and white subject.



Much like the Marvel namesake what if's are going to explore the historical and social ramifications of events playing out just a little differently. In our first what if, what if JFK had fallen in love with Marilyn Monroe and ran off with her? Is there even an assassination attempt? Does Robert Kennedy survive? What would this have done for divorce in the 60s? Does Jackie O become America's first Lady?


S2 E19 What's in a hobby?

What makes a hobby, a hobby? Is it something that you dedicate time and effort to? Can Netflix be a hobby? Or is it something that somehow invokes a creative spark? Join us as we get into how we pass our time and why we do it.


S2 Episode #18 Batman: We're back to Year One

In June it'll be the 30-year anniversary of Batman 1989 staring Michael Keaton and jack Nicholson. So today we are exploring the mythos of Batman and why he has captured the imagination of the public, we're also talking past Batman's, Batman's to be, and maybe our dream casting with our guest Jessica Rambo, from the Pop Inn in Chalfont PA.


S2 E17 Globe Trotting It's Good For The Soul.MP3

Does traveling and seeing the world make you a better person? That's the premise behind this episode. We talk about the ins and outs of travel, the excuses we make, the finances of it, and how to take those first steps.


S2 Episode #16 Objection!!! ...and we're not even Lawyers!

There's a lot of talk about impeachment in politics today, but what does that even mean? Can anyone be president? Do we now fire the president? How does that work? What will happen to the congress? Whats the difference between impeachment and a regular trial? What's this whole thing with the Muller Report? Won't someone think of the children???


S2 Episode #15 Avengers Compendium

This week we wrap up the experience that was the last 11 years of the Marvel Cinematic universe, while comparing it to its source material the 616 Marvel Universe. We also talk the future of comic movies and what could come next. Spoiler Warning!!!


S2 Episode #14 We're in the EndGame now

With a 1.2 billion dollar opening box office weekend, a long cast of stars, and being the culmination of a 22 movie arc, the likes of which have never been attempted or seen before, Avengers Endgame had a near-impossible task of putting an end on the Infinity Saga. Join us while we talk and dissect this movie with our new found friends over at Pop Inn Bar in Chalfont PA, Scrappy the bartender, Anne, @akajessrambo, and Bria "The Professional Jawn" of chime in. TimeStamp: Spoiler...


S2 Episode #13 Snap Judgments

Snap Judgments have become the only way to think in this social media driven world. You see a news story online and before you can formulate an opinion on it, your reading five other people opinions. Is there a place to have a nuanced conversation anymore that doesn't turn into a shouting match? We also talk about mob mentality, talking heads, information overload and so much more! Time Stamps: Intro/Taxes 0-5:04, news 5:05-12:04, Shazam/endgame 12:05-17:28, public opinion 17:29-20:18,...


S2 Episode #12 Nick & Ramon go to a con 😀

This week we got to experience the 2019 Great Philadelphia Comic Con. While promoting from the Nerdtino booth (Nerdtino Expo 2019), we were able to chat it up with some attendees about the up coming marvel movies, the future legacy of the MCU, Deep Space 9 and the experiences from the perspective of the actors, cosplay, and finally some Game of Thrones theories. Time stamps: Intro 0-6:30, conversation w/Jay Justice 6:31-24:14, conversation w/Kennedy(Storm Tribble) 24:15-38:29, conversation...