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Change thru conversation. This is a long form conversational podcast that promotes unity, problem solving, and change thru understanding of issues and critical thinking.

Change thru conversation. This is a long form conversational podcast that promotes unity, problem solving, and change thru understanding of issues and critical thinking.
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Change thru conversation. This is a long form conversational podcast that promotes unity, problem solving, and change thru understanding of issues and critical thinking.






S2 Episode #16 Objection!!! ...and we're not even Lawyers!

There's a lot of talk about impeachment in politics today, but what does that even mean? Can anyone be president? Do we now fire the president? How does that work? What will happen to the congress? Whats the difference between impeachment and a regular trial? What's this whole thing with the Muller Report? Won't someone think of the children???


S2 Episode #15 Avengers Compendium

This week we wrap up the experience that was the last 11 years of the Marvel Cinematic universe, while comparing it to its source material the 616 Marvel Universe. We also talk the future of comic movies and what could come next. Spoiler Warning!!!


S2 Episode #14 We're in the EndGame now

With a 1.2 billion dollar opening box office weekend, a long cast of stars, and being the culmination of a 22 movie arc, the likes of which have never been attempted or seen before, Avengers Endgame had a near-impossible task of putting an end on the Infinity Saga. Join us while we talk and dissect this movie with our new found friends over at Pop Inn Bar in Chalfont PA, Scrappy the bartender, Anne, @akajessrambo, and Bria "The Professional Jawn" of chime in. TimeStamp: Spoiler...


S2 Episode #13 Snap Judgments

Snap Judgments have become the only way to think in this social media driven world. You see a news story online and before you can formulate an opinion on it, your reading five other people opinions. Is there a place to have a nuanced conversation anymore that doesn't turn into a shouting match? We also talk about mob mentality, talking heads, information overload and so much more! Time Stamps: Intro/Taxes 0-5:04, news 5:05-12:04, Shazam/endgame 12:05-17:28, public opinion 17:29-20:18,...


S2 Episode #12 Nick & Ramon go to a con 馃榾

This week we got to experience the 2019 Great Philadelphia Comic Con. While promoting from the Nerdtino booth (Nerdtino Expo 2019), we were able to chat it up with some attendees about the up coming marvel movies, the future legacy of the MCU, Deep Space 9 and the experiences from the perspective of the actors, cosplay, and finally some Game of Thrones theories. Time stamps: Intro 0-6:30, conversation w/Jay Justice 6:31-24:14, conversation w/Kennedy(Storm Tribble) 24:15-38:29, conversation...


S2 Episode #11 U.S. Ultimatum

This week we take a look at all of the Presidential candidates, however to make it a little more interesting, we equate them them with a Marvel superhero or villain that best fits what they represent and what their personality quirks are. Strap in for the U.S. Ultimatum!!! Who will you choose to lead the country???


S2 Episode #10 Take a ride with us

This week we have Thomas Delphi and Adriana Kaplan, of Nerdtino Expo fame, joining me in the car(Sorry no Nick). While driving back to Philly from Zenkaikon 2019, we start pitching movie ideas to one another. We talk about M. Night Shyamalan and the movie that may have saved his career (Last Airbender we will never forgive!!!), and we try to figure out a way for Marvel to finally introduce the Fantastic 4 in a way that makes sense after Avengers: EndGame.


S2 Episode #9 Be our Guest

This week we are joined once again by Cheyanne E. and Bria "The professional Jawn" to have a conversation about there experiences working within the service industry. We also talk a bit about bored celebrity's and how japan stands a good chance of dominating space.


S2 Episode #8 Captain Marvel's Infinite End-Game

As of this writing Captain Marvel has been out in theaters for 12 days. In that time it has grossed 760 million dollars and is well on its way to a billion dollars. So we get into the nitty gritty of Marvels most powerful Avenger. In our discussion were joined by Cheyanne E. and Bria "The Professional Jawn". We also talk about the future implications of Captain Marvel on Endgame, Marvel and its Fox merger, and our wish list moving forward after Avengers: EndGame. Spoiler warning!!! Bria "The...


S2 Episode #7 Ins and outs of Cosplay

Have you ever been to a con and seen someone fully decked out as your favorite hero or villain? Its called cosplay. We had a chance to sit down and talk with 2 such ladies. We go thru dos and don't s and even hold the cosplay community accountable for some of its transgressions.


S2 Episode #6 Futurism

Futurism fu路tur路ism /藞fyo蜑oCH蓹藢riz蓹m/ noun: concern with events and trends of the future, or which anticipate the future. What does the future hold for humanity? What will be the focus and direction that we take to better our experience on this planet? What will be the next big leap that will transform us as a species? Sit back as we stare into the crystal ball and make some predictions.


S2 Episode #5 We Love U Larry The Cable Guy: The Blue Collar Experience In The Multiverse

Another in our exploring Fandom's series. The worlds of our favorite comics and movies seems enthralling! Gods and monsters exist. The heroes, anti heroes and villains fight out an epic battle of good vs evil. But often times when we peer into this world were looking at it thru the eyes of the elite. The members of the royal family, the rich playboy, the super powered or mythical individual with the power to shape reality around them. What does that world look like thru the eyes of the...


S2 Episode #4 Diversity within Diversity

Diversity di路ver路si路ty /d蓹藞v蓹rs蓹d膿,d墨藞v蓹rs蓹d膿/ : a range of different things, the condition of having or being composed of differing elements Diversity is complicated. Within a diverse group there can be smaller sub groups that exist and those groups themselves can be forgotten. So we decided to bring together some of them to hash it out. Joining the conversation is historian Thomas E. Delphi, the Executive Director of Nerdtino Entertainment Studios and Nerdtino the East coast鈥檚 first...


S2 Episode #3 A tale of 2 Unions

We鈥檙e often told that history repeats it鈥檚 self, but typically times gives us a couple years apart for that to happen. Recently, it鈥檚 like baby Caesar鈥檚 are popping up all over the world, and bringing with them the death of the republic and the start on an empire. And unfortunately, we and Venezuela have one of them in office鈥


S2 Episode #2 How am I then a Villan?

Villain /藞vil蓹n/noun: (in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot. In a movie the villain is the enemy of the protagonist. They are the bad guy who's actions and motives directly interfere with all that is good, and they must be stopped! Except the world is never that black and white. Sometimes the villain isn't really a villain. What happens when the Villain is right???


Season 2 Episode #1 Let's Talk Shutdown

We start of Season 2 with special guest Dan Dinkins of The Starting 5 Podcast/Talking My team Network. The 3 of us dive into the recent government shutdown and the implications that it has had on the rest of the U.S. We also look at "shutdowns" as a political strategy, and we attempt to figure out what's the actual justification for this shutdown in the eyes of the president.



A.I. it will be the single greatest human achievement. We will have given birth to something beyond ourselves when it is finally achieved. But are we giving birth to a tool that can help us to solve the problems that plague us today? Will our creation grow beyond us, only to realize humanity is no longer necessary? Or is it possible that we could merge into something completely new?


Episode #51 Which Time Line again?

There are moments in history where one decision was the turning point. What if that's not an accident? What if history has been meddled with? What if this is the 5th attempt at getting it right? It is a classic sci-fi troupe and now its our talking point on this episode of Garbled. #garbledpodcast


Garbled 2018 Year In Review

Join us for our 2018 year in review. On this one we talk about the stuff that went down in 2018 and what, if anything, defined this year.


Garbled Christmas 2018: Naughty And Nice List

Join us as we celebrate Christmas with our 2018 top 5 naughty and nice list. Merry Christmas to all!!!