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Fire and Fury

Happy New Year! In Episode 12, Matthew Kletter expresses joy that the holidays are over. New year, same President. Author Michael Wolff released a scathing book that heavily slams the functions and operations inside The West Wing. Matthew discusses the obvious lies that Trump's team continue to spin as facts. Matthew also dissects an interview with Trump advisor Stephen Miller and CNN's Jake Tapper. In Episode 13, Matthew will focus on Trump's racism and the battle for legalized...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Matthew is taking the rest of 2017 to enjoy time with family and friends for the holidays. Have no fear, new episodes of #GayLife will be coming in 2018. In the meantime, you can follow Matthew Kletter all across social media including Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat using the handle @MatthewKletter.

Sexual Harassment: The Bad, The Worse, and The Double Standard

This episode contains strong language and discussion of topics that some might find sensitive. Listener discretion is advised. In this episode, Matthew Kletter discusses why shopping on Thanksgiving/Black Friday is stupid, as well as why gift giving should be about memories and experiences, rather than materialistic items. Matthew takes a serious and firm tone on the most recent sexual assault allegations plaguing Hollywood and Washington, D.C. Matthew explores gray areas of sexual...


Smoke and Mirrors

Episode X ("Ten") has arrived (and so has Apple's iPhone X!). After a month off, Matthew Kletter is back and discusses mental health issues, the most recent tragedies in America, gun control, lying politicians, the new iPhone X, and more. Matthew explains how news organizations need to allow for facts to inspire more heated debates. It's another exciting half-hour of politics and gayness! Matthew Kletter Online: http://www.matthewkletter.comhttp://www.twitter.com/matthewkletter This...



In this episode, Matthew Kletter takes a more serious tone in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting that occured on October 1, 2017. As a liberal, Matthew discusses his stance on The 2nd Amendment and a person's legal right to gun ownership. He also emphasizes the importance of open diaglogue and polite, respectful debate. The tragedy in Las Vegas brings up an important question - If the time isn't now to discuss gun violence in America, when will it be the "right time"? Matthew Kletter...


Let's Get Personal

In this episode, I strip away all the glitz and glam of an edited podcast episode. For the first time ever, in this episode recorded in one take and uninterrupted, I also turned on the camera...I do not normally record video of myself recording a podcast episode but this episode, I felt the need to change things up - to get more personal. Topics discussed in this episode include the latest hurricanes that are devastating America as well as my own experience being within the eye of a...


Reclaiming My Time!

THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SOME MATURE DISCUSSION AND ADULT THEMES. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. This episode, Matthew Kletter covers LGBT rights including the ridiculous transgender military ban, immigration, Maxine Waters' meme worthy moment, a surprising NSFW gay porn meme and an abstract recall on some sparkly smartphone cases. Links: http://www.matthewkletter.comhttp://www.twitter.com/matthewkletter This episode of #GayLife is brought to you by Audible. Get a FREE audiobook download...


Message Undelivered: Return To Sender...Make America Gay Again!

It's time to Make America Gay Again! The Trump administration needs to realize that e-mails are unsecure. The Donald Trump Jr. e-mail scandal sparked some basic principal in Matthew's head...Young liberals need a voice in the media. The White House continues to lie and we are only hearing opinions from people of an older generation. Matthew discusses the lack of the appearance of milennials on networks such as CNN and MSNBC. It's not just about politics this episode, Matthew furthers the...


"Fake News" Is Real News / Controversy Sparks Conversation...SPEAK UP!

This episode, Matthew Kletter covers everything from Jared Kushner's alleged ties to Russia to the Manchester bombing and Kathy Griffin's Twitter photo controversy. Trump calls James Comey a "nut job". Pride month is on it's way. Matthew Kletter does not enjoy rain unless he is trying to sleep and other fun facts! Links: This episode of #GayLife is brought to you by Audible. Get a FREE audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at www.audibletrial.com/gaylife.


Success: The Good, The Bad, and The Gay Pornstar

THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SOME MATURE DISCUSSION AND ADULT THEMES. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to #GayLife! In this episode, we dive deep and get philosophical. It's all about success and what it means to be successful. Matthew Kletter talks about the dictionary definition of "success" (with some help from a virtual assistant) versus how society defines success. Matthew also talks about the gay porn industry and how a person's moral standards get in the...


The Story Behind The Hashtag and Why I Hate Donald Trump

This week, Matthew Kletter talks about the story behind the #GayLife movement, his opinions on Donald Trump, and a recently trending hashtag, #BadBookPrequels. For the latest updates, you can follow Matthew Kletter on major social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, @MatthewKletter and at www.MatthewKletter.com


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