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We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. Now it's time for them to try something: GET OFF MY LAWN. For more from Gavin visit and use code Gavin for a $10 discount on his daily show.

We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. Now it's time for them to try something: GET OFF MY LAWN. For more from Gavin visit and use code Gavin for a $10 discount on his daily show.
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We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. Now it's time for them to try something: GET OFF MY LAWN. For more from Gavin visit and use code Gavin for a $10 discount on his daily show.




Get Off My Lawn Podcast #104 | Motley Crue are a christian rock band

If you’re so determined to “shout at the devil,” then you hate him and see him as a threat to your life. I’ve been thinking a lot about the devil these days as I see things go from kinda crappy to downright sinister. Is the concept of “Satan” just a synonym for “evil” or is it more like actual demons coming from hell to do terrible things? I’m not at Alex Jones levels of “there are demons!” but I’m definitely drifting from the whole, “Meh, it just means ‘bad stuff’.”


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #103 | How to have a perfect life

My life is far from perfect. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. This podcast is more a, “Do as I say not as I do” kind of thing. This extra-long ep tells you how to do everything right from birth, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, marriage, parenthood, and retirement. Short version: try to make your life the 1980s.


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #102 | Why is everyone at the ski hill wearing a goddamn helmet?

Ryan Katsu Rivera and I just got back from skiing with the family in Okemo. No. that’s not a hospital for Irish cancer patients. It’s a ski hill that’s one of the best family-friendly ski resorts in the North East. Why don’t we revere that more? Why don’t we think of the risks and hard work businessmen put in to a project when we go to a ski hill or a water park or even a building? I think our apathy towards entrepreneurs comes from a general malaise towards men’s accomplishments in general....


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #101 | I hate "hate has no home here" signs

What do they even mean? You don’t allow Klansmen in your home? Yeah, I thought that was a given. You hate racism? So does 99.99999999% of the population. Why not put a “Rape has no home here” sign on your lawn while you’re at it. This sign does not mean what it says. It either means, “I’m a retard who makes redundant points” or “I believe that president Trump is racist and all his supporters are bigoted anti-Semites who hate blacks and gays and think women should be second class citizens.”...


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #100 | There are sixteen celebrities on this show

In this celebrity-packed episode we hang out with at least 16 famous people Ryan Katsu Rivera can do with his mouth. We also get in to the nature of impressions and if it’s even possible to learn how to do them. This episode includes Bill Schulz, Ezra Levant, Sway, Bill Burr, Artie Lange, Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Downey Jr, Sam Elliot, Christopher Walken, Jim Gaffigan, and of course Tony Soprano.


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #99 | What's it like to be gay?

In this in depth discussion on homosexuality we get deep inside what it’s like to be gay. It’s all conjecture but we determine that the worst part is 14-18 if you live in an anti-gay environment but after moving to the big city it must be awesome. Unfortunately, it can’t be too wonderful once you get super old and nobody wants you. That makes us feel bad.


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #98 | Being permanently suspended from Twitter is good for your mental health

After being permanently banned from Twitter (and Facebook and Instagram and everything else) I’ve noticed my IQ went up and my stress level has gone way down. Something about checking in on celebrities, feminists, and politically correct comedians several times a day really chips away at your soul. Kicking out conservatives like Milo, Loomer, Owen Benjamin, Alex Jones etc. has only made the bubble worse. See ya! With my new super brain, we check in on academia and discover it’s way worse...


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #97 | Lena Dunham is leaving Brooklyn

I have a love hate relationship with Lena Dunham. I obviously hate her politics but she’s made some cool art over the years and the way her fellow feminists have treated her is downright disturbing. The only reason I can see for all this vitriol is jealousy. I think a lot of underachieving females see what she’s done and they resent her for it because it makes them feel bad. I just made that up right now and don’t even mention it in this podcast. Still, it’s a pretty good theory. Like I’ve...


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #96 | I just flew back from Jamaica and boy are my arms irie'd

After catching up on some fake news about the FBI and “white nationalism,” we get into Jamaican culture and the INSANE story behind dancehall star Buju Banton prison sentence. The singer is just getting out now after five years for telling someone he dealt cocaine. He never dealt cocaine. He just said he did and that’ll land you in prison for five years. Nice free speech, America! Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #95 | You need three things to get rich

You need a hipster, a hacker, and a hustler to get rich. You don’t need a “hound.” You don’t need some busybody on social media spreading irrelevant information. You don’t need a publicist. You don’t need some “badass” feminists who are going to get you sued for making a rude comment. All a start-up needs to get rich is a fanboy, a geek, and a sales guy.


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #94 | I’m literally worse than a thousand literally Hitlers.

This heavily political show is all about the left’s determination to win this coming election at all costs. They’ve branded me as worse than Hitler and convinced half the country I run a violent street gang. However, much worse than that, this bizarre caravan appears to be sent to the border to make Trump look bad. Are they willing to sacrifice children for a photo op? I’ll survive this persecution, especially after I sue the pants off of everyone involved, but if anyone dies at the border,...


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #93 | What’s going on with sex these days?

I'm out of the loop but what's going on with messing around these days? Are tits still a thing? I've been out of the loop for a while but I'm worried porn and divorce has ruined sex for young people. That sucks because done right, it's pretty fun. Slut walks are sad.


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #92 | Tommy Robinson is not going to jail today

While celebrating the fact that Tommy is free (for now) we look back at other cases and start to notice a pattern. The radical left, the media, and the state are determined to dehumanize the right so they can kill them easier. It sounds hyperbolic but sending a British patriot like Tommy to a majority Muslim prison is a death sentence. They've done it already and the only reason he survived the attack is he was tipped off in advance. This sinister corruption is not unique to the UK. We are...


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #91 | Should Louis CK be allowed to do comedy?

Louis CK masturbated in front of two women who gave him persmission. For that, many believe he deserves the $35m nosedive his career took. Roseanne made an unfortunate joke she claims had nothing to do with race. For that, she loses control of her life story. Sometimes it gets much worse, the kangaroo courts of social media can get you charged with rape and all kinds of other crimes. How we don't pillory people for jokes and consensual sex and if a real crime occurrs, go to the cops?


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #90 | I went on an involuntary road trip with two Harry Potter fans

About 15 years ago, all the flights from Boston to NYC were canceled and all the rental cars were booked. I managed to hitch a ride with two incredibly normal people but they wanted to read Harry Potter aloud the whole time. Why? Why are adults so into children’s books and Star Wars and video games and Comicons? It’s the same with all this Nazi-hunting crap. We are all playing one big Live Action Role Playing game and that’s for kids.


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #89 | Mob of LIE LIE Proud Boys brutally beat several men

I get into all the fake news surrounding my Otoya Yamaguchi ceremony we had at the Manhattan Republican Club on Friday, October 12th (the same day Otoya impaled the head of Japan's Socialist Party with a samurai sword). Antifa vandalized the club, terrorized the attendees, lied about "white supremacy," and stole a Proud Boys MAGA hat even though he was with about 30 dudes. Guess what happened, folks. Fuck around and find out.


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #88 | Every argument comes down to nature VS. nurture

Identical twins separated at birth are the errant thread that unravels the whole sweater. When they invariably discover each other they have the same dog, same car, similar looking husband, and basically the same vocation. This makes people very uncomfortable because it sounds like eugenics and that’s Nazi shit. Don’t worry kids. You can concede that we are 80% determined from birth without giving up free will and accusing everyone down on their luck of being born that way.


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #87 | Did I ever tell you about the time I drank AIDS blood?

I start out discussing the dumbest thing I’ve ever done which brings us to Halloween and AIDS in general. I then attempt to quash any beef me and the Proud Boys have with DMS because they are very scary dudes who go to jail - a lot. This brings the conversation to a talk I had with DMS co-founder Scott Ebanks who did 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit (a charge that would have stuck in UK because they are insane). The big picture here is we all get lost in the weeds with petty differences...


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #86 | I'm on that meat diet everyone's talking about

After 15 years of vegetarianism, I've begun exclusively eating animals because I've realized animals are complete losers. They are just evolutionary tangents that were meant to be human but took a wrong turn somewhere a few million years ago and ended up stuck with no arms and a hammerhead. Might as well eat them. They're just fancy plants AKA "flants."


Get Off My Lawn Podcast #85 | I just flew back from Tommy Robinson’s trial and boy are my arms soccer hooligans

This episode is dedicated to the INSANE charges against Tommy Robinson and the throngs of supporters who showed up to his trial on Thursday. The media class in Britain turns a blind eye to pedophile gangs and focusses all their attention on obfuscating Tommy's message. I have no idea why. I think it's because they hate the working class. The result is one man, alone, fighting on behalf of Britain's children. For more, check out the CRTV Tonight ep dedicated to this trip at