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We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. Now it's time for them to try something: GET OFF MY LAWN. For more from Gavin visit and use code Gavin for a $10 discount on his daily show.

We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. Now it's time for them to try something: GET OFF MY LAWN. For more from Gavin visit and use code Gavin for a $10 discount on his daily show.
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We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. Now it's time for them to try something: GET OFF MY LAWN. For more from Gavin visit and use code Gavin for a $10 discount on his daily show.




#154 | The DA asked for copies of all my old shows

We begin the show by discussing NYC’s DA who told my old boss they want every episode of The Gavin McInnes Show. They are trying to get evidence to prosecute the Proud Boys, particularly our buddy Big John. He has a black wife and black kids so proving he’s a member of a hate group is going to be a stretch. Especially because she’s the one who suggested it. Then, we switch gears and talk about Ryan going to a nude beach, which is gross. Finally, a Mail Bag special where we examine the worst...


#153 | The NYPD just came to my house

After carefully discussing a visit by the DA and two detectives at 8 in the morning, we talk about women in that weird part of the world where China meets Eastern Europe. Turns out, their feminists are fat and ugly too. This leads to a discussion on shithole countries and the idiots who get murdered there while trying to prove they’re actually wonderful places to be. When we get to the call in portion of the show, it goes so poorly it becomes funny in a so-bad-it’s-good way.


#152 | Let's talk to our friends who are going to jail

In this Free Tommy / Free Stone super episode, we sit down with Tommy Robinson and Roger Stone and hear their side of the story. Turns out, Tommy didn’t encourage vigilanteism. He encouraged journalism. Also, Roger didn’t collude with Russia or facilitate Wikileaks. He forgot about a random email from Julian Assange. Later, we examine this new trend in feminism where bitchiness is seen as an empowering trait because it looks powerful. It’s not. You just seem like a person that sucks to hang...


#151 | Is segregation racist?

As someone against segregation, I feel I can speak freely about how surprisingly mainstream voluntary segregation has become. Isn’t this wrong? Is it OK to have separate drinking fountains if we asked for them? Also, I know I said we’re not doing these without involving FreeSpeech.TV anymore but I had to get this subject off my chest as it’s been plaguing me all week. We won’t be doing the call in thing this Thursday because I’m on vacation and doing that Free Speech rally in DC but we will...


#150 | We are live on FreeSpeech.TV

The audio is still free but it’s live streamed on FreeSpeech.TV where you can call in and ask stupid questions like, “What’s with your face?” We covered the DNC Debates that happened last night but they were so boring we opted to rate the female candidates on a 1-10 scale. Turns out the DNC’s best option is the flaxen-haired Hawaiian, Tulsi Gabbard. The calls range from women thanking us for venerating housewives to some Czechoslovakian who refuses to admit Czechoslovakia sucks.


#149 | I broke into the train yards the other day, allegedly

Gavin allegedly may have broken into the train yards to find the phone he left there last night. This is not a confession. The cop that helped him was a wonderful women but are tiny, female, cops really helpful to the force? We’re told they’re good for domestics but tell that to the tiny female cop in Sacramento who was just killed on the job. Once again, in the quest to prove everyone is equal, we are hurting the people we purport to help.


#148 | Antifa is trying to SWAT our July 6th rally

Now available in vidcast format on FreeSpeech.TV! We dive deeper into the Max Landis controversy because it really sums up how totally lame millennials are - no original ideas and happy to pillory someone outside of the courts because doing it through social media is just more convenient. The male bag reveals old people wear terrible shoes and it is BRUTAL being a single 29-year-old woman in today’s dating climate.


#147 | Did you enjoy Parents Day yesterday?

We celebrate a belated Father’s day by going over fight stories and making fun of all the jerks who want to trivialize fatherhood because it feels like you’re smashing the patriarchy and that’s supposed to be a good thing. Ryan doesn’t have a dad but I do so let’s talk about him.



Just as the rain really started to come down, I have completed my ark and loaded the last couple of giraffes. Please climb aboard and register with FreeSpeech.TV. We are the only place where you see the right and the left talking to each other in a fun, honest, and totally uncensored way.


#145 | Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise

It was a helluva weekend with three big stories dropping about free speech and yours truly. After covering those scoops, we look at the media’s obsession with promoting drag kids and making everything gay. Why are hockey games being interrupted with videos of “gay” kids in drag? Are they trying to immaculate athletes or is it just bored women at marketing companies choosing the most colorful thing on their To Do list? Us normal dads are starting to get annoyed.


#144 | Its kind of feminist to be sexist

We’re not sure why but I mention “outer space” about a hundred times in this womencentric episode. Basically, avoiding women when you’re married is a way of showing respect to the woman’s husband and also your wife. Flirting isn’t worth the headache so why bother? We also dip into the mail bag and ready what is easily the gayest letter we’ve ever received.


#143 | I hate the New York Times

I was recently contacted by NYT reporter Rob Kuznia about my aversion to pornography. Apparently, some sex columnist who calls herself Lux Alptraum claims it’s anti-Semitic. The logic pretzel you need to get to this conclusion is a great example of Clown World journalism and how far papers like the New York Times have fallen. Social Justice Warriors aren’t just blogging at HuffPo anymore. They are at formerly reputable papers like NYT and Washington Post. They’re also on MSNBC and CNN....


#142 | I just got beat up by a cop

More boxing talk before discussing how incredibly funny I am and how every joke has several layers of meaning. This is illustrated by some mediocre sketch ideas. Also, follow me on Telegram, RealGavinMcInnes.


#141 | Lets catch up on some mail

As the title insists, we catch up on mail.


#140 | Lets talk about bachelor parties

Getting into what bachelor parties are all about. Why certain things having to do with sexuality are bad, and why some are harmless. Then we take a look into the mail bag.


#139 | So, superhero movies are ruined

Before getting into how terrible End Game is, we talk about super hero movies in general and how they have been completely gutted by feminism and diversity. Entertainment is about being preached to by assistant professors now and that’s just not entertaining. Don’t miss the 20-minute tangent about New York’s East Village in the early 2000s and over-the-top gay bars.


#138 | The chick from "What we do behind the shadows" is hot

A surprisingly drunk Gavin manages to mumble about that Greek chick from “What We Do in the Shadows” and relationships in general. Apparently, you can covet your neighbor’s wife if you don’t want her for yourself but instead want other men to court women who are like her. We also glance over the news and dig deep into the mail bag. Lots of relationship advice there too.


#137 | A bunch of people just got banned for social media for associating with me

There are two things going on with this recent social media purge. One, everyone is included in free speech, even bad guys and two, these aren’t those guys. Milo is an eccentric traditionalist who is wary of feminism, Laura Loomer is hooked on Muslim anti-Senitism, and Alex Jones is a guy with seemingly infinite theories, most of which are true! To say they were banned for associating with me is an obvious lie. They were banned for being too effective this close to the next presidential...


#136 | Could you imagine liking Peter Gabriel?

Peter Gabriel sucks and of course, Ryan likes him because he has the worst musical taste in the entire state of NY. We gave some very helpful boxing tips and talked about the two times Gavin’s wife wanted to kill him.


#135 | So they're coming after Robert Crumb now

Robert Crumb is clearly one of the greatest artists of all time. The people coming after him and having him removed from museums are buzzkills who don’t get the joke. As usual, they are basing their witch hunt on someone else’s opinion of his work and not his body of work itself. This is always the case with these people. Anyway, we also talk about guns, mass shootings, and tricking kids into thinking Joe Dirt is the new Avengers movie.