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3 strip club DJs give their uncensored opinions on current events!

3 strip club DJs give their uncensored opinions on current events!
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3 strip club DJs give their uncensored opinions on current events!








Goin In Raw the Jer Bear is back and damn it gets real .

Jerry Butler takes us on a heartfelt, truthful journey of one of the darkest times of his life. Public acknowledgment. Public apologies. Open discussion of some very dark secrets. Of course, we talk Roseanne, Colin Kaepernick and the rest of the uncomfortable things. We take on the myth of college. You will be offended. Sam cusses Bill out ... H town .... Learning to spell ..... Heroes get shout-outs ..... Happy birthday to Fatou ..... Felons and guns ..... This is a show like no...


Goin' in Raw - Short but sweet.

Your favorite a$$holes are back ( at least two of them anyway ) to entertain you, offend you, and laugh at our own jokes. Hear about Wild Bill's wild birthday celebration that cost him $ 12,000. He gives negative customer service shoutouts, along with some very positive customer service shout outs. You won't believe how far and above Wheel Tec's customer service went to get WildBill his truck. Another unarmed teacher stopped a mass shooting to little fanfare. The coward cop from Broward...


Goin' In Raw ver2.0 - EP22 - Season Finale!

The a$$holes are taking a self-imposed break from the show for a few weeks. They all have big things to focus on and want to come back better than ever. We are NOT stopping the show! This week we talk about the rash of school shootings. The correlation to the drugs gets grilled. And they take a close look at the actual number of school shootings. Sam gets angry. Sam talks about his new designing venture and how it might be a lifesaver. Bill's new business into the cryptocurrency market...


Goin In Raw ver 2.0 - EP21- Cheating taxes, Hacking Computers, and Smoking Weed.

The A$$holes are back with their first ever in-studio guest, Jeff Hook Can he keep up? Sam's all excited about rich people getting involved in health care. DARE has an exciting new deletion. Legal pot dispensary in Texas ?!?!?! The guys argue computer generated prison sentences. What do you think? Lots going on in Crypto Corner this week. Hackers, Facebook, and Samsung are all covered. Really good info here. National zebra day ... Eminem hate mail vs. MLK hate mail ... Taxes ......


Goin In Raw ver 2.0 - EP 20 - "Grandpa" WildBill explains Sex on the Beach.

The a$$holes are back this week asking you to sign the petition to legalize marijuana nationally, link on our page. We learn the proper way to order Taco Bell at the bank drive through. Sam recounts field trip to the hospital TWICE this week. Pirate parties... Casino shuttle fire... WildBill's crazy visuals... Keto diet vs. warrior diet... Stem cells debate... Failed shower sex... Redneck poetry... And we plan out our foreign done surgery on this week's episode of Goin' In a Raw!!


Goin' in Raw ver 2.0 - EP19 - Illin' noise!

Crypto Corner is back this week talking the first crypto transaction as well as a movie recommendation that sounds fantastic. Elon Musk's plan to help Puerto Rico. Christian puts our technical problems on blast. Jeff Session's sins are brought to light in this week's Redneck Poetry. Sam gets his nails did... Who is gonna pay for my 17 kids... Problems with legalized medical marijuana... Health updates... Jeff Sessions gets fired... And Sam gets WildBill a new job in Oklahoma on this...


Goin' in Raw ver 2.0 - EP18 - A new start for a new year!

The a$$holes are back after their Christmas vacations. Did the boys from Florida finally travel to get their white Christmas? "different" types of cold. How the high economy is sending us shopping. Hilarious comments from Oregonians now that will have to pump their own gas. Big fight outside Christian's former club. A nine-year-old pellet gun welding superhero. The Punisher has strong words for his fans. Redneck poetry this week is a cool review of 2017. Who buys what at Walmart......


Goin' in Raw Ver 2.0 - EP17 - ...Making a body disappear!

The Christmas show takes on a weird turn as we praise murderers, call for vigilante justice, and discuss our weird obsession with criminal minds. Lawyer gets caught making illegal porn. Both bill and Christian know the girls! A morbid news article that's actually the best love story you will hear this year. Worth a listen. Why net neutrality dying is a good thing ... Rocking and rolling with Christian ... Healthiest and unhealthiest states ..... New Year resolutions ...CBD oil ....red...


Goin' In Raw ver 2.0 - EP16 - We go gay for Bitcoin!

Another fabulous episode where we recount our favorite time in gay bars. You read that right. Yes, you need to hear this. Bill is mining his own cryptocurrency. Don't miss his advice on basic investing in " Bitcoin " or his predictions on this market. His new segment Crypto Corner makes its debut. Very interesting. The Daniel Shaver case made Sam angry this week. Be ready for his rant, which includes a biting Redneck Poetry. Harsh . Joys of Milk thistle... Sharing bathrooms... Holiday...


Goin' In Raw ver 2.0 - EP15 - Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

All three A$$HOLES are injured this week. WildBill fell down, Christian sat too long, and Sam is just old. You won't believe the real-life ailments that can occur while djing in the strip club. Will the glitter ban affect our jobs? In Florida, the Seminole Heights killer got caught. Find out what craziness unfolded at the press conference, the new charges, and Christian's strange connection to the killer... Wild Bill teaches us the basics of cryptocurrency in his new segment. He gives...


Goin in Raw' ver 2.0 - EP14 - Only two A$$hole's this week! Who's missing?

Guns and the medical marijuana card connection get the Raw treatment. We recap Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Mattress Mack gets a shout out, and American consumers break another Black Friday record. We talk about the dangers of growing hibiscus plants in Buffalo New York. Both assholes had the same blueprint for an early version of Uber Eats. A bad cop pleads guilty and gets sentenced. You have to hear this crazy story. A science lesson on double assholes ... Redneck Poetry ......


Goin' In Raw version 2.0 - EP13 - Enjoy the heck out of this show , we are taking off next week .

A 12-year-old girl's lawsuit that might make the world a better place. She gets the Goin in Raw seal of approval! A funny audio clip of a sheriff smoking pot for the first time. Wild Bill has a list of the most dangerous states for Black Friday. Did your state make the list? Sam has an unbelievable Black Friday story from year's past. Christian has a list of high tech gadgets that are all the rage. Wild Bill has dissenting opinions on some of the gear. Get your Black Friday shopping lists...


Goin' in Raw! ver 2.0 - EP12 - Who's next to be offended ?

We have a lot of fun with this actual headline: " Subject robs hot dog stand, accidentally shoots himself in the penis ." Of course, we go there. Oh yes, we do. The guys tackle the great Bruce / Caitlyn door controversy. Mind-blowing clips where Family Guy's Seth McFarlane actually warns us about what was going in Hollywood from the past. These are must-hear tracks. And we answer the question whether or not Christian ever spent time on Brent Ratner's casting couch. Bill explains the...


Goin' in Raw ver 2.0 - EP11 - Put your Tinfoil Hats on . JFK FILES explained

The guys are back this week taking on lack of trick or treating, racist cereal boxes and Marvel cartoons. The guys wax romantically about their first cars. Christian drove a "' Vette.... A Chevy Chevette ". Bill recollects his driver's ed fist fight. Wild Bill has compiled a hilarious list of stupid criminals that's a must hear. And he personally doesn't care if the government watches him or not. Add in Redneck poetry and you have a great show already. But wait ... There's more ... The...


Goin' in Raw ver 2.0 - Ep10 - We came to trick , treat and offend you.

The guys tackle Halloween with strange facts, culturally appropriate costumes and Wild Bill reads terrifying two sentence horror stories that will blow your mind. Really, really good stuff here. Worth a listen just for these. We talk about how big of a fan we are of political correctness and social appropriation. Christian loves pizza from Italia. Bill drops the " do you believe in ghosts " question. Christian and Sam recall their most supernatural moments. Redneck poetry is so...


Goin' in Raw ver2 - EP 9 - Boring with a couple laughs!

Holloween, movie reviews and racism is a taught behavior. Plus Redneck poetry, a recap of Sam's most hated poem to date (Eminem rebuttal), Tin Foil Hat Diaries, and a few laughs on this episode of Goin' in Raw!!


Goin' in Raw ver 2.0 - EP8 - Chistian loses his front tooth!

We are the SH!T! Night Moves award show recap and Christian had a great time. Sam shares new tinfoil hat revelations about Vegas. Bill offers life lessons to rapper Nelly. Christian gets embarrassed in public, but still, has a great time. We tackle opium problems back to their origins. Follow the money! Taking the title LINE coach to a whole other level. We hear from our harshest critic live on the air. Sam takes on Eminem with his redneck poetry. Bill has strong words for the NFL....


Goin' in Raw ver 2 EP7 - Sam's ass teaches him a lesson!

Sam gets his ass kicked. We shoot straight into the heart of conspiracies surrounding the Las Vegas shooter. Was he alone? Find out. Both Wild Bill and Christian are up for awards at the 25th annual Night Moves adult entertainment awards coming to Tampa this weekend. Over 35 porn stars will be attending. Get details on this show. What's up with the NFL? And why did Kaepernick get awarded moron of the week? Unbelievable Vegas stories, Hugh Hefner, the cat in the hat, Tom Petty, OJ...


Goin' in Raw ver 2 EP 6 - kneel on this!

The star-spangled debate The boys are back this week TACKLING the national anthem protests. Some VERY interesting points brought up on all sides of the debate. This is a good listen. Find out WHY a church usher and a math teacher both share the honor of HERO of the week for doing basically the same thing. Way to go, guys! Find out what boneheaded move the NYPD did to deserve being named MORONS of the week. Starbucks robbery, red neck poetry, drinking your own pee, and why Mumford and...


Goin' in Raw ver 2 EP5 - The Final Episode!

A show so good it may end the world. The boys definitely bring the funny in what can humbly be described as " the greatest and bestest show ever". Bill makes sure Sam won't get laid in the final days before the earth explodes. Christian doesn't want the world to end so he can enjoy liquor at the new Taco Bell. We talk toys and pick our favorites to be inducted into the Toy Hall of fame. Bill waxes philosophically about our picks and what they say about is as adults. Sam is chastised...