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The home of Guelph Politcast, Open Sources Guelph, and End Credits




The home of Guelph Politcast, Open Sources Guelph, and End Credits




Open Sources Guelph #383 - June 30, 2022

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we end the month by catching up with the news, and boy there was a lot of it. From the United States will talk about the inevitable and closer to home we will talk about the new front bench at Queen's Park. In the second half of the show, we'll look at the UCP leadership race out west before tracing our way back home and the potential reprise of everyone's favourite convoy. This Thursday, June 30, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will...


End Credits #254 - June 29, 2022 (Everything Everywhere All at Once)

This week on End Credits, we recognize that this is only one version of the show. In the unlimited spectrum of the multiverse, we may have reviewed Everything Everywhere All at Once already, or we may not have reviewed it at all. But we did review it this week, and along with that, we will take a look at other movies dealing with multiple realities. This Wednesday, June 29, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Candice Lepage will discuss: Altered Slates. There are an infinite number of...


GUELPH POLITICAST #330 – Still COVID (Series Finale)

It was at the beginning of March 2020 when Dr. Mercer first appeared on the Guelph Politicast to talk about COVID-19: What would happen if, and when, COVID-19 came to Canada? A few weeks later, COVID was here. After that, Dr. Mercer became a regular guest on this podcast, stopping by once every quarter to talk about the pandemic, and now we have arrived at this, the final edition of "Still COVID." Since the last "Still COVID" in mid-March, we’ve seen a lot of the mandates rolled back, and...


Open Sources Guelph #382 - June 23, 2022

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we consider change. Out of Toronto there was a report about policing that proved the worst case scenario, but will those numbers make a distance? Also, might this be the last session of the Canadian government led by the current prime minister? Some people think it's possible. In the back half? We will work through some change of our own by talking to some local Indigenous voices. This Thursday, June 23, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will...


End Credits #253 - June 22, 2022 (Hustle)

This week on End Credits we will get into sports, or as we like to call it, "the final frontier." (Film nerd joke.) We're reviewing the new sports drama Hustle on this edition of the show, and of course we're here for the acting, and not the ball throwing. And since we're already here for the acting, we're going to talk about comedic actors who can make you laugh, and make you cry. This Wednesday, June 22, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Tim Phillips will discuss: Why So Serious? This...


GUELPH POLITICAST #329 - Reconciliation, As a Municipal Matter

With this being National Indigenous History Month it seems appropriate to look at how our local government is adapting to make Indigenous communities a more active part of governance at City Hall. How can we acknowledge the history of the land and then refuse to give the traditional landholders more of a say in what happens upon it? We can't, and staff members at the City of Guelph are working on that. It was this time last year when we were all reckoning with our thoughts and feelings...


Open Sources Guelph #381 - June 16, 2022

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we get back into the swamp. We go back south of the border to talk again about the long corruptible coattails of Donald Trump, and we will also take some time to catch up with the latest from the Conservative leadership race here in Canada. For the second half of the show, we will say an official goodbye to another Friend of OSG who's decided to retire from politics. This Thursday, June 16, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will discuss: "It's...


End Credits #252 - June 15, 2022 (Jurassic World Dominion)

This week on End Credits it's din-o-mania! If it's summer, then it's time to start running and screaming from CGI dinosaurs, and that's what will happen again with our review of Jurassic World Dominion, the sixth in the series. Before that we will go back to the summer of 1993 and talk not about the original Jurassic Park, but other non-dinosaur movies from that year. This Wednesday, June 15, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Peter Salmon will discuss: Class of '93. Famously, the original...



In his first book, Learning to Live: From the Loss of My Parents to Mental Health Advocate, Noah Irvine writes his memoirs. It might seem a bit weird for a 21-year-old kid from Guelph to put down his life story for posterity, but it's a story that's as remarkable as it is recognizable. Noah might have become a statistic, but instead he became an advocate. Now he wants to tell you why. You’ve probably heard of Noah because he’s been featured in a lot of different local and national media...


Open Sources Guelph. #380 - June 9, 2022

This week on Open Sources Guelph, it's time to get back to normal. Following Election Day (and our Election Night special) we will take a broader look at the provincial results and talk about where we go from here, and then we will catch up with recent developments in Ukraine, where there is still a battle for control of the country. In the back half of the show: You know him, you love him, and you just re-elected him! This Thursday, June 9, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will...


End Credits #251 - June 8, 2022 (Firestarter 2022)

This week on End Credits, we didn't start the fire. That line is from a song, and not from the remake of the movie based on the book written by Stephen King. That's the long-winded way of saying that this week we're reviewing the new version of Firestarter, and since King is on the menu, we will tee up the review with a look at some all time King Klassics. This Wednesday, June 8, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Candice Lepage will discuss: Three Kings. In the annals of publishing, there's...


GUELPH POLITICAST #327 - Queer as Faith

Much of the hate and vitriol aimed at the LGBTQ+ people comes from religious communities still promoting ideas in the 21st century that being anything other than straight and cisgender is a violation of centuries of religious dogma. How can you find a faith space where you can be respected and accepted as openly queer? That's a good question for the “Rainbow Papa-Bear”! There’s a certain term you’ll hear used in this conversation: “The Clobber Passages.” This is from a book by Reverend...


Open Sources Guelph Election Special - June 2, 2022

You know it, you love it, it's Election Night in Ontario!!!! Open Sources Guelph proper takes the week off after a very busy campaign season and instead your favourite local news and politics hosts will be on the air later in the evening with all the results, insights, trivia and Simpsons references that you've come to both love and dread with CFRU's election night coverage. Join us, and the University Centre irregulars, for a night of politics! This Thursday, June 2, at 8 pm, Scotty Hertz...


End Credits #250 - June 1, 2022 (The Northman)

This week on End Credits, summer is here, so we're heading north! And back in time! Our trip to the north is a thousand years in the past when men ruled with swift, brutal efficiency in the name of their old gods like Odin and Freya. Yes, it's time for the viking revenge tale The Northman, and we will talk about that movie's director, and some other great, new directors. This Wednesday, June 1, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Tim Phillips will discuss: The New Class. Filmmaking is a...


GUELPH POLITICAST #326 - Healthcare: A Pre-Election Podcast

Affordability has kind of hijacked the priorities this election, but once it would have been possible to see healthcare being the number one issue of the 2022 campaign. From more funding for our overburdened hospitals, getting for-profit companies out of long-term care, and expanding coverage to mental, dental and pharma coverage, nothing throws issues of healthcare under a microscope like a global pandemic! Since the start of the pandemic, the inadequacies of our current public healthcare...


Open Sources Guelph. #379 - May 26, 2022

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we start the final countdown to Election Day. In our last (but not least) batch of Ontario election issues, we will talk to the woman looking to turn her vast community health experience into political action as the next Liberal MPP for Guelph, and then we will talk to a workers' rights advocate looking to shake up the system and make a case for real change at Queen's Park. This Thursday, May 26, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will...


End Credits #249 - May 25, 2022 (Chip ’N Dale, Men, Doctor Strange)

This week on End Credits, it's a post-long weekend solo round. Fewer co-hosts means time for more movies, and this week, you're getting a review of three very different flicks. Cartoon chipmunks will kick-off the show with more meta references than you can stand, and then we will get serious with a three-letter word. To wrap up, a trip through the multiverse to the MCU! This Wednesday, May 25, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson will discuss: REVIEW: Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022). In the...


GUELPH POLITICAST #325 – These Times, They Are Triggering

May is Sexual Violence Prevention Month, but he haven't really had much time to talk about that because these last few weeks have been pretty bad for anyone concerned about equal rights. domestic abuse, gender-based violence, and the lack of balanced media coverage to give these issues the proper context. A news cycle like this demands an entire episode of this podcast to makes sense of it. A few weeks ago, an American media outlet published details from a leaked Supreme Court decision that...


Open Sources Guelph #378 - May 19, 2022

This week on Open Sources Guelph, it's all election all the time! As we enter the last few weeks of the Ontario Provincial Election, we're really going to have to step up our game in getting candidates on the air, so we have two back-to-back interviews. In one corner, we've got the returning champion in green trunks, and in the other corner, we've got a young challenger wearing orange. This Thursday, May 19, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will discuss: Still Like Mike? That's...


WELLINGTON-HALTON HILLS POLITICAST 2022 – Ryan Kahro, Green Party Candidate

It’s not easy being Green, the song says, and for the longest time running as the Green Party candidate in any election was seen as kind of a long shot. Mike Schreiner proved Greens can win in Ontario in 2018, and while a Green wave seems unlikely in this provincial election, Ryan Kahro thinks she can beat the odds, and more obviously, beat Ted Arnott! It’s been said many times in this podcast already that Arnott is a formidable opponent, he won 54 per cent of the vote in 2018, his eighth...