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33: Heathens: Greek vs Roman Gods

In this episode we discuss many things. Very many things. Mainly the SOTU and the Nancy clap - also, why Jeff Bezos' selfie may bring down the house of Trump. We talk briefly about roman gods versus greek gods - one of us was prepared for the program - the other one was winging it. So we rely mainly on Justin to stick to today's topic.


32: Heathens: Who (or what) was Mithra(s)

In this week's episode: God has preordained the winner in the SuperBowl as part of his divine plan. All we have to do is wait to find out who it will be. Whoever it is, will come as no surprise to god. A governor is in hot water for wearing blackface in an old yearbook photo and it is in terrible taste - but it was 30 years ago and Trump keeps getting a pass for wanting to grab people by the privates - today. Who was Mithra(s)? A covenant between a Hittite king and his people to live and...


31: Heathens: what is Sin and why does God care

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah... the shutdown is over and we all know who came out the winner of that debacle. For more on this and the topic of today, listen to the podcast.


30: Heathens: Cults - gullibility and fear - why fear a loving God

Donald Trump sounds like a retarded drunken village idiot. Kaitlin and Tam Tam wear a gun in their yoga pants and they're as dumb as their president if not more so. God rules by decree and loves you - but if you don't do what he says you need to do, he will strike you with such a fear that your ears will run sideways. God is a commie dictator.


29: Heathens: How monotheism hijacked paganism

Welcome to the New Year – new challenges - in Congress, there is a battle brewing between the old and the new – and the government is still shut down. The border wall can be built, but it will be cut through with a simple bolt cutter, or a saw, which nobody in their right mind will ever attempt, right? Especially not drug dealers or terrorists because why would they have bolt cutters. Americans blame Trump and GOP for shutdown – 53% of us actually do so. And rightly so because he said he...


28: Heathens: Here we go again

Happy new Year! This is the year of the US National Kidney stone (#passingthestone) where we enter the primary stage of passing the national kidney stone, called Donald J Trump. We are introducing Season 2 of the Heathens weekly podcast and we are thrilled to have some great topics coming up. However, on today's show we got nothing. Not one topic. So enjoy a little Mel and 45 minutes of ranting. See you next week.


27: Heathens: Happy New Year part 1

Happy new year! Welcome to the last show of Season 1! The inquisition, what a show, the inquisition, don't you know, the inquisition, we'll convert the Jews... Let there be merriment, let there be light, let there be Jesus on the anus of a dog... Yeah... huh?! There is no topic for today, just general madness and heathenistic tomfoolery. We'll talk to y'all in Season 2!


26: Heathens: Drinking is the reason for the season!

Ho ho ho, Merry Holidays, everyone! Today, we are joined in spirit and song by the most ancient and true depiction of the life of an important person, the Life of Brian and we are choosing to look on the bright side of life! Most importantly, today we are talking with Author of Confusion, who despite knowing what idiots we are, chose to partake in our podcast once again and we couldn't be happier. As before, she chimed in with important and informative information about the true nature of...


25: Heathens: Jebus H Christopher, Part deuche

Dissecting the Trump presidency: the Oval Office meeting between the powers that be. Mike Pence turns into Pinocchio and Ryan Zinke leaves the Trump administration. Christina Ricci and the little black dress. The life of Jebus and the upcoming topics of Season 2. Was Jesus the Liberace of his time?


24: Heathens: Stand up for your rights by sitting down

On today's podcast: the news! Why Donald Trump is nervous about Michael Cohen. Only 2 people know for sure what was said between Cohen and Trump and one of them is really nervous - which means he is scared of what might have been said. Also, John Kelly is leaving as CoS and why the White House is a modern day rendition of Animal House. Our main topic of the day is our esteemed caller, Mr. Joseph Richardson. If you want to know what he did, check out this clip:...


23: Heathens: Shooting the breeze

On today's episode, we do an old fashioned rant! Something we have been known to do for several years and something that we enjoy. The Tangeniers are alive and well today and we switch between a dozen different topics ranging form Donald Trump shaving an orange cat to fashion a hairpiece out of it to how the religious right is trying to hijack our country.



On todays episode: We dissect the biggest news story on the planet today - a Xtian missionary travels to the far reaches of the earth to convert a bunch of heathens - ends up being an involuntary pincushion. Also, Trump gets called out on his BS by the president of Mexico AND Finland BUT... The biggest story of all time is we get a call from CAPSLOCK4CHRIST (CAPSLOCKCHRIST) who attempts to save our souls by telling us how we are going to hell. If you are an atheist or a believer, you need to...


21: Heathens: Prophets of Doom



20: Heathes: The best Atheist Ever

This podcast is late because Sunday, which is normally when we record, we were at a Seth Andrews (The Thinking Atheist) talk and the drive home took a lot longer than anticipated. Thanks, Florida drivers! Today, we discuss who is the best atheist ever. Do you have a favorite on our list?


19: Heathens: Douchebag Arguments: Part Douche

"He's not the Messiah, he is a very made up boy!" In this week's episode we discuss the border wall being built by Trump - its purpose is to decapitate wildlife. Holy sugar beans! Tornado in Tampa! Bombings and shootings and other assorted items which have no place in civilized society. Douchebag arguments - part douche: God works in mysterious ways - but somehow is still knowable to the select few 2nd law of thermodynamics - which is totally misused by the religious You send yourself to...


18: Heathens: Part time religious people

In this episode: An update on Jamal K's death at the Saudi consulate. Apparently, the government of Saudi Arabia released an official statement that Khashoggi died during a fist fight - which is just north of a bucket of nonsense. Sinead changes religion and the Ark Encounter loses millions of taxpayer money. Dead Sea scrolls turn out to be fakes and people are mad about … everything. This week's main topic: part time atheists and part time Christians. People who only believe during the...


17: Heathens: The Bigggest MLM in the world - religion

On this week's podcast: What happened to Jamal Kashoggi in Turkey? Why is Saudi Arabia the "victim" in this situation and how we can go about interpreting their official statement on Jamal's murder inside the consulate? The main topic is: religion is the biggest MLM in history. If you ever joined a multi level marketing company, you know it is a trap. We welcome Author of Confusion to the podcast to tell us about how her background as a fundamentalist Christian helped her recognize an MLM as...


16: Heathens: Destroying society through religious intolerance

Welcome to the halfway point of season 1!! To celebrate our 16th episode, we are announcing that we are now officially on Apple! To find out, go to our website and click on the Apple link on our podcast page. Last week we discussed the wealth of religious organizations and broke it down based on religions. Hint: Christianity is the richest. We also touched on the case of Asia Bibi who was trying to escape the death penalty at the hands of the Religion of Peace. Saudi Arabia executed a WAPO...


15: Heathens: The Wealth of Religions

In this episode: WE GOT OUR WEBSITE UP AND RUNNING! [www.heathenslmc.com](http://www.heathenslmc.com). Go check it out, comment, send us suggestions, add to our blog posts and do all those media things that make us more popular because we rely on YOU! The News - a Pakistani girl is going to be put to death because as a Christian, she dared to touch a bowl of water that a Muslim took offense to. This is how stupid all religions are, they are willing to put a person to death for insults. Also,...


14: Heathens: Prosperity Preachers

RECAP from last week: Our visit to Megacon Why gods are perverts IN THE NEWS: Donald Trump should be a comedian - he managed to make the entire UN general assembly burst out laughing. A sex maniac judge nominated to the US Supreme Court clears the Judicial Committee On this week's podcast: We are discussing a profession. See if you can spot which one: 1. If you are on fire, a firefighter will hose you down 2. if you are sick, a doctor will finger you 3\. If you are a gangster, the cops will...