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0034 - Muizenberg Festival is Upon Us

As we near the Muizenberg Festival the organisation increases in intensity as the final plans are made. We chat to some of the interns about there involvement and what still needs to happen before the opening. We chat to one of the seasoned co-ordinators of the festival. Fergus Turner who gives us an overview of what is happening over the course of the two week event.


0033 - Womens Day Muizenberg Special Report Back

After a few weeks break we are back with our regular podcasts. In this edition we chat with Karen Kotze about the Women's Day interview she did with Bernelle Verster. There is a report back about differently-abled Ashtan Davids who took part in the South African Adaptive Surfing Champs. He brought back a silver medal to Muizenberg. We also discuss the Khoi hut information centre at Fish Hoek Beach. Then the whole micro plastics saga raises its head again. The we have some interviews about...


0032 - A Legacy of Violence Plastics Dimentia and Business

We have a legacy of violence in our suburbs that needs healing. How can we do this. Two men, one a Khoi Muslim and the other a white pastor, are desperately working to save the youth of Ocean View. Time is running but they see hope where others see hopelessness. Karen chats about Alice and her research into dementia and Alzheimers and how we need to change our understanding and dealing with those around us who are suffering. Plastics raises its ugly head again and we talk about its impact...


0031 - Can Business Work in Muizenberg?

Muizenberg hosted a business event called "Gateway to Muizenberg : Business for Change". Another business event, networking opportunity or get together? I thought it was just another one. But, what I did learn is that community collaboration is not exclusive but inclusive. Even if there are other initiatives we need to keep working together to build our community. The guest speaker, Steven Harris from 75 Harrington Street, shared some of his experiences in collaborating with other...


0030 - Celebrating Madiba in Muizenberg

We celebrate Nelson Mandela's birthday as a community in this episode and what a celebration. We have had so many people involved across the greater Muizenberg area and surrounds. It's heartwarming to see what people are doing to remember this great man and how he has motivated people to give back to their communities. The numbers 67 and 100 have appeared in many forms, giving time in multiples of 67 or 100, making donations to that effect as well and just having a whole day of serving and...


Talk at 6 with Chelsey Wilson

We chat to Chelsey Wilson, from Feat Soc Co, a local Muizenberg entrepreneur about her journey into business. She shares some of the key principles she put into practise to make her business successful. From starting a local shop to taking her brand to trade shows overseas.


0029 - The Producers at the Masque Theatre

Our first special podcast at the Masque Theatre. We interview some of the actors in the cast of the Producers. This is an amazing "so called" amateur production. There is nothing amateur and I mean nothing amateurish about this show. I was blown away by the commitment of the cast and crew. Chatting to some of the cast before the show was a real experience, catching some of the enthusiasm of unpaid performers. The audience were astounded by the quality of the production and this reflected in...


0028 - Butchers, Bees and Bacon Trees

We kick off this podcast with a heartwarming story about bees and what better place to have a talk about them than at the Hive in Palmer Road, Muizenberg. Bees sting but if they like you then they don't. I was amazed at how caring bees are for each other. A sad follow up story is the one about the brutal "Lakeside Butcher" murder which rocked our community 3 years ago. Yolande, who is a former crime reporter, gives us some insight into the final outcome of the trial. Have you heard of bacon...


0027 - Ausome Kai the 10 Year Old Youtuber

Kai Peterson at ten years old is already a Youtube vlogger and no ordinary 10 year old. Overcoming the challenges resulting from Aspergers Syndrome, the need for two hearing aids and years of speech therapy, he has a passion for Youtube, cars and gaming. Running along after him and desperately trying to keep up is his Mom Chevone who must be the proudest Mom I have met in 21 years of radio. Together they explain what it's like setting up a Youtube channel, domains and social media. Very...


001 - Muizenberg Festival Podcast

Imagine a community working together, creating together and making magic happen in the community of Muizenberg. The Muizenberg Festival has launched with the first meeting at the Hive. October is only a few months away and the organisation begins in earnest. In this podcast we hear from Fergus Turner, one the festival champions, who tells us what the festival is all about, how to get involved and why we should be a part of it. Wayne talks to several of the participants about why they are...


0026 - Boyz at the Baxter, Homeless Success and Wet or Dry

A men only show at the Baxter Theatre? What next? That should ruffle some feathers. Actor and comedian, David Muller, has a light-bulb moment at the Baxter Theatre and we find out more on this episode. Then a decision is made about whether Fish Hoek should be wet or dry. The ladies chat about the pros and cons and some of the reactions from the community. Does it matter? Will it affect us in Muizenberg? These questions are debated. We also hear about a successful year and the results of a...


Talk at 6 With Wayne Turner- Homeless Show

In this show we talk about the problem of homelessness on our streets in the south. Three guests on the show are Johan Lotter, Chevone Peterson and Tasneem Fielies. Tas gives a unique perspective on street people as up to a year ago she was homeless living on the streets. Homelessness is a major problem on our streets and Tas reveals that the kindness and goodwill of people empowers homeless people which keeps them on the streets and doesn't solve the issues. We dig deep into this issue and...


0025 - Dating in the Muizenberg Snakepit and Other History

In this episode of the Hello Muizenberg Podcast we chat to two crazy ladies who are long time residents of Muizenberg. They share some of their history and Muizenberg's history from the perspective of the theatre. Both have acted in and produced theatre productions across Cape Town but specifically the Masque Theatre. If you haven't hear about dating in the snake pit then you've missed a part of our local history. You are guaranteed an interesting and funny listen with this podcast.


0024 - Imagine Muizenberg, Hit n Run and Kai the Vlogger

Imagine Muizenberg, championed by Catherine Dillon, is a group of people trying to imagine what Muizenberg could be like and then promoting causes that could bring this to fruition. In the latest edition of False Bay Echo there is a cute little story about Kai Peterson a 10 year old Youtube blogger with challenges that he won't let hold him back. We also chat about the sad situation of Mr Brand a cyclist who has survived two hit and run accidents and still continues to fight on. We pick up...


0023 - Pocket Money, Plastics and Planting Potatoes

Privilege protects and insulates people from each other and the simple lessons we learn growing up, like pocket money, are not universal. In this episode we hear about the amazing steps being made by a lady towards releasing the potential in young entrepreneurs as they make their own pocket money. When the problem of poison plastics in our vlei becomes so large that the authorities lose control is when private citizens take action. Jenine Versveld took action and financed cleaners to remove...


John Maytham Interviews Wayne on Cape Talk

John Maytham of Cape Talk 567 chats with Wayne about Hello Muizenberg podcast, how it started and some of the background to a community styled podcast.


0022 - Ashton Crashes Through Barriers and Smashes Disabiity Mould

Ashtan Davids is a 21 year old born and bred Muizenberg surfing resident with a diffability, as he calls it. He has refused the label of disability and prefers his own word of diffability or a different ability. Born with cerebral palsy and the use of only one hand he has single-handedly (pardon the pun) broken through barriers and smashed moulds despite major physical challenges. His idea of normal is reaching his full potential within the parameters of his spectrum of abilities. Some would...


0021 - Camping Crisis, Sandy Tracks and a Logjam

In this edition we chat around the eviction crisis in a local caravan park where new ownership means some people lose their sites. It boils down to the rights of an owner versus the rights of a tennant. Then there is good news fr commuters between Simonstown and Fish Hoek. PRASA is in the middle of clearing the sand from the tracks and promises an pen in a very short time. Karen chats abut the recent Logjam surfing competition held by African Soul Surfer This is the fourth event and proved...


0020 - Thinking Safety While Working Together, More Snakes and Putting Out Fires

In this weeks episode we talk about some of the issues that were raised at the community meeting at the Lakeside Traffic Dept called by Councilor Aimee Kuhl. During quite a heated discussion the fears, frustrations and anger of the community were aired. A number of officials present also talked about their frustrations of being spread thin across the city and how many law enforcement officers are serving for days without sleep. A great interview with Marti Weddepohl gives us ideas on how to...


0019 - Snakes, Swings and Serious Things

In this edition we chat to Karen and Yolande about some the stories from our local communities in the deep south. From snakes to swings and then some of the more serious stories around the protest action and street people. We are facing difficult times but if we start working together and understanding each other then there is hope.