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"A local newspaper is about democracy & trust." #SaveThePress

Another local regional newspaper has published their last print edition with the loss of 16 jobs. The Clare People said “It’s with deep sadness and regret that the owners and staff of The Clare People announce that that the newspaper has printed it’s last edition.” But how important are regional newspapers to democracy and the community? Does the newspaper industry have itself to blame for giving away their news for free? Or is social media to blame for harvesting their stories and not...


Irish Language Exemptions, Dyslexia community react

Students with learning difficulties will no longer need a formal diagnosis costing 600 euro to seek an exemption from learning Irish, this is the first overhaul of the system in a quarter of a century. Just under one per cent of primary pupils (5,000) and nine per cent of post-primary pupils (32,000) were exempt from studying Irish. The age related criteria for decisions is changed from 11 years of age to 12 which brings the decision into the final year of primary going into secondary level....


"I would marry Greg O'Shea & have 10 kids with him."

Hundreds of fans from across Limerick and Clare took over Shannon Airport to meet the Irish Love Island winner Greg O'Shea. Female Gardai secured the airport to make Greg feel safe. Henry McKean was there the moment Greg's Aer Lingus plane landed from Heathrow and sent us this report. Warning there is screaming from the beginning.


Are the Gardai winning the war on drugs?

All week at Newstalk we have been looking at the prevalence of cocaine use in the country and the impact it can have on people’s lives. We have heard from doctors and addiction experts dealing with the effects of the drug and attempting to educate users on the risks involved. At the other end of the spectrum the gardai are charged with detecting and prosecuting those responsible for its distribution and sale. But is the so-called war on drugs winnable and can communities themselves do more -...


Meet 9 year old wheelchair user Sophia Mulvany whose dad carries her when the Dart lift is Broken

Today a new group called "Dart Access for All" held a protest at Clontarf Station Dublin to highlight the lack of access to wheelchair users at train stations. Across the rail network lifts are regularly broken or out of order. Leaving parents to carry their children and sometimes leaving wheelchair users trapped on the platform. Henry McKean heard from 9 year old wheelchair user Sophia Mulvany and travelled on the Dart with Blogger Sean O'Kelly and comedian Saoirse Smith. Henry tried to...


"Everybody in Clara is thrilled...we're over the moon!"

The town of Clara, Co. Offaly has been celebrating non stop since Shane Lowry won the Claret Jug yesterday. He won The Open in Portrush, and a special homecoming is being planned. Our reporter Henry McKean went to Clara to soak up the atmosphere and the pride the town feels in their golfing hero.


#ChallengeHenry Abseiling off roof of Thomand Park

Henry McKean tries to overcome his fear of heights by abseiling off the roof of the national treasure, Thomond Park Stadium Limerick. Henry McKean joins us now for another Challenge Henry. Henry McKean is scared of heights so the idea of abseiling off a very tall stadium like the home of Munster Rugby is very daunting to him. It’s about 42 metres up in the sky where the media sit, there is a hole at the back of the East Stand stadium and there is a rope and you dive out. Henry McKean meets...


#ChallengeHenry 3 rounds with Olympic Boxing Champions for CF

Now it’s time for Challenge Henry. An email came into ChallengeHenry@Newstalk.com from CF Ireland asking Henry to get in the ring with some major Irish Olympic Boxing Champions. Silver medalist John Joe Nevin, Silver Medalist Kenneth Egan and Gold Medalist Michael Carruth. Henry McKean got into the ring in the past with Michael but nothing like this. This is 3 rounds, a minute each in Macho gym, Ballymount, Walkinstown Dublin. Tomorrow in the National Stadium. Members of the public will have...


"I'm nervous, very nervous." #ChallengeHenry Racing Car.

Challenge Henry is where we get Henry McKean to try new experiences and push himself to the limit. Last week we forced Henry to dive off the 10 metre diving board at the National Aquatic Centre, he only managed the 7 metre diving board. And his lost his Wedding ring. A total failure of a challenge. Today we asked Henry to try motor racing for the first time, drive over 160 kilometres per hour and do the Mondello Park track in less than a minute. To counter climate change and to delay the...


Boxer’s wife thinks stay at home parents should be paid €100,000

Boxer’s Wife thinks stay at home parents should be paid more than a surgeon. Should stay at home parents be paid? Are we putting a price on parenthood? Henry McKean visited stay at home mum's in Cabra Dublin Faryal Makhdoom who is married to boxer Amir Khan arguing on Good Morning Britain stay at home parents should be paid more than a surgeon or a lawyer. She described herself as the CEO of the house. Does she have a point, should stay at home parents be paid over €100,000 a year since they...


"Buying local helps local businesses to reinvest in the community."

This week on Newstalk as part of our "Buy Local" series we are celebrating locally owned businesses in communities throughout Ireland. Promoting sustainable local economies and the growth of jobs and vibrant communities throughout Ireland. We asked Henry McKean to find a high street in Ireland which still has a butcher, baker and candle stick maker, he sent us this report from High Street Ashbourne County Meath.


"Spice Girls Croke Park gig more historical than Theresa May's resignation"

80,000 fans from across Ireland and around the world are making their way to Croke Park for the opening concert of the Spice World Girls Reunion World Tour. Henry McKean has been speaking to super fans and entertainment experts and has been given a sneak peak and he joins us now live from Croke Park.


New mum runs in local elections with 8 week old baby

The local elections are on Friday, campaigners have been knocking on your door but how hard is it canvassing with a new born baby? Meet young mum Eva Elizabeth Dowling and her 8 week old baby girl Nova running for a Green party council seat for the first time in the Stillorgan ward of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. Henry McKean met them on the canvass at Stillorgan Shopping Centre and knocked on some doors nearby.


Why Luke Ming Flanagan is still a sex symbol - Henry on campaign trail

Is politics about policy or personality? Luke Ming Flanagan who came kicking and screaming into our lives over ten years ago campaigning on the legalisation of cannabis and in more recent years to save turf cutting on the bog. But who is the real Ming and why do the rural public love him, support him, take his ideas seriously and to their hearts? (the nick name that stuck because of his trademark goatee like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon.) Henry McKean spent time with MEP Luke Ming...


"I said to him Your Highness" Meeting Prince Charles.

The Prince Charles Wicklow trip was top secret and was only made public this afternoon, the great unwashed didn’t know about it. To find out more why Prince Charles is in the Garden County Henry McKean met Prince Charles. Members of Special Olympics Wicklow also got to meet Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Climate change something close to the Prince's heart was on the agenda at Cool Planet Experience at Powerscourt House.


"We are so proud of Sarah McTernan" Eurovision fans Tel Aviv

After pressure to Boycott, every one of the 40 countries felt it best to send a delegation than stay away. Henry McKean has remained neutral and joins us now live from Tel Aviv with thanks to Paddy Power. Henry last Monday you sang for Louis Walsh, “Baby Shark”, as part of EU Revision in an attempt to get everyone to vote for the UK so they would be leaving the EU but forced to present the Eurovision, it worked you were sent over. Henry finds out what the atmosphere is like.


"Baby Shark, D-Doo, D-Doo" Louis Walsh wants the UK to be forced to host Eurovision

Louis Walsh wants Ireland to vote for the UK so they win and are forced to host the Eurovision. Eurovision is upon us, on Thursday Ireland are competing in the second semi final in Tel Aviv, Israel with the song ‘22’. Sarah McTernan is flying the flag from county Clare, she has a toothache but we hope she gets better by Thursday. This brings us onto another Publicity Stunt by Paddy Power which we of course fell for. They have set up an “Ireland’s Got Talent” type pop up shop on Camden Street...


Why only 1% of Irish farmers are under 26

According to the Farm Succession Survey carried out by the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association. The main findings are 60% of Farmers and most worryingly 1% are under 26. And 39% of farmers between the age of 61 and 66 don’t have a successor to take over the family farm. Henry McKean spoke to Ivan live from Ballyhaise Agricultural College just outside Cavan Town. Where agricultural students from across Ireland have gathered. Only 16% of farmers are under 40.


Why only 1% of Irish farmers are under the age of 26

According to the Farm Succession Survey carried out by the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association...


Young Farmers Under 40 On The Future of Farming

Newstalk reporter, Henry McKean, asked young farmers about the future of farming. Only 16% of farmer...