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Live from Lord North Street is a podcast series from the Institute of Economic Affairs, examining some of the pressing issues of our time - from Brexit and the gig economy to migration and the future of automation. Featuring some of the top minds in Westminster, Live from Lord North Street brings you weekly commentary and analysis.

Live from Lord North Street is a podcast series from the Institute of Economic Affairs, examining some of the pressing issues of our time - from Brexit and the gig economy to migration and the future of automation. Featuring some of the top minds in Westminster, Live from Lord North Street brings you weekly commentary and analysis.
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London, United Kingdom


Live from Lord North Street is a podcast series from the Institute of Economic Affairs, examining some of the pressing issues of our time - from Brexit and the gig economy to migration and the future of automation. Featuring some of the top minds in Westminster, Live from Lord North Street brings you weekly commentary and analysis.




Robocalypse Now?

The advance of AI and robotics brings many challenges as well as huge opportunities - and public concern about changes in the labour market has been mounting in recent years. But is our pessimism justified? Could we be viewing the AI debate in the wrong way? Today we’re joined by Len Shackleton, the IEA’s Editorial Fellow and author of a recent report into robotics and the future of work. Interviewed by Digital Officer Madeline Grant, Len examines whether we might be overstating our...


What’s Next for the Special Relationship?

The past 18 months have been a political whirlwind in both the UK and USA. Britain’s departure from the European Union presents the opportunity for a free trade deal to be forged between the two countries. But will the opportunities be seized upon in a timely manner, or at all? Today the IEA’s Director General Mark Littlewood speaks to Michael Carnuccio, President and CEO of the E Foundation for Oklahoma, a think tank aiming to grow Oklahoma State’s prosperity in the long term. Mark and...


The Future of Financial Services Post-Brexit

Today we’re joined by the IEA’s Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte, and Catherine McBride, Senior Economist in the IEA’s International Trade and Competition Unit, who analyse the future of Britain’s financial services post-Brexit. Interviewed by the IEA’s Digital Officer Madeline Grant, the pair discuss to what extent Brexit will actually effect the vibrancy of Britain’s financial services, and what opportunities lie outside of European Union for the finance industries. Catherine and Jamie...


Campus Censorship: Notes from the Frontline

We live in a time of considerable intolerance towards free speech - on campus - and, increasingly, in broader society as well. But just how widespread is the situation - and how did we get here? On this week’s podcast, we were joined by Claire Fox, Director of the Academy of Ideas, and Kristian Niemietz, the IEA’s Head of Health and Welfare. They examined so-called “Generation Snowflake” - a term often used to describe a perceived millennial distrust in free expression. They discussed...


Are There Limits to Free Speech?

Are there limits to free speech - and if so, where should they be set? In this week’s podcast, Dr Steve Davies, Head of Education at the IEA and News Editor Kate Andrews examine this question. They take a look at free speech on social media, and at universities, where issues like ‘safe spaces’ and ‘no platforming’ are increasingly controversial. Yet, the situation is rather more complex than it might seem. Though, Steve argues, speech should be as free as possible - private...


How much should we care about inequality?

How much should we worry about inequality? With ongoing Corbyn-mania in UK politics, and the popularity of books like Thomas Piketty’s Capital in The 21st Century, it seems like we’ve never cared more about promoting equality of outcome. But is our concern justified? Is economic disparity a characteristic of modernity - or a persistent feature of human civilization? On our podcast this week, Dr Steve Davies, Head of Education at the IEA, and News Editor Kate Andrews, examine this...


How to Calculate the Gender Pay Gap: The case of Uber

The deadline for large companies to report their gender pay gaps has now passed. We are left with a huge influx of data, most of which fails to give us any meaningful comparison between men and women in like-for-like circumstances. What is the best way to calculate a gender pay gap? Today we’re joined by the IEA’s former Head of Tech, now policy analyst at the CATO Institute, Diego Zuluaga to analyse the case of ride-sharing app Uber, and what its data can teach us about the gender pay...


COUNTDOWN: One Year Till Brexit

Exactly one year from today, Britain will officially quit the EU. But what do we know so far, and what happens next? Today joined by Julian Jessop, Head of the IEA’s Brexit Unit, and Shanker Singham, Director of the IEA’s new International Trade and Competition Unit. Interviewed by Digital Officer Madeline Grant, the pair answer some of the most pressing questions about Brexit - including what, if anything, we’ve managed to negotiate so far, how our economy has fared until now, the...


PURITANS: Reflections on the nanny state and the modern-day feminist movement

Today we’re joined by author and academic Dr Joanna Williams, and the IEA’s Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon, to discuss freedom and feminism in the 21st century. Right now, the authoritarians seems to be winning the battle of ideas, following a raft of new nanny state legislation over the last few years - with ever more draconian schemes in the pipeline. Interviewed by the IEA’s Kate Andrews, Chris and Joanna take a look at what all of this means for ordinary consumers -...


The Breakdown of UK Politics

UK politics is experiencing a realignment - with the old divides of left and right gradually giving way to new fault lines, based on social values, attitudes to immigration and a sense of national identity. That’s the view of Dr Steve Davies, who believes that the political parties of Britain are, increasingly, at odds with the electorate and their own core voters. This situation, he argues, has been exposed and exacerbated by the results of the EU referendum in 2016. A realignment in...


Shanker Singham: The Politics of Trade

In the latest instalment of our podcast series, Live From Lord North Street, News Editor Kate Andrews discusses trade arrangements and customs unions post-Brexit with Shanker Singham, who is joining the IEA as the director of our new International Trade and Competition unit. The pair examine Theresa May’s recent speech - one of six in a series dubbed the ‘Road to Brexit’ - in which the PM set out five key tests with which to judge an eventual deal with the EU. They also examine the...


Carillion and the Future of Outsourcing

The collapse and liquidation of the building firm Carillion - a company responsible for numerous government projects - has ignited a row over Britain’s system of outsourcing public services Many are now calling for such procurement contracts to be taken back into state hands. Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs, and Head of Education Dr Steve Davies, sat down to discuss the question of outsourcing, and whether public services are best delivered ‘in-house’ by...


Deconstructing Industrial Strategy

Hastened by sluggish productivity growth, the once unfashionable idea of a centrally planned Industrial Strategy is back on the political agenda in Britain. But will it have the desired effect? Joining us today is the IEA’s Head of Transport Dr Richard Wellings, along with Head of Tech Policy Diego Zuluaga. The pair take a look at how industrial strategies have historically fared around the world, and examine the extent to which we can rely on the free market to deliver the...


Should Britain stay in the Customs Union?

The question of whether Britain should stay in the EU’s customs union has dominated the news cycle recently - with the CBI and other high profile voices suggesting that remaining in the Customs Union would be consistent with Britain’s vote to Leave the EU. But would this be a political possibility? And would it be wise? We’re joined by Julian Jessop, the IEA’s Chief Economist and Head of the Brexit Unit, to give us update on these developments. Julian explains what the Customs Union is,...


The Case for Ticket Resale

The resale of tickets has been around for as long as humans have charged entry to events. Evidence of ticket ‘touting’ goes all the way back to Ancient Rome. In the 21st century though, it’s becoming an increasingly controversial practice. Companies like Viagogo, Seatwave and Stubhub now offer tickets to otherwise hard-to-reach events - but, often, at a hefty price. Today on our podcast, IEA News Editor Kate Andrews interviews Dr Steve Davies, the IEA’s Head of Education and author of...


FAKE NEWS: Dealing with misinformation in the age of Tech Giants and new media

“Fake news” - a favourite term of Donald Trump - was voted 2017’s ‘word of the year’. Indeed, the spread of fake news has been cited as a serious threat to democracy, free debate and the Western order - with many believing it’s made further regulation of social media inevitable. And yet, in a world where social media has allowed anyone to create and disseminate information, there is still little agreement on what it is, how much of a problem it is, and what to do about it. Today...


Distracting from Poverty Relief: The Oxfam report debunked

On today’s podcast, IEA Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte lambasts Oxfam’s latest report on global inequality, arguing that the poverty-relief charity is attacking the economic system that has lead to the greatest fall in absolute poverty the world has ever seen. Interviewed by the IEA’s Kate Andrews, Jamie expands on the criticisms and analysis that he laid out in The Times today. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel FOLLOW US on Twitter LIKE US on Facebook IEA WEBSITE


NHS Crisis Talks

This week on our podcast, the IEA’s Head of Health and Welfare Dr Kristian Niemietz discusses the UK’s national treasure- also known as the National Health Service. In the wake of yet another winter crisis, Kristian explains how other countries manage to avoid system shutdowns every year, mainly through the use of market mechanisms that lead to better efficiencies, and in turn, better patient outcomes. Interviewed by the IEA’s News Editor Kate Andrews, Kristian also addresses the...


Brexit Update: Divorce Bill, Irish border, and more

After months of talks, EU and UK negotiators have finally reached an agreement on Phase 1 of the Brexit talks, to begin trade talks in the New Year. But just how binding is all of this? IEA Chief Economist and Head of the Brexit Unit Julian Jessop, and Digital Officer Madeline Grant discuss the outstanding issues, and the extent to which issues covered in Phase 1 - like the Ireland Border, Divorce Bill and EU citizens rights, have been resolved. They also look ahead, examining the key...


2017: A Year in Review

What do Momentum and Moggmentum have in common? Find out in our round-up of 2017, featuring the IEA’s Director General Mark Littlewood and Communications Director Stephanie Lis. Interviewed by the IEA’s News Editor Kate Andrews, the three discuss the state of the Brexit negotiations, the problems in Parliament, Donald Trump’s America, and predictions for 2018. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: FOLLOW US on Twitter:...


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