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The In The Black Podcast. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black.
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The In The Black Podcast. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black.






S3E2: Home Sweet Home -N- HighSpeed HipHop

Once again, the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast is BACK! This week Big"O" and the fellas take a listener letter that asks; do #Dating tastes change as you get older? We discuss the recent and tragic police involved murder of #BothamShemJean in #Dallas. And we take a look at how hip hop brought high speed internet to #Senegal. All that and much much more! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black Podcast. **Black Box: 2:25 **Botham Shem Jean: 19:25 **Internet In Senegal: 38:10 **Have A Seat:...


S3E1: Look But Don't Touch -N- Work'n 9-5

We're Baaaaaaack! Back Once again, it's the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast. Fresh off our hiatus, and ready to dive back into our Black Box as we discuss Aretha Franklin's funeral, and the touching, eulogizing, and spectacle that came with it. We talk about Nike's new deal with Colin Kaepernick and what that means for the NFL and the "Freshly Salty". And we ask; what the hell is "Job Shaming"? All that and Much Much More. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black. **Letters From The Black...


S2E25: Roaring Women -N- Get Dem Dollas

YES!! Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast. And it's our Season 2 Finale Episode (Sad Face). On this episode we jump into our Black Box to read a listener letter that makes us think about the differences between #RandyMoss and #RayLewis' Hall of Fame Inductions. We celebrate the RECORD number of women like; #JahanaHayes, #StaceyAbrams, and #LucyMcBath that are running for public office this election cycle, and ask what we as Black men can do to take part. And we discuss...


S2E24: What's Beef -N- It's 50/50

Yes. And. We're. Back!! Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast. Mrs_InTheBlack takes over the show and helps us to ask is Dak Prescott shucking and jiving for a paycheck? We ask "What's Beef" after Lyor Cohen's comments about Dameon Dash on "The Breakfast Club". And we try and come to a conclusion on whether or not relationships should be 50/50. All that and much more! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black **Letters From The Black Box: 2:25 **What's Beef-Dame Dash vs. Lyor...


S2E23: Fight For Every Cent -N- Color of My Pain

Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE ITBPodcast, and this week we discuss R.Kelly and his recent 19 minute "confession" *I Admit*. We talk about what's more important to the Black Community, fighting for Silver Rights or Civil Rights. We tackle whether or not we believe if Eric Holder will run for President in 2020. And we discuss the tragic murders of Markies McGlockton and Nia Wilson and ask is there a market for Black Pain. All that and much more. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!!!...


S2E22: But I'm Black AF -N- It's Just Jokes

Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE ITBPodcast, and this week we're joined by comedian Haywood Turnspeed to discuss what it looks like when broken Black boys become broken Black men. How after years of #OscarsSoWhite the upcoming 2018 #Oscars could be changing that, and to discuss life as a #Black D.C. Comic trying not to get hashtagged. All that and much more. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black. Letters From The Black Box: 3:25 Oscars So Black: 23:30 Haywood Turnspeed: 45:30 Have A Seat:...


S2E21: Wrap It Up, B -N- Can't Stop. Won't Stop

We. Are. BACK!! And this time we're joined by Professional and Personal Development Guru John Cleveland Payne. He helps us to discuss what you should do when you realize your partner is more sexually experienced than you. We talk about the MIRACULOUS cave rescue of the 12 boys in Thailand. And we ask what does PERSEVERANCE look like in the era of Trump. All that, and MUCH MORE. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black Segment Break Down *Letters From The Black Box - 2:00 *Thailand Cave Rescue -...


S2E20: We About That Life -N-We Don't Need No Permits

We. Are. BACK! And this time we're joined by actor, director, and indie film maker Jason Yorrick. He helps us to discuss what happens when you find out that your home boy is being physically abused by his girlfriend. We discuss gang life, parenting, and the murder of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz. Why big businesses aren't investing with minorities. And why an 8 year old would need a permit to sell water. And we debute our new segment "Have A Seat". That and much much more! Informed. Intelligent. In...


S2E19: Like Summer Camp -N- I Know What You Did Last Summer

We are back!! And this time we're joined by Sam McClain (Just Talkin With Sam Podcast) as he helps us discuss; Why Nazis are Marching On The Capital, Why immigrant families are being separated at the border, and how Thanos and Trump are more alike than we think. AND the Hateocracy is formed, as Sam and Big O bond in their hatred for LeBron James and how they refuse to let "The Decision" Pt.2 Electric Boogaloo dictate their summer. That and much more!! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!


S2E18: The Enemy of My Enemy -N- That's My Dad!

We are back!!! And we might as well name this the "hashtag" episode. We read a listener letter about Jamie Foxx and his recent troubles . We ask why Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump are now besties. We discuss an opportunity for Black entrepreneurs. And for Father's Day we discuss fatherhood and ask who our favorite TV Dads are. That and much more. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!!


S2E17: "Sista Soulja" Kardashian -N- That Arizona Heat

We! Are! Back! And this time we're joined by special guest, Community Outreach Expert Carmen Johnson Aton (StriveToTri.Org) as we discuss whether or not Pusha T crossed a line in his beef with Drake. What can we expect from Kim Kardashian the social justice warrior? Should we be excited about the Colin Kaepernick inspired sitcom by Ava DuVernay? And we ask what the hell is going on with the Mesa Arizona Police Department. That and much more! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black.


S2E16: He Was Bullied -N- The No Fun League

The ITBP is baaaaack!! And this time we're joined by community organizer and activist Elgin Bailey, and we had a lot to talk about. Should Black people check white people for saying the N-Word EVERY time or does context matter? What is the cause for rash of school shootings in America? We discuss the recent deal between Netflix struck with former President Obama, and we delve into the protest policy change announced by the No Fun League (NFL). That and much more. Informed. Intelligent. In...


S2E15: Take These Shakles Off -N- Yes Officer, I'm Uncomfortable

ITBP is BACK and in this episode with have special guest Vernon Blanson (University College Podcast) with us to discuss what the hell is wrong with Kanye West, the powerful imagery behind Donald Glover's (Childish Gambino) latest video "This Is America", and why it appears as of late Black People can't live their normal sexy black lives in public spaces with out people feeling threatened. All that and much more. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black


S2E14: Still Hidden Figures -N- Coffee'n While Black

We're back!! And WAY better than Karen's potato salad (and no raisins). In this episode the fellas ask where are all the Black Female Engineers going? We talk about why Sabrina Claudio hates Black Women. And we discuss what happens in Philadelphia when you like your coffee black, but just not your patrons. That, and of course, tons of foolishness. LOL. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black. Twitter: Instagram:


S2E13: Peace, Sexy Rexy -N- Do It For The Culture

The ITBP fellas are BACK like we neva left. And in this episode we read a fan letter, and ask what the differences are between Parkland Protestors and BLM Protestors. We take a look at the success of Black Panther and the impact it's having on the rest of Hollywood. We ask: How come Sexy Rexy Tillerson got fired? And we debate whether or not Bruno Mars is a culture vulture. That and more. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black


S2E12: A Lesson Learned -N- Dashikis and Durags

Guess who's back!? In this episode, Big O, Krush, and HUSL talk about the unveiling of the Obama Presidential Portraits, and whether or not the portraits do them justice. Krush asks the question; "How many Black Male teachers have you had?". And fellas discuss the success of the Black Panther movie, and one of the movies focal points, the divide between Africans and African Americans. That and much more. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!!


S2E11: More Than 4:44 -N- Love Language

The fellas are back, and we love you so much we pulled this off on Super Bowl Sunday. In this episode we get visit from Dating and Relationship expert Rebekah Mitchell (aka The Kissable Diva). She kicks it with us as we talk about Justin Timberlake's halftime show, can Jay Z's 4:44 lead to economic empowerment, Police corruption in Baltimore, and teaching the fellas to learn their Love Language. All that and more! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black.


S2E10: When Lightning Strikes -N- Money Where Your Mouth Is

The Tag Team Champions are back, and still undefeated. In This episode dive back in to the Black Box for your letters. Here's a preview; Should you talk about your body count with your significant other? We discuss the new CW hit "Black Lightning", Colin Kaepernicks pledge to give a $1M to needy charities, and "Shithole Countries". All that and more on this Episode. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black.


S2E9: Fire And Fury -N- Do It For The Laughs

We're back, and even chocolatier than ever for the New Year! In our New Years return we talk about Michael Wolff's new book "Fire And Fury", the recent purchase of Essence Magazine, and Dave Chappelle's recent Netflix comedy specials. AND we debut our new segment "Letters From The Black Box". That and SO much more. Start this new year off right with us. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!!


S2E8: Sweet Home Alabama -N- Microphone Check

The fellas are back and JUST in time for the Holidays. In this episode we talk about the recent special election held in Alabama, we discuss how Black Thought's (The Roots) 10 minute freestyle melted every mic in America and may have rejuvenated hiphop, and after getting fired from the White House whether or not Omarosa should get a pass to come out of the "Sunken Place". Our adopted brother Rick (HUSLhard) found his way back Zamunda, AND this is the last episode of the year so... this...