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Indivisible is public radio’s national conversation about America in a time of change.

Indivisible is public radio’s national conversation about America in a time of change.


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Indivisible is public radio’s national conversation about America in a time of change.




Welcome to the United States of Anxiety: Culture Wars

Even though the Indivisible has ended, we want to let you in on the sequel to another podcast, hosted by Kai Wright, that continues to build on our national conversation about America in a time of change. The United States of Anxiety: Culture Wars introduces you to people who have been battling to shape America’s political culture for decades. We profile culture warriors, past and present, who have influenced debates over race, religion, science, sexuality, gender and more. We connect...


Week 14: Thanks For The Memories

On this -- the final episode of Indivisible -- we're focusing on what we've learned over 100 days of talking with Americans in this time of change. After nearly 100 dizzying news cycles, dozens of expert guests, hundreds of insightful calls from listeners around the country, we've only just started the conversation. From our perspective on the show, the best moments were not about politics. They were about hearing how people's life experience and the connection to the places we live. We...


Week 14: Looking Back on Trump’s First 14 Weeks

For his last night on Indivisible, conservative host Charlie Sykes gets a visit from some of his earliest guests to look back on what’s happened since they last spoke. Stephen Hayes, Editor in Chief of The Weekly Standard, joined us on week 2, soon after the travel ban was instated, when we asked listeners on both sides of the aisle whether or not they felt like they were losing their country. Also, Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for The Washington Post and week 4 guest,...


Week 14: How Has Trump Challenged Our Democratic Norms?

On our first week of Indivisible, CNN host Fareed Zakaria helped establish a set of democratic norms against which the Trump Administration’s actions could be measured. "Many of the things that make democracy what it is are not written in stone,” he told Brian Lehrer, explaining that what worried him most about a Trump presidency was a breach of what he called “informal norms.” Mocking the press, for example, “is not unconstitutional, but it violates a norm. It’s an attempt to intimidate,”...


Week 14: Join The Conversation

Listeners are the guests on this episode of Indivisible. The whole hour will be open for callers to tell the hosts, Kai Wright, Anne McElvoy, and John Prideaux, how they’re feeling almost 100 days into Trump’s presidency. Whatever you may have thought on Inauguration Day -- have you changed your mind about President Trump in these past 14 weeks? Military families, do you feel you’re in good hands with this commander in chief? Democrats, Republicans and anyone else, let us know what issues...


Week 13: How Do We Get America Back To Work?

When GM idled its plant in Janesville, Wisconsin in 2008, the town became emblematic of a crisis facing many communities in middle America. When traditional manufacturing leaves – for whatever reason – economies are turned upside down, the collective identity changes, and very often depression sets in. While it may seem outdated to some that a community will identify with a corporation, that’s just what happened for decades. Losing the plant left many in Janesville searching for a...


Week 13: How The War On Drugs Affects Politics

Last month, President Donald Trump established a federal commission tasked with combating the use of drugs in America. Opioid deaths have tripled since 2000 and many communities are trying to figure out what to do. Trump often spoke about the opioid crisis on the campaign trail, and perhaps that’s why people living in towns greatly impacted by addiction turned out for him in the presidential election. On this episode of Indivisible, host Charlie Sykes invites listeners to call in who are...


Week 13: Life In The White House Press Room

The White House Press Room has had a storied history since it was created under President Nixon. Today, it's no longer just a source of news updates for journalists -- it's also good at generating its own headlines. President Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer has caught a lot of flack in his new post. last week he got in trouble for saying Adolf Hitler didn't use chemical weapons during the Holocaust. And there are his frequent attacks on the media. And Dippin' Dots. On this episode of...


Week 13: Feminism In The Age Of Trump

On this episode of Indivisible, we’re talking about feminism in the age of Trump. Are we all seeing politics and life through the lens of gender more than before the election? Collier Meyerson from The Nation and Soraya Chemaly from the Women’s Media Center join hosts Kai Wright and Anne McElvoy to talk about the status of women according to the new administration and what that reflects about our culture. We’ll also discuss global feminism and what signals Trump’s election sends to women...


Week 12: America's Shrinking Middle Class

For decades, a majority of Americans were considered middle income. But in the last few years, the incredibly rich and the extremely poor became the majority -- surpassing their middle-class peers. Economists broadly define the middle class as an income between $42,000 to $125,000 for a family of 3. But the financial pressures on families in this range are mounting – from day care to health care to higher education. Is America's middle class still thriving? Call us with your story...


Week 12: Trump's Ever Changing Military Policy

From Syria to North Korea, the Trump administration in the last week has started flexing its military and foreign policy muscles around the world. And on Tuesday, the president pulled back on his stance against NATO, saying after a meeting with the Secretary General that the military alliance is "no longer obsolete." Great meeting w/ NATO Sec. Gen. We agreed on the importance of getting countries to pay their fair share & focus on the threat of terrorism. April...


Week 12: The Future of Race in Trump's America

A new civil rights era seemed to be rising in the last few years before the 2016 election. Under Obama, Black Lives Matter became an international activist movement and the shooting of young black men by police officers became a cause for outrage. Then Donald Trump became president and the national focus changed from forgotten black Americans to forgotten white Americans. Can we address the problems of both at the same time? Fordham University professor Christina Greer, author of Black...


Week 12: The Fallout From Trump's Strike on Syria

Last week President Trump exercised his military muscle for the first time, ordering a missile strike of an airfield in Syria. The Trump administration says that Assad’s regime was responsible for a chemical attack and that the missile strike was a proportional response to a violation of the laws of war that prohibit chemical weapons. But why is this so significant? This is the first time the U.S. has attacked Syria and the Assad regime since the civil war started over 6 years ago. If you...


Week 11: Is The American Dream Still Alive?

Our ethos – the American Dream – has propelled generations of immigrants to pursue a better life. The promise of success and prosperity through hard work or even luck brought many to our shores and borders and still does. But does the American Dream still exist for their descendants, the once robust middle class, or the new immigrants? And what about the less quantifiable metrics of the American Dream, like happiness? After all, it’s not just the economics of upward mobility that inspires...


Week 11: Ask Paul Ryan Anything

Paul Ryan joins host Charlie Sykes. The two Wisconsin conservatives have known each other for decades -- but find themselves in very different places in the Trump era. Charlie will be asking listeners for questions, then select his favorites to pose to the Speaker. They’ll also discuss tax reform, health care, and more. On this episode, Charlie also sits down with former Congressman Reid Ribble. The Republican represented Wisconsin’s 8th District for 6 years and was, for a time, a member of...


Week 11: Introducing a New Social Experiment

On Day 75 of Donald Trump's presidency, conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt and progressive MTV news correspondent Ana Marie Cox compare notes with host Brian Lehrer on a breathtaking list of ways the Trump administration is challenging norms. In just the last week, he's pushed the limits – from praising the authoritarian Egyptian president to proposing an end to pre-existing condition protections in health care reform. Do you think @POTUS is steering the country in the right direction?...


Week 11: What Do We Have To Gain From China?

On this episode of Indivisible, we look ahead at President Trump's upcoming meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. And considering Trump's comments about China in the past -- that we need to balance the trade deficit, and that China needs to be a better watchdog for North Korea -- this looks to be a contentious meeting. China is not our friend. They are not our ally. They want to overtake us, and if we don’t get smart and tough soon, they will. February 21, 2013 Hosts Kai Wright and...


Week 10: Religion And The Voting Booth

More young Americans than ever are in a group called the “nones”— or the religiously unaffiliated – and fewer of us are attending any sort of organized religious services. Still, many Americans self-identify as religious and, in fact, white Evangelical voters were instrumental in the success of Donald Trump’s presidential bid. How does faith identity influence political beliefs? Are Americans more or less engaged with their faith communities now? On this episode of Indivisible, host Kerri...


Week 10: The GOP Fight For Health Care Reform Lives On

Last week, the GOP failed to earn the number of votes required to pass their “repeal and replace” solution to the Affordable Care Act. The president and the party seemed to be ready to move on and set their sights on their next agenda item. ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry! March 25, 2017 But on Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan affirmed that the effort to provide the American people with a new and...


Week 10: Can Obamacare Be Saved?

Until last week, Andy Slavitt’s job was to run Obamacare. Now he’s trying to save it. On this episode of Indivisible, Brian Lehrer talks to Slavitt, the health care executive who headed the Affordable Care Act under President Obama, about what it will take to preserve portions of Obamacare (Hint: Compromise). Brian will also talk to Martha Kuhl, who works as a nurse at a Children's hospital in Oakland, CA and is Secretary-Treasurer at National Nurses United, about why we can’t compromise...