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An independent production featuring local voices, news and community information for residents and business in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. The show also features news about Ipswich City Council, its mayor and councillors. Originally launched as Ipswich Election Watch on 27 February 2020, the series was renamed Ipswich Today from 23 April 2020.

An independent production featuring local voices, news and community information for residents and business in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. The show also features news about Ipswich City Council, its mayor and councillors. Originally launched as Ipswich Election Watch on 27 February 2020, the series was renamed Ipswich Today from 23 April 2020.


Ipswich, Queensland


An independent production featuring local voices, news and community information for residents and business in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. The show also features news about Ipswich City Council, its mayor and councillors. Originally launched as Ipswich Election Watch on 27 February 2020, the series was renamed Ipswich Today from 23 April 2020.




Covid vaccines a-plenty, cutting red tape, counting birds and flying foxes force Queens Park changes

Covid vaccinations available almost everywhere, Ipswich City Council claims cutting red tape is working for local businesses, help needed to count birds, flying foxes force changes at Queens Park and Karalee Tornadoes home ground to score major upgrade. Published: 14 October 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: supplied Queensland Health Covid info and bookings: https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/protect-yourself-others/covid-19-vaccine/book...


CEO appointment delayed, Ipswich CBD committee on repeat, and $76.5K for a company directors course

From the October round of Ipswich City Council committee meetings it must feel like Groundhog Day for the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee, councillors splash cash for a company directors course, an overhaul of policies relating to council staff and council delays appointing a new CEO after a special meeting scheduled for councillors was cancelled at the 11th hour. All committee recommendations from the October round, including those highlighted on the show will be considered at the...


ACDC project helps Ipswich residents talk about mental health and connect with local services

We’ve been hearing a lot about mental health and well-being since Covid-19 hit our shores last year. In Ipswich a new project aims to talk with residents about their mental health and to help link people with local services. Joining the show to talk about assisting communities through direct connection – or ACDC - is Tristan Brownson, the project manager. Published: 5 October 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: ACDC Project manager Tristan Brownson (supplied) Community Mental Health...


Gerard Pender reveals the rocky path travelled to create Enviroplan with a new green levy in 1996

Ipswich Enviroplan marks 25 years in 2021. When established its aim was to acquire key bushland within the Ipswich City Council area to create conservation estates purchased with funding from a green levy. It wasn't introduced without some controversy at the time. On the show my special guest is former Ipswich councillor and chairperson of the committee responsible for parks in 1996, Gerard Pender. Published: 30 September 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: Gerard Pender...


Childcare centre DA sent for review, home prices through the roof and will Brisbane Jets be 17th?

Over The Back Fence: On the show Walter Williams and Ashleigh Mac join me to talk about development applications going for external review, in particular the childcare centre proposed opposite Karalee State School, council's Independent Decision Review Panel, Ipswich real estate prices going through the roof and will Brisbane Jets become the seventeenth team in the NRL? Published: 27 September 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Independent Decision Review Panel:...


Glass OK for recycle bin, 2021 Ipswich Sports Awards, facilities survey and a new environment policy

Ipswich City Council gives the green light for glass to go back in yellow-lid recycle bins, 2021 Ipswich Sports Awards finalists, have your say about council-owned facilities and the environment gets stronger support from a new council policy. Published: 23 September 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: Mayor Teresa Harding putting glass back into the yellow lid recycling bin at Riverview Recycling and Refuse Centre (supplied) Shape Your Ipswich: www.shapeyouripswich.com.au Ipswich...


Wanless DA decision, multi member divisions review, still waiting on CBD cinema name & new vax hub

From September’s council meeting - decision day on the Wanless development application for a recycling and landfill operation at Ebenezer, first steps taken to review multi member council divisions, still no word on a CBD cinema operator and a temporary vaccination hub opens in Ipswich. Published: 17 September 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: Development application recommendation report to council dated 31 August 2021 Council meeting agenda for 16 Sept 2021:...


ICON tower sells for $144.9 million. What if council hadn't sold it before construction began?

The ICON building sale this week sets the pace for likely increases to commercial property values in Ipswich CBD. It changed hands for a premium of $144.9 million. Sold for the second time in fewer than 10 years – it begs the question – what if council’s former property arm, Ipswich City Properties, hadn’t been wound up under political pressure and ICON hadn’t been sold first time round before completion? Published: 11 September 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: ICON (Castlerock...


Covid dominates state parliament, CBD cinema hopes still alive and Indigenous Accord milestones

In another week when state parliament was dominated by Covid Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard joins the show. Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee told the hope of a CBD cinema is still alive but details remain confidential, and a report on milestones reached under council’s Indigenous Accord presented to the Community, Culture, Arts and Sport Committee. Published: 4 September 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: Ipswich City Emergency Service Unit local controller Emilea K. Salonen, mayor...


Healthy eating for kids, Ipswich vaccination clinic doubles capacity and SES scores big upgrade

How do you solve the age-old problem of getting children to eat the right food? The Active Children Thrive (ACT) program might be the answer. Ipswich CBD vaccination clinic doubles its capacity, Ipswich SES scores an $811,000 upgrade and the Garage Sale Trail returns in November for two weekends. Published: 2 September 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: Mission Australia program manager Jenny Chaves, Mission Australia state director Stephen Vines and Lucas' Papaw Remedies manager...


Swooping magpies a spring threat, look out for snakes, enviro award winners and rural roadworks

The recent tragedy in which an aggressive bird in Brisbane caused a death highlights the need for all of us to be aware of magpies. How best to avoid swooping magpies and is it possible to make friends with an aggressive bird? All your questions answered from wildlife expert Associate Professor Peter Murray from the University of Southern Queensland, plus tips on reducing your chances of encountering snakes around the home, more highlights from the Galvanized Festival, Ipswich Enviro Award...


Galvanized Festival, collateral damage from vexatious complaints, sport and name a crane

Over The Back Fence: The new Galvanized Festival in Ipswich, the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee (PCCC) inquiry into the CCC’s investigation of former Logan councillors and related matters, what's happening with the Jets’ NRL bid, Ash Barty on fire at the Cincinnati open and West Moreton Health needs your help to name a crane. Published: 25 August 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Galvanized: www.ipswichfestivals.com.au/galvanized/ PCCC:...


Pool temperature not hot enough, staff sentiment, FOGO trial latest, and Cr Tully's office manoeuvre

Ipswich City Council in hot water over cool pool temperatures as the first member of the public addresses a council meeting, Studiosity learning tool survives another year in Ipswich Libraries, the pulse survey reveals staff sentiment, FOGO trial ramps up for 1000 households, council pitches for more state government funding for infrastructure around new schools and what's behind Cr Paul Tully's manoeuvre for a broader brief on re-establishing divisional offices? Published: 20 August 2021....


Waste company battles costing millions, bitumen bandits, trolleys removed and population surges

Ipswich City Council's on-going battles with waste companies are costing the city millions of dollars, a fresh warning about bitumen bandits doing the rounds of the region, 75 shopping trolleys cleared from the Bremer River and the city’s population continues to surge. Published: 15 August 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: Shopping trolleys being cleared from the Bremer River (supplied) Ipswich 2021 Sport and Rec Forum https://bit.ly/2UgSHtU Office of Fair Trading:...


Deadline missed for naming CBD cinema and tenants, two minute meeting and city to get galvanized

From the August round of committee meetings: Council misses another deadline to announce a CBD cinema operator and new tenants, the Commonwealth Hotel agreement for leasing has progressed, but again no names have been announced and councillors divided on the cost of renewing a lease for a student study help service from Ipswich Libraries. Meanwhile this month’s Community, Culture, Arts and Sports Committee had no new items to consider and the city to get galvanized. Published: 10 August...


From conquering one of life's great tragedies to climbing Kilimanjaro - special guest Loz Antonenko

Hearing daily Covid numbers during a lockdown can certainly be a dippy downer and a challenge to maintain a positive outlook. Recently I was lucky enough to hear a talk from Ipswich-based healthy habit coach and author Loz Antonenko. Her story is one that will make you take stock of your daily routine and hopefully bring about some positive changes to your daily habits. Published: 5 August 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: www.lozlife.com Loz's podcast: search for The Healthy Habit...


Be kind to each other, a greener CBD, West Moreton vaccinations & win a JT visit to a local school

The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation encourages everyone to strive to be kind, Ipswich CBD adds more green, Covid vaccination and testing numbers in West Moreton, Ipswich City Council updates the Local Disaster Management Plan and one local primary school could score a visit from Johnathon Thurston. Published: 31 July 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: Nicholas Street Ipswich (supplied) Allison Baden-Clay Foundation: https://www.allisonbadenclayfoundation.org.au/ West Moreton Health...


New offices for councillors, mowing and Safe City costs, and big changes coming for wheelie bins

Over The Back Fence: This month Walter Williams and Ashleigh Mac give their thoughts on the vote to bring back councillor offices in the suburbs, mowing parks doesn’t come cheap, Safe City costs, did SPARK Ipswich live up to the hype, and big changes coming to how household rubbish is sorted and collected in Ipswich. Published: 26 July 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Nicholas Street Precinct: www.nicholasst.com.au/ Council agendas and minutes: bit.ly/2JlrVKY Council meetings on YouTube:...


Local offices in libraries, Inland Rail issues, students' pitch and provisional projects explained

From the 22 July 2021 meeting of Ipswich City Council: Councillors on track for a more permanent presence in local libraries, highlights of issues raised in council’s submission on Inland Rail, the first provisional projects report and why, and in another first, school students make their wish list pitch direct to councillors. Also in this episode residents give their feedback to mayor Teresa Harding about SPARK Ipswich and what the Olympics in 2032 will mean for the city. Published: 22 July...


Hunt for new CEO, fever clinic moves, school safety improvements and new sports ground gets a name

Ipswich City Council begins nationwide hunt for a new CEO, a new permanent location for Ipswich Hospital’s Covid fever clinic, road safety improvements for two Ipswich schools, a significant boost for eco tourism in Ipswich, new name for sports ground and the Olympics come to Ipswich on the big screen. Published: 16 July 2021. Music: www.purple-planet.com Image: Artist impression of Springfield Central Stadium (supplied) Ipswich Hospital fever clinic:...