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The Jewish and Israeli podcast ranging from Israeli HealthTech to Labour antisemitism, from peace with Palestine to Holocaust testimony. I raise funds to produce this and you can help by donating at Thank you.

The Jewish and Israeli podcast ranging from Israeli HealthTech to Labour antisemitism, from peace with Palestine to Holocaust testimony. I raise funds to produce this and you can help by donating at Thank you.
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The Jewish and Israeli podcast ranging from Israeli HealthTech to Labour antisemitism, from peace with Palestine to Holocaust testimony. I raise funds to produce this and you can help by donating at Thank you.








Ep 14: Lance Forman: smoking salmon leaving Europe

My guest is a fourth generation smoked salmon purveyor and wannabe European politician (but not European Union supporter). Lance Forman's standing for the Brexit Party in a European election he says shouldn't have happened in the first place. He accuses the political class of being fast and loose with extremist rhetoric, while being cowardly in making the big decisions lest they lose votes. He pots a 115-year history of H Forman & Son and describes the challenges of succession, planning and...


Ep 13: Lord Leslie Turnberg: Palestinians must choose between statehood and victimhood

Today's guest is distinguished, academic, medic, historian and legislator, Lord Leslie Turnberg. Born in Salford in 1934 to Polish and Romanian immigrant parents, Leslie grew up to enjoy a successful career in medicine including presidency of the Royal College of Physicians. He took his place in the House of Lords when Tony Blair was prime minister and now speaks with authority on medicine, the NHS and Israel. Agile of mind with a lifetime of experience and achievement, Leslie has applied...


Ep 12: Tuvia Tenenbom: stand up for your rights or face annhilation

Tuvia Tenenbom, theatre director, playwright, author, journalist, academic and unapologetic, uncompromising Jew. He's travelled the length and breadth of Britain for six months, uncovering what he calls a deep psychological Jew hate. He believes the Jewish community are in denial - just as they are in Poland and other European countries. His travels through the UK will make up the fifth book in a series, which will be released in November. He's spoken to British Jewry and found a refusal to...


Ep 11: Great defenders: UK Lawyers for Israel and Bela Guttmann, football's Greatest Comeback

Today we focus on champions of law and football. We talk to CEO of UK Lawyers for Israel, barrister Jonathan Turner and David Bolchover, author of a biography on Bela Guttmann entitled, The Greatest Comeback. Jonathan describes the remarkable successes of his organisation despite limited manpower and resources and David recounts the ultimate Jewish football hero, Bela Guttmann, who survived the Holocaust to become a twice-winner of the European Cup. Jonny produces these podcasts for free....


Ep 10: Yaakov Peri: a life in Shin Bet, Israel's unseen shield of security

Yaakov Peri has dedicated his life to public service. As director of Shin Bet, Israel's security service, he was answerable only to the Prime Minister and oversaw the agency for nearly seven years. He was also in the opposition Yesh Atid party from 2013 including a spell as Minister for Science, Technology and Space. In a wide-ranging interview, Yaakov tells me his hopes for peace with Palestine, the deeply problematic situation with Hamas in Gaza, how he thinks the next Israeli election...


Ep 9: Trevor Horn: legendary music and Jewish beliefs

"Seek the peace and prosperity of the city of your exile, pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper", Jeremiah 29:7, recited to me by the remarkable Trevor Horn. The Grammy, Brit and Ivor Novello Award winning record producer, coined "the man who invented the 80s", gave me a fantastic interview about his current projects, (touring and a new album) plus a rundown of his musical career and influences - and his journey into Judaism, something he says he "believes in...


Ep 8: Ian Austin MP & John Mann MP: fighting Labour antisemitism

My two guests are MPs taking the fight to Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism. While Ian Austin became the 9th MP to leave Labour since Corbyn became leader, John Mann MP says he'll "have to be thrown out". But both are united in their fight against his leadership. I share with Ian a deep respect and affection for the Black Country, where he's MP for Dudley North, and we discuss our shared heritage of family who sought refuge from the Holocaust in the industrial Midlands. Jonny produces these...


Ep 7: Jassem Tamim & Richard Millett: Islam and Irony

My two guests today are from very different parts of British society - but are united in opposing Jeremy Corbyn and the scandal of antisemitism sweeping Labour. Jassem Tamim is a Sunni Muslim originally from Morocco, who considers his opposition to antisemitism as payback to Britain for the tolerance and acceptance he's found here. He also believes it's his Islamic duty to defend Israel and Jews. And Richard Millett is the longtime activist who the Labour leader famously called “lacking...


Ep 6: Holocaust Memorial Day: Grandma's Testimony: Escaping Hitler's Vienna to Birmingham's Freedom

As we mark Holocaust Memorial Day, this is my own grandma's eyewitness testimony of leaving Vienna for a new and as yet, unidentified arrival place in the UK. I recorded her on cassette back in 1984, when she was 77 and I, just 17. She began as a housemaid in a faraway London suburb before meeting my fellow refugee grandpa in a friendship club in Birmingham. They got marrIed and lodged in an upstairs room next to Sutton Town's football ground, before managing to buy their own home and...


Ep 5: Labour Antisemitism and Grandma's Holocaust Testimony

This is a very special episode for me. To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, I located an old cassette of an interview I recorded with my late Grandma in 1984, when she was 77 - and I was 17. She narrates her own escape from Hitler's Vienna in 1938 and arrival in Birmingham. There's also an extensive interview with Euan Philipps, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism on what he's found in Jeremy Corbyn's Labour and what he hopes will happen. Jonny produces these podcasts for free....


Ep 4: Israeli HealthTech: The remarkable rise of digital health impacting the lives of millions

In this episode, I focus on an industry at which Israel leads the world, HealthTech. In a matter of years, Israel's digital health industry has evolved from a small group of innovative start-ups to a rich eco-system. In a partnership of private and public sector investment, Israel's HealthTech industry is training AI algorithms using massive data based on twenty years worth of medical records of half of Israel's population. This was presented at the third UK Israel Business HealthTech Forum...


Ep 3: Ivor Baddiel and the "Y Word" on football's terraces

If you've been to Wembley or White Hart Lane, you'll almost certainly have heard the word, "Yid" chanted in support of Tottenham - or worse, against them by opposition fans. You may have even chanted it yourself. But what does it mean exactly? Do you think it still has a place on football's terraces? Campaigner Ivor Baddiel and his brother David began a campaign seven years ago, with a short film, "The Y Word" which explained that it's a derogatory term for Jewish people - like the P or N...


Ep 2: Mark Lewis: Libel Lawyer, Campaigner and new Israeli

Lawyer Mark Lewis joins me to discuss moving to Israel with his fiancée, Mandy Blumenthal, what prompted his decision to leave the UK and the Israeli health system which promises him the world’s best treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, a condition he’s had since his twenties. Jonny produces these podcasts for free. You can help support the show at


Ep 1: The New State Solution: lasting and sustainable peace with the Palestinians?

This is the first podcast in a series on Jewish and Israeli issues - so let's start with the biggest of them all: peace with the Palestinians. Brigadier General Amir Avivi (ret.) and Sgt. Benjamin Anthony of The New State Solution were in London to meet Egyptian officials to discuss their plan, to create a Palestinian state out of Gaza and North Sinai. Egypt is key to realising their vision as the country would have to cede land to the New State. But then so is the agreement of the Arabs of...