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KNPR presents thoughtful and informed discussions on everything from politics to dining. Senators, student journalists, consumer advocates, religious leaders, and gang members: our panels make for riveting radio. Refreshes weekdays. 5-35 minutes.

KNPR presents thoughtful and informed discussions on everything from politics to dining. Senators, student journalists, consumer advocates, religious leaders, and gang members: our panels make for riveting radio. Refreshes weekdays. 5-35 minutes.




KNPR presents thoughtful and informed discussions on everything from politics to dining. Senators, student journalists, consumer advocates, religious leaders, and gang members: our panels make for riveting radio. Refreshes weekdays. 5-35 minutes.






Hsieh's Death Without Will Leaves His Estate, Downtown In Limbo

When Zappos founder Tony Hsieh died suddenly last year, he left a nearly billion-dollar estate — but no will.He also left many questions in downtown Las Vegas. That’s where Hsieh spent most of a decade and $350 million buying real estate.His family has already indicated they want to sell more than 90 of his downtown properties.


UNLV Med School Receives All-Important Accreditation

In just five years, UNLV has earned full medical school accreditation. It comes as the new medical school building is going up in downtown Las Vegas.


Las Vegas Minister Creates A New Safe Haven For Black Lives

Last summer, protesters took to the streets of Las Vegas in the name of George Floyd and other African Americans killed over the years by police. It was the first time in a long time that the city had seen hundreds of people march throughout downtown, the Strip, and the community. One protest and rally organizer who’s worked in the Black community is Minister Stretch Sanders. He’s the President of New Era Las Vegas. But after more than five years as a protest organizer for Black Lives, he’s...


Nevada Health Insurance Exchange Reopens As Pandemic Drags On

In the face of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, President Joe Biden reopened enrollment in the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges.For Nevadans, that means the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange is back in business.The exchange connects Nevadans to health plans compliant with the Affordable Care Act, and it’s the only place consumers can access any federal subsidies.


The Black Cowboy Gets His Due In Art Exhibit

The imagery of the American west -- you can see it in your head as well as anything in pop culture. The sprawling ranches. The grazing cattle. The weathered farms and fences. And atop his horse, the lone cowboy -- which is almost always a grizzled white man.


1 October Memorial Committee Surveying The Public

The 1 October memorial is in the planning stages. Now, the group in charge wants your opinions on what it should look like.


Scammers Find Fertile Ground In Nevada During Pandemic

Grifters, scammers, frauds—they’re nothing new to Las Vegas or Nevada, but their schemes change.


John L. Smith On The New Innovation Zone Details

New details are emerging about the innovation zones idea that Governor Steve Sisolak pitched during his State of State address.


Arts District Food Truck Park Becomes A Hot Potato

A nondescript vacant lot in the Las Vegas Arts District has sparked a high-profile fight over whether it’s a good location for a food truck park.Las Vegas City Council is expected to hear this week a proposal to allow several food trucks to set up shop at 1208 S. Casino Center Blvd., just south of Charleston Boulevard.Proponents say the trucks would bring additional dining options to the south downtown area marked by art studios, nightlife, and kitsch.


CCSD Hopes Recruitment And Retention Help Address Teacher Shortage

Clark County School District elementary kids went back to school this week, and all grades will be back by early April. That makes a lot of parents happy, along with students who have been learning online for the last year.


What Should CCSD Students Returning To Class Expect?

It’s the announcement many parents around Clark County have waited for nearly a year to hear. After months of figuring out Zoom classes, various classroom platforms, and online etiquette, the kids are going back to school.


The History And Influence Of Nevada's Black Lawmakers

There are 10 Black lawmakers serving in the Nevada State Legislature – that’s a larger share than African Americans in the statewide population.That represents a rapid shift in the statehouse, where the first African American wasn’t elected until the 1960s.State Senator Dallas Harris is one of those 10 lawmakers. She represents Las Vegas' 11th district. She said Nevada's Legislative Black Caucus has shown that diversity matters.


Are Conventions Coming Back To Las Vegas?

Are conventions coming back?That’s what it looks like on the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority convention calendar. A tobacco and vaping event is set to take place in May. One month later, the Las Vegas Convention Center will feature the World of Concrete, one of the biggest trade shows in Clark County.


Clark County Government Embarks On Ambitious Climate-Change Plan

Clark County — by far the largest municipal government in Nevada — is all in on fighting climate change.Earlier this month the county commission approved an ambitious plan to reduce county government’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones told State of Nevada that climate change is an urgent challenge with real-world consequences that need to be addressed now.


Environmentalists Pushing For Rules To Make Apartments More EV-Ready

Automakers and politicians are betting big on electric vehicles.Tesla is the world’s most valuable car company; Ford just committed $29 billion to EVs; GM promises an all-electric fleet in 15 years; and political leaders such as President Joe Biden and Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak are pushing the accelerator toward the transition to EVs.But will there be enough charging capacity to keep EVs humming, particularly at apartments, which must provide parking for hundreds of cars.


John L. Smith On Nevada's Proposed Innovation Zones

When Gov. Steve Sisolak touted the concept of “innovation zones” in his State of the State address as a way to boost the economy, not too many people actually knew what he was talking about.


How The Local Beer Scene Grew During A Pandemic

When the pandemic began last March, drinking spots all over the state were forced to close their doors, leaving the state’s craft beer industry concerned for its future. There were early casualties. Henderson’s Joseph James Brewing Company closed after 12 years of business. And Sin City Brewing Company also ceased operations, which included four locations on the Strip.


Criminal Justice Reform Efforts Continue During Legislative Session

Lawmakers are almost done with the first month of the legislative session – and they only have until May 31 to finish the people’s business.Aside from the looming fight over the budget, some lawmakers are pushing for more criminal justice reformThis is continuing the work that started during the special session last summer that was focused on criminal justice reform and police reform in response to the Black Lives Matter movement that emerged after the killing of George Floyd.


The Colorado River Basin’s Worsening Dryness In Five Numbers

Dry conditions are the worst they’ve been in almost 20 years across the Colorado River watershed, which acts as the drinking and irrigation water supply for 40 million people in the American Southwest.As the latest round of federal forecasts for the river’s flow shows, it’s plausible, maybe even likely, that the situation could get much worse this year.


What Will American Rescue Plan Do For Nevada? Rep. Dina Titus Explains

President Joe Biden is proposing a $1.9 trillion coronavirus and economic stimulus bill. It covers everything from vaccine distribution to rent relief.