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KNPR presents thoughtful and informed discussions on everything from politics to dining. Senators, student journalists, consumer advocates, religious leaders, and gang members: our panels make for riveting radio. Refreshes weekdays. 5-35 minutes.

KNPR presents thoughtful and informed discussions on everything from politics to dining. Senators, student journalists, consumer advocates, religious leaders, and gang members: our panels make for riveting radio. Refreshes weekdays. 5-35 minutes.




KNPR presents thoughtful and informed discussions on everything from politics to dining. Senators, student journalists, consumer advocates, religious leaders, and gang members: our panels make for riveting radio. Refreshes weekdays. 5-35 minutes.






Clark County Government Embarks On Ambitious Climate-Change Plan

Clark County — by far the largest municipal government in Nevada — is all in on fighting climate change.Earlier this month the county commission approved an ambitious plan to reduce county government’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones told State of Nevada that climate change is an urgent challenge with real-world consequences that need to be addressed now.


Environmentalists Pushing For Rules To Make Apartments More EV-Ready

Automakers and politicians are betting big on electric vehicles.Tesla is the world’s most valuable car company; Ford just committed $29 billion to EVs; GM promises an all-electric fleet in 15 years; and political leaders such as President Joe Biden and Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak are pushing the accelerator toward the transition to EVs.But will there be enough charging capacity to keep EVs humming, particularly at apartments, which must provide parking for hundreds of cars.


John L. Smith On Nevada's Proposed Innovation Zones

When Gov. Steve Sisolak touted the concept of “innovation zones” in his State of the State address as a way to boost the economy, not too many people actually knew what he was talking about.


How The Local Beer Scene Grew During A Pandemic

When the pandemic began last March, drinking spots all over the state were forced to close their doors, leaving the state’s craft beer industry concerned for its future. There were early casualties. Henderson’s Joseph James Brewing Company closed after 12 years of business. And Sin City Brewing Company also ceased operations, which included four locations on the Strip.


Criminal Justice Reform Efforts Continue During Legislative Session

Lawmakers are almost done with the first month of the legislative session – and they only have until May 31 to finish the people’s business.Aside from the looming fight over the budget, some lawmakers are pushing for more criminal justice reformThis is continuing the work that started during the special session last summer that was focused on criminal justice reform and police reform in response to the Black Lives Matter movement that emerged after the killing of George Floyd.


The Colorado River Basin’s Worsening Dryness In Five Numbers

Dry conditions are the worst they’ve been in almost 20 years across the Colorado River watershed, which acts as the drinking and irrigation water supply for 40 million people in the American Southwest.As the latest round of federal forecasts for the river’s flow shows, it’s plausible, maybe even likely, that the situation could get much worse this year.


What Will American Rescue Plan Do For Nevada? Rep. Dina Titus Explains

President Joe Biden is proposing a $1.9 trillion coronavirus and economic stimulus bill. It covers everything from vaccine distribution to rent relief.


UNLV Team Part Of Mission To Find Life On Mars

NASA’s Perseverance Rover spent seven months traveling 292 million miles to Mars. Perseverance landed last week, and now it starts its mission to collect samples to return to earth. Researchers hope to learn about the history of The Red Planet and see if there are any signs of life there.


As The Vaccine Rolls Out, New COVID-19 Variants Show Up In Nevada

Governor Steve Sisolak just announced people 65 years old are now eligible to get the vaccine.At the same time, stories abound statewide of people getting the vaccine way ahead of when they are scheduled to—government officials and their family, for instance.


Meow Wolf And Las Vegas Artists Merge To Create Omega Mart

Omega Mart is here -- and no, it’s not a new grocery store in the suburbs. It’s the much-anticipated anchor tenant inside Area 15, an attraction complex just west of the Strip. It’s also the first major project by Meow Wolf outside its home state of New Mexico. So who is Meow Wolf and why are they in Las Vegas?


Spring Is Closing In - What Should You Be Planting Now?

Gardening is always a major focus in Las Vegas; people simply like trying and succeeding in growing things in the desert.


Company Behind Proposed Tech City Already Owns Water Rights

A futuristic tech metropolis in the desert, companies that operate their own governments – and blockchains, the complicated technology that lies behind Bitcoin.It sounds like science fiction, but a proposal to let Blockchains LLC start its own city in Nevada made national headlines, even though it hasn’t officially been introduced in the Legislature yet.


The Landmarks Of Southern Nevada's Black Community

Claytee White, director of the Oral History Research Center at UNLV Libraries talked to KNPR's State of Nevada about some of the important landmarks for the city's Black community.Discussion Highlights:Harrison House:It was a boarding house on F Street in the Historic Westside that was built in the 40s. It is now on the National Register of Historic Places because it is the last of the homes that were used by Black entertainers and visitors to Las Vegas who could not stay at hotels on the...


The Neon History Of Southern Nevada's Black Community

February is Black History Month, and the Neon Museum is celebrating with an emphasis during its tours on the parts of its collection connected to Black history.One of the most important parts of its collection connected to Black history is actually its visitors' center. The museum's visitors' center was once the lobby of the La Concha Hotel, which sat on the Strip for decades.The hotel was designed by Paul Revere Williams, a pioneering African American architect, explained Dawn Merritt, the...


Southern Nevada Leaders Work To Close The Black Homeownership Gap

In Southern Nevada, homeownership for Black Americans is at about 35 percent. A rate that lags white homeownership by more than 30 percent, according to the Urban Institute.


Even In Pandemic, Japanese Cuisine Continues To Thrive In Las Vegas

For a long time, Japanese dining options in Las Vegas were very limited and barely broke the double digits. And then, in 2008, Raku opened. The small-plates restaurant quickly became a hit with chefs from the Strip and foodies from all over.


As Sure As Spring Follows Winter, Pollen Arrives In Las Vegas

It’s hard to miss the transition from winter to spring in Las Vegas.The days grow longer and warmer, and plants are roused from their winter slumber. That can only mean one thing: Pollen is on the way.Las Vegas suffers from one of the highest spring pollen counts in the country, and the allergies that follow are a self-inflicted wound.


Clark County Commission Considers Opposing Predator Hunting Contests

(Editor's Note: This story originally aired Feb. 11, 2021) Do you hear it late at night, the howl of coyotes? To some, it’s the beauty of nature. But to others, it’s a sign that danger lurks too close to home. Almost everyone in Nevada has coyotes for neighbors, and for many years, the state has been a hotspot for competitive predator hunts. The question is: how big of a threat are coyotes and other non-endangered predators, especially in urban areas like Reno and Las Vegas?


Nevada Immigrants Look Forward To Changes Under Biden Administration

(Editor's Note: This story originally aired Feb. 11, 2021)“Dreamers” are undocumented young people looking for a path to citizenship. They were brought to the United States as children, raised here, and are now trying to navigate their futures as adults.


Diversifying Nevada's Economy Might Take The Work Of Angels

Do you have money to invest and a desire to help diversify Nevada’s economy? Startup NV wants to hear from you.The nonprofit organization is holding an angel investor boot camp to introduce investors — especially those from minority communities — to opportunities in Nevada.Organizers say the fragility shown by Nevada’s economy during the pandemic demonstrates the need to create jobs outside of the hospitality industry.