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KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.


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KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.




Border returns to normal but remains shaken

Tijuana continues to recover from a traumatic weekend which saw many businesses close and residents shelter in place from threats of violence from drug cartels. Then, UC San Diego is cutting admission offers for the next school year by more than 9,000 students. Next, the U.S. Forest Service predicted for decades a wildfire could devastate Grizzly Flats. A Cap Radio and California Newsroom investigation looks at why its plan to protect the town fell short. Then, one of San Diego’s most...

California at increased risk of megaflood, new research says

While San Diego continues to experience hot and humid weather, climate researchers say warmer temperatures make it more likely that California will be hit by megafloods. Then, over the weekend, violent drug cartels brought cities in Baja California to a standstill. Next, a new California initiative aims to improve the disfunction plaguing some school boards. Next, a new city program gives qualifying homeowners the chance to add solar to their homes at little-to-no cost. Then, a study of...


Newsom unveils drought preparedness plan

In the face of historic drought and worsening climate change, Governor Gavin Newsom has unveiled a new plan for the future of California’s water supply. Then, dogs are considered man’s, and woman’s, best friend - especially the sweet-spirited Beagle. However, KPBS’s reports it’s a trait that has made them more likely to be used in medical research. Finally, in our weekend preview, we take a look at some visual arts, a family-friendly movie screening and the Barrio Art Crawl.


Baja California officials tentatively agree to mitigation measures to prevent sewage leaks

Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina said he met Tuesday night with Baja California officials who tentatively agreed to emergency mitigation measures to address the ongoing problem of raw sewage leaking across the border. Then, monkeypox cases have more than doubled since last week in San Diego County, a virtual town hall will be held Thursday night to answer questions about the spread of the virus. Next, San Diego County officials have stopped new admissions to Veterans Village of San Diego,...


‘Costly mistake’ could delay Pure Water sewage recycling system

The of San Diego is proposing a $20 million fix to address flooding at a sewage pump station off Morena Boulevard which could delay the city’s Pure Water sewage recycling system project. Then, activists say a Carlsbad Community-Police Engagement Commision won’t address police accountability, biases or reforms. Plus, police departments play a key role in granting so-called U-Visa which are available to immigrants who are victims of crimes, but some police departments are more likely to...


Senate passes major climate action package

Congressman Mike Levin, (D-San Diego) calls the passage by the U.S. Senate Sunday of a sweeping climate, health and tax bill, “historic.” He joins Midday Edition to talk about some of the contents of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Then, we speak to veteran journalist Bob Woodward who will be in San Diego for a talk at Balboa Theatre on Aug. 14 called “How We Got Here: Lessons From Ten Presidents.” Also, KPBS has a new news director. Terence Shepherd, whose first day is Monday, shares...


California Governor’s last minute push for climate change legislation

California Governor Gavin Newsom is urging state legislators to make progress on climate change before the end of the current legislative session. Then, as cases of monkeypox climb and health officials scramble to contain the outbreaks, one veteran journalist sees the similarities from covering the HIV/AIDS crisis almost four decades ago. And for our weekend arts preview, we hear about some new art openings and closings, music and theater about Paris, and even some outdoor jazz.


Mayor Gloria talks climate plan, housing proposals

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria talks about the city’s updated climate action plan and a new proposal to increase housing. And, nearly half of women in California are rent burdened. A new report by the Gender Equity Policy Institute finds the greatest impacts on Black and Latina women, single mothers and elderly women who live alone. Then, from North County to South County, you may have noticed herds of goats in open spaces. It’s not a new petting zoo: these goats are actually working to help...


Biden's COVID-19 'rebound' case throws isolation guidelines into question

Dr. Eric Topol talks about the latest news on COVID-19 and monkeypox. Then, an updated Climate Action Plan was approved by the San Diego City Council Tuesday. Its strategy to get to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 includes plans to retrofit existing buildings, including whole neighborhoods from gas to electric heating and appliances. Also, the San Diego Padres shook up the baseball world Tuesday trading the Washington Nationals for star player Juan Soto and others. Later, San Diego...


New hope for climate bill in Washington

A surprising climate deal was announced last week in the Senate and Congressman Scott Peters talks about why the passage of the climate and economic bill is important for San Diego. Then, KPBS environment reporter Erik Anderson on what local climate activists are saying about the bill. Next, a new Voice of San Diego report finds women in the military are more than twice as likely to take their own lives as civilians. Then, the Space Force is abandoning traditional physical fitness...


Another resident at Veterans Village is dead. The DEA took notice.

Veterans Village of San Diego is holding its 35th annual Stand Down event this weekend. The event provides food and medical care, legal assistance, employment support, housing referrals and even haircuts to veterans and veteran families experiencing homelessness. But it is being overshadowed by several deaths at the organization's rehab center for veterans including one this week. Then, it’s been seven months since California required trash haulers to start picking up and composting food...


Casner Fire started by someone trying to clear brush from their property

Cal Fire halted the spread of the 180 acre Casner Fire overnight. The agency said the fire was started when someone was trying to clear brush from their property during the wrong time of day and during risky conditions. And, firefighters elsewhere in the state are making gains on the Oak Fire burning near Yosemite National Park, families are beginning to reckon with the devastation. Plus, the Biden administration is planning to follow the lead of the World Health Organization in declaring...


San Diego City Council accepts 101 Ash, Civic Center Plaza settlement

The San Diego City Council voted Tuesday to cut its losses on the downtown real estate deal that’s turned into a fiasco. Then, to pay for trash, or not to pay for trash? The question will go before San Diego voters. And, a UC San Diego infectious disease specialist helps track down the source of COVID-19. Next, there is a new home and even more hope for teenagers who find themselves locked up in the County’s juvenile detention system thanks to a new Youth Transition Campus. And, Maya Gabeira...


Viral COVID load in San Diego wastewater sharply increasing

The results of wastewater testing are showing a dramatic increase in the presence of the COVID-19 virus in San Diego County. Then, details on a bill Governor Gavin Newsom signed Friday that would allow private citizens to sue gun makers for deaths from firearms banned in California. Next, the U.S. Monkeypox outbreak is swiftly expanding and in these early days of its spread, people can spend days in search of the right diagnosis. And, the project to transform San Diego’s Central Embarcadero...


CLERB supports claims made by misgendered jail beating victim

San Diego County’s Citizens’ Law Enforcement Review Board or CLERB has given support to several allegations made by a transgender woman beaten while in county jail. The board also advised the Sheriff’s department to tighten its policy regarding the placement of arrestees according to their gender identification. Then, cruising bans have generated fierce debate over whether or not they unfairly target Latino culture. Now, Mexican-American low-rider enthusiasts are working to roll back such...


Comic-Con is back

More than 130,000 people are expected to attend the four-day pop culture party which begins Thursday. It’s the first, full scale in-person Comic Con since 2019. We check in with some hard core cosplayers from the 501st Legion, a worldwide costuming organization run by fans dedicated to creating screen accurate bad guy costumes from the Star Wars Universe. Then, a current terrorism advisory from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warns extremist groups could exploit high-profile public...


Local COVID-19 expert: BA.5 is ‘worst’ variant

an Diego county is now in the high COVID-19 tier due to increasing case numbers and hospitalizations. Everything’s on the way up and this is not a good picture because we don’t know where the peak is going to be, Dr. Eric Topol tells Midday Edition. Then, San Diego Congresswoman Sara Jacobs was one of 17 members of congress arrested yesterday during a demonstration for abortion rights outside the U.S. Supreme Court. “We will not stop fighting until we make sure that Americans across this...


City council tightens use surveillance technology

A new city ordinance which tightens the use of surveillance technology was passed unanimously by the San Diego City Council Monday. Then, a KPBS review of nearly 500 use-of-force incidents shows it’s rare for local police officers to be fired or even suspended when they kill or severely injure people. Next, San Diego housing prices dropped in June for the first time this year, signaling what might be a cooling of the local housing market. Then, the National Park Sevice is employing a variety...


Indoor mask requirement returns for San Diego Unified School District

San Diego has reached the CDC’s highest level of COVID-19 activity. The highly contagious BA.5 variant is driving the current surge of the disease, and with summertime activities in full swing - including this week’s Comic Con - health officials are bracing for what could be an even more cases. Next, a new book underscores the link between a lack of affordable housing and homelessness. Then, more than 20 years of records relating to use-of-force incidents involving police in San Diego County...


Images from new telescope used to teach San Diego kids about space

New images from the James Webb Space Telescope took us deep into space and 13 billion years into the past. San Diego’s Air and Space Museum used the photos to open up the wonders of galaxies to San Diego’s children. Then, the Del Mar coastline will change as work begins on a project to shore up the crumbling bluffs. And there's a multi-billion-dollar proposal to move the train tracks on top of the bluffs. Finally, this weekend in the arts: art in nine parks across the region, jazz and folk...