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Podcast: Cyclists find huge snake on country lane in Reculver near Herne Bay

We start today's podcast with the fall out from the health secretary and chancellor quitting their jobs. Sajid Javid was the first to go last night saying in his letter to the Prime Minister that people expect 'integrity' from their government. He was followed just minutes later by Rishi Sunak who told Boris Johnson in his resignation letter than he believes standards of competency are worth fighting for. Hear from Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale and our political editor Paul Francis. Also...


Podcast: Mum calls for ban of disposable barbecues on beaches after her son was seriously injured at Camber Sands

A Kent mum is calling for disposable barbecues to be banned from beaches after her son was badly injured. Alex, 12, stood on one that had been buried in the sand during a school trip to Camber Sands. The metal cut the back of his ankle, severing his Achilles tendon. Hear what his mum Lucy Gottelier has said about it and what she wants to see done. Also in today's podcast, if you moan about your children playing on their computers for too long - what do you think about them doing it at...


Podcast: Should there be a limit on the number of second homes and Airbnb’s in Whitstable?

People living in Whitstable have spoken out about the number of second homes and Airbnbs in the town. It's been ranked the eight most popular town in the UK to own an additional property, but people living there full time, aren't happy. It comes after Whitby, a similar seaside town but in North Yorkshire, voted to limit the sale of second homes. Hear what some residents have been telling our reporter Brad Harper. Also in today's podcast, go-slow protests have been taking place on...


Podcast: Parents with large buggies call for anti-bike barriers in Sittingbourne to be removed

Parents with buggies designed for twins or triplets are calling for anti-bike barriers in Sittingbourne to be removed. Mums say they are struggling to walk their children to nursery because they can't fit through the metal railings. They were installed to stop motorbikes from speeding along footpaths. Hear what one mum has to say about it. Also in today's podcast, a Kent travel agent expects disruption to flights to continue for some time. Hundreds of passengers were left disappointed...


Podcast: Men locked up following machete attack in Dartford

Two men who forced their way into a Dartford home and carried out a violent knife attack have been locked up. A man was left with life-threatening injuries after being repeatedly stabbed at his home on Farnol Road last November. Trouble broke out in court following the sentencing - hear from our reporter Paul Hooper who was there. Also in today's podcast, ambitious plans have been revealed to try and stop Chatham Docks from being turned into housing. Developers want to build more than 3,600...


Podcast: Man dies after being hit by lorry on A249 near Sittingbourne

A man has died after being hit by a lorry on the A249 near Sittingbourne. Emergency crews were called to the southbound carriageway at around midnight. We have the latest information released by police. Also in today's podcast, a Kent man has appeared in court charged with murdering a 35-year-old woman in east London. Zara Aleena, who was a trainee lawyer, suffered serious head injuries in Ilford early on Sunday and later died in hospital. Hear a tribute from her family. A record label...


Podcast: Gravesend postwoman left empty handed despite finding unclaimed £2k

A Gravesend postwoman's been left empty handed after finding more than £2,000 in cash on the street - then being told she can't keep it. After reporting it to her line manager it was handed in at North Kent Police Station in Northfleet. Irma Lisauskaite says she was told she could keep the money if it wasn't claimed within a month, but officers later said the rule had changed. Find out what the rules are and the latest result of our poll. Also in today's podcast, tougher sentences for...


Podcast: Homes gutted in huge fire in Jubilee Crescent, Gravesend

A number of homes have been destroyed in a huge fire in Gravesend. Flames swept through the properties in Jubilee Crescent on Sunday lunchtime. Our reporter Alex Langridge has been to the scene to see the devastation. Also in today's podcast, it's feared a business that burnt down on Whitstable Harbour could take two years to reopen. You might remember the blaze at the fish market and Crab & Winkle Restaurant about a month ago - now the owner has spoken to the podcast. A Kent GP has...


Podcast: Man beaten up as love triangle turns violent

In today's podcast, a man's been sent to prison after a love triangle turned violent in the street. Also, a busy road near Maidstone has been closed after a gas main fire. Our reporter is at the scene. Trains across Kent have been severely disrupted again today as a knock-on effect from yesterday's rail strikes. A Dartford woman's revealed how a brain tumour left her unable to cry and with no sense of taste or smell. Inspectors have found staff shortages have had a big impact on care...


Podcast: Businesses in Gravesend fear for their futures as road closure remains in place following fire

Businesses in part of Gravesend say they could go bankrupt if a road closure following a large fire isn't lifted soon. Milton Road has been shut since May 26 when a fire ripped through a former pub. Our reporter Alex Langridge has been speaking to people who have premises in the area. Also in today's podcast, it's the second day of a series of rail strikes. The RMT union, who've organised the walkouts, says the threat of compulsory redundancies is the main sticking point in talks between...


Podcast: Huge sinkhole opens up on Martens Avenue in Bexleyheath

A large sinkhole has opened up on a road in Bexleyheath. Hear from our reporter at the scene and a man who lives there and heard it happen late last night. Also in today's podcast, a report's found leadership at the ambulance trust that covers Kent is 'inadequate'. Inspectors carried out an unannounced visit to SECAmb in February, and raised concerns about inappropriate sexualised behaviour, bullying and harassment. Hear from the Care Quality Commission. We've been speaking to Southeastern...


Podcast: Former reception teacher at Tiger Primary school in Maidstone banned from the profession

The biggest rail strike in a generation is under way. Very few services in running in Kent today as member of the RMT Union walk out in a row over pay and job security. Hear from our reporter who managed to get on the first train out of Ashford this morning. We also chatted to passengers, plus we have reaction from Southeastern and our travel news provider on how its impacted the roads. Also in today's podcast, a former Kent reception teacher who banged a pupil's head on a door frame while...


Podcast: Ashford taxi firm to close after struggling to recruit drivers

We're being urged not to travel by train as railway workers get ready for the biggest strike in a generation. Thousands of staff are walking out for three days this week in a row over pay, conditions and job losses - hear from our business editor Chris Britcher. Also in today's podcast, Alex from the Kent Top 40 on our sister radio station kmfm has been speaking about his recent autism and ADHD diagnosis. The 24 year-old says he was always hyperactive as a child but did well at...


Podcast: Man jailed after stealing Amazon van and later found surrounded by parcels in Canterbury

A man who stole an Amazon delivery van after snatching the keys from the driver in Canterbury has been jailed. Hear the moment 33-year-old Ronnie Mead from Hunton Gardens was arrested while surrounded by half opened parcels. A Ramsgate woman is calling for more mental health support for disabled children after her son died during lockdown. Sammy Alban-Stanley had Prada-Willi Syndrome and fell from a cliff in 2020. His mum Patricia has spoken to the podcast about what she'd like the...


Podcast: ’Dangerous’ decking outside council flats in Whitstable causes safety concerns

Residents in Whitstable fear there could be a nasty accident because communal decking has gone rotten and become unstable. Hear from one of the mums who doesn't want her children playing on it and is calling for something to be done. Also in today's podcast, the deputy Prime Minister says the UK could potentially ignore rulings by the European Court of Human Rights - after they stopped a flight carrying asylum seekers to Rwanda. We've been speaking to a refugee charity who say the policy...


Podcast: Heat health alert issued for Kent with temperatures set to soar

A heat health alert has been issued for Kent as we get our first real blast of summer. Vulnerable people, including very young children and the elderly, are being urged to take particular care as temperatures rise. Hear from Kent's director of public health who's got advice on how to stay cool. Also in today's podcast, we have an update on yesterday's top story after a flight that was due to take asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda failed to take off. A project worker at a homelessness...


Podcast: Anger over increase in number of self-checkout tills at Sainsbury’s in Maidstone

Love them or loathe them? There's a bit of debate raging about self-checkout tills in supermarkets. It has been sparked by a decision by Sainsbury's to increase the number available at their store in Maidstone. In turn, they have dramatically cut the number of tills where an actual person will serve you. Find out what shoppers and the supermarket have had to say. Also in today's podcast, the first flight taking asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda is due to leave this evening. Hear from...


Podcast: Tributes paid to tree surgeon who died after being crushed at National Trust property in Kent

The partner of a tree surgeon who died after being crushed at a National Trust property in Kent has described her as 'a beautiful soul, strong and inspirational'. Debbie Austin was working to bring down the diseased Ash tree at Ightham Mote near Sevenoaks when it happened last December. Also in today's podcast, two legal challenges have been taking place today just hours before the first flight is due to take asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda. The controversial policy was announced by...


Podcast: Biker left injured after crash on A249 near Sittingbourne

A biker says she was left lying in a road in pain as other motorists passed her by following a crash. Zara Parr came off her motorbike after a crash on the A249 near Sittingbourne. She's now appealing to find the good Samaritans who did finally stop to help. Also in today's podcast, a Dartford man with cerebral palsy says aeroplane staff need to be better trained to support disabled passengers. It's after a woman who's paralysed from the neck down had to wait on a plane for more than an...


Podcast: Woman caught defecating outside shop on The Old High Street in Folkestone

A shopkeeper has spoken of his shock after discovering a woman had defecated outside his store. Colin White checked CCTV from the shop thinking a pet owner had failed to clean up after their pet - it was then he discovered it was human faeces. Also in today's podcast, the cost of filling up a family sized car has now topped 100-pounds for the first time. Hear from Kent fuel campaigner Howard Cox who is again calling on the chancellor to take urgent action. Dame Emma Thompson has criticised...