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Podcast Description: Kevin Unscripted is hosted by Canadian Kevin Willeboordse (Will-a-board-sa) Topics of interest ranging from hunting, politics and natural resources. Guests range in varying profession’s, expertise & passions.Podcast Goal: To learn, challenge and share varying perspectives through meaningful conversation with guests from every background and profession in the quest to have better understanding.




Podcast Description: Kevin Unscripted is hosted by Canadian Kevin Willeboordse (Will-a-board-sa) Topics of interest ranging from hunting, politics and natural resources. Guests range in varying profession’s, expertise & passions.Podcast Goal: To learn, challenge and share varying perspectives through meaningful conversation with guests from every background and profession in the quest to have better understanding.






Episode: 82 Hannah Giesbrecht (Home Schooling)

In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Hannah Giesbrecht to explore the world of homeschooling. We delve into the core principles that form the backbone of homeschooling, including instilling integrity, moral compass, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in children. The discussion opens up pathways to understanding the resources available to homeschooling families and offers a practical step-by-step guide for those looking to start. We address common concerns and solutions around homeschooling such as the potential lack of socialization, ensuring college curriculum recognition, teaching certification, teaching across various grades, costs, and strategies to keep children engaged. The episode also presents a balanced view of the pros and cons of homeschooling. We explore the benefits such as real-world learning experiences and strengthened family ties, weighed against potential challenges like workload, costs, and workspace management. The conversation concludes with a recap and heartfelt thanks to Hannah for sharing her insights, leaving listeners with valuable knowledge and encouragement for those considering this educational journey. **Additional Resources:** 1: Learn about eight “smarts” that will help you recognize your children’s interests and abilities and help you strengthen them: 2: Plugged In, A Homeschooling resource: 3:Kirk Cameron Website: The Homeschool Awakening: 4: Recommended Book called: Fire Child, Water Child. Find on Amazon: Thank you for listening.


Episode# 81 Kailee Smith

Join us for a revealing 2.5-hour discussion with Kailee Smith, a recovering addict, who shares her intricate journey through addiction and recovery. Please bear with the first 30 minutes of slightly compromised audio quality; the remaining 2 hours promise crisp and clear audio. Kailee opens up about her experiences, discussing how environmental, societal, and personal factors initially led her to drugs and fueled her addiction and found herself drawn into the world of drug use, shaped by emotional and societal pressures. Discover the key moments that sparked Kailee's decision to seek help and the fears she overcame. She shares her experiences with various support organizations, the crucial role her family members played in her recovery journey, and how she navigated her path back to stability. Finally, Kailee shares her experiences with advocacy and peer-support initiatives, her perspectives on the current recovery and rehabilitation systems, and how these systems have influenced her reintegration into society. Thank you for listening.


Episode: 80 John Rustad (Conservative BC Leader)

John Rustad, the current leader of the Conservative Party of British Columbia. Discover his background, deep connection to northern B.C., and unwavering passion for fishing and hunting. Rustad's journey began in 2005 when he was elected to represent Prince George-Omineca, a position he maintained even after the riding's dissolution. Throughout his career, he held pivotal roles such as Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, and actively participated in various committees. In a surprising turn of events in 2022, a disagreement with Kevin Falcon, the leader of the BC United party, prompted Rustad to part ways. However, he found a new home within the BC Conservative Party, ultimately assuming the role of party leader on March 31, 2023. Thank you for listening.


Episode: 79 Aaron Gunn & Jason Gowda. (Canada Is Dying Documentary & Dawson Creek CTA)

In this episode, we interview Aaron Gunn, an independent journalist and renowned political commentator, and Jason Gowda, a dedicated community activist. Aaron Gunn, a Canadian independent journalist, gained recognition through his involvement in Canadian politics and his documentary series "Politics Explained." We discuss his motivations, recent documentaries, and challenges faced as an independent journalist and filmmaker. Jason Gowda is a member of the Citizens Take Action (CTA), a group dedicated to combating crime and holding local governments accountable. We explore the CTA's mission, engagement with government officials, and the impact they have made in raising awareness about theft-related issues. Topics covered include ideological policies overlapping the opioid crisis, CTA demographics and engagement, personal growth and learning, approaches to address the crisis, the impact of documentaries, the influence of political views, running for BC Liberal leadership, career challenges, and future projects. Join us as we delve into the journeys of Aaron Gunn and Jason Gowda, gaining valuable insights into their work, challenges, and aspirations. Citizens Take Action. Dawson Creek, B.C. Website: Canada Is Dying Full Documentary: Thank you for listening.


Episode 78: Bob Zimmer. MP, Prince George—Peace River—Northern Rockies since 2011

In this compelling 2.5 hour conversation, we've traversed an expansive range of topics including Foreign Voting Interference, Parliament Question Evasion, Crime, Censorship, SOGIE, LNG, Ocean & Fisheries, 30-30 Initiative, The Great Reset and so much more! Episode Sponsors: Can Have Today: Cordova Oilfield: YouTube Canada Is Dying: Netflix How To Become A tyrant: Purdue Pharma Settlement reached with Purdue Pharma (Canada) for opioid damages: Progress on Mandate Letter commitments: Thank you for listening.


Episode# 77. Bryan Reid Sr (Pioneer Log Homes)

Bryan Reid Sr. is a seasoned log home builder with over four decades of experience in the industry. As a founder of Pioneer Log Homes, based in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada, he is known for his exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to creating the world's finest log homes. Each log home is prebuilt in Williams Lake, then disassembled and shipped around the world to its final destination. Bryans passion is evident in his work, whether it's a cozy cabin or a sprawling mansion. Recently, Bryan Sr. embarked on an ambitious project to transform a 1000-year-old cedar tree into a log cabin, showcasing his constant pursuit of innovation and excellence. Bryan Sr. is also a prominent figure along side his son and crew in the popular TV show "Timber Kings" that aired from 2014 to 2017. The show offered a unique behind-the-scenes look at Pioneer Log Homes, showcasing the creativity, skill, and hard work that goes into creating each log masterpiece. The primary cast members included: Bryan Reid Sr, Bryan Reid Jr, André Chevigny, Beat Schwaller, Joel Roorda and Peter Arnold. ***Pioneer Log Homes Website:" ***Fascinated by Bryan Reid Sr. and the Pioneer Log Homes team? Their stories are too good to keep to yourself. Share a piece of our world with yours! Ignite a spark of intrigue and invite others into our storytelling circle by sharing this episode. Keep the conversation going and let's build a vibrant community together! Spread the wonder and promote our podcast, all while watching our listener community grow! Simply post the episode link: on your social media or mention us in your everyday conversations. All it takes is a quick post or a casual mention. Let's continue sharing these amazing stories!" Thank you for listening.


Episode# 76: Terry McEvoy (Aviation Engineer, and pilot)

Born in the late 1950s, Terry McEvoy is a true aviation legend who has not only followed in his father's footsteps, but is also part of a family lineage that continues down to his grandchildren. Terry boasts over 28,000 flight hours and has experience with 175 diverse aircraft types, which include bush and float planes, Lear jets, and helicopters. Terry's career spans from his early days as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, flying in the far northern regions of Canada, to tracing the southern coastal lines on Vancouver Island. From undertaking intercontinental and global flights in one of the world's fastest business jets, Terry's adventures are a testament to his exceptional career, as outlined in his book "No Ordinary Days: An Aviator's Story." He has accumulated an impressive array of experiences, surviving the Arctic terrain, navigating the challenging coastal land scape, and traveling to countries all over the world. His stories of survival, problem solving, and achievements are a testament to his dedication to aviation. Thank you for listening.


Episode#75 Wayne Sawchuck

We welcome back Wayne Sawchuck, an acclaimed author, intrepid explorer, and advocate for environmental conservation. Rejoining us since his insightful Episode 13, Wayne offers an updated perspective on his wilderness adventures and ongoing efforts in conservation. We Also dive into the pressing matter of 'Site C'. Wayne sheds light on this project, delving into its environmental implications and its role in the wider context of conservation. A crucial part of our dialogue also revolves around the intersection of climate change and conservation. Together, we untangle the complex relationship between these two urgent issues, as Wayne offers his seasoned insights on the challenges at hand and the necessary steps forward. Join us for this compelling conversation as we traverse through wild landscapes, confront environmental dilemmas, and explore the heart of conservation with Wayne Sawchuck. Whether you're an adventure literature enthusiast or an environmental advocate, this episode promises a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Links for topics of interest: • Muskwa Kechika Camps And Trips Website: • Muskwa Kechika Book Through Munro's Books: • Muskwa Kechika Book Through Amazon: • Wayne Sawchuk Facebook Page: • MK Video: • Land of Dreamer Documentary: #canada #alaskahighway #landofdreamers #Muskwakechica #conservation #sitec #environment #climatechange #climate @sawchuck490 ​ Thank you for listening.


Episode# 74 Chris Barber

In this episode, we ride along with Chris Barber, a long-haul truck driver, self-employed owner of CB Trucking, and notably, one of the central figures in the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 protest. Based out of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Chris balances the demands of his career with his family life as a husband and father of two. His faithful sidekick, Skippy, often accompanies him on his journeys. Chris gained global attention as an organizer of the Freedom Convoy, a protest movement that challenged vaccine mandates and perceived government overreach. Alongside key participants like Brigitte Belton, Tamara Lich, Pat King, James Bauder, and former RCMP intelligence officer Daniel Bulford, Chris's actions fueled a significant dialogue that continues to resonate today. In the course of the protest, Chris was arrested near Parliament Hill in February 2022, triggering a chain of events that led to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoking the Emergency Act—a move that stirred substantial controversy over its implications for civil liberties. Chris later testified in the Public Order Emergency Act inquiry, which concluded in 2023 that the government's use of the act was justified, albeit marred by policing failures. The fallout from the convoy and the broader government response to the pandemic continue to be hotly debated, attracting comments from national figures such as Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, provincial leaders like Daniel Smith, and international voices including German MEP Christine Anderson. Join us as we delve into these topics and more. Please note that we experienced some minor internet connection issues during this episode, but we've worked diligently to ensure that the content remains engaging and informative despite these hiccups. Tune in for an enlightening conversation with Chris Barber, a man at the heart of a pivotal moment in Canadian history. Thank you for listening.


Episode# 73 Claude Paradis 7th Generation Beekeeper

Welcome to this 4-hour long podcast episode with Claude Paradis, a 7th generation beekeeper, where we will explore the fascinating world of beekeeping. In the first 2-hour half, we cover a lot about starting a hive, the importance of preparation to the start of bee season, support groups, resources, and more. Starting a Hive: Starting a hive can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But before you begin, there are several things to consider. Claude will walk us through many of the steps involved in starting a hive, including selecting the right location, choosing the right hive equipment, purchasing bees, and estimated cost for each hive. The Importance of Preparation to the Start of Bee Season: Preparation is key to successful beekeeping. Claude will discuss the importance of preparing for the start of bee season, including hive inspections, honey extraction, and feeding bees. Support Groups: Beekeeping can be challenging, but you don't have to go at it alone. Claude will discuss the benefits of joining support groups and how to find one in your area. Resources: Beekeeping requires the right tools and equipment. Claude, as a seasoned beekeeper, will share some of the resources he has found helpful in his beekeeping journey, including books, online forums, and local beekeeping associations and a Website he has made: In the second 2-hour half, we will dive deeper into the world of bees, discussing their communication, reproduction, challenges they face against mites and diseases, how they collect pollen, and more. How Bees Communicate: Bees are known for their fascinating communication methods. Claude will discuss how bees communicate with each other, including the famous waggle dance, and why it's important to understand their communication methods as a beekeeper. Reproduction: The reproduction of bees is essential to the survival of the hive. We discuss the reproductive habits of bees, including queen bee mating, swarming, and drones. Challenges Bees Face Against Mites and Diseases: Bees face many challenges, including mites and diseases. We discuss these challenges and how to protect your hive against them. Pollen Collection: Pollen is a vital component of the bee's diet and is essential for the survival of the hive. We discuss how bees collect pollen and the importance of pollen to the health of the hive. In this 4-hour long podcast episode, we covered a lot about starting a hive, preparing for the start of bee season, support groups, resources, bee communication, reproduction, challenges bees face against mites and diseases, how they collect pollen, and more. However, it's important to note that beekeeping is an ongoing learning process, and there's always more to discover and learn. Claude has shared some valuable resources, but we encourage you to continue learning about bees and beekeeping. Thank you for listening, and we hope you found this episode insightful. website: Facebook: Peace Region Beekeepers Hive kits. $1,000.00 Per Hive for start up Karry Clark. BC Regional Bee Inspector 250-219-6597. E-mail Thank you for listening.


Episode# 72 Jason Shaw

Welcome back, Jason Shaw from Episode #44, for a second visit and now as a repeat guest! Jason has accomplished so much in his life. In this episode, we will discuss Jason's incredible accomplishments in MMA and bodybuilding, as well as his experiences in hunting and more. MMA: Jason has had an incredible career in MMA, and he shares some of his experiences, including his training regimen, competitions, and what it took to be successful in the sport. Bodybuilding: In addition to his success in MMA, Jason is also an accomplished bodybuilder. He discusses his training methods, competitions, and what it takes to succeed in the bodybuilding world. Hunting Stories: Jason is an avid hunter and talks about some of his exciting hunting stories, including his first sheep hunt with a successful long-range shot. We also discuss the importance of being prepared when hunting and share some valuable tips for novice hunters. We had a fantastic time talking, and we look forward to having Jason back to continue our conversation about hunting all over the world, surviving attacks from cougars and all kinds of wildlife, and touching on the critical subject of conservation. Thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy this episode! Thank you for listening.


Episode# 71 Matt Sager.

Matt Sager is the founder and leader of a team of car hunters who are on a mission to recover rare vehicles hidden in remote areas where they remain undiscovered by others. Along with his team of passionate car hunters, Matt and his team use classic equipment to travel by air and land, including a 1948 Stinson airplane and 1948 Power Wagon Tow Truck, to spot clues from the sky and follow leads to track down old forgotten vehicles. Once they find a vehicle they want to rescue, the team buys the vehicle, and then extracts and recovers it by any means necessary. Each member of the team plays a crucial role in this operation. Jessica James, the team pilot, is responsible for safely navigating the team through remote areas. Dave Mischuk, brings decades of knowledge about vehicle autobody repairs and experience in restoration. Lee Brandt, the crane operator, is responsible for lifting the vehicles out of difficult areas. Steve Sager, the team's fixer, uses his mechanical expertise to repair and maintain the team's equipment. Together, they journey through remote areas and meet the people who have lived there for generations in an impossible quest to find and rescue lost cars. Matt Sager grew up in Mill Bay BC (Van Island) and considers the Peace area a second home in, which gives him extensive knowledge of the area. The second season of "Lost Car Rescue" premieres on April 19, 2023, on the History Channel. Through their exciting and daring adventures, Matt Sager and his team of car hunters showcase their passion for recovering classic vehicles and preserving automotive history for future generations to enjoy. Thank you for listening.


Episode# 70 Al Harlow with Prism.

Al Harlow, a Canadian musician and original member of the rock band Prism. Al has been a driving force in the music industry since the mid-1970s. Prism has produced numerous albums, including their biggest hit, "Spaceship Superstar," and other notable hits. The band's unique sound combines elements of progressive rock, hard rock, and pop. Despite several changes in band members, Al has remained committed to creating and performing music that resonates with fans across generations. Prism has achieved commercial success throughout the decades and is considered one of the most influential and successful rock bands to come out of Canada. Al Harlow's contributions to Prism and the Canadian music industry have been invaluable, earning him induction into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame Al Harlow Website: Prism Website: Lido Theatre Fort St. John: Thank you for listening.


Episode# 69 Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Dr. Roger Hodkinson is a renowned medical doctor and pathologist with over five decades of experience in the field. He has been recognized by the Court of Queen's Bench in Alberta as an expert in pathology and is currently in Good Standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta but under attack, accused of spreading misinformation. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Was a fellow off College of American Pathologists before being let go, and the American Society for Clinical Pathology, Dr. Hodkinson's credentials are beyond reproach. He has served in a variety of roles in the healthcare industry, including as a consultant in pathology and in medical laboratory leadership positions. Dr. Hodkinson is also an accomplished entrepreneur and is currently the CEO of a US Biotech company active in DNA sequencing. However, it is Dr. Hodkinson's unwavering commitment to truth and transparency that truly sets him apart. He has been a vocal critic of all aspects of the pandemic response and has used his platform to raise awareness and advocate for alternative approaches. Despite facing significant backlash, Dr. Hodkinson has remained steadfast in his convictions and continues to be a leading voice in the healthcare community. Thank you for listening.


Episode# 68 With Citizens Take Action Tygh, Kirk & Steve.

Citizens Take Action. Dawson Creek, B.C. Website: Welcome to this week's episode of "Community Watch", where we discuss various community watch groups and their efforts to make their neighborhoods safer. Today, we're focusing on a newly created community watch group based in Dawson Creek, called Citizens Take Action. This group was created out of a need and desire for a community watch group in Dawson Creek and has since expanded and grown in British Columbia, including Fort St. John. Their mission is to restore peace of mind to the community by helping to reduce crime and holding the RCMP and local governments accountable. Their goal statement is to foster a safe and secure community that everyone can be proud of. We had the opportunity to speak with members of Citizens Take Action and discuss a wide range of topics. We talked about the local and provincial crime, the positive and negative response to the group from the public, government, and businesses, the group's growth, their core values, and more. One of the most interesting aspects of our conversation was the group's approach to reducing crime in the community. Instead of relying solely on law enforcement, they have taken a proactive approach by working with businesses and community members to identify potential safety hazards and address them before they become a problem. We also discussed the challenges the group has faced in its growth and expansion. While they have received overwhelming support from the community, they have also faced criticism from some who feel their efforts are unnecessary or misguided. We talked about how they have responded to this criticism and the steps they are taking to continue to build trust with the community. Finally, we discussed the core values of Citizens Take Action and how these values guide their work. These values include respect, accountability, and community involvement. We talked about how these values have helped to shape the group's approach to community safety and their interactions with law enforcement and local government. Overall, our conversation with members of Citizens Take Action provided valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of creating a community watch group. Their efforts to make their community safer and more secure are an inspiration to us all. We hope you enjoyed this episode of "Community Watch" and look forward to sharing more stories of community activism in the future. Thank you for listening.


Episode# 67 Dan Davies & Mike Bernier

Dan Davies & Mike Bernier are both Canadian, BC Peace Region MLA’s and repeat guests. We Talk About Regional/Provincial Politic, unifying the region and the increasing concerns in all social subjects over the last few years. We covered a lot of ground in studio and also online. Thank you for listening.


Episode# 66 Robby Knecht and Mag Habouzit (Alaska Hwy Winter Journey On Motorcycle)

Robby Knecht and Mag Habouzit are on a journey to travel the world by motorcycle on Russian-made Ural sidecars motorcycle. Arriving in Canada in October 2022, and starting their Alaska Highway journey earlier January 2023 in the middle of winter they have been capturing the attention and curiosity of everyone on their ongoing adventure. Robby 3 Wheels You Tube: Robby 3 Wheels Facebook Page: robby3wheels Robby 3 Wheels Webpage: Lattitude 56 Website: Thank you for listening.


Episode# 65 Dave White & Duane Myles With The Sweet Water Band.

This episode is with Dave White & Duane Myles who are both part of a four-piece band called The Sweet Water Band formed in 2015 and based in Fort St. John. BC. We had a good time talking about their start, origins, played a few songs and more. Hope you enjoy Band members made up of: Dave White: Lead Vocal and guitar Duane Myles, Vocals & Lead Guitar Steve Fehr Bass: Carson Darling : Drums : The Sweetwater Band Facebook page: Nicole Bradley Facebook Page: Thank you for listening.


Episode# 64 Mike Friesen

Mike Friesen is an avid Outdoorsman, Big Game Hunter, Co-Founder of Sportsman Channel Pursue the Hunt and host of The Hunter Apprentice Podcast. Mikes passion is to learn and share his knowledge of hunting with others while also involving his family. Links to check out: Pursue The Hunt Website: Pursue The Hunt Youtube Channel: The Hunter Apprentice Podcast Through Spotify: Thank you for listening.


Episode# 63 Stephen Beard

Stephen Beards is the owner of Beard's Brewing established in 2017. Our conversation ranged in topics that covered brewing, starting Beards Brewing and more. Small Batch Beer. (Wikipedia) Beards Brewing Website: Thank you for listening.