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Here reside the full, unadulterated audio files from the daily Lance Roberts .

Here reside the full, unadulterated audio files from the daily Lance Roberts .
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Here reside the full, unadulterated audio files from the daily Lance Roberts .




10-23-19 How Great is the Economy, Really?

Astro's vs Walgreen's; how great is the economy when 96% of all revenues are going to pay for required spending by Government? Astro's and Alarm Clocks; Social Security Shenanigans; Pension Plans and Ponzi Schemes; children and savings, and the true cost of ownership.


10-22-19 Technically Speaking Tuesday

The pending World Series contest between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals will be an on-going thread throughout this morning's show; a big week for quarterly reporting; Fed Districts with weakest reports are those with most exposure to China Trade Tariffs; Who's Richer? How Capitalism works vs the WeWork Ponzi scheme; Life is good until you turn 43: The Happiness Curve; Season tickets of GreenBay Packers, Houston Texans, and San Francisco 49'er's: will offer of food inclusion...


10-21-19 Earnings Reports, Millennial Spending, and a Divergence of Confidence

What are quarterly reports (beating lowered estimates) really telling us about the economy; Why Millennial spending patterns matter; excerpts from Gary Gulman on Conan: Cereal for Breakfast; Is Lance going deaf? Shopping on Amazon; Labor Force participation, and why we're not prepared to not have a job; results of Target's minimum wage hike to $15/hour.


10-18-19 Financial Fitness Friday

Market Review and "The Great Sag;" Christmas decorations and market commentary; China's GDp--can the numbers be believed? Teaching the kiddos about money; Gary's Money Experiment; Moonjar; Save, spend, give; the Bertha Cabello podcast preview.


10-17-19 Monetary Policy vs The Gold Standard

The ironic similarities between Brexit and the ongoing trade "talks" between the US and China; Boris Johnson vs Donald Trump Hair; Texas Weather; Thanksgiving at The Roberts' House; Michael Lebowitz on a Matter of Trust and The Gold Standard: A history of Monetary Policy; why markets are priced for 'perfection,' which is where nobody lives; wage growth not keeping up with inflation in cost of living; why debt matters, and rising debt hampers economic growth.


10-16-19 Did Fed Launch of Latest QE Spur a Market Rally?

The importance of Trust in Currency; Tips for Avoiding Tax Mistakes; How the Fed's latest round of QE (that's NOT QE) rallied Wall Street; Astro's Win; Dem Debate no mention of Climate Change--which is a huge wealth transfer; Bernie Sanders' attack on the rich(er than he); the value of a dollar; Brokerage Firms offer "free" trades; why sometimes it's better to pay for a service; How China Trade Tariffs may impact 2020 Election; things older Lance would tell younger Lance.


10-15-19 Technically Speaking Tuesday

As the next Earnings Season cycle emerges, weaker GDP Growth is expected to be reflected in coming reports; Bulls are getting QE and Trade but remain stuck in the middle; WeWork and Tesla are examples of companies burning through cash, still not turning a profit; look for big changes as WeWork goes public because it has to--likely will be taken over by its debtors; a preview of our podcast interview with Daniel LaCalle on Freedom, Equality, and Capitalism.


10-14-19 China Trade "deal", Social Credit, and Capitalism

The latest China Trade "deal" is no deal for the US; parking fun and games at the Austin Music Festival; Lance's Mom and her new mobile phone; Houston's winningest pro teams ever; Capitalism under attack; why deficits aren't self-financing; Bernie Sanders is so Socialist, he's calling Elizabeth Warren a Capitalist; China's social credit system: Why the US really isn't too far behind.


10-11-19 Financial Fitness Friday

What does market volatility mean for your portfolio? Why we're all in financial purgatory; retail sales forecasts are cautiously optimistic. Why Ken Fisher wants to get in your pants: A marketing critique; buzzwords for transactions; the real responsibility of financial planners. ROTH Accounts and the Five Year Rule.


10-10-19 Millennials' Market Perspectives, Pt-2

A continuation of our examination of Capitalism, how it's best leveraged (Hint: It requires Work!), and Millennials' perceptions of how markets work; Houston Astros are up against it in Game-5 of the Division playoff; Michael Lebowitz' preview of his next article on Non-QE QE.


10-9-19 Millennials' Market Perspectives

The on again/off again/back on again China Trade meanderings continue to shape market responses and performance; Superstition and the Houston Astros; Social Media and it's impact on Katy High School Football and the NBA; Open Enrollment Season; Millennials' Market Perceptions are formed by not ever having lived through market losses; Federal Reserve and REPO rates; fractional reserve banking explained.


10-8-19 Technically Speaking Tuesday

How Trump Tweets are affecting CEO Confidence--and the interesting correlation to the economy and GDP; Kroger and vaping and smoking; raising kids in the 21st Century; Consumer Credit, credit card debt, and student loan debt; why forgiveness of debt is a bad path to follow; preview of the Jeff Tennery interview podcast; why Capitalism is what the 2020 Election will be all about; nothing comes for free; debt created to pay for free stuff still must be serviced.


10-7-19 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

China now says it might not be open to a trade deal before the 2020 elections, unsure of who will be in charge in 2021; Auto Sales are coming to the end of their latest cycle; Billionaires, pay gaps, and the cost of living; Capitalism isn't broken; Corporate America in today's economy; why you can thank Bill Clinton for today's pay gap between CEO's and workers; the problem with pension funds;


10-4-19 Financial Fitness Friday

Why economics is a Social Soup, and paying attention to those around you can be profitable; why I-10 has surpassed HWY 290 as Houston's "Highway to Hell;" Market commentary, plus why bonds "guaranteed" income should be viewed carefully in a negative rate environment; why is Open Enrollment is so feared by employees; What's in your portfolio? The purpose of Central Banks vs how they're being used; plus, a preview of upcoming classes and workshops.


10-3-19 Improving Chances of a Trade "Deal," w Disintegrating Economics

There is now a 60% chance some kind of China Trade "deal" emerge before the 2020 Elections; meanwhile, economic data--particularly lagging indicators--are beginning to show cracks in the facade of the US economic story; Portfolio Manager Michael Lebowitz, CFA w Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, explore the possibilities of more Quantitative Easing by the Fed--could this be a permanent "tool?" Why UFO sightings are down, even as the Navy confirms their existence; an early termination...


10-2-19 Debts, Deficits & Their Effects on the Economy

The latest ISM numbers are not promising, and now even the dumbest economists are proposing tariffs and debt is leaching productivity out of the economy; proof that communism does not work, as Capitalism is credited for lifting the Chinese people "out" of poverty; meanwhile, in America, the only thing that has contributed to our economic growth has been Government Spending. The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity; Why your taxes WILL go up within the next 5-years.


10-1-19 What Happens if Trade Deal, WeWork Go South?

With roughly 80% of the China Trade Deal already agreed upon, what happens if President Trump can't close 'em before the 2020 Election? How Political Fatigue is affecting the electorate; the True Job of Government; Why what happens to WeWork Should Matter to You; What's in your wallet/401-K?


9-30-19 Trump, Trade, and the Truth About Wall Street Analysts

How Donald Trump will maneuver to a trade "deal" with China that's already 80% "done," just in time for the 2020 Elections; the Retailpocalypse, the bankruptcy of Forever-21, and the Amazonization of retail sales; the unintended consequences of automating jobs; why Bernie Sanders has such appeal: "Debt isn't Fair;" Wall Street as a business: 40 companies generating 88% of earnings/income; they're not working in your best interest.


9-27-19 Financial Fitness Friday

What is the Markets' reaction to the current impeachment circus? Babies on Airplanes--why seats set farthest away from them could draw premium prices; US Retirement Security Ranking drops to #18; Richard touts our new "My Blocks" financial planning feature; the latest on Medicare/Medigap enrollment advice; the new Medicare Plan Finder website; volatility in the markets likely to increase as politics creep into the narrative as 2020 draws nearer; how retirees should look at taking their...


9-26-19 The Impeachment Charge that's Being Missed

What happens to the markets every time the president sends a tweet? Could this argument be made--or are they all wrapped up in it together? The Astros and Mattress Mac--time to buy a new bed? On-line match-making, marriages, and tad of fraud at; the REPO liquidity crisis explained--how you know there's a problem; McDonald's veggie burger; Are we seeing the end of the QE Era or error (or both)? We've had socialism for the wealthy for years; Dem's want it for themselves now.