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From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.

From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.


Sydney, NSW


From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.






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What we learnt from Wikileaks

A one hour panel on how Wikileaks changed journalism and what it taught us about the realities of foreign policy.


American politics, how war shapes us and biologist Kropotkin

Bruce Shapiro on the end of the Trump show, Margaret MacMillan on how war shapes us and Lydia Syson on Russian biologist and anarchist, Kropotkin


Laura Tingle's Canberra and Quarterly Essay; JBS Haldane revisited

Australia and New Zealand are often considered close cousins. So why do we know so little about each other, and what can we gain by studying our trans-Tasman neighbour? And, we revisit our September interview with journalist Samanth Subramanian about the problematic polymath that was J.B.S Haldane.


Solving the climate emergency; Indigenous storytellers on stage and screen

Tim Flannery on solving the climate emergency; the representation of Indigenous Australians on our stages and screens has become more diverse, more frequent and more humourous.


Ian Dunt's UK. The century so far: Indigenous economic empowerment. Remembering Japan's Mishima

Ian Dunt reviews another turbulent fortnight in British politics. The achievements and challenges for Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs. Roger Pulvers marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Mishima Yukio Japanese author, stylist and imperialist.


The latest from America and is Indigenous incarceration still on the rise?

President Trump permits the transition to the Biden administration to begin and we look at why Indigenous incarceration rates are still so high despite the numerous investigations.


Katharine Murphy's Canberra; Crisis in Ethiopia; Megan Davis on 20 years since the Bridge Walk for Reconciliation

The fallout from the explosive Brereton report into alleged war crimes by Australian special forces in Afghanistan continues; The deadly conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region continues to spiral, sparking concerns for the wider region; Professor Megan Davis talks about the winding road to reconciliation in the 20 years since the Bridge Walk.


Don Watson - A Writing Life

Don Watson’s career in writing has spanned 40 years and has done much to hold a mirror up to ourselves as a nation, with incisive political, historical and linguistic observations. His latest book, Watsonia, is a collection of essays, and really covers the gamut and is a witty, wise and essential read.


Hong Kong Update, Australian perspectives on misinformation, International Brigades and the Spanish civil war.

Anthony Dapiran assesses the situation in Hong Kong after the entire pro-democracy caucus resigned from the Legislature. Fact, fiction or fake: Mathieu O'Neil surveys Australians and their trust in news. Giles Tremlett uncovers some of the lost voices from the Spanish civil war and discusses the personal stories of participants in the International Brigades.


US Politics, Joseph Banks and the Mutant Project

The President Elect gets to work, Joseph Banks revealed and what is the significance of genetically edited twins Lulu and Nana.


Laura Tingle's Canberra and 'Out of Eden': Retracing the steps of human migration

After a tumultuous week in Canberra, Prime Minister Scott Morrison heads to Japan for an important visit; One journalist challenges the modern media model by walking across the world to re-engage with the oldest form of storytelling, while reporting on the major stories of our time.


What does NAIDOC mean in 2020? American satirists from the 18th to 21st centuries

What does NAIDOC mean in 2020? When are comedians “just kidding” and when are they telling the truth? Will Kaufman discusses how some of America's greatest satirists use irony, social criticism, and humour as both a weapon and a shield.


Ian Dunt's UK post Trump. Understanding the world from Beijing's perspective. The history of Labassa House

Ian Dunt assesses what a Biden presidency will mean for Britain. Geoff Raby's new book: China's grand strategy and Australia's future in the new global order. Vicki Shuttleworth and Lex Marinos share the long and colourful history of Labassa House in Melbourne.


Us election result tensions, the tarnished Crown and songlines explained

Bruce Shapiro on the latest arguments on the US election results, Stephen Mayne on Crowns casino woes and the way Indigenous songlines work as a memory tool of history.


Laura Tingle's Canberra; Operation Condor; Australian women pilots

The Government comes under pressure to lift Australia's climate commitments after Joe Biden's election victory. Inside the vast international terror network known as 'Operation Condor'. And the trailblazing Australian women who couldn't keep their feet on the ground.


Barry Jones on what is to be done next?

Barry Jones' latest book 'What is to be Done? Political Engagement and Saving the Planet' assesses the challenges currently facing Australia and the world, from our politics, our health, our climate and to repairing our fragile democracies and public institutions.


US Election Special and Marie Younan's story

Our panel of guests discusses the US results so far and Marie Younan tells her story of courage.


Bruce Shapiro - America Votes. How are Australian farmers faring? Lowitja O 'Donoghue - the biography of a remarkable Australian.

Bruce Shapiro offers his thoughts on the vote for the next U.S President. Fiona Simson, President of the National Farmers Federation, on the issues and challenges facing primary producers. Stuart Rintoul's authorised biography of Lowitja O'Donoghue.


Laura Tingle's Canberra; Myanmar elections; How free speech became so complex

Integrity continues to be the issue getting top billing in federal politics, while Queensland's state election has returned some interesting results; On Sunday another set of elections will be held, in Myanmar. It's only the second elections held since the country emerged from a military dictatorship, but what can we expect? Plus, Malcolm Knox explores how free speech became so complex.


Conservative view from the US; How the US election could end in disarray, the importance of not burning books

Conservative view from the US; How the US election could end in disarray, the importance of not burning books