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Law Flip is a weekly podcast hosted by Benjy Smith and Louis Benowitz. Each week they'll be covering the top Law related news stories and give you the realist and most thought provoking sauce on the subject. Tune in on Monday's at 5 AM EST/ 2AM PST!

Law Flip is a weekly podcast hosted by Benjy Smith and Louis Benowitz. Each week they'll be covering the top Law related news stories and give you the realist and most thought provoking sauce on the subject. Tune in on Monday's at 5 AM EST/ 2AM PST!


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Law Flip is a weekly podcast hosted by Benjy Smith and Louis Benowitz. Each week they'll be covering the top Law related news stories and give you the realist and most thought provoking sauce on the subject. Tune in on Monday's at 5 AM EST/ 2AM PST!






WTF is a life coach? | LawFlip Ep 62

In 2008/2009, I obsessively studied for and passed the two hardest bar exams in the country- New York and California. That brutal year of tests, combined with the stress of extremely high stakes litigation and the ups and downs of life, exacerbated an existing eating disorder to the point where I knew I needed help. Life coach Mike Bayer was the one who I reached out to to help me find treatment. Fast forward to 2021, Coach Mike and I have both evolved a lot! It was so great to catch up with...


Does Caitlyn Jenner Speak For the Trans Community? | LawFlip Ep 61

Issues surrounding the Trans community have become a part of the mainstream media in recent years, and yet, for some reason, I’ve have a hard time talking about this subject. In fact, I’ve written and rewritten this summary five times. Why is it so tough? Maybe it’s because I don’t want to offend anyone? But as a lawyer whose practice centers around fighting for the oppressed, including the LGBTIA community, I know my heart is in the right place. So that is precisely why I feel so lucky to...


Do Celebrities Divorce Like Us? | LawFlip Ep 60

Divorce is one of the most challenging events one can experience. I know because I’ve gone through it myself. It’s also possible to go through it and have everyone come out stronger on the other side. I’m still in the early stages of this chapter of my life, but I couldn’t think of a better person with whom to discuss this subject than Laura Wasser. She just so happens to be the most famous divorce attorney in the world. On this week’s episode of lawflip, we speak about how famous people...


Is Sam Yebri The Perfect Persian To Fix LA? | LawFlip Ep 59

There can be no doubt that Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the world. It’s also deeply fraught with corruption, nepotism, and insider politics. In this episode of LawFlip, Yale educated (smarty pants) Sam Yebri Joins us for an entertaining and informative discussion. We discuss the biggest issues facing Los Angeles: homelessness, crime, Black Lives Matter, Newsom/Garcetti, anti-semitism, Persian food/culture and so much more. Sam, a dedicated husband and father of four,...


How to Get Successful as an Entrepreneur | LawFlip Ep 58

How to Get Successful as an Entrepreneur: At a Glance ➢ Have a solid business plan ➢ Have a futuristic and realistic mindset ➢ Have a business strategy in place ➢ Make sure that you have a talented, loyal, and reliable team ➢ Hold everyone accountable for their actions ➢ Take risks when necessary for what you believe in ➢ Keep it consistent, and don’t try to do everything by yourself ➢ Communicate to get past stuff that’s stopping you from exploding as a business Read on for...


Do You Hear Me? | LawFlip Ep 57

Before telling you about this month’s episode of Lawflip, I’m going to share something very personal about what’s been going on with me: It’s been 55 days since I began experiencing what turned out to be a combination of partial hearing loss and tinnitus. For those of you who don’t know about tinnitus, it’s a miserable condition that causes you to hear sounds in your ear (like ringing, clicking, and other crazy sounds that make the voice that’s ordinarily inside your head sound chill)....


From Leaking Pipes to Raining Money: Gabriel Halimi’s Journey as an Entrepreneur

After working in law, then restaurant management, Gabriel Halimi took an idea for a water leak detection system that his father (an engineer) came up with in his garage and built a successful start-up company (which he then sold for a substantial, but undisclosed, sum to a publicly-traded company). This episode follows Gabriel's entrepreneurial journey from startup to acquisition. Benjy and Gabriel discuss an array of topics including the role of a startup company's CEO as a storyteller for...


Learn How Being Less Horny Can Help You Succeed! | LawFlip Ep 55

Raised as a chubby kid by a single mother in South Africa, Alex Simpson is now living the dream as a FinTech entrepreneur in sunny Southern California. He joins host Benjy Smith on this month’s episode of LawFlip. From this wide-ranging interview, you’ll learn what FinTech is, how a young man leveraged the South African banking industry in building one of his first startups, what Alex does now to build on his success (while being extremely fit and not at all chubby), and how working with...


Betting on Bitcoin? Welcome to 2021! | LawFlip Ep 53

Bitcoin, crypto, r/wallstreetbets, GameStop, Steve Cohen, robinhood app, and David Portnoy calling for everyone to go to jail. What is even going on? Even if you don’t understand what’s going on (we’re still trying to figure quite a few things out ourselves), you’re seriously living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the biggest financial market stories of 2021. With Bitcoin surging, robinhood app halting trading of certain securities like GameStop, and now calls for regulations to...


Learn How Not to Be Miserable | Ep 53

A year later, Sam Mollaei makes his second visit to LawFlip after appearing on the podcast’s inaugural episode. Sam inspires entrepreneurs across the legal industry and guides them in scaling their practices. He also helps them prioritize what matters to them (like spending time doing things they really love instead of getting bogged down in the brutal and the mundane). In this episode, Sam and Benjy give what may be that missing spark to get you to take a shot at starting your own business...


LawFlip's 52 week Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

52 straight weeks. Inspiring guests. Thinking about law and life differently than ever before. Taking you on that journey with me! You’ve journeyed with me through a lot: the infancy of Smith & Benowitz, personal struggles, a physical transformation, and the covid-19 pandemic. I’ve felt insanely inspired at times and not so much at others. My partner Louis supported the LawFlip podcast concept. We've found it rewarding. It has generated leads and business opportunities for our firm. We've...


Ep 51: Ryan Wenger - Silicon Valley CEO

Entrepreneur and recovering lawyer Ryan Wenger joins Benjy Smith for a truly inspirational episode. While in the midst of practicing law, Ryan had a transformational idea for people buying travel and built it out from the ground up. That idea originated as a consumer travel platform, and transformed into a corporate travel platform. More impressively, that idea became a company that was acquired by a much larger company in the middle of a pandemic when far fewer people are even...


Ep 50: Raphael “RJ” Javid Returns

Most viewed guest and complex personal injury litigator Raphael “RJ” Javid joins host Benjy Smith for a scintillating conversation full of positive energy. In a highly informative episode, Benjy and RI share some of their insights into marketing, advertising, and networking, providing value, being creative in the legal business, taking risks, and building businesses and business relationships. The episode closes with the Legal Tip of the Week. Support the show (


Ep 49: LawFlip Election WEEK Special

In this very special episode, Louis Benowitz joins host Benjy Smith and they breakdown some pieces of the prolonged 2020 election week. They discuss, among other things, Jim Carrey, conspiracy theories, election litigation, the upcoming runoffs in Georgia to determine control of the US Senate, and some of the potential impact of Trump’s judicial appointments on Democrats’ policy goals. The episode closes with a Legal Tip of the Week. Support the show (


Ep 48: Sasha Solonin - Putting Everything in @Motion_LA

Sasha Solonin joins host Benjy Smith for another exciting episode of LawFlip. Sasha is only 24 years old, but you’d never know that based on his maturity and accomplishments. He’s a former NCAA Division 1 tennis player who works in commercial real estate at CBRE, and has quickly brought high end properties into his portfolio. He, along with Benjy, also co-founded @motion_la, a workout group that connects entrepreneurs through fitness. In this episode, Benjy and Sasha discuss how they met,...


Ep 47: Dr. Alex Knezevic - The New Wave Doctor

Dr. Alex Knezevic, an ophthalmologist and avid sailor and surfer, joins host Benjy Smith for another scintillating episode of LawFlip. Alex and Benjy discuss an array of topics including avoiding burnout, adapting to professional practice changes and new technologies, and the benefits of having multiple mentors with different perspectives. They also discuss differing mentalities over money, client/patient relationships, and finding your fit as a professional. The episode closes with the Deal...


Ep 46: Ronen Nazarian MD - Available, Affable, and Able

Dr. Ronen Nazarian joins host Benjy Smith for a highly informative and inspiring episode. Dr. Nazarian is an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon who specializes in hearing restoration and cochlear implant procedures. Dr. Nazarian and Benjy discuss an array of subjects including the difficulties and unwarranted stigmas people who are hard of hearing encounter, the surprisingly high success rates for hearing restoration procedures, building a strong business by building a strong reputation, and...


Ep 45: It's Crazy Out There!

In this episode of LawFlip, we do something a little different. Louis Benowitz joins Benjy Smith for an episode filled with hot-button topics. Their conversation covers Claudia Conway, comparisons between Trump and dictators, political candidate debates, NBA ratings, and Amy Coney Barrett. The episode closes with the Deal and Legal Tip of the Week segments, including a surprise visit from a four-legged friend. Go check out this episode! Support the show (


Ep 44: Lou Alexander — Ex NFL Athlete Tells Us The One Question That Changed His Life

Lou Alexander joins host Benjy Smith for another riveting episode. Lou came from extremely humble beginnings in South Los Angeles, spending most of his childhood being raised by a single mother along with his ten siblings after tragically losing his father at the age of five. After graduating from Syracuse University and briefly playing in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints, Lou found himself broke and without a job. Fortuitously, Lou chatted up a stranger on an airplane who helped lead him...


Ep 43: Mike Hanassab and Elliot Hassan- How to Take Advantage of Your Opportunities

Commercial real estate partners Michael Hanassab and Elliot Hassan join host Benjy Smith in this episode. Michael and Elliot sell apartment buildings as part of a growing commercial real estate team and help investors realize their dreams. In an inspiring episode, Benjy, Michael, and Elliot discuss growing up in the San Fernando Valley, succeeding in spite of growing up with privilege, and translating lessons learned from playing sports as a child to team-building in business. They also...