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The Law Review Review! Law students discuss legal topics, using law review articles as a lens in a panel format. Each episode a law review article is selected by a panel member and distributed to the group. Episodes are released every other Monday. Follow us on twitter at: @SquaredLaw Mailbag at:

The Law Review Review! Law students discuss legal topics, using law review articles as a lens in a panel format. Each episode a law review article is selected by a panel member and distributed to the group. Episodes are released every other Monday. Follow us on twitter at: @SquaredLaw Mailbag at:


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The Law Review Review! Law students discuss legal topics, using law review articles as a lens in a panel format. Each episode a law review article is selected by a panel member and distributed to the group. Episodes are released every other Monday. Follow us on twitter at: @SquaredLaw Mailbag at:








Emotional Support Animals and the Fair Housing Act (and other situations)

Service Animals are generally considered reasonable accommodations under the Fair Housing Act. Should Emotional Support Animals be treated similarly? What about in non-housing situations? What documentation should be required for an animal to be accommodated? The article discussed was: Katie Basalla, Shortening the Leash: Emotional Support Animals under the Fair Housing Act, 89 U. CIN. L. REV. 140 (2020). Host: Jo Ann Fernando Panel: Schenley Kent, Seth Trott, Tony Fernando Audio:...


Shooting Fish (With Firearms)

BONUS EPISODE! California attorney Michael Smith visits with the panel to discus state regulations regarding shooting fish (with firearms), the topic of a law review article he authored. We also discuss: What constitutes good legal writing? What is the value of 'leisure' writing? What happens when you shock a fish with electricity? As well as different approaches to regulation, federalism, and environmental protection. The article discussed was: Michael Smith, Shooting Fish, 12 Ky. J....


Jurors and Social Media

How does social media influence jurors? What concerns are raised when jurors use social media during a trial? What are reasonable restrictions during a trial? How has our understanding of reasonable social media use changed over the past few years? The panel discusses these timely topics as well as baked goods. The article discussed was: Amy J. St. Eve & Michael A. Zuckerman, Ensuring an Impartial Jury in the Age of Social Media, 11 Duke Law & Technology Review 1-29 (2012) Host: Schenley...


E-sports, and the regulation thereof

The panel discusses video games in the context of e-sports, streaming, and how these activities are and/or should be regulated. Covering subjects from performance enhancing drug testing of e-thletes to visas to monetary and 'attention' in-game currencies, there's something in this episode for everyone from the newest n00b to the l33t gamer. The article discussed was: Elizabeth Chung, Gotta Catch 'Em All! The Rise of eSports and the Evolution of Its Regulations, 22 SMU Sci. & TECH. L. REV....


Hot Coffee For Law Day

Professor Michael Mogill joins the panel to discuss how he used Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants, the famous 'hot coffee' case, at a Law Day presentation to explain how the jury system works. Other topics discussed include how to teach legal concepts to various non-lawyer/non-law student audiences ranging from children to senior citizens and challenges of teaching law in the time of COVID. Article: Michael A. Mogill, Teaching Law Day: A Senior Moment, 1 Stetson J. Advocacy & L. 34...


Fortnite, the NFL, Dancing, and Copyright

The panel discusses an article that raises a hypothetical, what claim for an NFL player whose endzone dance is copied by a videogame. Join us for a wide ranging discussion that encompasses the constitution, TikTok, motivations for creative people, and more! The article that was discussed was: Alex Avakiantz, Stealing Swagger: NFL End Zone Celebrations and Fortnite's Fortune, 94 Wash. L. REV. 453 (2019). Host: Tony Fernando Panel: Courtney Buechler, Seth Trott, Jo Ann Fernando Audio:...


The Morality of Grading on a Curve

Law school grades are curved. Why? What are they trying to measure? Do curved grades serve students? Employers? Are curved grades moral? The panel discusses these topics and more, after reading an article which presented a case study of a law school which changed its curve. The article discussed was: Deborah Waire Post, "Power and Morality of Grading - A Case Study and a Few Critical Thoughts on Grade Normalization", 65 UMKC L. Rev. 777 (1997). Host: Seth Trott Panel: Schenley Kent, Tony...


Snitches Get Stiches

What is the object of having an honor code or conduct code? Should law school honor codes have a "toleration clause", which requires a student who becomes aware of an honor code violation to report it? Should school codes be different than professional codes? Do the honor codes at the top law schools differ from the rest? The panel discusses this after having read: Meredith C. Manuel, Snitches Get Stiches: Ditching the Toleration Clause in Law School Honor Codes, 33 Geo. J. Legal Ethics...


Handling Judicial Recusal at the Supreme Court

The panel is joined by our first guest-author, Associate Dean Bekah Saidman-Krauss! We discuss an article she wrote which analyzed a proposal by Senator Leahy (D-VT) to allow the Supreme Court to fill recusal based vacancies with retired Justices. The lower courts have mechanisms to replace a judge who recuses themselves, why doesn't the Supreme Court? What effect does not having a replacement mechanism have on their decision making? The article discussed is: Bekah Saidman-Krauss, A Second...


Business Information and FOIA

The panel considers exemption 4 of the Freedom of Information Act which protects financial and business information. Does this create a right to privacy for corporations? Should business information be protected from disclosure, when the business is doing work for the government? The article discussed is: Jane E. Kirtley, Scott Memmel, and Jonathan Anderson, More Substantial Harm than Good: Recrafting FOIA's Exemption 4 after Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader Media, 46 Mitchell...


Are abortions an essential medical service during a pandemic?

The panel discusses court responses to states imposing restrictions on abortion during the present COVID pandemic. Is medicine an area where public necessity can outweigh private rights? Does restricting abortion actually reduce the use of PPE? What are the ethics around using a public health emergency to advance an agenda? The article discussed is: B. Jessie Hill, ESSENTIALLY ELECTIVE: THE LAW AND IDEOLOGY OF RESTRICTING ABORTION DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, 106 Va. L. Rev. Online 99...


Election Litigation and the Supreme Court

While waiting to learn the outcome of the current election, our team looks back at Bush v. Gore and the decision making of the Supreme Court in the aftermath of the presidential election in the year 2000. Is a presidential candidate meaningfully harmed by being denied a recount? Do states rights over-ride federal interests? Should the Supreme Court grant certiorari to cases with flawed arguments? Also, our free sticker offer is still active! The article discussed was: David A. Strauss, Bush...


The Voting Rights Act after Shelby v. Holder

Just in time for the election, Schenley leads the panel in a discussion of Shelby v. Holder and the status of the Voting Rights Act. How pervasive should federal oversight of voting be? Also, instructions on how our listeners can get a free Law Review Squared sticker! The article discussed was: Ellen D. Katz, Section 2 after Section 5: Voting Rights and the Race to the Bottom, 59 WM. & MARY L. REV. 1961 (2018). Host: Schenley Kent Panel: Tony Fernando, Seth Trott Audio: Mohammed...


Tinkering with the Schoolhouse Gates

The panel discusses Tinker v. Des Moines, a foundational case regarding free speech for students, and subsequent developments. Is the current standard for free speech still applicable in an era of social media and online interactions? The article discussed is: Stephen Wermiel, Tinkering with Circuit Conflicts Beyond the Schoolhouse Gate, 22 J. Const. L. 1135 (2020). Host: Tony Fernando Panel: Mohammed Saleem, Nailah, Graves-Manns, Schenley Kent, Seth Trott, Jo Ann Fernando Audio...


Privacy Expectations Without Houses

Tony and Nailah discuss expectations of privacy in homeless encampments and surrounding issues. The article discussed was: Carrie Leonetti, THE WILD, WILD WEST: THE RIGHT OF THE UNHOUSED TO PRIVACY IN THEIR ENCAMPMENTS, 56 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 399 (2019). Host: Tony Fernando Panel: Nailah Graves-Manns Audio: Mohammed Saleem Producer: Tony Fernando


Alcoholism, Addiction, and the Legal Profession

Schenley and Tony discuss alcoholism, addiction, and the legal profession. The article discussed was: Alexander O. Rovzar, Putting the Plug in the Jug: The Malady of Alcoholism and Substance Addiction in the Legal Profession and a Proposal for Reform. 10 U. Mass. L. Rev. 426. (2019) Comments may be sent to: Follow us on twitter at: @SquaredLaw Host: Schenley Kent Panel: Tony Fernando Audio: Mohammed Saleem Producer: Tony Fernando


Facemasks and the Constitution

The panel discusses when and if requiring facemasks could infringe on constitutional rights. The article discussed is: Polly J. Price and Patrick C. Diaz, Face-Covering Requirements and the Constitution, American Constitution Society Expert Forum (June 3, 2020). Comments may be emailed to: Follow us on twitter at: @SquaredLaw Host: Courtney Buechler Panel: Tony Fernando, Schenley Kent, Nailah Graves-Manns, Aranda Stathers, Mohammed Saleem Audio: Mohammed...


The 1500 hour rule

In our first episode, the panel discusses airline pilot training and certification requirements in the wake of the Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act of 2009. The article being discussed is: Andrea Traut, The 1500-Hour Rule: When Does Quantity Outweigh Quality? 84 J. Air Law & Com. 267 (2019) Comments may be emailed to: Follow us on twitter at: @SquaredLaw Host: Tony Fernando Panel: Courtney Buechler, Schenley Kent, Nailah Graves-Manns Audio: Mohammed...