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ANNOUNCEMENT: Liberty Sound is moving to YouTube & Rumble starting in January. There could still be podcast episodes on Podbean, but the archive will be gone and any NEW content will be posted to the video channels first. The Sound of Modern Liberty, with host Ryan Hill. New live shows Tuesdays at 4p Central. On Liberty Sound, we discuss the latest events and changes that impact liberty in the modern world.


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Liberty Sound is moving to YouTube & Rumble starting in January. There could still be podcast episodes on Podbean, but the archive will be gone and any NEW content will be posted to the video channels first. The Sound of Modern Liberty, with host Ryan Hill. New live shows Tuesdays at 4p Central. On Liberty Sound, we discuss the latest events and changes that impact liberty in the modern world.




Wrapping Up the Year in Liberty (ep. 43)

In this last new show of 2022 and last Podbean live broadcast before Liberty Sound moves to video on YouTube & Rumble we wrap up the year in American politics and world events as we take a look ahead Stay to the end for my ranking of all Doctor Who Christmas specials! A separate episode will be published also this week on YouTube and Rumble, so be sure you're subscribed on those channels! Links below. YouTube – Rumble – More links to stories from today's show: It's been a terrific year! I'm looking forward to the next one, and new forms of content to bring to you. Let me know in the comments what you think would be good topics to cover in 2023!


Nuclear Fusion and an Early Gamer Christmas

In today’s exciting pre-Christmas live stream, we cover the recent news about a possibly viable nuclear fusion reactor, my reaction to the season 3 opener to The Chosen, and best of all the GAMER CHRISTMAS (of sorts) that took place at last week’s video game awards of 2022 in Japan. Plus, the inclusion of women in money, and the status of 2 lawsuits over Arizona's elections. I've also got an idea for my next video, which will be in the works for early next year. Starting in January this show will be on YouTube and Rumble rather than Podbean live. Be sure you are following or subscribed: YouTube – Rumble –


Let the Party Switching Begin (ep. 41)

Today I have a story on the methods of surveillance the government can employ, plus a party switch AS I PREDICTED would start to occur, AND a message from extra terrestrials on the horrors of Brexit. Links from today’s show: Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube and Rumble channels so you don’t miss any content going forward! My announcement on the future of the show, going into 2023 is at the end of this episode. More updates in the next couple of weeks. YouTube – Rumble –


The Acting Mayor of Realsville

Tis the season and we're getting into the holidays. I plan to keep having shows thru December but may go to a shorter format until January, when I have some exciting new features to bring. Today we talk about an armed teacher who stopped a kidnapping in Utah, and more Arizona election aftermath. With 2 counties not certifying their results, does this mean a do-over election? I'll lay out the facts, and let you know my honest opinion about people who are promising the answer is just around the corner. Just 2 more weeks and it will all be resolved... Selected links from today's show:


How Election Hopsim Has Infected Conservatives Fighting For Freedom (ep. 39)

It’s Thanksgiving week. We still have business to discuss. Bringing clarity to the Arizona certification status, which has led many election integrity watchers to believe a flip of the dynamic is just around the corner (again). And we have the latest in the ongoing Twitter reset. Stick around to the 2nd half of the program for a look at conservatives showing what they really think about Trump. Plus the "Strength of Our Nation" and some Thanksgiving history in a preview of my upcoming video...


My Reaction to Trump’s 2024 Announcement

Donald Trump has announced his reelection bid for the White House, and I couldn't help but give my reaction, along with some highlights from his speech! To be honest, I was slightly surprised he announced the run when he did, but shortly before walking out, the federal paperwork was filed -- it's OFFICIAL. This is a "bonus" pre-recorded and lightly edited episode you won't want to miss. Let me know your thoughts on the speech in the comments, and don't forget to subscribe, and check back...


All Roads Lead to a 50-50 Split (ep 38)

Why is it that America always seems to be divided 50-50 on everything political? As we look at the fallout from this year's midterms, and the final races are called, where do we stand? Some say it's all Trump's fault!! But let's break down what's happening, and try to determine how the political winds are blowing. Plus other stories from around the world. Links from today's...


How the mid-terms will reshape America’s political landscape (ep. 37)

Today we cover several election topics, including How the midterms will reshape America. What will happen regardless of which party controls the houses of Congress? Plus my quick take analysis of Trump’s non-announcement announcement, at his election "eve" rally in Ohio. Links from stories in today's episode: Michigan officials warn count may take 24 hours – NY gun law still...


Clearing up confusion on the supply chain, Trump, Hunter Biden, and Brazil

There was so much to get to this week, that an hour wasn't going to cut it. Plus, this is my first pre-recorded episode release, so enjoy a bonus show of Liberty Sound this weekend! This episode covers the deisel fuel shortage - are we really about to run out? I also have a few sound bites from Trump's interview on Gorka's radio program. He seems to think Mitch McConnell is compromised in some way. Speaking of compromised, will there be any accountability for Hunter Biden? Stick around to...


Children and Babies Born in the last 2 years were severely set back (ep. 36)

An Irish study on "Covid babies," or those born in the early parts of the 2020 outbreak, finds severe setbacks to their development. I'm bringing back the Ministry of Truth segment, because we're learning our concerns were warranted, as revealed in a case involving Louisiana + Missouri vs the federal government. We'll also get to the Brazil election, plus more stories that impact liberty. Links from today's...


Candidates for Oklahoma Offices Horn, Hofmeister and Stitt (ep. 35)

Today's Liberty Sound covers stories from the last week in the US, England and Scotland which all have impacts on our freedoms to some degree. We hear from Madison Horn, incumbent Sen. James Lankford's opponent in the midterm election, and from both candidates for OK Governor, Kevin Stitt and Joy Hofmeister in a debate. Also, Dr. Pam Popper is bringing a lawsuit against EcoHealth Alliance and associates over their alleged part in the outbreak of Covid. And I cover a violent crime wave...


The Greatest Threats to Liberty in 2022 (ep. 34)

Ye goes up against Chris Cuomo. Alex Jones faces a nearly $1Bn settlement with Sandy Hook victims. And we talk about what are the greatest threats to liberty today? Also talking about our collective health, whether it's on the decline. Listen to today's episode of Liberty Sound, where we discuss headlines from the past week and break down the world’s happenings from the perspective of the freedom of mankind. Selected links from today's stories: NYC sees a 71% uptick in RATS -...


Number 2 Has A Few Things Number 1 Doesn’t (ep. 32)

Today on Liberty Sound we discuss the state of Oklahoma state races, including the Governor's office and two Senate contests that will be decided Nov 8. I have new broadcast equipment to start streaming with soon - look for new forms of content in the coming weeks and months! Please consider supporting @CrusaderGal in her recovery efforts after being involved in a car accident. You can find her fundraiser at More links from today's...


The Midterms Are Coming - And Musk Buys Twitter (ep. 33)

As we approach the midterm elections, now only a month away, Elon Musk finally secures his purchase deal of Twitter, which is sure to throw the political narratives for a spin, if not now, eventually... We also look at the news, both real and fake, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, then VP Kamala Harris' grotesque idea of ensuring equal outcomes – what she calls "equity" – and a reflection on the massacre that took place in Las Vegas 5 years ago as our country has entered a dark time by...


The High Road / At the Precipice (ep. 31)

Should we take the high road in political discourse, when one side loves to lobby ad hominem attacks, and divide us over race in order to accomplish their political goals? And why is Canada lifting its Covid-related travel restrictions not necessarily such a good thing? Also on today's program are headline stories, including Edward Snowden's Russian citizenship, the NASA asteroid crash, Bernie Sanders, and a whole lot more. Liberty Sound is the show that discusses the developments in our...


Covid might be over, but not inflation (ep. 030)

In today's episode, I break down pieces of the TrueTheVote lawsuit, levied against them by the company Konnech, plus soundbites from Jim Jordan on the FBI whistleblower, and CNN’s latest Qanon scare piece. Also, media talking heads are reacting to Joe Biden's 60 Minutes interview, and I have some clips of that to go with my remarks. Believe it or not, I think there is a sort of Biden "derangement syndrome," although milder than other recent cases. Jailing political opponents and their...


Appealing Court Decisions is Fine When Biden Does It (ep. 029)

There's a lot to cover in this hour today, and we'll jump right to it. Stick around to the end for some amazing advice from a former Google & FB engineer who cautions those who want to "learn to code." Inflation hits 8.3% for August, showing that it's still here with us. The stock markets take a hit with this news and indications the Fed will still be raising rates. Don't you feel great about your investments now? The Special Master request has been approved, but that doesn't mean Biden's...


028 - Ridiculous Questions, a Special Master, and a Kidnapping

On this post-Labor Day edition we have moments from Trump's rally in Pennsylvania, with related updates on the FBI raid and his request for a Special Master. Plus MTG and Bannon getting repeatedly swatted, and a call for transparency from the DOJ. Here are a few of the articles mentioned in today's...


027 - The FBI-Zuckerberg Coalition to Suppress Truth

Today we’ve got student loan forgiveness discussion, the FBI–Zuckerberg revelation, Trump says we should hold new elections, and more! First of all my generation was sold a lie when it comes to the risk-value proposition on college student loans, but what's going to happen with the system, and how will the forgiveness program be carried out? Later in the program, we talk about what's happened with the FBI recently and what I think the REAL bombshell revelation is from the recent Joe Rogan...


026 - Will Fauci Face Accountability in Retirement?

Dr. Fauci announces his resignation in December, but will he escape accountability? A GOP election integrity ad makes its rounds – shocker. The stock market takes a dip and inflation is slowed, but with us… Stay tuned, I’ve got sound bites coming up with Fauci red meat! Also an FBI raid update – sorting the truth from speculation. And a word or two on inflation and the state of the markets. Links to some of the stories in the...