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Lunch with Alex Cardinale is a weekly talk show that airs Mondays Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays at 1 PM ET, 12 NOON CT, 11 AM MT, and 10 AM PT and on occasions weekends. News, current events, today in history for each show, sports, WWE chat, and recipes are just a taste of what you can expect on each show. Come experience the joy of this show.

Lunch with Alex Cardinale is a weekly talk show that airs Mondays Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays at 1 PM ET, 12 NOON CT, 11 AM MT, and 10 AM PT and on occasions weekends. News, current events, today in history for each show, sports, WWE chat, and recipes are just a taste of what you can expect on each show. Come experience the joy of this show.
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Lunch with Alex Cardinale is a weekly talk show that airs Mondays Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays at 1 PM ET, 12 NOON CT, 11 AM MT, and 10 AM PT and on occasions weekends. News, current events, today in history for each show, sports, WWE chat, and recipes are just a taste of what you can expect on each show. Come experience the joy of this show.






Alex Cardinale's Twisted Comedy on A.C.E. Network

A.C.E. Network is FINALLY back!!! I am debuting a new series just for you and you! This is going to be an adult themed comedy show packed with funny jokes, funny songs, funny one liners and more! I am going to try my best to get you to laugh until you cry. Listeners should be 16 years old or older due to the fact that some material may be a little bit offensive and not something young fellows should listen too. Planned for the show: ~ Funny dirty adult jokes ~ Funny adult songs AND MORE!


Birthday Celebrations on A.C.E.: Happy Birthday Donovan Barger

On A.C.E. Network, I Alex Cardinale will be celebrating my friends and listeners birthday with a very special birthday episode. I will NOT tell them about their special birthday episode until it goes LIVE so it will be a very special and happy birthday surprise. Today (March 7th) is my best friend of 2 plus years Donovan Barger turns 29 and celebrates his final year in the 20's. Happy Birthday Donovan!!!!!!! Planned for the Show: ~How Donovan and I met I will discuss to you my listeners...


A.C.E. Network Special Superbowl 51 Week: My Favorite Superbowls

NFL fans this is your most favorite week of the year..... WHY? It's Superbowl 51 week!!!!!! LIVE right here on A.C.E Network, starting today, Alex is going to get you pumped for the Superbowl by discussing the Superbowl all week! Tonight, it's time to start the Superbowl week, by taking a trip down memory lane and relive some of my personal favorite and best Superbowls of all time!!!! Sit back relax and enjoy! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Discussion on my favorite Superbowls and how both teams...


A.C.E. Music in 30 Brought to you by Jeremy Stellhorn: Episode 2

It's time for some more wonderful awesome music by up and coming music artists!!! Jeremy Stellhorn of Blossom City Radio has provided A.C.E. Network with all of these wonderful songs. The A.C.E. Network audience will be capitivated by the wonderful music from these good and talented up and coming music artists! I am honored to play their songs on the ACE Network because it is truly fantastic!!!! Music Artists Planned for the show: Diana Rein Andy Hill and Renee Safier Ecclesiast Lukcan Rye...


Cooking and Baking with ''DA FAT GUY'' on ACE: My Best Italian Recipes!!!

Being Italian sure does rock. Why? Well for one we have big mouths and always will stick up for ourselves. But one of the best reasons for being Italian is that we have some of the best food! Italian food is simply delicious! Pasta, tomato sauce, pizza, cannoli are all good examples of Italian food. I learned some great Italian recipes from my great grandma, my grandma and of course my mom. A lot of Americans love Italian food and it's because it is awesome!!!! Planned for the show: ~...


Wrestling the Podcast w/Alex and James: Top 20 WWE Superstars &Women Wrestlers

WWE fans, please welcome a new co-host to the show! My brother, James Cardinale will be the first ever co-host for this wrestling podcast. James has been watching wrestling for a very long time and he has interest in working with me to be a co-host on this fun wrestling podcast. WWE fans, sit back and relax we have a fun chat coming your way today! Planned for the shows: ~ Alex and James name their top 10 favorite WWE Superstars and 10 Women Wrestlers ~ Alex and James name their honorable...


A.C.E. Music in 30 Brought to you by Jeremy Stellhorn Episode 1

My dear friend, Jeremy Stellhorn proposed an awesome show to me and the A.C.E Network! Jeremy Stellhorn and I are BIG fans of supporting up and coming music artists and we love seeing them suceed and grow!! We are going to play some of these awesome shows on a series called A.C.E. Music in 30 with Jeremy Stellhorn!! Musicians Planned for the show: Diana Rein Jay Kat Randy Quinn Caroline Blue Elle Van Ray Goren Enjoy the show and love the awesome music! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!...


A.C.E. Network Special Guest Interview: Jeremy Stellhorn from Blossom City Radio

Let's start 2017 off with a BANG!!! We are going to start the New Year off with a very special guest. This is our 2nd guest on A.C.E Network and I am excited to have this guest on the show. Our guest is Blossom City Radio host Jeremy Stellhorn. Jeremy is a personal friend of mine and he has done a lot for his community with his podcast as he features artists, musicians and everything to do with his community. Planned for the show: ~ Interview with Jeremy Stellhorn How did Blossom City...


Wrestling the Podcast on ACE: WWE Best PPV Matches and Feuds of 2016

Calling all Wrestling fans, this is YOUR podcast. I am proud to present ACE Network with a wrestling show called Wrestling the Podcast. I myself am a big WWE fan and have been for a long time now. My favorite wrestlers are Sting, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, Triple H, Undertaker, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and Shane O Mac all Hall of Famers or destined Hall of Famers. I will recap and preview WWE PPVS, do top 10 wwe shows, and more on this wrestling podcast. Planned for this show: ~ Best Fueds...


The Burning Question w/Alex: 4 Black Punks attack White Man on Facebook LIVE

Welcome to a new talk show here on A.C.E.Network. The name of this talk show is The Burning Question. The Burning Question is a talk show that is going to focus on controversial topics and events that are causing a stir around the United States of America. This should be a good show for me to project my feelings and opinions on the events happening around the world. Our first topic is going to be about the vicious attack of a 18 year old mentally handicapped man who was attacked by 4 black...


A.C.E. Music Break with Alex Cardinale: Songs from the 90's and 2000's

I loved all kinds of music growing up as a kid and teenager. I used to listen to the songs played on today's show while I studied for tests, or worked out in the gym and in recent years cooked and baked in Culinary school and cooked and baked at home. The pointed I am trying to make is that I LOVE music! Back when I was 8, 9 heck even 10 years old Britanny Spears was my idol and I looked up to her and loved her music! I also loved Enrique Inglesis music! Planned for the show: Hear music...


Touchdown! Sports on A.C.E: NFL Wild Card Play-offs 2016-2017 Discussion

Welcome to Touchdown! Sports, A.C.E. Network's sports show. This is my 1st Sports show that I am going to host. I remember growing up and watching Sportscenter as a kid and in school I would pretend to be a sports broadcaster (LOL). But now, I actually have that real life opportunity to do just that. This sports show is going to be focused and centered around NFL, MLB, and occassional NHL and NBA scores. There will also be a weekly show where I discuss news around the sports world. Planned...


A.C.E. Network 2017 News and Plans

A.C.E. Network returned early November and rocked it in the final months of 2016! Now in 2017, A.C.E. Network looks to take off and become a podcast that you the listeners will enjoy and have fun listening too. What series will air on A.C.E Network in 2017? What are the plans for A.C.E network in 2017? What guests will be on A.C.E. Network? All that and more on A.C.E. Network's first episode of 2017! AGENDA FOR THE SHOW: ~ PLANS FOR 2017 SCHEDULED SHOWS PLANNED GUESTS AND MORE! HAPPY NEW...


A.C.E. Network Presents:2016 In Review 2016-THE YEAR OF THE UNEXPECTED!

With just 2 days left of 2016, I am going to sit back and review what happened this year. As we get ready for 2017, it's time to review everything that happened in 2016 and put this year behind us. For me personally 2016 has been one of the worst years in recent years for me. I am excited for the New Year as I hope 2017 will be great.In 2016, Donald Trump was elected our next President, Prince, George Michael, Gene Wilder, and other celebrities died, the Chicago Cubs won the world series...


A.C.E Network Special: Guest Chef Shawn from Food Fun Nation Chats XMAS Food

I am proud to welcome my very first guest to ACE Network! Our very first guest for the show is a good friend of mine, a fellow food lover, a fellow chef, and a very loyal listener of my show for many years. Our guest is Chef Shawn Gault. Shawn hosts his very own podcast here on Blogtalkradio called Food Fun Nation. Shawn and Tech Rob had me on their show this past Sunday so I thought it would be nice to return the favor. This is my very first time having Shawn on the show and I am very...


A.C.E. Music Break with Alex: Christmas Music by Upcoming artists

Supporting small people is what thing I (Alex Cardinale) like to do. I like helping out small youtube channels get exposure, I like helping other small podcasters, and I really love helping small music artists out by playing their music on my podcast. Shout-out to my friend Jeremy Stellhorn for providing me with some local artists Christmas music. Jeremy is a great man in his community! He provides wonderful things to his town of Redbud Illinois and has done many amazing things with his...


Alex's Twisted Comedy: Adult Christmas Music.... ADULTS ONLY RATED R

This time of year stores, bakeries, restaurants, car radio, radio shows all play the normal Christmas music. While the normal Christmas Music is totally fine and we all like it, is there music for us adults to laugh at? You bet your ass, there are some funny adult Rated R Christmas music. I gurantee you will be laughing your ass off with the songs you listen too tonight. This is the debut of my show, Alex's Twisted Comedy where I will try my best to make you laugh! Songs Planned for the...


Cooking and Baking With ''DA FAT GUY'' on ACE: Christmas Cookie Recipes

Cookies are an American Christmas Tradition and have been for many years! Many people love to drink some hot cocoa or coffee and enjoy some delicious homemade cookies on Christmas Eve or Christmas night. Many people spend the month of December baking cookies and doing cookie exchanges. Bakeries have the highest sale of cookies during the Christmas season. Planned for the show: ~ The different types of cookies and definition of them ~ How to make successful cookies each time ~ Recipes:...


ACE Music Break with Alex Cardinale: Christmas Music Caroling

It's time to do some caroling and listen to some Christmas music! While your drinking hot cocoa and eating cookies or baking delicious treats or even just relaxing these songs will get you in the Christmas spirit. Please sit back and enjoy the non stop 30 minutes of wonderful Christmas music! Planned songs for the show: Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Jingle Bells Santa Clause is coming to town AND MUCH MORE!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2016!...


A.C.E. Network Special: Christmas Shopping Tips and Online vs Retail Shopping

This time of year (Christmas season) stores are very excited and ecstatic because they know people are getting out there and doing some Christmas shopping. Stores are packed and mobbed with customers who have to buy presents. Most stores this time of year offer pretty good deals such as buy one get one free or even something new such as buy one get one for $1. With the stores being packed, it may be a hectic trip and not an enjoyable one, but it doesn't have to be,.I will teach you how to...